Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shalu saying there is nobody inside. Raja says you have doubted on me..and goes angrily. Shalu goes following him asking him to forgive her for the big mistake. Raja says my head was paining and that’s why I went there to relax. Shalu says you are very handsome and I am scared to lose you. Raja gets relieved. Viplav and Dhaani think where is Raj Lakshmi….Dasharath introduces Raja to the guests. The media asks Dhaani what she wants to say about the arrangements of the maha bhoj. Dasharath asks Dhaani to say. Raja gets angry and thinks everybody is giving much importance to Dhaani and Viplav and not him, when the function is kept to in his honor. Shalu comes there and tries to talk to him, says she has already apologized to him. Raja says he is having headache and will

take rest for sometime. Shalu looks on.

Raj Lakshmi calls Viplav that she hid from them as her wig have fallen. She says she had kept a camera in the video and their conversation is recorded. Viplav says you have done a good thing. Raj Lakshmi says I am leaving from here. Raj hears her and slaps her hard. Raj Lakshmi falls down. Viplav gets that mobile and tells Dhaani that she was right that Raja was a womanizer. He calls Dada ji, Shalu and Kanak. He shows the video to them and tells Shalu that this is Raja’s reality. He has married you as he was interested in money and not you. Raja’s mum comes. Viplav shows video to her as well. She is shocked.

Dhaani says your son is like this only, and asks if the video is fake. She says we all know his truth know. Raja’s mum says she is lying to make us fall in your eyes and to make us leave. Dhaani says you have to leave. She says she doesn’t have any proof against him before. Kanak says this Raja have ruined my daughter’s life. Raja’s mum says she is lying. Dasharath says what do you think that we will believe you. He says I will believe on my own son and not you. Dhaani says he should be punished so that he don’t play with anyone’s feelings. Raja comes and says I haven’t ruined Shalu’s life, but Dhaani is ruining. He brings Raj Lakshmi holding her hand and says I welcome you to Tripathi family. He says I want to show her truth to you, and takes out wig from her head. Kanak says she is Raj Lakshmi…..

Raja says she is Raj Lakshmi. He says I have understood that she was playing dirty game with her, and that’s why I tried to get closer to her to bring out their truth infront of you all. Raja’s mum smirks. Raja says this woman have betrayed me. Kanak tries to beat Raj Lakshmi. Dhaani says we have told Raj Lakshmi to do this drama. Viplav says I told her to act so that Raja’s truth comes out. Raja says this is lie…and they are making stories as their lie is caught. Kanak asks Viplav, why did he played game with Raja. Viplav asks ok, Raja knew that she was Raj Lakshmi then why did she get closer to her. Kanak scolds Viplav. Dhaani says we have done this to bring out her truth. Viplav says you just said that you trust me and not Raja. Dasharath gets confused.

Raja says Dhaani have provoked and instigated Viplav against me. Viplav grabs his collar and scolds him. Raja says you can’t hide the fact. Dasharath talks about respect and prestige. He asks Raj Lakshmi to leave from there, far away from their eye sight…Raj Lakshmi cries. Dhaani and Viplav apologizes to her. Raj Lakshmi feels bad as Raja proved himself right infront of all. Viplav says you didn’t do any mistake. Don’t know what have happened to my family. Dhaani says we will drop you home. Raj Lakshmi says I will go, and asks them to go inside. They go inside. Shalu says I have never thought that you will do this with me being my own brother, I know about Dhaani’s hatred for me. Shalu asks Dhaani to stay far from her daughter else she will break her legs. Viplav says you have done a big mistake by trusting Raja. Raja says I am leaving the house and have taken the decision to go far from Shalu and you all. Shalu says I don’t want you to stay in the house, and says I will also come with you. Viplav looks on.

Kanak asks Dhaani not to step inside the kitchen. Dhaani says I have equal right on the kitchen as you have..She says you didn’t have any objection when I cooked food for maha bhoj. She says I will not leave. Viplav hears them. Kanak gets shocked to hear the fitting reply from her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Arshdeep

      Seriously there should be a cctv in their room to record all their dirty works and talks..huh..

  1. Arshdeep

    Viplav’s family is so bad yaar.. Apne chirag par vishwas ni hota unko.. huhh
    Bad episode but precap confusing .. why dhani is fighting with KT … how she got that much strength…??


  3. Wow Hasanji live updates thank u very much .
    Wow good job Dhaani well done this is how u should reply Kanak , show is on right track till now but hope they won’t drag like other shows

  4. keerthi

    This is really good and interesting track.. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s show. And Viplav’s reaction on concern to her sister is too good.

    I am not understanding.. how shalu and KT are such a dump….. Hope they will be caught soon… 🙂 🙂

  5. Meghs(megha)

    truth won’t come forward so soon but at last truth will only win…
    That raja is so disgusting he proving dhani wrong all time …

    Precap was interesting that dhani replaying back to kanak ..

  6. varsha(philo)

    oh viplav and dhaani pls leave that stupid shalu let her go on her way itself then only she will understand everything pls

    hi louella i cant comment on 15 as i have my exams till 21 on 15 i have maths exam so i cant comment yaar sorry

  7. AM

    hai re ..gaya viplav ka plan gaddhe mae 😛 😛 …wohi mae sochu raja itni jaldi chala jayega toh ikrs bandh ho jayega na 😛 … raja ji is back …love the precap ..fight Dhani fight 😛 …. come on ….come on 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Meghs(megha)

    @louella cutie 15 April is not possible for me to comment can u change date if others have no objections

    N we all remember 11 apr is starting of ur classes for ikrs members

  9. varsha(philo)

    hi guys i think that the two serial will not replace IKRS because they need expose raja,dashrath and kanak need accept dhaani as thier bahu and dulaari past there are many more things so i am sure that IKRS will not end for now [;-)
    what do u say ???????????????????????????

  10. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan?
    Oh dear,it looks like this is going to take longer than vidhani thought. But they are up against a cheat and liar who is used to fooling people.
    Poor Rajlakshmi …xxx

    • Yetty

      Hi Anne,
      it does look like that, the writer might be planning some thing totally different
      My heart skipped for RL.

