Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua asking the pandits to sit. They request her to accept the fruits. Dadi Bua asks them not to bring it again, and says she wants to do their service. Pandit ji says he is impressed with her thinking. She asks Ram deen to keep it. Pandit ji says to Dasharath that people are discussing about his widow plan, and want to give charity. Dasharath says it can’t be possible without you all, and thanks him. Dadi Bua says if the fruits will be given in charity. Pandit shows the jewellery and says it is the real gift. Dadi Bua says I will go and do my puja. Dasharath says I will calculate it, and says bye to them. Once she goes, Dasharath wears the jewellery and says you have snatched my everything in 2 days, but real test is still on. Dhaani asks kaka to do the other work

and says she will do the work. Viplav comes and asks so you are working. Dhaani says she will make preparations all night…Viplav is surprised. He says do you think I will let you work all night. Dhaani says but I have to work. Viplav says ok, I will go and meet my friends then. Dhaani asks him to go. Viplav looks on.

He calls Ram deen and asks him about the flower arrangements. He takes out the flower garland, and it falls on them. They fall with flowers on them…Ishq Ishq plays…………..mere ishq ka rang…….Viplav and Dhaani smiles. Dhaani says how to come out of these flowers. Viplav says you are trapped with me and laughs. Dhaani asks how did it fall? Viplav says I don’t know. Just then she gets Master ji’s call. Master ji asks why didn’t you come to school today. Dhaani says her maa ji got well so she couldn’t come. Master ji asks her to come if she wants to learn something from heart.

Later Viplav is in his room and thinks about his doubt on Dhaani. Dhaani comes to room, wears shawl and thinks it is good Viplav went with his friends. She keeps pillow on bed and covers with blanket before switching off the lights. Viplav is in the room and hears her. Dhaani goes.

Viplav follows her on the road and calls her. Dhaani gets tensed, but picks the call. Viplav asks where are you? Are you at home? Dhaani says yes. Viplav says I will come late. Dhaani feels something is wrong and thinks to go back home. She then thinks about Master ji’s words and walks on. Kamini thinks where is Viplav? If he doesn’t come then my plan will ruin. Dhaani gets call from Ashram and she disconnects the call. Viplav continue to follow Dhaani. Kamini gets a call. She picks it and thinks Viplav might have called her, but it is Dhaani. Dhaani says someone is following me and I am feeling strange. Kamini asks her not to return and have strength. She asks her to go to school and not to get scared. She cuts the call and waits anxiously for Viplav. Dhaani is still walking on road. A car stops on the road. Viplav misses her. Dhaani reaches bahar gali. Viplav is shocked and thinks why did Dhaani come here. Dhaani looks for her phone. Viplav sees Dhaani there. Dhaani goes. A pr*stitute stops Viplav.

Viplav misses Dhaani again. Dhaani reaches night school and tells master ji that she has come. She sits on the bench. Master ji says I will teach you all to write your names. Two of the students (pr*stitutes) fight with each other. Master ji asks them to sit silently and study. He says we will start with Dhaani’s name. Dhaani says no, and says she wants to learn to write her husband’s name first. Master ji asks what is his name? Dhaani says Viplav. Master ji says okay and writes Viplav in hindi. Dhaani writes in her book Viplav. Viplav searches for her in the bahar gali. Master ji asks did you write? Show me? Dhaani shows the paper. It blows by air and falls on Viplav’s face, who is just standing outside the night school. Viplav throws the paper without seeing it, and goes. Dhaani comes out and picks the paper and looks happy.

Viplav tells Dhaani that his night was restless and he was searching something. Dhaani asks what you was searching? Judge Asthana tells Viplav that his wife is a pr*stitute and works in the red light area. Everyone is shocked including Dasharath and Ashram family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Louella, very happy to be Viplavs mum and Renu, LOVEvthat we’re related! I haven’t read it yet but will in a minute. Louella, I am very proud to be lending my name to your amazing writing,

    Just one request, please can Viplav hug his mum a lot. We are actors but it would mean I’d get lots of hugs with Mishal. Oh and nEVER make me Mishal’s mum. I am possibly old enough, but that’s a minor detail! Tikh hai?! ???????

    1. Also happy to be his mum in law. I think Viplav loves his mum in law as much as his mum and gives her lots of hugs. And wow! Dhani is my daughter! Thank you. I feel sooo honoured!

      Love you Louella ! ???

      1. Congo maai???
        Hope you gets lots of hugging scenes with your son in law??

    2. Nimisha di I will fulfill ur request but after Viplav becomes a little big. In my ff he is now just 11 years old. And he goes to school. So it would be very stupid for me to make him hug u as he doesn’t even know u and u have not become his mother in law yet. But definitely there will be lots of hugs by Viplav to his mother in law.

