Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani picking Raja’s call and gets shocked hearing him humming the tu hai meri kiran tune. He asks if she forgot him. Dhaani asks him to come to point? Raja asks her to meet him in the ghat and says I know you will come for sure. He says he will complete the left work. Dhaani burns the parcel which Raja sent and says she will not lose her strength, will fight back and will face him with courage. Viplav asks Raja where is he going? Raja tells Viplav that he is going to meet someone and have some proofs against Suman which he will show him. Viplav says okay. Dhaani leaves from Ashram. Raj Lakshmi asks her where is she going? Dhaani leaves in a hurry. Raj Lakshmi tells Dulaari that Dhaani left somewhere in a hurry. Dulaari panics and thinks Dhaani might have went to meet

Raja and goes scared. Raj Lakshmi thinks something is wrong.

Raja comes to meet Dhaani and touches her feet saying pranam. He asks if she liked the gift and asks if she was shocked like before. He asks her to answer, says he has yearn to listen to her. Dhaani slaps him and says few things cannot be answered by words.

Dhaani says if I would had slapped you before, then this moment wouldn’t have come. She says I don’t get scared with you people. It is enough of your torture. Raja gets angry and points finger on her. Dhaani threatens him and says if you think of touching me, then just look around, I don’t need to say anything and they will react. Dulaari looks at them shockingly. Raja goes. Viplav thinks to get Suman punished. Dulaari comes to Dhaani and asks if she forgot all their tortures. She says do you want your marriage to be ruined like your first marriage and takes her to Ashram.

Raja is angry at Dasharath’s house and tells his mum that Dhaani have slapped him infront of people. He asks his mum if she will not do anything. His mum says she will insult Dhaani infront of everyone. Raja laughs and says you will be shocked hearing this, and says Suman is Viplav’s lover and they are going to married soon. Raja’s mum says it means, that dayan have reached here before we came. She says it will be more fun to kill her now, and says this time is not right, as you have to concentrate on your marriage. She says before that black cat crosses our path, we will get you married to Shalu and can’t let the golden chance go off from our hands.

She says I will play a mind game with my brain so that Nagin can’t protect herself. Dulaari worries for Dhaani. Dhaani says I told my past to Viplav, and says I am worried for Shalu as thinks Shalu’s Raja is this Raja. She says she heard Viplav whistling same way like Raja. Dulaari says there will be many Raja’s in the city. Dhaani tells Viplav that she have to inform Viplav about Raja coming here. She gets Viplav’s call. Viplav informs her that Shalu’s mum in law have preponed the wedding due to some reasons and the marriage will happen in 2 days. Dhaani says so soon. Viplav says I am excited as you will enter your sasural after Shalu goes to her home. Dhaani disconnects the call, and tells Dulaari the same thing. Dulaari says they shall go to Mathura for few days. Dhaani agrees and promises her. Raja looks at the rope and says it will be on your neck soon Suman.

Later in night, Viplav comes to meet Dhaani in the Ashram. Dhaani asks what you are doing here? Viplav makes her wear the garland and says I couldn’t stay without you for 48 hours. He says he is making her wear garland with the right, and says all his dreams will be fulfilled. He says he will give her all the happiness of life. Dhaani asks him to promise that they will be together and will fight with the troubles which come in their life. Viplav promises and says I will not leave my Mrs. Dhaani informs him that she is going to Mathura for 2 days and asks him to be with Shalu. Dhaani says I want you to concentrate on your family, and don’t want any drama to happen in her marriage and that’s why I want to stay away from marriage. Viplav says I will not do any drama. Dhaani asks him not to be sad and says 2 days will be over soon. She says we will talk on phone. Viplav asks her to give phone, and says we will see each other also in these two days. Dhaani asks how? Viplav says I will teach you video calling. Raja says your time is finished and looks at the rope. Dhaani learns video calling method.

Viplav says if you call me within 2 hours, I will think that you are missing me and if you call me within 3 hours, then I will think that you are yearning to meet me. They have an eye lock……….Na Seekha Maine Jeena plays……………Viplav puts garlands around her neck and lie down on her lap, gets a quick nap. Dhaani asks him to get up and go. Viplav refuses to go and says he don’t want to go. Dhaani says you have to go. Viplav says okay, says he will miss her, and says if you don’t return within 48 hours, then I will come there. Dhaani says I will miss you. Viplav says I will not go if you talk so sweetly. He tells her that he got a case after opening an office and asks her to pray. Dhaani says I pray for you daily and says you will win the case.

Dhaani refuses to go to Mathura and says she don’t want to go from there being scared. Dulaari says Raja is very cunning and dangerous man. Dhaani determines to face Raja rather than running away from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. raja deserved that slap…. well done Dhani…… ViDhaani scenes toh awesome as usual…that with jeena jeena…. loved it….. waiting for tonight’s episode

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