      • Anne

        Hi Yetty, yes Rajlakshmis got the worst of it. Hope she gets her own back ….
        She never said anything in her own defence or said Rajcreepo had hit her .
        One thing, the writers keep us guessing!! Love this

  11. aish

    Wow, this is interesting, I pray that shalu follows raja and she herself will see their thru colour. She will definitely be maltreated.
    I’m happy that dhani gave a befitting reply to kanak as she is also a bahu in AN. Now the battle line is drawn between dhani and kanak

  12. VIPLAV

    Stupid Idiot Raja Feeling Sad For RL Dhaani and Viplav Shocked to see Dhaani’s attitude in Precap Well done Dhaani I think Kanak needs it Thanks for the update Hasan ji

  13. vini

    For god sake pls throw the hell raja out of vidhaani’s life.this raja is damn irritating our beloved viplav and dhaani.

  14. For one momenr kanak was thinking about shalus safety n asked if raja has not done anything to her n next moment she was screaming at rl n dhani n believing raja SO FRICKLE MINDED

  15. Anisha

    Fine just let that Shalu go with Raja. And just leave my VIDHAANI ALONE!! Glad to listen to the reply form Dhaani. Thank god Viplav heard the convo. Waiting for Tomorrow???

  16. paviabi

    oh… raja escaped and this shalu really blind after watched the video she still believe raja.hoping soon raja’s true face will revealed.

  17. Yetty

    Oh dear ! I screamed reading where Raja brought Raj Lakshmi to everyone to see, poor RL, so sorry for her.
    I hope she won’t blame herself for getting caught.
    OK shalu it’s better for you to go with Raja, at least you will know his true colour one day.
    Precap looks interesting, this is what I expected from dhaani from now on, she should not always wait for Viplav to rescue her before fighting for herself.
    All together good episode.
    I love ikrs.

  18. Yetty

    How can I forget your good work Hassan mam, thank you very much for the updates.
    I appreciate it and also know that all my friends here appreciate it.

  19. florentina moldovan


  20. florentina moldovan

    OMG, WHAT REPLY FROM DHANI TO KANAK!!!!!!! i think Viplav should take Dhani and send her to school, she is very brave, intelligent and good human being……let Kanak leading the house and preparing the food……she only knows this kind of things….and a lot of bad things….

  21. AM

    guys don’t throw me stone but I genuinely love today’s episode …today’s episode was about win of truth against the false …. ( don’t think me mad 😛 ) .. I am not saying about vidha …this story is all about our great shalu and raja ‘s ishq story they are fighting against the villain viplav and dhani for proving innocence of their …. raja is the most genuine person in the serial …..humlog to handsome sae banda Raja aur khubsoorat shalu ke ‘ amar prem kahani’ dekhnae ke liye sab kam aur padai chor charke 6:30 pm ko TV pe ate hae ….

    good job CV’s ..u r great 🙂 🙂 ….serial name should be changed … perfect name is “ghar jamai raja ” ( may be it is bad name but you guys can suggest also )

    PS : episode dekhke khusike mare reh nahi pa raha tha ..fudak fudak ke dance kar raha tha …then IF mae similar post dekha so apne same dil ki batt batane agaya ….

  22. Louella

    Flora the serials r shakti and kavach. They r the New serials. Now we have to see which serials they replace.

    • Nimisha ?

      I’ll be properly devastated if the replace IKRS. The new serials are being advertised a lot. Not my sort of thing, but after Renu’s message the other day about IKRS, which I Know Pjain reassured us over, I’m worried. I read on another thread that they might replace the snake show and another one which are due to finish in May.

      Please Colors, don’t replace any of the IKRS slots. You haven’t even given the show proper coverage with repeats, promo’s or even a prime time slot. We love the show and the characters, apart fm the Awasthi’s. Please keep it going. Thank you.

      • Arshdeep

        Somebody said some other day that show which will be replaced is balika vadhu and naagin..
        Bv really needs to be replaced..much dragged show now.. i used to watch it with mom but wen shiv died lost interest in it

      • Anne

        Hi Nimisha, Balika Vadu and ssk are both coming to an end if theres any justice. But i agree its a worry.
        I remember Rangrasia and Bienteaa were both fantastic with loads of fans but both were rushrd to an end at barely a year old. Could never understand it. Yet some limp on forever

  23. florentina moldovan

    guys, how can Raja and his family leave so soon????? he must pay Triparti family for all their injustices with injustices…, no, no, they have to suffer for next time have trust on his own son and not in srtrangers….and stupid Shalo must taste a bit from Raja s and his mom behavior with Dhani!!!!!! yeah, i said it!!!!

  24. Louella

    Meghs and Varsha I have a good news for u both. The good news is that I m keeping 2 days for comments day. It is on 15th and 16th of April. Is this date ok with u?

  25. florentina moldovan

    i saw Dhani alone on promo cover and i got panic….omg…hope everything will be all right!!!! if something bad happens with IKRS I will watch ssk and i will learn a lot of bad things and send them on COLORS!!!! WHO IS WITH ME???? HA-HA-HA!!!!

    • Arshdeep

      Hhahaha 😀
      I hope everything will be alright only
      bcoz when tpk started i saw a similar cover only of thapki..
      I think all serials covers r changed with only the lead actress shown

    • Hi flora i am with u ??????well dont worry today in all promos they have shown lead female alone only as i watched Tpk in which only thapki was shown .

  26. Louella

    Guys if u don’t mind can we keep comments day on 15th as well as 16th of April. This is bcoz some ppl r unable to comment and if one person is unable to comment on 15th they can comment on the next day that is 16th of April. Will I get the permission to keep comments day on 15th and 16th of April?

  27. Nimisha ?

    First of all H Hasan, thanks sooooo much for the speedy update. Without all your hard work, we’d have nowhere to comment so it is very much appreciated! ?????????

