Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua asking the pandits to sit. They request her to accept the fruits. Dadi Bua asks them not to bring it again, and says she wants to do their service. Pandit ji says he is impressed with her thinking. She asks Ram deen to keep it. Pandit ji says to Dasharath that people are discussing about his widow plan, and want to give charity. Dasharath says it can’t be possible without you all, and thanks him. Dadi Bua says if the fruits will be given in charity. Pandit shows the jewellery and says it is the real gift. Dadi Bua says I will go and do my puja. Dasharath says I will calculate it, and says bye to them. Once she goes, Dasharath wears the jewellery and says you have snatched my everything in 2 days, but real test is still on. Dhaani asks kaka to do the other work

and says she will do the work. Viplav comes and asks so you are working. Dhaani says she will make preparations all night…Viplav is surprised. He says do you think I will let you work all night. Dhaani says but I have to work. Viplav says ok, I will go and meet my friends then. Dhaani asks him to go. Viplav looks on.

He calls Ram deen and asks him about the flower arrangements. He takes out the flower garland, and it falls on them. They fall with flowers on them…Ishq Ishq plays…………..mere ishq ka rang…….Viplav and Dhaani smiles. Dhaani says how to come out of these flowers. Viplav says you are trapped with me and laughs. Dhaani asks how did it fall? Viplav says I don’t know. Just then she gets Master ji’s call. Master ji asks why didn’t you come to school today. Dhaani says her maa ji got well so she couldn’t come. Master ji asks her to come if she wants to learn something from heart.

Later Viplav is in his room and thinks about his doubt on Dhaani. Dhaani comes to room, wears shawl and thinks it is good Viplav went with his friends. She keeps pillow on bed and covers with blanket before switching off the lights. Viplav is in the room and hears her. Dhaani goes.

Viplav follows her on the road and calls her. Dhaani gets tensed, but picks the call. Viplav asks where are you? Are you at home? Dhaani says yes. Viplav says I will come late. Dhaani feels something is wrong and thinks to go back home. She then thinks about Master ji’s words and walks on. Kamini thinks where is Viplav? If he doesn’t come then my plan will ruin. Dhaani gets call from Ashram and she disconnects the call. Viplav continue to follow Dhaani. Kamini gets a call. She picks it and thinks Viplav might have called her, but it is Dhaani. Dhaani says someone is following me and I am feeling strange. Kamini asks her not to return and have strength. She asks her to go to school and not to get scared. She cuts the call and waits anxiously for Viplav. Dhaani is still walking on road. A car stops on the road. Viplav misses her. Dhaani reaches bahar gali. Viplav is shocked and thinks why did Dhaani come here. Dhaani looks for her phone. Viplav sees Dhaani there. Dhaani goes. A pr*stitute stops Viplav.

Viplav misses Dhaani again. Dhaani reaches night school and tells master ji that she has come. She sits on the bench. Master ji says I will teach you all to write your names. Two of the students (pr*stitutes) fight with each other. Master ji asks them to sit silently and study. He says we will start with Dhaani’s name. Dhaani says no, and says she wants to learn to write her husband’s name first. Master ji asks what is his name? Dhaani says Viplav. Master ji says okay and writes Viplav in hindi. Dhaani writes in her book Viplav. Viplav searches for her in the bahar gali. Master ji asks did you write? Show me? Dhaani shows the paper. It blows by air and falls on Viplav’s face, who is just standing outside the night school. Viplav throws the paper without seeing it, and goes. Dhaani comes out and picks the paper and looks happy.

Viplav tells Dhaani that his night was restless and he was searching something. Dhaani asks what you was searching? Judge Asthana tells Viplav that his wife is a pr*stitute and works in the red light area. Everyone is shocked including Dasharath and Ashram family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Oh! This night school seems to be for pr*stitutes n people working in red light area means VK HAS deliberately sent dhani to that school.

  2. meena

    WHAT THE HELLL….what are they doing to this serial…… ????????
    Oh nooooo now.what will happen!!!!!

  3. Anne

    Thankyou Hasanji ?
    Well we were all expecting that weren’t we
    No surprise. The trouble is that there is only so far you can go in some stories..Two people in love must be difficult… so all sorts are thrown st them..Waiting for the BIG argument ,hope its next week.?xxx

    • cool

      hi anne how uu iam cool
      yy my cmd is not posted
      do u have any idea
      bcase before one day
      i cmd it doesnt posted and today
      also the same happened

      • Anne

        I’m fine thanks cool,hope you are.The moderators do all sorts of things ….not posting…..posting late …posting out of order .Mostly they are OK tho,just go with it.?x

    • Nimisha

      Anne, we were expecting it, but had lots of screen time with Mishal and he does expressions so well that bit was a lovely thing to watch.

      Also Dhani was stunning the way she caressed that scruffy peice of paper with her beloved name on it. That sequence was lovely and I really wanted him to see his name. His face would have lit right up! But of course that didn’t happen.

      The only bit I wasn’t expecting was the judge accusing Dhani in the ore so calling her a prossie! I was literally ???

      Can’t wait to see Viplav blow like a volcano! I’m sure he will. I was surprised that it’s tomorrow tho, as thought the spoilers suggested that there was some scene where judge tries to molest Dhani before the co front action happens,.
      Li hope the tomorrow preach is actually tomorrow’s epi and not the next day like they do with some shows ( yes TPK I am looking at you ???)

