Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav waiting for Dhaani in the club. Tania comes and asks if Dhaani didn’t come till now. Viplav says he will wait and asks her to enjoy. Viplav talks to the waiter/bartender and asks if the phone is kept on silent mode if there is Mata Ki Chowki at home. He talks to him about feel good factor. Dhaani thinks Viplav might be getting angry on her. Kanak comes and returns her phone. She asks Dhaani to massage her head. Dhaani sits down and massages her head. Kanak thinks she have fun today as she managed to stopped Dhaani from meeting Viplav. Tania comes back to Viplav again and says Dhaani didn’t come till now. Lets come and have dance. Rachna says your cinderella haven’t come. Viplav asks them to enjoy and says he is sure Dhaani will come in sometime. Tania says

we all know that your mood is not good. She says we shall go home and meet Dhaani on the way. Raj and Pankaj comes there. Viplav asks the girls to dance with Raj and Pankaj and says you will not get bored.

Tania asks did you call her. He calls her and the phone comes as switched off. Tania says it means she don’t want to come. Viplav says it is not like that. Tania asks him to go to Ashram and bring her. Viplav says not a bad idea and says he will go and bring her. Just then he sees Dhaani coming and hugs her passionately. Dhaani says she got late. She asks him to leave her. Viplav says I was waiting to hug you, and will not leave you. Tania smiles looking at them. She says Viplav was worried about her. Rachna and Ria comes and hug Dhaani. Viplav says let the part begins. Everyone looks at Dhaani’s clothing. Kanak wakes up and looks for Dhaani. She says I slept, and Dhaani took advantage and went to meet Viplav. She says I will scold her once she is back.

Viplav says it is club. Tania asks who told you to wear saree here. Viplav says she came here to meet us and not to show her clothes. Rachna and Ria ask Viplav to let them meet Dhaani. Tania asks Viplav to leave Dhaani with them and takes Viplav with her. Rachna and Ria ask Dhaani if she wears white saree always, and if she doesn’t like to wear colorful clothes. They ask why she got late. Dhaani says there was Mata Ki Chowki and that’s why I got late. Dhaani sees Viplav and Tania hugging and calls Vakil Babu. Rachna and Ria smiles.

Kanak wakes up Raj Lakshmi and asks her about Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi asks her to let her sleep. Kanak is angry. Viplav comes to Dhaani and says Rachna and Ria have less intelligence and asks her not to feel bad about their laugh. Dhaani says I brought prasad for you. Viplav asks her to make him eat prasad. He eats it. Tania also eats prasad. Raj asks Prasad and eats it. Viplav says I won’t dance without my Dhaani. Tania asks them to come for dancing. Viplav says here people dance for partying and not usual classic dance. Dhaani refuses. Everyone go on the dance floor except Dhaani and Viplav. They dance on the song Abhi Toh Party Shuru Huyi Hai………………

Dhaani asks Viplav to go and dance, and says she is wearing white saree and couldn’t change clothes in a hurry. Viplav keeps hand on her mouth. Raj tells Tania that Viplav have gone mad in Dhaani’s love. Dhaani asks him to go and dance. Viplav dances with Tania. Dhaani doesn’t feel good. Kanak acts and shouts saying Dhaani is not at Ashram. Dulaari comes and asks what happened? Raj Lakshmi comes down. Dulaari asks where is Dhaani? Raj Lakshmi says Dhaani went to party with Viplav and his friends. Kanak says my son doesn’t have party. She says he is innocent and bachelor, but Dhaani is not and should know what is right and what is wrong. Dhaani gets jealous seeing Viplav and Tania dancing. She thinks if Viplav changes his mind and decides to marry Tania then. She thinks this can’t be possible. Viplav comes to Dhaani and asks if she wants to go home. Dhaani thinks why Viplav is not understanding her today.

Dhaani falls down on the road. Bihaan helps her get up. Thapki sees Bihaan and hides from his eye sight. Dhaani tells Thapki that she saw her hiding from Bihaan and asks what is her relation with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Louella

    Today’s episode was good. I was very happy seeing dhaani getting jealous of tanya. She was looking so good. But this safed bhootni is always a kabab mein haddi. If dhaani would have massaged her neck and put her to death instead of massaging her head na then we would be celebrating with viplav and dhaani in the club now

  2. Louella

    Today’s precap is very interesting. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. And guys yesterday someone had requested to mention their birthdays but no one responded. But friends plz today everyone mention their birthdays as we want to celebrate everyone’s birthday here. Sorry but all those who had mentioned their birthdays also have to write it again. My birthday is on 19 March.