  28. florentina moldovan


    • Anne

      I think when he left LTL it created a problem and a bit of a stink. There was trouble i believe and gossip about drugs which he denied and his attitude. Still love him lol

  29. Louella

    Today’s episode was shocking. Raja is not exposed. But one day he will be kicked out of the house by Shalu. Hope that day comes soon. Raja be careful bcoz if u will be kicked out of the house by Shalu then u can imagine how u will turn into a football. And then children will come and play football with u. Raja beta jeelo apni jindagi kyonki ab aapke bure din aane wale hai.(raja u live ur life bcoz now ur bad days r going to come)

  30. Louella

    Varsha all the best for ur exams. Don’t take tension. I know u will do very well. All the very best dear.

  31. Sujie

    Hello everyone…..
    Could not watch today’s episode because I was playing with my nephew…….
    After reading the update…. i can only tell Shaalu…the greatest ullu of allll to go to her inlaws…and see with her own eyes that how is her so called beloved Raaja is….. Kanak is disgusting…DT is disgusting…. ek pal mein kehtein hain ki hum apne bete pe bharosa karenge aur dusre hi pal they are like VIPLAV WHAT DID YOU DO?? I mean how could they???
    Dashrath Tripathi jaao bhaad mein
    Kanak Tripathi bhi jaao bhaad mein
    Raja ki Shaalu also jaao bhaad mein…. No comments on Raja’s cheap behavior…but I am sure that Viplav Dhaani will win this battle and Raaja will be exposed…..
    Update padhke RL ke baare mein accha nahi laga…. Viplav Dhaani RL sad sad because of cheapo…….
    But Raaja Awasthy will hopefully be exposed soon

  32. Nimisha ?

    Now to the episode…

    omg!! How did he manage to hoodwink them. He thinks he,s clever, but he still locked himself into a room and then lied about it to Shalu.

    Poor RL and Viplav and Dhani. Their plan was going so well. I just hope in the cold light of day, Shalu and the rest of the tripathi muppets realise then Viplav and Dhani are right.

    I get the feeling that as Dhani is involved, they won’t believe anything.

    I could have killed raja when he slapped Rl! Creep!

    And KT, how dare she try and slap her.

    Great acting by Mishal. I was willing him to really punch Creep no.1.

    I feel angry after the episode. Feel very frustrated that seeing clear evidence, that the muppets still don’t believe Viplav. I know they hate Dhani, and that’s what Raja is relying on, but come on… Trust your own potha at least!!!


    Precap looks great! Good for Dhani standing up to KT. She,s right and KT is an idiot. Everyone, get ready for the crocodile tears when she starts over acting about how disrespectful Dhani is. Boo Hooo Hooo. KT, GROW UP!!!

  33. eshani

    Poor vidhani failed in their plan feeling bad for them n RL….gud their is always twists n turns in this show lets see how will raja be exposed….if shalu leaves it will be difficult to expose raja..viplav acting was so natural superb….but felt sad seeing mishal like this

  34. Louella

    Its the first time we r keeping comments day and it should be special, right? So I have thought that we should do something unique and special. So my idea is that we will take our favourite characters from ikrs but we will not mention our names at the side of the character. Then we will comment and we have to guess each other. U can use any name like the one we used when we had finished 200 episodes. The only difference is that we have to not mention our names and we have to guess each other. Guys it’s the same like AM had not mentioned his name and had asked us to guess who is he. In the same way we also have to do. BUT PLZ NOTE THAT WE HAVE TO NOT CHANGE OUR LOGO. Another advantage is that this will increase the number of comments in guessing each other. And one more interesting thing is that the one who guesses most things right will be the winner of the comments day. Guys plz tell ur opinion on my idea and plz if u want to make some changes u r welcome. I want all of u to reply me. Plz do tell if u like this idea or not.

  35. Louella

    Now vidhani’s next plan will be dand. They have finished will saam and daam and have failed. I hope they will succeed in dand at least

  36. i wonder Keerthi..i will pity shalu wen the truth of Raja will be out..becoz dat is wat will been happening soon..dat’s wen she will no how much dhaani cares about her..and 4 kanak i dnt have worlds 4 her

  37. Louella

    Aish no need of saying thanks. U r a member of our family and it’s our duty to care about u. U r like my friend in fact u r my friend, right? So in friendship no sorry no thank u. Ab aap samjhe ya samjhaaye

  38. Kanak said to dhani to apply mehandi so thar people dont comment thar daughter, shalu has spplied n daughter in kaw hasnt, but then u didnt realise dhani was wearing floral jewellery n she herself was wearing gold !!!!!!

  39. Porkodi

    Thanks mam for the fast update.
    Just read the update.. need to watch in online. Poor RL .. How can this idiot raja slap Rl ?
    Well done bravo dhani. Gave a good reply to kanak. Precap sounds interesting.

  40. Porkodi

    Arshdeep how did u write ur entrance exam ? Hope u have done well.

    Varsha all the best for ur exam.

    Butterfly welcome to our ikrs family.

  41. Jack

    Hi friends!!! As I assumed., that creepy Raja is able to make an excuse… I am really frustrated after this episode..My mind was saying that Raja can’t be exposed this early, I mean they can’t end this track too early.. but my heart was hoping that Raja will be exposed today.. Ohhhh..??? and that KT and Shalu are blindly believing Raja, I couldn’t understand how on earth they are not believing Viplav even when he showed them full proof(video) ..????

  42. Anne

    Can some kind person please translate what Dhaani replied to Kanak? Love to know her exact words. Thankyou ?xxx

    • Nimisha

      Do you mean in the precap? Pretty much as H Hasan typed in pink..

      She basically says she has as much right t be in the kitchen as KT does. And anyway, during the mahabhoj KT didn’t have any issue with Dhani being in the kitchen, so why now???

    • Rajee

      Hi Anne! In precap kanak warned Dhani not to enter the kitchen & Dhani gave a solid reply to her horrible MIL that she also has the same rights as that of kanak in ayodhya niwas. Dhani also confront kanak that if she doesn’t want her to enter in the kitchen & cook then how cud she allowed her to prepare the mahabhog. I am very much satisfied with her reply to kanak. Bravo dhani! How long kanak will insult her. Dhani u should fight 4 ur &ur hubby’s self respect & rights. Good start dhani! I wish the episode will b same that we saw in precap & not like today’s. Dhani should win & not the witch.