      Much easier better couple of days this, show wise. Cannot stand VK, DB and now judge but hopefully things the beginning of their end! Take that ???????????????????

      • Arshdeep

        Haha TPK can show same precap for even a week
        They play with people’s emotions

        But thank god it dont happen in ikrs

  4. cool

    wow nice episode
    any wway our hero comes to know
    that his angel going
    to stdy
    and he will be always supporting dhani

    • Nimisha

      Nothing wrong with that! They need to have a ups to get their cusombers! Lol!

      Seriously though nowt wrong with bettering yourself, good message really.

  5. Omg wat is this episode how innocent dhaani was.y can’t she realise wat area was that n how the people r there.
    I don’t know how to appreciate her innocence. Guys is this much of innocence is good for a girl.not being realised which one good which one bad.don’t me too in confusion.
    But as per viplav and his true luv viplav definitely he scolds dhaani just for not informing him that dhaani went to NS to study.
    He will support her in front of everyone that she very good in character.bcs he know her very well how she behaved with raja who tried to humiliate her.
    Wat u say frnds.

    • Nimisha

      Kavitha, hello.

      So true about just how naive Dhani is, but I’d rather believe that people like her exist rather than the likes of DT, KT, DB, Raja, His Mum, his mami, and now VK and judge.

      Tripurari as a villain was much better. These lot are like a stuck record. Trips at least was just following instructions apart from when he hit Viplav over the head. The newer breed of villains are just wrong! DT and KT are also questionable in terms of really?? I mean can peeps like that exist??

  6. But I like the expressions of dhaani when she wrote viplav name first.that was very was very heart touching scene.
    But instead of doubting dhaani viplav can her striaghtly that were she was going at nights every day n clear his doubt straight forwardly.
    But it seems some suspense was showing by our CVS.its OK.any way vidhaani will remain always vest need not to worry.I think.wat frnds am I correct.

    • Nimisha

      Correctomundo! Kavitha! ?

      In a way I,m glad we don’t have promos for the show… Shall I tell you why?? Oh ok, seeing as you asked ???

      I was watching Kasam and krishndasi yesterday and today, and in both they were building up to the usual will they… Won”t they,,, plot, good suspense and generally quite good.. But… In the dead break on both, they showed a promo for the next bit and totally killed the suspense that they carried on building onaftervthe ad was finished,

      In a word.. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh!

  7. Renuji I think the night school was correct only but it seems some (P) were joined there that’s it.but the school n teacher was all r innocent only seems there. Let’s see how changes takes place in stry.

    • Zee

      Yes thats true – the school seems ok. Anyway adult education is normally for backward poor and marginal sections of society who have been deprived of education at the right time. So it will have a mixed bunch of people and the school wd also be located in low income neighbourhoods. But I have two concerns:
      Since dulari maai is a sensible lady and a loving mother – why didnt she educate Dhani? even RL and Suvarna can read.
      Also, had Dhani written Viplav’s initial in her mehendi once?

      • Arshdeep

        Yes she wrote V in hindi i think in her mehndi

        And yes the first is a doubtful question
        When the flashbacks of dhani sangeet was once shown they seemed to be well off
        So why she didnt educate her??

  8. arohi

    WoW! what a love story…. The very end part of today’s episode was just like filmy style.Now it will be more interesting when viplab will see that dhani has written his name & come 2 know that dhani was doing everything just to give him surprise(for him only). Waiting 4 that.

  9. Sujie

    As spoilers are out….and my gut feeling also suggests Viplav will surely stand for his lady love….no matter how many cheap tactics Kaamini uses along with that so called judge…..
    I am happy that Viplav thinks Dhaani is in some problem and is bearing those problems alone…. He did not jump into any conclusion against Dhaani..
    I wanted Viplav to see that paper in which Dhaani wrote his name…but koi nahi ….Viplav will be proud of Dhaani after knowing Dhaani’s attempt to step out for studying …..

  10. Nimisha

    Hi everyone!

    I was like this with the Precap! ??????

    Poor heartbroken Viplava no Poor Gullible Dhani.

    Not too much VK thank god! ??????

    But tomorrow will be the Assault in Dhani. I know violate will stand by her. SUCH A SHAME he’s didn’t see the writing in the paper. Dhani looked so happy writing his name, I think MasterJi will save the day, I hope so anyway,

    Viplav needs to have a nosey in dhanis bag!

    But ????? at the Precap.

  11. Nimisha

    Today’s epi felt like a lovely one from the days before the awasthis arrived. Like an olden golden one. Actually really loved it except who VK was on screen, take that VK ????????????

  12. Arshdeep

    First of all thank god kamini did not eye today on vidhani romantic moments??

    Really sad for viplav how he must be feeling seeing dhani continuously lying to him????

    And dhani was looking really beautiful when she came out and took that paper..she was so happy to write viplav name..and background music added much joy to the scene????

    Precap is scary but not much as we know viplav is gonna support dhani and he looks very angry?? as if he will kill that judge with his eyes only??

    Poor dulaari maai she has to listen all this about her daughter??

    And VK smiling??

    • Porkodi

      Yes background music, when the paper hitting viplav’s face was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene.

