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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna comes running to Dhaani and says you have freed Tripurari from jail, and when I told this to Viplav, he doesn’t understood and took him to Police station. She asks her to come with her. Dasharath comes there. Dhaani greets him. Dasharath asks Suwarna to go from there. He then asks Dhaani, why did you get Tripurari out of jail? Dhaani says I didn’t get him come out of jail. Just then Viplav comes and says Dhaani does what she feels is right and she wants to be great and showed her greatness. Dhaani is shocked and asks Viplav to listen to her once. Viplav says you was worried about Suwarna, and haven’t think about me once. Dhaani asks him to listen to her once and says I didn’t get him out. Viplav says you are lying and don’t have the strength to accept

your lie. Raj Lakshmi says Dhaani is right and she didn’t get him out. Viplav says he has seen the proofs in the Police station. He says he has seen CCTV footage in the police station, and says I saw you giving thumb impression on the papers. Dhaani says it is a lie and asks him to believe her. Viplav doesn’t believe her. Dhaani says you think that I have broken your trust, but I think that you don’t trust me. Viplav says as you are lying. Dhaani says I am saying truth. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani to clear the misunderstanding. Dhaani says no need and asks her to come. Viplav looks on. Dasharath hears them all.

Dhaani tells Raj Lakshmi that they have to meet Tripurari and find out the truth, what did he tell to Suwarna and Viplav. Raj Lakshmi says lets go. Just then Suwarna and Tripurari comes. Suwarna hugs her. Viplav tells Dasharath that he told Dhaani not to think about freeing Tripurari, but she got against him. Sushma comes and says Dhaani might not have done this. Viplav says why Dhaani is doing this madness, and says she is not the one who supports wrong. Kanak smirks and thinks she will see how Dhaani enters her house. Dasharath says it might be Tripurari’s trick and says Dhaani can’t do this. Viplav says he couldn’t believe on her if not have seen the CCTV footage.

Suwarna thanks Dhaani for getting Tripurari out of jail. Dhaani says she didn’t do anything and says she was coming to her house to talk about it. She says Viplav got angry with her. Suwarna asks then help Tripurari come out of jail. Raj Lakshmi says Dhaani is saying right and she didn’t get him out.

Tripurari sits down and touches Dhaani’s feet thanking her for getting him released from jail and giving a new life. He says I didn’t tell anything to Viplav as you don’t him to know. Dhaani feels he is touching her badly and pushes him, asking him to go away. Suwarna says they have come to thank her, and asks why she is treating Tripurari badly when he has changed. She says when you can forgive Viplav then why not Tripurari. Dhaani says Tripurari is wrong. Raj Lakshmi says he is an animal. Suwarna looks on. Tripurari says we shall saved their relation and says what you have done Dhaani can’t be done by someone else in this world. Dulaari comes. Tripurari greets her. Dulaari looks on shockingly. Tripurari says he want to thank her for giving birth to this brave girl Dhaani. Dulaari is puzzled. Tripurari acts and asks Suwarna to come.

Viplav comes to his room and is angry at the happenings. Sushma asks him to break alliance when Dhaani isn’t listening to me. Raj Lakshmi also asks Dhaani to break alliance with Viplav and says all men are same, and compares with him with Tripurari. Dhaani says there is no comparison between them. Raj Lakshmi insists her to end the relation. Dhaani says she can’t break relation with him. Viplav tells that he can’t end the relation as he loves her, and will marry her. Dhaani says I love him very much and asks her not to fill her heart with this stuff. Raj Lakshmi says Viplav is doubtful about her, when he knows that Tripurari can do anything to come out. She asks her to tell truth to Viplav and talk to him. Sushma asks Viplav to spit the anger, talk to Dhaani and try to enquire about the matter. She says may be Dhaani saw Suwarna sad and have done this. She explains to him and asks him to talk to Dhaani. Viplav says you are saying right, we shall talk and clear the misunderstandings. Dhaani says I shall talk to him, but he will not pick my call as he is angry. She says I will go to his house. Raj Lakshmi says I will think what to wear in your marriage. Dhaani smiles and says she has to find out who did this.

Tripurari, Kanak and the corrupt police Inspector gather in the police station. Kanak says Dhaani will go mad thinking who have done this. They laugh loudly. Tripurari says I was teasing Dhaani and said that you are great. She got irked. He asks what is your next plan? Kanak points pistol on Tripurari. Tripurari asks what you are doing? Inspector says it is loaded. Kanak laughs and says my next planning is death. She says you will do murder in the night.

Kanak says you have lived enough Babuji and your rule will end today. Dhaani comes inside the house late in night to talk to Viplav. Tripurari also enters the house secretly to kill Dasharath. Servant sees something(may be Dasharath in an injured or death state and shouts calling Sushma. Everyone gather and is shocked. Dhaani also hears the shout and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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