      • anne

        Rajee, thanks so much for your reply,im so glad Viplav heard her. Its his teaching that has changed Dhaani for the better xxx

      • Nimisha

        He did hear her, but his face looked art of pained rather than proud. I didn’t understand what he was thinking… I hope he tells her she was right to say what she did and that he doesn’t get annoyed at her. His facial expression confused me. A lot!

  43. Maria

    Todays episode was not good. I was expecting sooo much. But everything flopped. But the precap is really interesting… Waiting for tom episode. Very good reply given by Dhaani to KT. Lets see what will be Viplav’s reaction…

  44. Jack

    Raj lakshmi did a wonderful job for vidhani.. She is so good by nature,..
    From a viewer’s point of view, I think IKRS is getting more and more interesting….

    • Nimisha

      How did your exam go Arshdeep? When do you get your results?

      Keeping my fingers toes and everything else crossed for you. Xxx

      • Arshdeep

        I repied to ur question di..

        Thnku so so so much for ur concern ?
        The main AIPMT exam is still left.. it is on 1st may…
        The result will be on 5th june..on my birthday ?
        Hope i get best bday gift this year in form of my admission in mbbs
        Fingers crossed. Xxx

  45. Arshdeep

    Nimisha di and porkodi u asked about my exam
    The exam was ok ok..
    It was medical entrance exam for aligarh muslim university only
    Result will be soon declared as tier 2 exam is also to be conducted.. answer key will be releasing tomorrw

    The main exam AIPMT for all over india colleges is on 1st may
    Preparing hard for it.. want to get through it in first time only..

  46. Louella

    Guys plz reply to my comment above and tell whether u like my idea or not. Maria has already shared her opinion, now I m waiting for others opinion.

  47. Nimisha

    Varsha(Philo) good luck in your exams too. Sounds like you have quite a few so good luck!!!


  48. Raviraj Kaur (Shanoo)

    Hello evry1….
    Good to all those appearing for examz….
    Today’s episode was good but poor RL…, wish she had played the role of MAHARANI for few more dayz……
    Although no matter what our VIDHANI alwayz stays together…..
    Nd the cover of IKRS is Only Eisha coz i think colors believe in promoting ” NAARI SHAKTI” too much…..???
    Nd congo guyz EISHA rocked at GPA : aftrall she has won the award…. osmmm for the debutant…. but she need to learn dancing….
    Girl u really dun kno how to dance?????
    Lov u VIDHANI nd Mishal ur acting boy…. superb….?????

  49. invisible

    hello hello my friends how r u all
    doing well na??
    by the way this saturday my birthday ( 04/16 )
    can you guess who am i ????
    i also this family old member…

  50. Today episode was super flop.all plans of vidhani gone to vain.I think raja ll nt exposed so a lot of drama have to b watch. Let dem realise fully.otherwise dey ll nt blv fully.Salu,KT n DT r d biggest fool I ever seen feeling pity abt RL.she was trying hard but failed.another gud thing is dhani noe replying KT on her face.feeling gud for her

  51. florentina moldovan


  52. Mirsada

    Hello,I’m sad, bad luck again for Vidha, but precap bad luck for Kanak, bravo Dahni, do not let up. You’re right.

  53. Der r 2 upcoming shows in colors. One is shakti n another is kabach.shakti I think is all abt a grl n social prob relayed to her. N kabach is all abt black magic n jadu.hope did ll replace ssk n balika badhu.plz god save ikrs

  54. SARAS

    hi all
    first of all I was expecting something like this will happen even if raja gets caught he will patch up with some drama… anyways I didn’t like the episode at all. . I hated raja when he soaker rl.. how dare he???

    how could he?? rl please give back four slaps to him. .

    precap looks promising though. .

    • Nimisha

      I was totally frustrated with the episode too. Was waiting for so long to see raja’s truth come out and then his rubbish excuses seemed to win the day.

      Shalu running to hug him was ridiculous. He lied to her and she knows it.

      And yes, how dare he slap RL! Then KT went for her too. I could slap them both. A lot!

  55. Nimisha

    I think I’m going to cry in a minute. My comments have been waiting moderation so for ages. I wanna talk to you all. Nowwwwwwww! Waaahhhhhhhh! ???

  56. SARAS

    from the time the drama has began I was feeling dt was stumped by her beauty. .. shameless oldman..

    raja is becoming parallel hero.. romancing all the girls either real or in his dream. . What’s this yaar

    • Nimisha

      Do you mean DT? Stumped by Dhani,s beauty?

      If you do, do you remember the episode where Dhani runs all the way to the tripathi house and arrives when only DT is home. He gives her water and then goes up to freshen up singing that really itrritating song, and sprays perfume on himself. You’re right he is a shameless old man. I wonder if that’s why he,s so into raja! They are very alike in the creep levels.

      Today, I didn’t understand why DT directed the camera crew onto Dhani as he almost seemed to praise her. That was a bit weird. Is he up to something?

      • SARAS

        I know that episode .. I was talking about the maharani.. The v way he was smiling the c first day he saw her I felt that lol…

  57. SARAS

    viplav aur dhani to besharam n paagal hai kabhee darwaza band nahee karte.. par ye rajlaxmi bhee ullu nikli!!!
    Phone karnese pehle darwaza band to karleti..

    • Nimisha

      Exactly Saras. What is it with everyone’s obsession to have their doors open all the time. The only two that are sensible, in this respect only, are creep no 1 and his mum. It’s madness I tell you ????

  58. florentina moldovan


  59. Yetty

    Watching ikrs now and feel more bad for RL than when I read the update.
    How on earth did that creep Raja slap our own pretty babe rajlakshmin and kanak too was misbehaving with her.??.
    This is not done.