  13. Arshdeep

    Masterji is the only saviour of dhani and a solid proof of dhani’s innocence to tell everyone where she went at night.
    Although she dont need any proofs to show to viplav
    Hope he trust and loves her much more after knowing the truth??

  14. Arshdeep

    Somebody said it the other day i think
    That school seems to be exactly in same street where ashram is.

  15. Arshdeep

    I was wishing she dont go today through that bahar gali..but noooo she again went that way.

    Bdw how she knew the way today.. did she check on gps today?????

  16. Arshdeep

    Why always police reaches such places the same day when herione reaches there mistakenly..???? Forgot to ask the other day.

    • Nimisha

      Honestly Arshu, that’s such a good point,

      In Indian to stuff
      The police are inept and always stern up… Late
      They never arrest anyone unless someone bribes them
      They never inversion the and catch the criminals, yes, those kidnap goons are still on the loose,
      Also. Religious types are ALL evil and corrupt and characterless
      They are often hypocrites, preaching do s say not as I do.

      It’s crazy. Of course it’s to land so anything goes, but it’s a constant attack on what should other wise be respected professions.

      But the delivery of ordered items, paperwork being compleyted in super quick time, doctors arriving at the house as soon as you call them, are all portrayed as very efficient,

      Just sayin’ tis a bit odd.

      • Arshdeep

        I agree with what you said.

        One should feel safe after seeing police but here in india everyone is frightened at the sight of police..
        Itna khof hai??

      • Nimisha

        I’m the same Arshdeep. If I’m driving and a police car is behind me, I immediately feel guilty. For what I don’t know. It’s just the effect they have, ????

  17. Guys, after 2 weeks i am commenting. Eventhough i had never seen the episodes of last 2 weeks. I was a very huge fan of Ikrs. But after closing of raja chapter and start the kamini chapter i am not commenting and even though not read your comments. Sorry guys, but today i am giving some analysis view, review about our ikrs. Sorry to says our Ikrs writer and director spoiled hole serial subject after kamini chapter. I am shows some lights on this.
    1. Such a talented starcast quits the show one by one and joined other shows because change its originality.
    2. Before start the serial it clearly said the this serial its basically a widows remarriage and serial main lead will get everything in her life and she will become ideal in society. Where is the message now.
    3. I read todays written updates that dhani is going to school because she is not literate. Of course this is a very good message for her upbringing. But this is being done by her hubby. Why this is not thinking our creative team to get more interest.
    3. Earlier in the show our hero has been doing so many things against the society’s bad customs against women and widows. Now a days our hero is such helplessness and eventhough he is not saying anything about the bad habits of society Eventhough he has not been told for his wife’s sack. More comments to come.

    • Arshdeep

      Agree with the first one
      I wish dulaaari maai dont quit the show
      Love her acting

      For the second one i will say widow remarriage in india is not easily acceptable. A person goes through lots of ups and down…a widow not so easily get everything. But i agree kamini track seems totally un needed but lets wait to see what moral lesson it will be giving

    • Nimisha

      Pjain, hello again. Good to see you back.

      I agree with your points. Very true!

      The whole remarriage let alone widow remarriage thing is interesting as I still imagine it’s not all that ideal for a woman to remarry. Whereas for a man, it’s more acceptable. I don’t know. But years of watching Bollywood films makes me wonder if it is any better. Is it more acceptable now?

      Also, in the appear lier episode, Dhani could write. In the one where she calls the vakil/lawyer from a phone at the shop. The vakil turned out to be Viplav who was at Tanya,s house. He asks her to make a list of email address and fax number and she def had a pen and paper and was writing it down but confused as she,d never heard the terms. So did I imagine that or could she actually read and write?

      • Nimisha

        I don’t mean not ideal at all. I meant it’s not really accepted or seen as ideal for a woman to remarry after divorce say, let alone widowhood.

      • Arshdeep

        Widow remarriage is more or less acceptable now in india
        not with a bachelor but a widower atleast

      • Nimisha

        That’s good to hear. Shame that possibly only to a widower though. That’s what makes Viplav so cool I guess!

        How about a divorced woman? Would she also be accepted by anyone?

    • Saraswathi.j

      Jain you are absolutely right ! I do not know about writers attitude , do,t they write down the full story before going to shoot then why they deviate from their concept ,the senior actors very good ,Mishal playing nicely the producers,creative people are not fully utilising their skills ,creatives please give some good message to the society,whether the people change by seeing your show or not you give good message that is enough,not Kamini ,dadi bua like criminal ,negative messages as quick as possible remove them from the show.

  18. Anne

    Not seen it yet,going to watch tonight..If Dularis going I hope she’s not killed off. I want her to go to her family home,after ALL IS REVEALED.
    Mmmmm Got feeling IKRS will end in month or two,cos to keep it they will have to split vidhani as they usually do in these dramas, in MATSH,they kept them apart for ages,to a ridiculous degree.
    I don’t think fans would stand for that for IKRS.So writers would have think of something else.,keeping them together AND finding something interesting for them to do.A problem for them.
    I also think Mishal is giving a very long audition for bigger things.
    Aisha also
    With people leaving it doesn’t seem as though the show can hold them..What do you all think? Am I just being a grump??xxx

    • Zee

      Dulaari maai is such a good actor It wd be sad to see her go. I so wish they can hold her back somehow.
      Wt about these auditions that Mishal is doing- I ddnt understand.