  3. Tripurari’s job is snatched by taniya today and she is doing pretty well ?
    Viplav should understand how can dhaani dance ? with saree on such desibeats.
    Such me log sahi kehte hain pyaar aadmi ko pagal kar deta hai.
    (we all are born with six sense but after falling in love ,we get one more sense-nonsense ? to do crazy things,especially boys just to see her happy ?)

  4. hai saran what happened to ur old symbol i love that symbol very much because it is my fav colour

    and saran i am also afraid of spiders i have archnophobia (fear of spiders)
    we have many things same

    • Saranya

      Varsha i am also very sad that my logo is gone.yes we are alike in many things but don’t forget to make atleast one comment per day.miss u a lot dear.u are the first one to welcome me in this family.

  5. Tripurari’s job is snatched by taniya today and she is doing pretty well ?
    Viplav should understand how can dhaani dance ? with saree on such desibeats.
    Such me log sahi kehte hain pyaar aadmi ko pagal kar deta hai.
    translation:(we all are born with six sense but after falling in love ,we get one more sense-nonsense ? to do crazy things,especially boys just to see the one they love.HAPPY ?)

    • SARAS

      hey akshay. . no I didn’t find tanya negative in anyways. .
      I felt she was touched with vipu’s love for dhani n the way he was defending n guarding her..
      I was happy when raj n pankaj too turned up

  6. mangai

    I don’t want to see kanak anymore… of she disappear from the screen space .. 100% surely trp ll go high… like sarla kaki s house scene..

    • Rajee

      Yes mangai! I am just fed up with her. At least one day they can spare us without showing kt & tp. I too love those episodes when Vidhani staying in sarla Kaki’s house. No was so peaceful that time..I am longing those days…

  7. Saranya

    Hai Varsha,BR mam
    Vinny,meghs,gennipher and all my friends.

  8. Rajee

    I am totally disappointed with today’s episode.. Total bakwas..& what to say abt Vidhani scene?? 90% done with look alikes!!!..even that hug!!!…boooo..thumbs down…

  9. rosid

    I am a silent lover &fan of ikrs but i am thinking of stop watching this as dhaani dies not seem to marry viplav in near future

    • Sonu

      No yaar, don’t stop to watch ikrs. I hope at any cost vidhani don’t separate and sure they get marry very soon. Don’t loose your patience.. Dektae raho..

  10. Sonu

    Hi Saru, I am too busy in work..How r u dear? You are a good talent dear, your conversation was super, keep it up dear. Sorry for the late reply..

  11. Rajee

    Only one thing I like was the stylish entry of bihaan pandey in the precap & nothing else was interesting..

    • Sonia

      When I saw the promo i thought that may be its an entry of a new hero but when they showed the guy wearing a light brown colored jacket, I literally shouted “OMG! Bihaan?”? I really love his acting! ??

  12. Sonu

    Hi BR mam, how r u? I think today u are go to your native place. Happy journey. Come soon to Bglore.. Take care love u…..

  13. Rajee

    Can anybody tell me which planet do the makers of ikrs belong? They always think opposite of what audience think…we love vidhani but they love KT+ tp..we love ishq but they love murder1,2,3.we love faith & they love mu…
    I guess they don’t have calendars… They don’t know that Valentine’s day is coming & this is even more spl as it is 1st Valentine’s day 4 our lovely Vidhani but…..
    I hate u cvs for not showing any Valentine’s day spl ..

  14. Sonu

    Hi my dear lovely ikrs friends. How r u all? I am too busy with my work, I feel like cry. I didn’t get time to comment here. I felt very bad. Really miss u guys. Love u all…… Take care…

  15. Louella

    Hi sonu aka sowmya. Happy to see u. Why were u not commenting? Comment daily dear. And varsha r ur exams over?