  60. Sujie

    Good morning everyone….still feeling bad for failed plan of ViDhaani and RL..
    Now Saam, Daam failed…. its time to use Dandh now…. this means Creep number 1 will be exposed soon….
    Watched an olv where Viplav was telling Dhaani to obey Kanak….may be its his plan to show that he is now slowly supporting Kanak…. because I believe that Viplav can never hurt Dhaani asking her to follow old school traditions or any task put forward by Kanak to trouble Dhaani….
    Hopeful about today’s episode

    • Arshdeep

      Good morning sujie..
      I think the dandh will also fail.. and they will then using the last weapon bhed too..
      Long time to expose raja

      • Sujie

        I want to see their plan succeeding…. i have strong faith in the plan that Viplav and Dhaani will make now because they might have learnt a lot from the two previous plans that failed miserably….. but we should not forget that truth wins at last….. Viplav Dhaani will definitely succeed in their plan.

  61. Porkodi

    Saw olv in YouTube inwhich viplav is scolding dhani for the misbehaviour with his mom.
    He was so angry on dhani.. what will happen now?

  62. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Precap is superb… Will u allow me back to IKRS family??? Becoz I am commenting here from epi-1 anybody is here like that???

  63. Dr.sweety

    happy birthday to me
    happy birthday to me
    happy birthday to me i am sweeeeeety
    happy birthday to meeeee

    hey guys what happened tellyupdates forum it cudnt open for few hours

  64. Eshani

    watched olv where viplav is really angry and scolding dhani…..he was the one who told dhani to reply in a smart way if KT tells something when thy were going to temple and not when she replied he is getting angry….hope there wont be any misunderstanding

    • Nimisha

      Ash, so that explains why he was looking pained int yesterday’s precap. Gah! Finally Dhani speaks up and she said nothing wrong, and then Viplav decides to tell her off. Poor girl. He’s encouraged her all along to stand up for what is right and to not be afraid o anyone if she knows she is right… And then he tells hers off. That’s actually a bit rubbish of him. Xxx

  65. Louella

    Tellyupdates was not a available for a few hours back. I thought that my internet connection is lost. Just now when I came back from play I realised that my internet connection is there but tellyupdates is not available. Yeh tellyupdates ne toh mujhe hi ullu bana diya.

    • Fatarajo

      Hahahha Louella same happened with me later I see my whatsapp mesagae and then I realized TU got problem

  66. Louella

    Happy birthday my dear friend and also ikrs family doctor sweety.
    May God give u the ability to take care of us and also use sweet words at least today.
    May this day bring lots of joy and happiness to u and ur family.

    • Dr.sweety

      thank u my dear LAILA…… hey jus give funny reply to my comment ok,,,
      sujie,prachi,saranya,am and some patients doing it perfectly

      • Louella

        Ho ho u r my majnu and I m ur laila. Perfect Jodi. I have got a new name. liked this name. Enjoy ur day dear.

  67. Anne

    Good morning/afternoon IKRS friends.Hope it’s a good day for all.
    Oh I read viplav scolds Dhaani? It MUST be part of a plan,it has to be !!
    I will be shocked if it’s for real.
    Looking forwards to next episode hope I don’t have to shout at the telly!!?xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Anne.

      Hope you’re well.

      I said yesterday that I didn’t get why Viplav looked so pained when Dhani was talking to KT in the precap. I also said I was worried that he would tell Dhani off. Disappointed to read that he does. Seems a total shift in his character, and not in a good direction. After all his encouragement, he should be proud of her, instead of the typical Indian serial son who won’t hear anything bad against his mum.

      I think I might be shouting at the tv too a bit later. ?????

    • Yetty

      Hi Anne and Nimisha
      How is your day going babes ?
      Viplav agrrrrrrr.?
      I hope it wont be like that , it will be disheartening.
      Dhaani will be shattered and will need to start proving herself all over again.
      Fingers crossed

      • Nimisha ?

        Hey Yetty.

        All goo here thanks lovely. How are you? It’s seems we have nothing to worry about after all. Phew!

  68. Happy birthday dear sweety. Iam confused u r original sweety or the one who used to give frequent comments which were not liked by all

    • Louella

      Renu it’s that sweety which is not liked by all. But never mind I don’t have any problem when she calls me psycho

  69. shanitics

    Hey tu was nt opening since morning therefore I was not commenting here…

    Warm good afternoon to all…

    OLV is little horrible type..never seen vip taking to Dhaani like tat…
    Director plz do not make this serial typical colour type story….Hope tat it will be Vidhaani’s plan…

    Lols u made my plan more adorable…as always I am with you dear…

    Philo & arshdeep all the best for your exams….u will pass with flying colours…

    Yesterday’s epi was nt interesting @ all..plz do not scold me..I told my opinion…because no Vidhaani scenes ? interesting precap…bt horrible OLV…

  70. shanitics

    Happy b’day to you Dr Swety…Hope u succeed in ur life and let ur life adore u with success…

  71. shanitics

    Lols can I suggest an idea…Other than names can we put the background music ? name and serial name and the names we pit the characters like DT,PP,jhil-jhil,,Drama team as our names….
    I have an another idea we can use jumble words as our name …for eg:-Aahidn-Dhaani
    Like tat can we put..

    If my idea is bad ? just ignore lols…
    I just said my opinion…

  72. Anne

    Just seen olv that naagin is being replaced with one of the two new shows…….one down….. Fingers

    • Nimisha ?

      Yayyy. That’s good news. Surprising that Colors are stopping their ‘best’ show in terms of trp! Personally I don’t like the show as not my thing but who knows what Colors do or why they do it.

  73. Louella

    AM thank u for ur opinion. I think we should change our logos. And also we should give at least one clue. But I want to ask everyone. Friends plz also tell that should we change our logos and comment on comments day? I and AM are ready with it. Now it’s ur turn. Plz tell me fast.

  74. AM

    hii guys …good afternoon to all …. sab log bohot sad ho gaye ho kalka episode dekhke..but don’t tensed all will be alright … already all saw new olv where viplav saying to Dhani not to talk like that to his mom …so another drama is coming ….areh viplav ji Dhani ko datna chorke achcha sa plan banao raja ko exposed karne ke liye 😛

  75. florentina moldovan

    Happy birthdAY , dr Sweety!!!! i knew it was you! many , many returns of this day and happiness, good health and prosperity!!!!