      • Anne

        Zee,I didn’t mean Mishal is actually giving auditions,I meant that through his acting on IKRS it is a very good showcase for his people can see how good he is.
        Sorry I did not express it very well?xxx

      • Nimisha

        Zee, I tweeted Eisha’s after she posted a lovely pic, asking her to hold onto garima, so she can’t leave. I think she’ll listen ( nimisha happily skips off into the sunset as deluded as ever ???)

      • Nimisha

        Anne, don’t do that yo me! Alright luv! Me nerves can’t handle that kinda stress.

      • Anne

        James Bond.,Mr Rochester,Mr.Darcy,ooooooooh I can see them all.Mr Rochester my fave. ME JANE .Him dark brooding oooooh.watching now… ?xxx

      • Nimisha

        You know what I think he’d make a blo*dy brilliant James Bond. I’ve thought that and maybe said it before. But I think he would rock that role!

        Oooooh and mR Darcy. Swoon, faint, thud! Although, kinda have a thing for Colin firth as mr Darcy. I think we,d have more chance of seeing Mishal topless in James Bond. ????

        Who is mr Rochester! .??? The ME Jane bit made me think of Jonny Weissmuller the Tarzan guy, can’t imagine Mishal swinging through trees somehow, although he,d look really cute in that skirt thing Tarzan wore. ?

      • Zee

        Oh acha – thx Anne for the clarification.
        Mishal as Darcy OMG OMG dont say such things I lose my focus.
        I think he is a bit young and less brooding for Rochester tho.
        and Bond anyday, But then Dhani cant be a Bond girl she will die of embrsmnt in those itsy bitsy little numbers!

  19. Zee

    Thanks to H Hasan, I watched only the good scenes and skipped the rest.
    Vips as the worried/confused guy aced it like he always does. Dhani was also looking very sweet in school – confused but also eager to learn.
    Masterji is the new pin-up boy – aft Viplav of course.

    • Nimisha

      I thought no MasterJi has a soft spot for her. I hope he is a good guy and becomes a Viplav and Dhani ally! They sure could do with one.

      • Zee

        Yes yes I also think so. Masterji has a crush on our girl pucca. Hope its a nice crush like RL had on Vips (tho she did turn gray for a while) and not the evil one like Raja on Dhani and Kam on Vip.

      • Nimisha

        Oh nooo… I wasn’t thinking soft spot crush. More…just a sense of pride about how thoughtful she is about her hubby.

  20. Halo guys..
    I saw todays epi ,after a long time…i saw d live episod?..and what i think from precap…..that vipalv know d truth …thats why dhani was looking at viplav…and viplav was in anger… Dhani was not shocked..she was nly crying….so she must have told viplav…i think so……..and i think viplav will go slowly to kamini and will giv a big punch to her????????.,..i hope so…

    • Nimisha

      Ooh, interesting! I hope Dhani skips home after the class and shows Viplav how she wrote her name. Then she comes clean about the lie and that she wanted to surprise him and then we hear some lovely music and they have some vidha time ?????

      But I think there is a queue to punch VK, so please get in line, and yes I am first. ????

  21. Amisha

    I wish that i could see Dhani with this hairstyle but without bangs


    • Nimisha

      No, and in the Precap they showed the ashram ladies. Def remember DM and RL and maybe even BA. It,ll be nice to see them but nuts obviously not going to be a happy scene like yesterday’s when Viplav went to see DM.

  22. saranya

    Hai friends,thanks for all the love u gave me.but i must confess that,i am a little uncomfortable now a days bcz many of our senior members are missing/commenting less here.varsha,br mam,florinta,sonu,shri,gudiya,marees,marine,Raj,tintin,kaviya,tamilnarendran,Saras,Rajee,divya and many more.i miss those fun we had together.those celebrations of vidha nhok jhok,love confession,tp’s printed pyjama,etc guys pls come back with ur rocking comments then only this family will be complete. With a lots of love SARANYA

    • saranya

      I mentioned many names Varsha,br mam,sonu,shri,Raj,dilu
      and a lot.

      • Nimisha

        I saw Varsha today or yesterday, but you’re right some of the others not so much,

        I used to see BRbiver on t.he Kasam thread sometimes but haven’t for a while.

        Florentina was here also, a couple of days ago, and ArShi if you mean Arshdeep was too. And aish was too.

        But yes please come back everyone. Xxx

  23. Anne

    I think they must read fans opinions, we complain that we don’t see enough of romance between vidhani so every episode has some falling and catching scene or similar lovey dovey stuff,almost shoved in just to keep us happy.Now! If they could kill off Kamini and Dadibua we would be SO happy. Big Hint .??xxx

    • Nimisha

      Yes Anne, I think they must read these posts, that’s the only reason they had Ramdeen and VK in the kitchen with the final paratha. They were teasing ME!! Lol!!!

      If you are reading though, oh makers of IKRS, please kill off DB and VK. And in a knock once for yes twice for now communication way, please add in a character called NIMISHA! That’ll be the ‘sign’ between you and me that you heard me loud and clear. Tikh hai? ???