  16. Louella

    Hi saranya if I m not wrong then it birthday is on December na? I don’t remember the date. Plz guys for ur little princess Louella plz mention ur birthdates without fail

  17. Rajee

    Oh I got the answer ..the makers belong to ‘aMangal graha’..that is why they always like to do some wrong & unwanted things..

  18. Louella

    Hey mangai u r right. Vidhani scenes at sarla kaki’s house were so peaceful. From that day onwards I had become a fan of ikrs and started to comment here. Before that I would not watch ikrs. My grandma would watch it but I didn’t like it. But viplav’s love realisation for dhaani I gained interest in ikrs

  19. Sujie

    hello everyone …..
    i was happy today when Viplav hugged Dhaani…. waiting much more ViDhaani scenes….. 🙂

  20. Rajee

    Guys guys guys!!!I have a better plot 4 ikrs..
    I want kanak to succeed to kill dhani & why only dhani? I want tp to kill suvarna too..& they can blame all the ashramvasis 4 killing dhani & suv..simple…lathi bhi tut jayegi aur saanp bhi marjayea..grt..yippi!!!???
    Then let Viplav marry his girlfriend tanya..DT will accept tp as his son & KT to marry tp…wow!!!so exciting… will sing for kt-
    “Mere ishq ka rang safed”… That’s all..serial ends…happy ending!!!
    &I will land in mental hospital..

    • prachi

      Rajee wat an idea….writers should follow I m loughng loudly by reading ur comments n my mom scolding me.hahaha

  21. SARAS

    I liked two scenes the most. .
    1. viplav lost in dhani’s embrace. .
    2. When viplav said. . kya phrak padta hai vo kya pehankar aayi hai.. vo humlogonse Milne aayi hai apne kapade dikhane nahee..(how does it matter what she is wearing. .. she has come to meet us not to show her cloths)..
    This is where our hero stands out. .
    lovely viplav. ..

  22. Saranya

    Varsha i am also very sad that my logo is gone.yes we are alike in many things but don’t forget to make atleast one comment per day.miss u a lot dear.u are the first one to welcome me in this family.

  23. SARAS

    While I was typing the message iv wasv rememberingvu sonu.. y no messages from two days! !!
    see my bangle scene not coming only n I don’t see it coming in near future also. …

  24. Rajee

    Seriously now I desperately want dhani to die..then I am definitely going to quit the show..I watch ikrs for my love for the lead pair..if the pair breaks,then there is no reason to stick to ikrs… tata bye bye to ikrs from least I can live peacefully …I am really tired of all these..always expecting something exciting but they r always disappointing.. My humble request plz kill dhani..btw I want to thank the makers 4 giving us lovely Vidhani scenes in past!!!

  25. Mirsada

    Kanak has reached the limit of how much evil and disgusting,i can not watch, she stole a series of Vidha. Please Vidya Sinha prone to this garbage.

  26. SARAS

    saranya doing fashion show?
    changing symbol every time. .
    (I understand you r trying get back your old sumbol.. )

  27. Rajee

    And in precap…why Dhani is rolling down on the temple’s steps??? Where is Mr.viplav???still dancing ???

    • SARAS

      haha haha rajee u r too funny..
      since vipu was sleeping at home singing hangover…..
      bihan had to rescue dhani..
      I too thought initially a new hero is entering the show. ..

  28. Rajee

    In no mood to say a good word for the episode.. So better I will stop here…let’s c what the hell is there in tomorrow’s episode.. Bye..Good night to all!!

  29. Nils

    Thank u for updating so fast.. i love viplav nd dhani too but please don’t make the story irritating….love IKRS

  30. Fatarajo

    Only thing worthy to watch in today’s episode are Vidhaani scenes and Dhaani’s jealousy and pleaseeeee no dragging, makers wake up then what’s the difference between IKRS n most shows then i feel like giving an alarm clock to the makers
    And guys I m super busy these days I will be out for a launch tour for two days, but I will try to publish my ff by tomorrow by any chance if u want to know

  31. Swara

    Did Anyone notice. .viplav is going near to raj for dancing but..tania bring him back and again dance with him…
    And I also see tania is moving so close to viplav…while our hero is keeping a distance. .
    Did u noticed it or this all was my mistake. ..