  76. florentina moldovan

    i think Viplav anger is real….and the one who is not real is Dhani! i think she is replying to kanaK, knowing that Viplav is there and listen only for Viplav defends his mothers rights and reunite the family….of course, she will PAY THE PRICE! VIPLAV AND ALL OF THEM WILL HEART HER…

    • Arshdeep

      Ya flora dear.. i too was thinking the same..
      It seems this time dhani is making some plan to show family that viplav is not a puppet in her hands.. he still stands for the family against her even.. she seems to provoke viplav to scold her for kanak

      • florentina moldovan

        wow, you said it so well, yeah , i think this is it!!!!! i feel sorry for Vidhani but sometimes, in our life we have to sacrifice our happiness…i think it will not last much…they will be reunite quickly….

      • Arshdeep

        Hmm dhani is very intellignt ..she will settle everything..
        And as u said they will reunite soon ?

    • Nimisha ?

      But what Dhani said to KT was totally right. She was just speaking the truth. If it’s Dhani being devious, then I don’t understand why she has to always be the martyr. Her role is to stick by Viplav and he by her to win the family over (not that the family deserve another chance). I don’t understand why she has to out herself into such a horrible position.

      Maybe it isn’t a play.mmaybe the stress of Shalu etc is getting to Viplav and he’ll blow off some steam at Dhani and then will apologise and we’ll get some making up romance. Either way he,s wrong in this instance. Sorry Viplav, you know I love you but…

  77. Louella

    Wow!!! It’s great. We have crossed 200 comments. Now it’s possible to do 300 comments. Friends plz comment. We have to do it. We can’t let our comments go down. Go on commenting as much as u can. I m fully free till evening. Let us comment.

    • Louella

      Flora I m telling to change the logos so that the game becomes more interesting. But if u don’t like the idea u can use ur own logo. I have no problem, okay?

    • Louella

      Flora I watch naagin and I know the reason why naagin is ending so soon. Actually it was before decided that naagin will end in March but afterwards they extended it till May. It was a short story and the writers r thinking to bring a season 2. I think that’s why they r ending naagin so soon

  78. Louella

    I think we should start hms after comments day. What do u say? Bcoz it will be very hard for the teachers to teach hindi along with the comments day, ena? And nobody told me whether they want to be teacher or students. I want everyone to tell today itself. I will note it down and make a list of teachers and students. Come on tell me fast before evening as I m free till evening. Guys don’t waste time, read my comment and reply me or u will lose the chance of teaching or learning Hindi

    • Arshdeep

      I can be a teacher.. but i want to know the you will be teaching hindi??

    • Arshdeep

      And loeulla i actually wanted the comments day nd hms to be after 1st may only so that i could give full attendance??
      But i really dnt want others to wait so long only bcoz of me..
      So better u start hms as soon as possible bcoz i feel really sorry fr some of my frnds thinking how they keep on watching a show..without understanding a bit of what they r saying

  79. shanitics

    Ohh ya I knw tat Naagin was gonna come to an end but nvr strikes this thing whole commenting….Naagin was going be off air on Jan but due to its high trp it was extended for 2-3months…If I am correct it will go off air by this month or 2nd Sunday of may

  80. aish

    I want to be a student buh u know wat I only know little or no hindi words or expression, will I be able to cope as I need elementary class and not medium

  81. aish

    I want ask how is the class going to be or take place bcos I was to suggest our Facebook page or creating a fb group. Why I’m suggesting this is for reference and also to be able to go back and learn again for it to stick.
    What do you think

  82. Sujie
    4th episode of my ff……
    Hello everyone….. gotta bit late to comment….i am fully supporting all the ideas of this COMMENTS DAY in this page…but i really don’t want to change my logo….. Is that okay friends???
    And jumbling the character name along with or without any real name is a fabulous idea…. i am with you people……
    love you all
    God bless you

    • Sonu

      Yes Sujie, I also think same, jumbling the our name also so fabulous, I think it will be create more comments, more curiosity and more intrest to make more and more comments.

  83. Sujie

    Now i am thinking that it might be Dhaani’s plan to show that Viplav has not changed and is still ready to serve his family like he always was…… hopefully sab accha hone chahiye ab……
    Ho sakta hai…ye ViDhaani ka plan ho ya sirf Dhaani ka plan ho…. 🙂

  84. Sonu

    @Sweety, wish u many more happy more happy returns of the day.. I wish u Aapki har sapna, kaamiyaab poora ho sakae….

  85. Sujie

    And for our lovely HMS …i can also be a volunteer teacher… i can teach hindi and assist our teachers ….. aakhir bachpan se hindi gaane sunte aaneka benifit hona chahiye na…..

  86. Sonu

    @Louella, your idea was good, I am also with u, keep it up..

    and I want to become student in HMS, OK?

  87. Sonu

    @Varsha, Arshdeep and whover conduct Exams, I wish u a Very all the best for your exams, do well……..

  88. Sonu

    Iss KT ko samnaewala video se jyada RL ki galti bada hoga,. Shame on u KT. Voo Shalu ne raja ki nakli pyaar mein andae hogayee. Tumko kya huwa? Thoda thanda dimak aur apni aanke kulkar socho. Phir tumko pata chal gayee, tumari aeh Dhamad kitana ghatiya insaan..

  89. AM

    super exciting spoiler for this week log new olv dekhke sad ho gaye wo log khush ho jao
    Episode – 216
    Raja agrees to leave the house but on the
    condition that Dhaani should beg for his
    forgiveness in front of everyone.
    Episode – 217
    Viplav and Dhaani pretend to get into an
    argument with each other in order to mislead
    Episode – 218
    An old man comes knocking on Dhaani’s
    door. Will Dhaani be able to recognise him as
    Raja’s estranged father?
    Episode – 219
    Viplav and Dhaani decide to use Raja’s father
    in their mission to drive Raja out of the

  90. Louella

    Saras mam

    Only 3 students guys. What happened to u all? Plz reply to me. We don’t want so small list. I want a very big list. Come on guys. Reply to me and become a member of our hms that is HindI medium school. Even silent readers r welcome.