  24. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Oh dear God ….dnt separate Dha/Vip…pls….by a disgusting track of prostitution? Dats a sicky ting isnt? Ugly judge n cheap kamini….offf wit the headz…lol

  25. Saranya even i have written all nanes many times. Sonu n flora did respond 2 days ago. But br mam hasnt. Also kavya regularly commened òn mahiras ff but not on this page.

  26. Genita

    Guyzzz i lost some epi…pls tell me whats going on i mean how dhami went red light area

    • florentina moldovan

      Welcome back, Genita!!!
      i can t tell you much because i didn t have the power to watch it almoust 2 weeks!!! ha-ha-ha!!!

    • shanitics

      Geni chechi.. VK askd Dhaani to go by that way.. Telling hr that it is short cut way to school.. She told it because She knw that Asthana will reach there and will mistake her as such girl…

  27. Kartik

    By guys whats up how are yu all
    Arshi di can yu please tell by which name are yu on fb

  28. Hi saranya gud my dear.I too miss u all dear.but now a days iam not regular u know that.iam still in my native itself Tuesday n Wednesday we have festival here .after that we will b back to Bangalore. Then I’ll be free. N I’ll be regular to our ikrs family.but now i was badly missing uguys.

  29. Hi renu ji episode dekha hi kya.kaise laga.
    Dhaani NS scene acha hi na.when she was writing viplav name her expressions were luvly.n when the paper falls on viplav face BGm was gud.but bad thing is viplav didn’t observed that paper.wat is in it.let’s see today he will see it or not..

    • Zee

      Good morning Florentina!
      Nice to see you back on the forum – you bring good energy with your comments and the day goes well! You too have a great day.

      • florentina moldovan

        ZEE, you always make me feel so special , thank u for your magic words!!!!
        hugs, my dear!!!!!!!!!

      • Nimisha

        Agree Zee. I agree with you a lot Zee but I really do esp on this point? Florentina you do bring good energy!

        How’s your bestie Arun doing? ????

  30. florentina moldovan

    After weeks, i had the power to watch all the epi!!!
    I think kamini track is going to end this week, what a relieve!!!!
    Of course, our Vipu will support Dhaani….i think he already knows the truth and that killing look is because he knows everything…..
    Oh….i missed that look, that anger….a lot, a lot, a lot….
    I feel our OLD IKRS is coming back!!!!! thank God!!!!

  31. florentina moldovan

    how cold you find me when i am running to find this Ihita to snatch her fake hair????
    I was so busy making plans to get rid of her!!!!
    just kidding, my lovely friends!!!

  32. shanitics

    All u need in ur life is confidence and ignorance thn success will come all along u… Good mrng
    Keep smiling ?
    Think differently ?
    Be unique ?

  33. shanitics

    Yesterday I missed up the epi.. Because I went to temple…
    Bt nice to knw tat thr was no nok-jhok… ?
    I love nok jhok more than romantic scenes….?

  34. yesterday i liked the last part .day by day i am gaining interest in IKRS i dont know about others it was boring in the starting of this week but i love it now waiting for today’s episode
    hi guys from now onward i will comment daily. and do u feel hey guys pls say ur opinion about yesterday episode

  35. varsha(philo)

    hi saranya di i will comment regularly form today onward because our olden IKRS is coming back so i am really happy

  36. eshani

    Good morning IKRSians…..i couldnt watch the episode but seemed interesting after a long time…..precap is interesting rather….wil try n watch today hoping tht kamini’s track will end soon….but i feel atleast this DB’s track will go on for some more days

  37. I hope kamini’s thing gets over this week…In the precap I hope viplav knows the truth and will take dhani’s side… Miss u n love u vipdha…mishal + eisha =misha.. Eisha +mishal=eishal ???

    • Nimisha

      Hey Cassandra nice to meet you!

      Personally I think my name works best.. Just sayin’ ???

      Mishal is in my heart and his name ( if you ignore the last letter…minor detail) is within my name, so it’s like he completes me…. NiMISHA

      Ok ok ok, I admit I might have spent a bit (read a lot) of time thinking about this. ?????

  38. saranya

    Thanks a lot Varsha,kavi akka and Renu mam,nimisha for replying to my comment and Varsha u are coming back means our old tu is also i will also try to comment regularly from today.i think our all senior members will be back soon.our golden moments will be back soon.

  39. Arshdeep

    Were viplav and dhani shown clearing misunderstanding with dulaari when they were fighting intensionally during raja time??

  40. Arshdeep

    I think the scene shown in precap will be the last scene of today’s episode and the episode will end at dhani’s crying face
    And just to scare us there will be another bad precap 🙁 🙁

    • Nimisha

      Don’t say that Arshu.

      So the Precap said kal, meaning aaj but it means the kal after aaj! Wwwaaaahhhhhh. ??????????

      They do that on TPK and Kasam a lot! Annoys me! A lot!

  41. prachi

    Gudmrng family:-)
    I m little bit relieved DAT kamini ll b exposed soon n viplav ll trust dhani.but whatever d episode may b whn der is d vidhani scene I forgot everything n enjoy DAT yesterday epi same thing happened .when dey fall dur to garland n den BG music remind me old ikrs.I was lost in DAT..really old episodes r amazing..those were really hrt touchng

    • Nimisha

      Will she be exposed soon? Really? Can’t wait. I think I can hear angels singing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ( <—- this is what they sound like! ) ?