    • florentina moldovan

      Darling, i was so angry with Tania and Viplav that i didn t so nothing, i just saw red like a furious bull!!!ha-ha!!!

      • Swara

        Me too florentina…but I am searching 4 something like I said…
        And I am shouting at dhanni to threw that water on tania’s face…

  32. Hi every one. Kanak shd go to hell now one week is over. Writters plz don’t play with wiever’s emotions yaar. Jaldi se vidhani ki shadi karado uske Pahle ki Koi Aur bakheda khada ho jaye. After all this serial is about widow remarriage. U can all problems post mrg also. If you guys keep dragging it like this then definitely trp n viewers will decrease. We see it for mishal especially. Plz don’t waste his talent and popularity. Make him do something n marry Dhani soon….
    Plz expose kanak, now it’s high time. Absolutely irritating.
    What say guys….

  33. zea

    I am totally agree with you gudiya…. Now one week is over so make kanak to go home…. And writer please we all are waiting for vini’s marraige…. Don’t drag this track so much and please please please at least don’t create any misunderstanding between vini….

  34. Swara

    Birthday sss
    Louella 19 March
    Saras 24 August
    Akshay 24 may
    Saranya 13 December
    Renu 11 September
    Kavitha 27 june
    Fatarajo 22 August
    Rajee 13 August
    Prachi 16 june
    Sujie 15 November
    Ahana 2 October
    Swara 14 may

    Is any mistakes? ??
    ! And what about others. ..

  35. prachi

    Why writers do everything incomplete. Dey don’t reveal shambhu’s murder
    It is still an incomplete track,now started unnecessary Tanya scenes

  36. Saranya ,u logo is changed from blue to green
    Welcomed to our green team and I even noticed the members with green logo are increasing day by day,as u can also see in todays page.

  37. florentina moldovan

    hi, my dears friends! Saranya, Saras,Swara,LOUELLA,Rajee, Gudiya, AkshAY, Sonu, Prachi, Anne, AM, Fatarajo, Kavitha, Kavya, Sujie, VARSHA,…..ALL OF YOU! Until today i was furious about the moderation(today at least 2 post not posted), i was furious about Kanak, ABOUT MAKERS, now i am furious about Viplav himself!!!! how could he let Dhani alone and dance with Tania????!!!! I was more jealous then Dhani herself!!! I live in a open-minded society but i am a very jealous person! If i was Dhani surely they(Viplav and Tania)had today a total change of their look!!!Ha-ha!!!

  38. Rajee like saranya ur too gòod seriously when i read your comment of jhiljhil with t0 viplav with tanya then i burst into laughter mind blowing! !!

  39. florentina moldovan

    When i saw the promo for a second i thought that another hero will appear and being so furious i was happy about it!!! I THOUGHT -NOW IT IS YOUR TURN TO BE JEALOUS,VIPLAV TRIPARTI!!! FRIENDS, this drama is driving me crazy!!!ha-ha! Now, i am peacefull thinking that maybe Valentines is the Day! This is my consolation!

  40. Dhani meeting thapki means has she travelled to noida overnight or bihan n thapki landed to banaras then thapki is in her maid dress how come

  41. Aiman fatma

    Can’t wait for tomorrow today’s episode was nice dhaani should massage her throat instead of her head ediot chudail she is just looking like a bhoot in white saree.

  42. imane

    Hi, after everything Viplav and Dhaani went through till now, seriously, they didn’t have enough issues with Kanak and there is Tania now! ;( i hope VIplav’s mother will be caught and stopped sooooon by everyone !!!

  43. SARAS

    good morning friends. ..
    all of you please calm down. .
    ek gehari saas lo aur kaho sab theek hojayega ( rajee one deep breath n tell everything v is fine)…

    I feel tanya’s is a short cameo she
    has just come to make dhani jelous n show her love to vip.. else she is always rude with our viplove…

    • Rajee

      Thanks saras 4 being +ve & optimistic… But I don’t trust the writer’s anymore who r murdering Vidhani can I forget?? They r in love with murder drama na!! Lagta hai in bhullakkad writers ke saath main bhi bhullakkad ho gayi..sorry!!!!