    • SARAS

      assistant we already have done more to list. .
      teachers rajee . renu. am.. joyee n few more others
      students. .. saranya. . kavitha. . sonu.. br madam. . florentina. anne.. etc

    • Nimisha ?

      Me too please. I did reply earlier but maybe my post went pfft!

      Can I join as a student please. I’ll bring a shiny red apple for the teachers ?

  91. Sonu

    This KT and DT, lost thier thinking power also. How can they trust that cunning Raja so easily? Instead of supporting our VIPU, they trust and protect that Raja. That KT always blaming Vipu for you always listen to Dhani ( like Dhani from out of Tripati Family, she is new to u , but we are all your family so on… ). Then how they (KT and DT) trust on that Raja? He is also a Son in law, and newer to the AN’s members. What a Partiality yaar? Isko kehate hai, sometimes people lost thier huminity with thinking power also..

    And one more thing is, compare to Raja, Dhani is known very well to AN’s members. This Raja is not only newer to Tripati peoples, also newer to BANARAS,

  92. Louella

    Saras mam and all the other teachers, I want to ask u one question. The question is that does anyone us the idea about how we r going to teach hindi to the students? Plz if u have an idea plz tell me.

    • Louella

      Butterfly don’t think like this. Even I was not a good commenter before. But now see I m commenting and all r replying me back. U also go on commenting and ur comments will be liked by all.

    • Nimisha ?

      Good thanks Renu. in fact soooo much better.

      How are you my lovely?

      Was getting a bit angry after yesterday’s epi and Viplavs reaction to dhani’s words to KT, but all is well in my world again. Soooo relieved.

      I think I might be taking this all a bit tooooo seriously. ???

  93. Dr.sweety

    my dear patients don’t get angry on me for my dirty comments just give funny reply to my comments. i really enjoying

    • Louella

      Sweety I m not at all angry by ur comments but plz don’t call anyone here psycho. Plz its a request dear.

    • AM

      u r good at heart I know ..I am enjoying from your first comment …u also enjoy ..and as Louella said not to call us psycho is my request also …u can call us patients is good …u r our doctor sahiba … 😛 😛

  94. Sujie

    spoilers are out…..ab toh raaja ka baaja bajna pakka hai..i knew it ViDhaani can never fight with each other……
    superb…. the lovebirds are pretending to fight just for misleading that cheapo who will ask dhaani to beg for forgiveness….haha sapana accha dekhta hai raja….. but bajega tera baja….
    and a new entry…how will Raaja’s father help in exposing Raaja??? interesting

  95. shanitics

    Hii butterfly…

    Bhai nice spoiler..

    flora I think wat u said abt Dhaani ‘s reaction 2 Kt is right…

  96. RENU


  97. Anne

    I love google earth and google maps. I go on street view sometimes and””walk””round Rome or Florence or New York or even my own town lol.
    However India isn’t on Street view so I can’t explore .
    Only Taj Mahal ,Red Fort etc are on Does anyone know any places in India that are on Street view?
    So disappointed I can’t go “” walking””.?xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Ooh Anne, I do the same sometimes. It would be lovely if there was more of India. I,m lucky to have visited the taj and walked around for real. One of the most beautiful places on earth I think.

      Where are you going to next? Macchu Picchu is awesome if it’s on there.

      • Anne

        The gateway to India is on with sleeping dog.also accidentally in side shops which you can shuffle round as someone has uploaded it The thing is you can see people outside in the street but YOU CANT GET OUY THE DOOR . a dream sequence…. ???xxx

  98. SARAS

    hey guys.. does anyone know I had predicted raja’s dad to be in bad conditions like beta film! ! n he may help dhani (I was thinking of dhanis murder case but it’s ok)
    arrey wah saras tum to kamalka predictions kartee ho …

      • SARAS

        Did u remember renu? ? I m glad at least someone read my predictions n remembered that too -:))
        you can call jyotishi of hindi serials hahahaha. .

        we can actually predict most of the times but you know na bole tum was not so ptedictable so was rk’s behavior in madhubala. .

    • florentina moldovan

      i remember, too, Saras when you told us!!!! yes, good prediction or maybe good inspiration for our writter!!!!!! ha-ha!!!!

  99. Nimisha ?

    By the way.. flora, Arshdeep and other who guessed the argument was a ploy, hats off to you all! You’d all make brilliant detectives I think! ??????? I’m sooooo pleased you were all right! I feel bad that I was slightly angry at our lovely Viplav! Silly me! ?

  100. Louella

    Butterfly, I will explain u what is comments day.
    This time we r conducting comments day on 15th and 16th of April. I know u will be thinking that we comment everyday then why comments day. I will explain u this first

    On this day everyone have to comment whether it is silent reader or ikrs family member, in short everyone r welcome.

    And also we r conducting a small and interesting game to increase our comments.

    The game will be like this. Each and every member has to change their names and write any character of ikrs. And also they have to write it in jumbled letters. For example- my name is Louella but I will write my name like this- Arjmariku- Rajkumari.

    And also u have to change ur email address so that ur logo will be changed.(this is ur choice, if u want to change ur logo or not).

    Then we have to comment and in thay comment we have to write like this, ” Hi my ikrs friends. Do u know who am I? Ok I will give u one clue. I m never absent iI commenting here and give a very good attendance in ikrs page? Think and tell me.” This is an example.

    U have to give a clue about urself. That’s it.

    Then we have to recognise each other with the help of the clues. Like I told a clue about myself and then u all have to recognise who am i.

    And also an important thing. The person who will recognise the most number of ppl correct will be the winner of the comments day.

    This is what we r going to do on comments day.

    If u have any doubts feel free to ask me. I will be there for ur help

  101. Nimisha ?

    Can I ask Renu and AM, where do you get the spoilers from? I don’t usually like knowing what’s going on in advance but in this case I,m very glad. Xxx

  102. aish

    @louella, it’s not fair u didn’t mention my name as a student and I also ask a question along with suggestion. Pls go thru the messages it’s still on this page

    • Louella

      Sorry aish. While commenting I didn’t see ur comment. I think it was on moderation. But I have a book in which I have written the names of the teachers and students. So don’t worry. Ur name is also included in it.