  42. Louella

    Saranya di and varsha welcome back. Yes we will definitely bring all the golden moments back in ikrs page.

  43. Anne

    I have a special request please.Over on Die Hard Fans there is a long and interesting interview with Aroon Bakshi who plays Dasharath. He speaks about Film Farm and story lines ,BUT I can’t understand any of it.Please can someone tell me what he’s saying? Please please?????xxx

    • Arshdeep

      He tells that DB has taken all his money status. Bcoz this house was on her name not his. Now i dont wear shawl bcoz she wears it now. It was a symbol of maha pandit status. Now i have to take it back. So he thinks of a big scheme. He thinks to do something great for widows. So he first tries to get judge trust. Judge accepts proposal and asuures of helping him. Then he will do tuladan(dont know what it means). Ans all banaras big people gives money as is shown.

      He said Complete cast is working over it
      The serial is going so well. It gives a big message of widow remarriage.
      Widows upliftment is main theme of show.

      Will tell the rest soon?

  44. Anne

    Good morning Florentina, its good to have you back,how did you survive with no IKRS ??????lol
    Nimisha, Rochester is the hero in ” Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. A hero of mine since I was about 12yrs old. Xxxx

  45. Hi nimmy . Saranya is talking about another arshi whose real name is not known but she is die hard fan of ARNAV N KHUSHI SO ARSHI. ☺

      • Arshu Tula is basically weighing balance n Dan is donation. So tuladaan is sacred donation of alms can be anything like food articles; gold;any other metal, coins it is given by people for their own benefit (donors r believed to be free from all problems; ill health; negative energy etc.)remember pandey family in tpk haf done this.

      • Arshdeep

        Thanks a lot di
        Understood it nicely
        Hope anne di have also got it

        But dont remember when it happened in tpk? not a regular watcher na

      • Nimisha

        Ooh and thanks for this explanation. I do remember it in TOK and shraddha tricked everyone and Thapki ended up on the scales.

      • Nimisha

        Awwww Renu, excuse my voice but

        Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
        Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
        happy Birthday to Renu’s youngest and Renu’s Hussssssbanddddddd
        happy Birthdayyyyyyy toooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuu (last line in operatic style)

        Wishing them both an amazing fun happy happy day!

    • Nimisha

      Aaahhh thanks Renu. Xxx. How are the kids doing? Hope they’re both having fun in the holidays. Xxx

  46. saranya

    Yes Renu,Brity is also there,i didn’t wrote her name bcz i wrote all those names in a sleepy mood.hahaha

    • Louella

      Yes Nimisha di. So now Viplav is Nimisha di’s son in law. And Dhaani is Renu’s daughter in law. Nimisha di first I thought to make u Viplav’s mother but then I thought I will be killed by u. I made u Dhaani’s mother. Just read my new ff. The link is in my above comment.

    • Nimisha

      Sounds amazing! Thanks Louella!!! I also posted separately about this. Feel very honoured! ?

      • Nimisha

        Believe me, they ain’t that nice. I really can’t cook.

        When I come to India, to see you all I,m going to help out in the kitchen so I can get some cooking skills. LOVE Punjabi food. Actually no, that’ should say LOVE Food.

        I’ve lost a lot of confidence with cooking due to the stress of allergies so hope you can all help me one day!


      • Arshdeep

        Hehe i know you must not be that bad

        And you can learn a lot from my mom,,,she makes delicious food??
        And she has learnt a lot bcoz of didi’s allergy..
        She keeps on experimenting new things?

      • Nimisha

        Cool! I’m defo coming to yours then! Not that I wasn’t anyway. One day! One day!

        And yep it’s true I AM that bad at cooking, xxx

      • Arshdeep

        I will keep waiting??
        Tell me well before in time so that i can make wonderful preparations for your arrival??

      • Nimisha

        It’ll be a while yet. I,m saving for that ethihad airlines flight. I have saved some money but have about £25,980 left to save.

        But seriously I really do hope to come back one day! ??????

    • Arshdeep

      Ops i read ur comments on previous page just now?

      This time when we went to chandigarh while we were heading for didi college with my cousin we had to pay 500 that stupid policeman?? he first asked for licence and then said u crossed red lights??

      And about divorced woman it is too acceptable these days..people are changing now..mentality is changing…
      Rural area needs more changes still

      And offcorse viplav is soo special??

      • Nimisha

        The police story sounds bad but not surprising. I’ve heard that lots before. To be fair though, we spent 3 months in India and didn’t experience it at all. Phew!

        And good to hear that about divorced women too. Really good news!

    • Arshdeep

      My cousin sister..she was sooo can compare her to shraddha kapoor even.. educated …everything was perfect in her
      Her husband died some days after marriage and her in laws put entire blame on her
      We could never even think such a beautiful girl would have to face this.
      She left that home
      She again married now. Not in our religion. But with an unmarried guy who loves her i think they are in australia ..well settled..and enjoy their life fully
      Thats callled fate
      Not everyone’s fate is like that.