  44. Rajee

    Good morning friends!
    Prachi,Renu,Saras I am still in an angry bird mode..I was just trying to show my frustration over the show..
    & o hello Saras! Which hug u r talking abt? That one …when mishal & eisha did with body doubles??? Did u mark that girl’s height…it was not eisha..not our dhani…I cud not enjoy that hug even for a second.

  45. Rajee

    Hello my lovely ikrs family…I want to do a confession today b4 the onset of Valentine’s day…I have a complain agst my love ‘ IKRS’. It cheated on me & I am heartbroken.. I want to file a divorce agst it..its over now.. I am calling 4 a break up..
    Saranya u also broke my heart by leaving blue group..
    “Chhan se Jo tute koi sapna,
    Jag suna suna lage,
    Koi rahe na jab apna,
    Jag suna suna lage…”

    I will shortly come with my complains agst my love interest Mr.ikrs.. The list is ready but I just need to consult my lawyer… But 4 god’s sake not a Dumbo vakil babu like Viplav but an intelligent lawyer..till then bye to my dear family…
    Have a good day!

  46. SARAS

    rajee I liked your suggestions for the v story n I couldn’t stop laughing. .You are also very funny..

    aftee dhani n suva’s death vip should marry rajlaxmi. . consolation prize…
    both tp n vip singing mere ishq ka rang safed ….
    but actually tp’s ishq more safed as he married two vidhavas. . so tps ishq rin safed

  47. I think many of them r in disappointing mood.but I don’t think so guys.yesterday’s episode was awesome.
    1. When viplav was eagerly waiting for dhaani in party hall with ful of trust that dhaani will come definitely.
    2. His hug with ful excitement for dhaani coming there..
    3. Supports dhaani for her dressing. When tania asks dhaani y u wear white saree for party.
    4.he don’t want to dance without dhaani scene. But dhaani only says to go n dance.
    5. Dhaanis possessiveness towards viplav and tanias closeness.
    6. Really every scene was awesome.
    7. And finally.I love viplavs luv towards dhaani.he was true lover of dhaani.may be he was irresponsible,careless, iogoistic person in before first episodes but now after luv with dhaani he was a real lover.I really enjoyed all vidhaani scenes in yesterday’s show.
    So I don’t blame writers r directors for yesterdays episode.
    Its my opinion.

    • Sujie

      yes’re right……. that passionate hug of Viplav and Dhaani…aww…..
      you know guys whenever I get bored by any track of IKRS …….i just watvh those scenes of love confession…viplav s stay in the ashram…stone pelting’s scene…..tyre puncture…pot making …and at sarla kaki s home…..those moments were really very awesome …..right friends???

  48. Per dhaani ithna possessive math hona apne pyar ke liye wahi thumari pyar ki dhushman( Tania) banjayegi.
    Dekhthe aaj kya hone wali episode mein.

  49. Swara

    Birthday sss
    Louella 19 March
    Saras 24 August
    Akshay 24 may
    Saranya 13 December
    Renu 11 September
    Kavitha 27 june
    Fatarajo 22 August
    Rajee 13 August
    Prachi 16 june
    Sujie 15 November
    Ahana 2 October
    Swara 14 may
    Anne 9 September
    Zea 23 February
    Arshi 24 July
    Marris 2 August
    Florentina Moldovan 4 april

  50. Rajee

    Aaj mood ishqoholic nahin hai. In fact mood ishqoholic hai…
    For me the Vidhani scene was black & white just like their costume b/w…
    Our hot black coffee Viplav cud more delicious if white milk Dhani wud have joined on that burning dance floor…but no….hv u ever heard of red chilly combination with black coffee??? Naa..what a bad & odd combination!!! Our white milk was boiling with jealousy by their ‘chipko movement’…

  51. Frnds I was watching retelecast now.omg I pike that scene Being illiterate dhaanis innosense of giving prasad in club party and her in convenience with viplavs frnds and their dressing cultures that was soooo good thing they showed.because dhaani is not practised with all these type of parties n formalities so that she can mingle with them.and lived that viplav dancing with Tania but his looks are on dhaani only.that also nice my god so many things r going on.
    But I was waiting for vidhaanis valentines day SPL and also exited.pls writers don’t diaapoint us by silly things. I don’t see knk in between vidhaani on Valentine’s day.