  103. Arshdeep

    Coming to spoilers… all need to criticize themselves for doubting on viplav… VIPLAV..the most ideal husband !! Silly of anyone to doubt on him..
    Next time no one should ever doubt on our loving viplav ?
    Samjhe ya sajhayein? ??

    • Nimisha ?

      Yes. I!m the first to admit, I’m silly. ???

      In the whole show KT’s samjhe ya samjhayein has to be my favourite line!

  104. SARAS

    louella. . my suggestion to teach hindi. .every day take one of favorite scene(of teacher) n translate every dialog word by word..
    if possible all teachers contribute one scene at least. . n students. . after learning those words comment in hindi using them. . hows this idea? ?

  105. Arshdeep

    Congratulations we completed 300 comments..
    The credit for so many comments also goes to our moderation team..
    Comments r getting posted so soon today ?

    • Nimisha ?

      Yes Def. Thank you you wonderful moderators!!! Sorry that we’re keeping you soooo busy, but we really really really really do appreciate all your hard work in keeping this site and esp our threads going so well.

      A big muuuuaaahhhh!!! To you all. ????????

  106. shanitics

    From spoilers it is clear tat our Vidhaani are forever means though Viplav will show anger 2wards Dhaani @ 1st….he will shower his love seems

    Hope after this small chotta anger there will be a nok jhok romance & after tat asli romance…
    Director plz male my dream real..

  107. shanitics

    Thanksss to all those who appreciated my idea of jumble words…?

    Lols can we call our comment day as jumble day…because on tat day we use jumble words,na???
    If u do not like my idea plz ignore..

  108. Arshdeep

    Happy birthday dr. Sweety
    God bless u
    Keep smiling always ?

    So any tips for me to become a doctor? ?

    • Dr.sweety

      thanx dear
      ha haina mamare paas so many tips lekin i cant tell that by online
      but u can get idea direct from munna bhai

  109. Nimisha ?

    Maybe as there are so many students sitting exams on or around comments day no.1, how about a comments day part deux, which could be on the day creep no 1 gets his ass well and truly kicked out of Benares???

    I’m source on that day there will be lots of joy and celebrations on this thread. I can just see it now. 500 comments easy prays. ???

    • Anne

      Nimisha, I want to share this with you. When I first started reading tellyupdates ,one of the first things I read was a wedding scene.. I quote………after the ceremony he will fill her maang……….as you can imagine I was agog…..I had no idea what they were talking about!.
      So every time I see it now I have a smile to myself and YES I did find out the meaning .??xxx

  110. SARAS

    so dhani will protect vip from angry mob.. so hisab baraabar.. he had saved her from mob many times..

    Did anyone notice krishnadasi is copying lot of things from ikrs..
    same hero saves heroin while an old man tries to marry her n he folks her maang will his blood while fighting. ..
    but I must tell you it was a bad imitation nothing close to ikrs

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Saras. I just started watching krshndasi. It’s okay but haven’t got to the copycat bits yet.

      Also watching Kasam and TPK. Quite like both but boy can they drag a story. I really don’t understand why Kasam is so high in the trp race. It’s good but def not better than IKRS. Very confusing for me. Obv that’s just my opinion tho. Xxx

  111. aish

    @louella, I want to suggest that we use ikrs fb page or create a fb group, my reason is that it will be easy for me(us) as student to be able to go thru wat u have learnt so far and so for easy reference

  112. Hi my ishq ka rang safed lovers n followers.
    My god till 328 comments.
    Happy to see this much in single day.
    Sorry guys I was in my native chittoor with my parents .so here not possible to give comments continuously.
    But I was always thinking about u all people less comments from me.sorry.
    Louella cutie ur idea was superb.I think if logo changes means its very difficult to recognise the person.bcs we have to know how r commenting n their original names we want mostly.we have mostly 90 members may be more. If we give com by other name how can we rrecognisehow much n who gave com.but idea was superb.wat u tell dear reply me at today’s updates.bcs now iam leaving.

  113. N happy birthday to u my dear Dr. sweety.
    Iam happy that u were changing + towards our love.thank u .keep commenting here u will become big fan of our telly family.
    K lol finally once again happy birthday to u.
    May ur all lovly dreams come true in ur life.
    Keep smiling keep commenting in ur style. Take care dear.

  114. N renuji thank u for remembering us.
    But iam sry I can’t give com regularly. But my attendance will be here.
    N br mam was also in her native she went for some temple I think.
    N saranya she will come on 15 &16 with power pack comedy comments.

  115. Sonu

    @Saras, Hann Sarasji, mein bilkul teek hoon, but now a days mujhe comments karnae ke liyae samay nahi milta dear.. Thank u for your concern dear…….Missed u……….

  116. Sry frnds I read all the comments but can’t reply to every one sooooo sry.bcs I was busy.n to read only it was taking so much time.n to reply oh no sry,sry,sry.
    But I wish all the persons who r writing exams .all the best my frnds.
    I welcome all our newcomers.a hearty welcome to u all dear ones.take care guys.bye.

  117. Sonu

    Hi Renu gelathi,thank u for your spoiler, spoiler acchaa tha. Phir dekna padega, kya kya chal raha hai in b/w Vidhani Vs Raja..

    I am not perfect in Hindi, that’s why I choice Student’s post. Thank u dear..

  118. N finally about today’s show it was going awesome asual.but poor RL unki mehnath mitti me paani hagay.any way our hero has two more ideas to reveal rajas truth.
    This weeks spoiler was looking superb.
    Thank u renu n avi for ur spoilers.
    I also saw olv that viplav n dhaanis argument. U know some times this type of arguments n small fights also necessary in marriage life then only there is some masala .if not only love also will get bored.
    I think our directors were giving perfect life a big sellue to all our ikrs team n I ikrs fans.luv u guys.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.