Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badi Amma coming to Dasharath’s house and says she brought Diwali sweets. Kanak stops them and makes a line through the gangajal. She asks her not to cross the line and says how can you think that my babuji will eat sweets brought by you. She asks her to give sweets to stray dogs. Dasharath comes and asks you are here? He asks Kanak to accept the sweets. Kanak accepts it and drops the box on floor. She acts to apologize to them and asks servant to put the sweets for dogs. Dasharath says I know that your intentions are good. Kanak says I understood why they have brought sweets on Diwali day and asks servant to bring her purse. She asks Badi Amma to take 5000 Rs. Badi Amma is shocked. Kanak asks her to keep the money.

Badi Amma tells that she don’t want money

and she haven’t come for money. Kanak says Viplav stayed in Ashram for few days and you fed her boiled potato, dried roti etc. Dasharath asks her not to force them to have money. Kanak asks her to keep another 10000 Rs. Badi Amma tells we are widows and we don’t want any luxury in our life. She asks her not to make fun of them like this, and says you are insulting us by valuing emotions with money. She says when did I ask you that I need money. She says when did I ask you that I need money for Viplav’s stay and compensations.

Viplav comes and hears the half talk. He asks what is going on? Kanak acts and says I will give 50000 Rs to you when you are asking me as a compensation. She asks her not to do drama. Viplav says you came here for money. Dasharath asks him to calm down. Viplav says I can’t believe, but I am understanding now. He asks how dare you talk to my mum like that, and takes all money from his pocket. Dasharath asks him to calm down and requests the ladies to go from there and says we will talk later. Viplav says they have insulted mum and have to apologize. Dhaani comes and says they will not apologize.

Viplav says Badi Maa have insulted my mum infront of me. Dhaani says you have stayed in our Ashram and have understood us this much. She says you thought that we came for money. Kanak acts and says Dhaani is insulting her. Viplav asks Badi Amma to apologize. Dhaani says she will not apologize and says she did a mistake by loving you. She says this money can’t buy our love and refuses to take the money. She says you know only one thing and that is to make fun of us. She says we did a big favor on you by letting you stay in Ashram. She asks Badi Amma to come. Kanak smiles and signs Dasharath. Dasharath also smiles.

Suwarna tries to go out secretly. Dulaari asks where you are going? Suwarna says she is worried about Badi Amma and is going to see her. Dulaari says even she is worried and asks her not to worry. Dhaani asks Badi Amma did you see Rakshas real face. Durga sees Dhaani and calls her. Dhaani greets her. Durga asks if you people came to wish Dasharath for Diwali. They looks on. Durga asks them to come inside. They refuses and leaves. Durga tells Tripurari that she feels happy whenever she sees Dhaani. She asks Tripurari if he is happy with the alliance. Tripurari says yes. Durga says she will die if Dasharath leaves her.

Kanak cries as part of her plan. Viplav asks her not to cry and says he has not understood them from day 1. Dasharath asks Viplav to give a new way to his life. Viplav refuses and says matter will not end until I settle scores with Dhaani. He goes. Dasharath laughs and says he can do anything. Kanak claps for him and says you are real king of Banaras.
Badi Amma, Dhaani and others return to Ashram sadly. Dulaari asks what happened? Sita Maayi tells that Viplav has insulted Indrani/Badi Amma and says he misunderstood her. Dulaari says lawyer is a cunning man and curses him. Badi Amma says I still feel that Viplav is a very nice man, and says he heard wrong. Dhaani says I know how to handle him. She says we will fight with all the troubles together and suggests that they shall celebrate Diwali. Suwarna says shall I bring diyas from market. Dhaani says okay. Dhaani and other light the Ashram with diyas. Viplav holds the diya in his house.

Suwarna comes to meet Tripurari and tells him that Dasharath brought alliance for Dhaani and not her. Tripurari says he might be having some misunderstanding. Viplav sees her going and asks who is that girl. Tripurari looks on tensedly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. disgusting… by day this serial is becoming so depressing….i am having this intuition that tripurari will tell to viplav that the girl is dhani…..i cant imagine what will happn nxt….lets hope everythng happn fr gud…happy diwali to all

  2. oh my god 🙁 day by day the episodes is back firing 🙁

  3. What is happening ???? Viplav why can’t you see sense? Dhaani is a dumb girl from beginning but you are smart right?

  4. I waiting for 2mrow epi.

  5. What is happening to this serial? I thought this is the best serial in present times after IPKKNd and geet. Please don’t show this much of negativity. I read in serial express spoiler that dhaani will apologize to viplav and also viplav will stop tripurari getting married to dhaani.

    1. wow that is the best information and now i will start watching knowing that they will be together with the Ishqa song. I love it

  6. I think so….

  7. Oh God!!! Again nd again misunderstandings….. Wen wil end tis misunderstandings????? its very irritating!

  8. when this misunderstanding will over….very boring to watch nowadays.

  9. Rising the heat !!!!! .waiting too see when the Diwali crackers will backfire on (“samjhe Ki samjhaye”)

  10. Happy Diwali to all.

  11. Really IKRS is full of twists and turns. Like Viplav and hate this stupid, idiotic dhaani.

  12. vaishnavi more

    very sad epi i just pray that saturday tak sab sort out hojaye n vidhaani becomes friends again

  13. Nice epi…

  14. Boring …. Disgusting day by day … I am fed up…

  15. Is serial mein sirf aur sirf misunderstandings he hai..nothing else n badi amma is really smarter than viplav bt he s senseless n couldn’t understand them even being wid dem so long …aur dhaani Ka naam galatfahmi hona chahiye tha ..ab pata nahi tripurari kal kya gul khilaayega let’s c

  16. The serial has lost its track. Poor Viplav not able to understand his cunning dadaji

  17. seems d one only serial i watch will also be gone…

  18. Day by day misunderstanding is going b/w viplav and dhani…wat happened next

  19. Suvarna pregnent f so oh my god

  20. I think again ppl will misundrstnd viplav thrugh suvarna’s pregnancy(if so) nd might get engaged wid her n dani wid tripurari.. #i dnt wanna dis to happen !! I want dese misundrstandings to get over n viplav stopin dani’s mrrg wid dat moron n dey begin their romance..!! ♡

    1. i was also thinking sad..nd i think trip will say that dhani came to meet him..dis will create more problems b/w them…:(

  21. Ishq.. ishq..

  22. Misunderstanding happen to dhani viplav life. But i hope viplav gets married only dhaani finally. Bcoz viplav so much of love dhaani his angry shows all.

  23. oh god this serial writer play with our feeling and emotions

  24. jaldi khatam kardo viplav aur dhani ke bich galatfemi varana show down ho jayega

  25. arent the makers not getting any feedback of the present track being so irritating……ye galatfaimi ko aur kitna khichoge yaar…..bas karo…….i am missing those tyre puncture scene, uble aloo scene, cockroach scene, garland making ,pot making scene n many more sweetbitter vidhaani scenes

  26. mudila……plz stop dragging
    we want dhaani and viplav together

  27. people please don’t worry ..only after some bad scenes we can enjoy good scenes more and more…so just enjoy and support it…… we all know from the beginning tha Viplav will not let Dhani marry anyone else….

  28. Boring episode…writer is not thinking about viewers interest…stopped watching this show…just reading ND hoping for improved show but it is getting worse

  29. We need a love story nt a tragedy story plz try to make love in the serial

  30. Hey!!! Production team, people will not watch this fantastic drama if you drag this misunderstanding.Please clarify all doubts & make Viplav & Dhani reunited.

  31. Stopped watching this show

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