  52. Frnds I was watching retelecast now.omg I pike that scene Being illiterate dhaanis innosense of giving prasad in club party and her in convenience with viplavs frnds and their dressing cultures that was soooo good thing they showed.because dhaani is not practised with all these type of parties n formalities so that she can mingle with them.and lived that viplav dancing with Tania but his looks are on dhaani only.that also nice my god so many things r going on.
    But I was waiting for vidhaanis valentines day SPL and also exited.pls writers don’t disapoint us by silly things. I don’t want to see knk in between vidhaani on Valentine’s day.

  53. And Tania seems to be good only because of dhaanis behaviour only she will change I think.and also tania only the person who will unite our vidhaani I think.
    Because ibln previous episode even viplav was rude to dhaani n ashram members Tania itself helped for all widows n also she good by past itself.and when viplav says that he don’t luv her without any hesitation she leaves Banaras. So ithink Tania’s character must be +be towards vidhaani.
    Writers want to confuse us so suddenly he landed Tania n her troupe.let’s wait n watch.

  54. Hello saranya mine evidapoyi.endha mone ninodaye comment innu nyan kandilla.ninda logo unnadoya mood keduthucho.
    Sorry is my Malayalam right.when I was doing my nursing I learnt malayalam but after 8 years I forgot I used my unknown Malayalam here.sorry if there is mistakes.

    • Meghs

      Kavi u also know kannada.. I hope u won’t mind if i cl u kavi.. My best frnd name is also kavitha …so i felt calling u kavi as am missing her .n yaam from karnataka … N native kerala… I know malyalam too…

  55. Jyoti

    Happy Vasant Panchami & Saraswati Puja to all. May Goddess Saraswati Bless you all with Knowledge , Wisdom and good health.

  56. Ya sujie ur right even I also watch those episodes. But daily at nights because those episodes of ikrs r sleeping pills for me without watching ikrs show I don’t sleep evey elders will tease me ur gone mad of ikrs till peaks.I’ll give and ya Iam ikrs maniac.pls don’t disturb me

  57. Kya dhaani tum na apni sasuma ki Sur dhabane ki badley unki galla dhabadeytho ek kaam tho hojaeygi na.vahi unki tum aur viplav ka rastha clear hojathi.

  58. SARAS

    rajee oh my dear rajee… kyaa baat hain… itna ghussa kyoon hai?
    tell me what u didn’t like in ydays episode? I felt it was really good. ..
    as kavitha also mentioned. . see viplav stood by her on every walk even in night club he never let her feel she doesn’t fit there.. it was awesome. .
    about taanya I didn’t find her negative even yday.. she was very positive n she also took prashad.. she was so touched with viplav’s love for dhani..

    I feel the spoiler any tanya being negative seems false.. actually there will be lot of such wrong spoilers going around. .
    keep cool n enjoy each episode

      • SARAS

        very nice to see you cool. .
        but I enjoyed all ur comments while u were angry young lady…

        Don’t call itself chemilion. .. u r our sweet raja (I call my cousin raji as raja)..

  59. Sonu

    Hi my dear lovely IKRS family, i am back.. I postpone my some work to tomorrow. What can I do guys? I can’t live without our ikrs family. from 2 days i miss u so much guys. I am seriously addicted to our family…. Love u all..

    • Rajee

      Hi sonu! Hi hi hi hi…now I am super cool after sharing all my frustration… I am like that.. one moment my mood will b hot like fire & the next moment it will b cold like ice…still seriously I didn’t enjoy yesterday’s episode..but waiting 4 today’s episode & I want exclusive vidhani episode for upcoming Valentine’s day..its not a request to ikrs but my demand & right as a loyal IKRS fan…

  60. Sonu

    I don’t want to Taniya’s entry. Still now I can’t understand her feelings about Vipu. Sometimes she gets jealous when Vidhani are close. Why? She also engaged. Whatever I don’t want to anyone comes b/w our Vidhani.