      • florentina moldovan

        i am so happy to know this beautiful love story, Arshdeep!!!!
        I believe in destiny a lot, but this not mean that destiny is implacable…
        We came in this world with some dates, with a destiny…that means we have to do, or gain or understand some things ….SO DESTINY GAVE US A DESTNATIION….

        and , one more thing, i believe with all my hearth that even our fate is a bed one, we can change it by our behavior, our acts, our love and acceptance…
        nobody wants us to be punished, God only wants us to learn…when we prove that we learned our karmic lessons , God will allow us a better fate!!!!!!!!!!!

        that it is why i believe with all my soul that LOVE , FORGIVENESS and TOLERANCE will surely bring us HAPPINESS!

      • Arshdeep

        Wow…!! You said everything soo well..

        I myself believe in destiny. We can many things..but what god has decided for us wont change.
        When my exam did not go well i was much disturbed
        My parents too taught me the same thing..maybe god has thought of something else for you..
        And now when the news came that i can again give the exam..again life changed as if god gave me another good chance to fulfil my dreams..
        And i so happy with it 🙂 🙂
        Thank you thank you thankyou god 🙂 🙂

      • Nimisha

        Awwww Arshdeep! That’s such a lovely lovely story. Thank you for sharing.

        So a lot of the stuff on IKRS does actually happen. I wonder if someone knows your cousins story as it sounds very similar… Maybe that was the inspiration behind IKRS.

        Lovely lovely lovely!

      • Arshdeep

        Your most welcome?
        I agree something like ikrs actually happens

        And saas like kanak also exists..

        And black magic has now expanded a lot atleast in india

        And babas have also become soo famous these days
        You can also see well educated people going to such dramebaaz babas??

      • Nimisha

        Ooh, yes please. It is sad about her first marriage, but so so so pleased to hear that she moved on and is living life to the fullest!

      • Nimisha

        Florentina, you sound so wise! And always say such profound things.

        I agree with the last line a lot, but, I don’t think I can apply that to VK or judge! ???. Is that ok? ?

    • Arshdeep

      Think to find a way to bring back old members

      and how to complete our mission of atleast over 1500+

    • Nimisha

      Why Swetha? There are lots of videos on YouTube to help with your Twitter issues. Did you try the thing I suggested yesterday, I can’t see you so wonder if your setup as a private acct.

  47. Arshdeep

    Anne more from interview

    The way DT will take back his status from DB will be very interesting.

    He said DT is a very rangeela character 😀
    He is a villain but sings too. Then he sang his song- Tore bin lage na mora jeeya
    He said he do practice of singing before coming atleast for an hour. He said role of DT is not at all easy.

    He said it is his first daily soap. Before this he has been in Ajnabi having a pakitani character singing punjabi song Bol mitti deya baweya.
    But i am lucky to have this role of DT. I am enjoying it. Thanks to producers and all.

    • Nimisha

      We need a new game Louella so how about you and Swetha and Arshdeep get your heads together and come up with one, for our next comments day?

      Also what happened to HMs? Did I miss it?

      • Arshdeep

        I have thought of something but not getting complete game
        Will ask u for some ideas

      • Louella

        No di u didn’t miss hms but no one is interested with it so what can we do? I think only u r the only one interested in hms. I will think of a game to play for tomorrow.

  48. Nimisha


    Here I am.

    My daughter went away in her first overnight trip with school so had a later start and just back from dropping her off followed by a cuppa with a lovely mum. I’m proud of myself as I didn’t weep at all! Hoping she,ll have a fab fab fab time!

    • Arshdeep

      Ohh wow happy journey to her
      Where she went?

      I remember i went last time to goa in 9th class with my frnds
      And that was the bestest tour for me??

      • Nimisha

        It’s to a place about an hour away. In the middle of the woods somewhere,

        What age is 9th? Goa sounds like such an exotic location for a school trip. Sounds like it would have been awesome!

      • Arshdeep

        I was 14 at that time

        And had to a bit please my parents to send me?
        It was a 6 days tour
        We went by train
        Almost 1 and a half day in going..

        As i said the bestest tour of my life
        Went to many beaches…rock beaches…church…aguada fort i remember?….
        And the best one was cruise???
        Enjoyed a lot
        Did not want to return back to home then??

      • Arshdeep

        Our school went for a tour last year in 12th to nainital
        But bcoz of my studies i could not go as i cant miss my coaching classes?

      • Nimisha

        Oh wow! Sounds like it was sooo much fun. Goa is beautiful. One day I,ll go again…. with Mishal ?????

    • Louella

      Yes Nimisha di goa is a beautiful place to go for a trip. Also foreigners come here to enjoy. This is a place known for beaches. It’s truly a beautiful place for everyone.

      A week ago even I had gone for an overnight trip with my aunt and all cousins and it was truly a very horrible night for me. I and my younger dsister slept together and the whole night she just coughed and disturbed me. It was a memorable place for me and I can never forget it but also it was a lot of fun.

      • Nimisha

        Wow! We flew from Mumbai to goa as its quite a journey otherwise. How did you go?

        It’s one of my many favourite memories of India, we were there for New Year’s Eve in 2003. The hotel put on a dinner and there was a Santa and a bonfire on the beach. Was brilliant. Lots of good food and music and dancing. ???

  49. Nimisha

    Louella, very happy to be Viplavs mum and Renu, LOVEvthat we’re related! I haven’t read it yet but will in a minute. Louella, I am very proud to be lending my name to your amazing writing,

    Just one request, please can Viplav hug his mum a lot. We are actors but it would mean I’d get lots of hugs with Mishal. Oh and nEVER make me Mishal’s mum. I am possibly old enough, but that’s a minor detail! Tikh hai?! ???????