      1. I,ll look forward to that Louella! I still can’t believe you’re only 12!

        how is your granny? Hope she,s well. Xxx

    3. Nimisha di I will fulfill ur request but after Viplav becomes a little big. In my ff he is now just 11 years old. And he goes to school. So it would be very stupid for me to make him hug u as he doesn’t even know u and u have not become his mother in law yet. But definitely there will be lots of hugs by Viplav to his mother in law. Love u too di!!

      1. So Louella, just read it and LOVED it. Loved seeing my name too. Thank you!

        So , who will be my pattidev?


    4. Nimisha di I m really 12. My Granny is fine. My zodiac sign is Pisces and I have read that Pisces r interested in writing, music and also art and it’s true. I m interested in all this and so it’s not a big thing for me to write 3 ffs. Just read about Pisces in google and u will know how I m.

      1. Louella, both my sisters are Pisces too. Neither are interested in writing though so I didn’t know that about pisceans.


  2. Ooooh, moderator magic is happening again!

    Anne, thanks for telling me who mr Rochester is. I’ve not read that book. I will watch out for the next time it’s on tv.

    1. I have read that book jane eyre
      For some work at school i think?

  3. Thks a lot nimmy for yr sweet wishes. ??

    1. ?????

  4. Guys here is news for IKRS fans (some what bad news) after Kamini Chapter has been started.

    Latest TRP has been down by (0.2) #IshqKaRangSafed 0.7.

    Enjoy the Kamini Chapter to early closing of our IKRS.

    Still not wake up the IKRS creative team.

    1. The PH and channel can’t be surprised. Can they? If they follow Twitter or forums like this they would know peeps have been driven away from watching the show as a result. Fortunately lots have said that they’ll come back when this Kam DB nonsense ends. But they carried on and on with it,

      IG must have some sort of rock solid contract which guarantees her the work. Hope Kam n DB n Judge go soon.

    2. I think IKRS is running on the same way as Shastri Sisters was been telecast and closed before one year for low trp.

      IColors will play Shakti the new serial will be telecast in place of IKRS.

      Enjoy Guys………………………………………

      1. Really really really really really really really really hope not.

  5. Hello everyone

    1. Yettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ???

    2. Hi yetty hope you’re well?xxx

    3. Hellooo??

  6. Didi i was talking about hairs of head of tripurari
    he is bald now

    1. And i hope you save a lot of money soon and come back to india soon

    2. Oh ????????????

  7. @Nimisha, I am expressing the hard fillings to the IKRS serial. Sorry for the IKRS fans.

    It was very upset that such a beautiful show and such a great star cast with the IKRS but the IKRS creative team will ruin badly to introduce the nonsense topic and chapters.

    Because of not properly usage of such a great star cast. They are going to other big serials to play good & creative roles the some names are as below :

    1. Tripurari is earlier with Yeh rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Now Samrat Ashok
    2. Badi Amma is now with Siya Ke Ram (Played the mother role of Ravan)
    3. Seeta Mai is now with Ek Duje ek Vaste.
    4. Raj Lakshmi is now with Siya Ke Ram (Played the Wife of Meghnad)
    5. Dulari Mai is also quits the show.

    Colors TV is also played with negative with our IKRS.

    Because of our true FAN following IKRS is running successfully.

    Sorry Guys but this the above hard filling which I expressing.

    1. Gosh, don’t apologise. I think we all feel the same to varying degrees.

      I just really really really hope the show can be saved.

      The last couple of days proves it can be good like when it first started, they just have yo stick to the cause and stop with the likes of VK,DB blah blah blah.

      TRP is not good again, so everyone BRACE yourselves for the comments we,ll get from Suman and co.

  8. By the way, does anyone else remember Dhani writing the listing things that Viplav needed from her when she first talked to him when he was at Tanya,s house about representing the ashram.

    Viplav asked for documents to be faxed or emailed to him. Dhani didn’t know what a fax or email was but she wrote stuff down.

    That did happen… Didn’t it.?

  9. Notice at Taj London for Breakfast:

    “We are serving gently browned,. delicately hand-rolled whole wheat pancakes for breakfast today,
    stuffed with a mixture of lightly spiced mashed potatoes,
    sauteed onions livened up with just a hint of chilli,
    mint and coriander and topped with a swirl of golden butter.

    Accompaniments include beaten, fluffy yoghurt light as air and a home-made dip made from tender, young mangoes and spices, red as uncut rubies…!!!”

    ? Hindi Translation:ALÒO PARANTHA CURD N PICKLE
    आलू पराँठे, दही और आचार।? PROVES HINDI IS EASIER TI EXPRESS ???????

    1. Lol Renu!! ???

      That’s made me hungry now.but am trying to fast today.

      Mmmmmmm aloo paratha.

  10. hey frnds..just relax..
    we get some interesting twists and turns in the upcoming track..hope kamini track will end soon and get our old ikrs back..its sure next week onwards trp will be positive frnds

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