  61. Sonu

    Dear Taniya, please jald se jald Banaras chodke Dilli ko chalo. Agar tumari Banras aanae kaa vishay hamari Drama Queen ko patha chalae tho, voo bilkul tumko chodungi nahi. Pakka voo tumko uski Drama mein shamil karnke ko bolthi. Hum sabb har din aeh Drama Queen ki drama dekkar already takk gayi. Phir tumara naatak shuru ho jatae tho? Hey bagwaan, hum sab kanha chale? Ek aur baat tumko Drama yaa nautak acchai nahi lagti, aeh sabb voo Drama queen ki hi suit hogi. Isliyae tumnae Banaras Chodkar chali jaa..

  62. SARAS

    rajee try viplav’s tarkeeb (method)..
    jab bechainee ho to geharee saas lo..
    aur gehri saas chodo.. better feel karogi

  63. Hi rajee for mu’s we can say below “dil ke arma asuon me bah gaye ham vafa karke bhi tanha rah gaye shayad unka akhiri ho ye mu har mu ham sochkar ye reh gaye”

  64. Rajee

    Hey sonu I cud not enjoy the episode as Vidhani scenes were done by body doubles & my complete focus got shifted to that cud not enjoy..sorry guys 4 spoiling ur mood too..but what to do I want ikrs to b the best & have a lot of expectations from it..week by week trp is decreasing… What is the 1st reaction a parent when its child get less marks becoz of its carelessness & poor performance? The same happened to me…the makers have to understand what the audience expect from them…still I hope for the best .. Still I love ikrs…
    “I hate u like I love u”

  65. SARAS

    hey raji I saw repeat just now. . I don’t v think it was body double. . as both of them were very much there as the were side shots also. ..
    I loved dhani’s expressions a lot. .. viplav was very sweet yday even tanya.. as usual raj n pankaj were too
    sweer to take all of prashad. ..

    one thing was really bad yday..
    that was mishal’s dance. .. he is really a silly dancer lol

    • Rajee

      But…. saras I like his dance moves..I can’t say abt yesterday’s episode as u know I was not in good mood…he he he ..
      And I am not telling abt side shots..achhe se dekho …u just mark the girl’s height..
      OK leave it again I don’t want to have a bad mood…lol…

      • SARAS

        Since u had told about height i really tried find out but in vein. . I could not make out. .
        I exactly don’t know what’s dhani’s height anyways hahaha haha

  66. Rajee

    Guys! I am really sorry for my behaviour. I am really embarrassed 4 my frustrated comments… I think somebody spiked my drink too…lol…that is why I was behaving like a bewdi( drunkard)….again sorry..
    Raat gayi baat gayi..think hai…

    • Rajee

      Oye Akshay!!! Battisi mat dikha…only stunts mein body doubles use nahin hota..sometimes some scenes r shot without the presence of the actual actors.. Samjhe ya….

  67. SARAS

    renu.. with ur kind permission. I will change the song a bit for our rajee..
    “dil ke arama comments Hoke behagaye… “..
    @rajee I loved all ur comments so don’t feel embrassed at all. . feel proud … you entertained all of us. ..

  68. Rajee don’t worry some times it happens like that.because if I like one thing its not compulsory that everyone luvs it.see if our directors create some scenes wat he expected we don’t like that thing.everyone has their own opinion and likes so no worries.
    But one thing I know our show trp is very low because of
    1.the story n concepts is good but dragging.
    2. Some times our editor skips scenes suddenly r may be fast.
    3. The timings of show is very inaccurate most of the people don’t the show at all.
    4.our directors n creators of ikrs must do interesting promos that people can attract towards ikrs .
    5 and finally the show must have more vidhaani scenes even though the story was dragging.if vidhaani r there then we don’t get bored of this sadism scenes of knk.
    Iam correct my frnds
    Pls directors if u correct these things our ikrs trp will be on peaks.

  69. Rajee

    Kavitha I think u have not watched shalu’s engagement episode. In that episode mishal, Tanya, shalu& her fiance ram danced to the song’ jeena jeena’. Mishal was really good in that & I loved his performance. In fact I have read in one of his interviews that he loves dancing & while he was on a break from acting ,he took some lessons on dancing too. He is not a bad dancer yaar…

  70. Sonu

    Oh God! What is this BETHAL? my two or more comments still now not posted. I am really feel bad, BETHAL go to hell…….

  71. Sonu

    IKRS starts in just 4seconds. But I am still work mein pass gayee, aaj bhi mein IKRS ko miss karoongi… kya karu?

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.