    • Nimisha

      Also happy to be his mum in law. I think Viplav loves his mum in law as much as his mum and gives her lots of hugs. And wow! Dhani is my daughter! Thank you. I feel sooo honoured!

      Love you Louella ! ???

    • Louella

      Nimisha di I will fulfill ur request but after Viplav becomes a little big. In my ff he is now just 11 years old. And he goes to school. So it would be very stupid for me to make him hug u as he doesn’t even know u and u have not become his mother in law yet. But definitely there will be lots of hugs by Viplav to his mother in law.

      • Nimisha

        I,ll look forward to that Louella! I still can’t believe you’re only 12!

        how is your granny? Hope she,s well. Xxx

    • Louella

      Nimisha di I will fulfill ur request but after Viplav becomes a little big. In my ff he is now just 11 years old. And he goes to school. So it would be very stupid for me to make him hug u as he doesn’t even know u and u have not become his mother in law yet. But definitely there will be lots of hugs by Viplav to his mother in law. Love u too di!!

      • Nimisha

        So Louella, just read it and LOVED it. Loved seeing my name too. Thank you!

        So , who will be my pattidev?


    • Louella

      Nimisha di I m really 12. My Granny is fine. My zodiac sign is Pisces and I have read that Pisces r interested in writing, music and also art and it’s true. I m interested in all this and so it’s not a big thing for me to write 3 ffs. Just read about Pisces in google and u will know how I m.

      • Nimisha

        Louella, both my sisters are Pisces too. Neither are interested in writing though so I didn’t know that about pisceans.


  50. Nimisha

    Ooooh, moderator magic is happening again!

    Anne, thanks for telling me who mr Rochester is. I’ve not read that book. I will watch out for the next time it’s on tv.

  51. Guys here is news for IKRS fans (some what bad news) after Kamini Chapter has been started.

    Latest TRP has been down by (0.2) #IshqKaRangSafed 0.7.

    Enjoy the Kamini Chapter to early closing of our IKRS.

    Still not wake up the IKRS creative team.

    • Nimisha

      The PH and channel can’t be surprised. Can they? If they follow Twitter or forums like this they would know peeps have been driven away from watching the show as a result. Fortunately lots have said that they’ll come back when this Kam DB nonsense ends. But they carried on and on with it,

      IG must have some sort of rock solid contract which guarantees her the work. Hope Kam n DB n Judge go soon.

    • I think IKRS is running on the same way as Shastri Sisters was been telecast and closed before one year for low trp.

      IColors will play Shakti the new serial will be telecast in place of IKRS.

      Enjoy Guys………………………………………

  52. @Nimisha, I am expressing the hard fillings to the IKRS serial. Sorry for the IKRS fans.

    It was very upset that such a beautiful show and such a great star cast with the IKRS but the IKRS creative team will ruin badly to introduce the nonsense topic and chapters.

    Because of not properly usage of such a great star cast. They are going to other big serials to play good & creative roles the some names are as below :

    1. Tripurari is earlier with Yeh rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Now Samrat Ashok
    2. Badi Amma is now with Siya Ke Ram (Played the mother role of Ravan)
    3. Seeta Mai is now with Ek Duje ek Vaste.
    4. Raj Lakshmi is now with Siya Ke Ram (Played the Wife of Meghnad)
    5. Dulari Mai is also quits the show.

    Colors TV is also played with negative with our IKRS.

    Because of our true FAN following IKRS is running successfully.

    Sorry Guys but this the above hard filling which I expressing.

    • Nimisha

      Gosh, don’t apologise. I think we all feel the same to varying degrees.

      I just really really really hope the show can be saved.

      The last couple of days proves it can be good like when it first started, they just have yo stick to the cause and stop with the likes of VK,DB blah blah blah.

      TRP is not good again, so everyone BRACE yourselves for the comments we,ll get from Suman and co.

  53. Nimisha

    By the way, does anyone else remember Dhani writing the listing things that Viplav needed from her when she first talked to him when he was at Tanya,s house about representing the ashram.

    Viplav asked for documents to be faxed or emailed to him. Dhani didn’t know what a fax or email was but she wrote stuff down.

    That did happen… Didn’t it.?

  54. Notice at Taj London for Breakfast:

    “We are serving gently browned,. delicately hand-rolled whole wheat pancakes for breakfast today,
    stuffed with a mixture of lightly spiced mashed potatoes,
    sauteed onions livened up with just a hint of chilli,
    mint and coriander and topped with a swirl of golden butter.

    Accompaniments include beaten, fluffy yoghurt light as air and a home-made dip made from tender, young mangoes and spices, red as uncut rubies…!!!”

    ? Hindi Translation:ALÒO PARANTHA CURD N PICKLE
    आलू पराँठे, दही और आचार।? PROVES HINDI IS EASIER TI EXPRESS ???????

    • Nimisha

      Lol Renu!! ???

      That’s made me hungry now.but am trying to fast today.

      Mmmmmmm aloo paratha.

  55. Anjali

    hey frnds..just relax..
    we get some interesting twists and turns in the upcoming track..hope kamini track will end soon and get our old ikrs back..its sure next week onwards trp will be positive frnds

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.