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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav calling Shalini and tells he came to know from Dadi that her engagement is broken. Shalini says Ram have broken engagement with her and says he might not like her because she is fat. Viplav says beauty is not everything and says he will find a good groom for her. He cheers her up and tells he will come soon. Dhaani hears him and asks Viplav not to worry as everything will be fine. She asks him to have kheer made by her. Viplav is surprised to see her soft behavior, and eats the kheer. Sushma is making lep for Durga. Kanak asks her not to worry for Durga and says she is being punished for her deeds. Dasharath comes and says you will make lep now, and will apply it on Durga’s legs. Badi amma asks Viplav to take Dhaani to temple, and says they will reach after

taking bath. Tulsi hides something in the garlands. She thinks she will leave in sometime and Dhaani will be caught for her crimes. Viplav and Dhaani put the garlands.

Durga is in pain. Kanak brings lep for Durga and asks her to apply it on her wounds. Dasharath says it seems you are not interested to unburden your sins. He says I will help you repent for your sins. He asks Kanak to apply lep on Durga’s feet. Durga says no. Dasharath says she will apply lep and asks her to do. Viplav asks Tulsi, don’t you know about the Chadawa. Tulsi acts. Dhaani comes back and says handsover the wood pot to Tulsi. Tulsi is relieved. Dhaani comes to the temple with Tulsi.

Tulsi halts and talks to her gang. She looks for Chavi. Dhaani goes inside the temple after security check. Tulsi is also checked by the security and she realizes that Dhaani brought wrong tokri. Dhaani gives the tokri to Pandit ji and says he will pay the money. Viplav says where is my son? Viplav comes to the Police station and says he wants to know about a person. He says her name is Tulsi. Tulsi sees her partner who are in disguise of a married woman and other as a police officer. Dasharath does the aarti and do the puja. Tulsi is standing and signs her partner. She breaks artificial stones necklace, and shouts saying her diamond necklace has broken. She asks everyone to help her.

Everyone starts picking the stone thinking it to be diamond. Tulsi comes inside the temple to steal the gold idol. Dhaani comes and asks what you are doing? She asks her to come out of temple area. Tulsi’s partner who are indisguise of a police woman shoots in air and everyone starts running. Tulsi gets inside and steals the idol. Police officer tells Viplav that the photo is blurred. He says he will bring another photo. He couldn’t see her photo posted on wall. A woman handsover the stuff in Dhaani’s hand and runs. Pandit ji calls Police officer and tells this girl has stolen the idol and tried to escape. Dhaani says why I will steal. They open the bag and are shocked. Tulsi comes back to Ashram to get the gold ornaments, and tells about the happenings in the Ashram. They say that they will go and bring Dhaani.

Dhaani and Viplav comes back to Ashram and sees Tulsi holding the jewellery. Dhaani asks what she is doing? Tulsi keeps gun on her head and says lets see what is in your destiny, love or death. Viplav looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dhaani :*:*:*…
    hate u Rashmi Desai…

  2. not cool………y dragging…….this shud hav been tulsi’s last episode……still hav to wait till monday…..huh

  3. Why same precap… Anyway today’s vidhani scenes were superb.. But Tulshi …. Irritating…,
    Heyyy Adi… Come soon..

    1. Hi Britto… I missed initial scenes today, as I was outside…:( nd Brits 2 comments of mine didnt published here from morning.. Dont knw why??
      how r u?? Wat u doing??? Had dinner???

      1. Well… I am good.. I didn’t had dinner as I am studying now.. Got a break to visit you all… What about you???

      2. Yupp just had Britto…:) Watching Jhalak finale… Hope Sanaya wins…:):) Wat u studying?? Nd at wat time dinner?? Its 9.50pm…

      3. Yupp Brits.. I must say u take lots of time to get ready haan..;) Hehe… Kidding… U might b looking very pretty…:):)
        nd dont b sorry, I respect ur opinion of supporting Faisal but I supported Sanaya…:):) by dis way I learnt something abt u..:)
        B frank I missed u a lot today, as comment no not moving more dan 23.. I knew if it become 24 den it wl b urs only.. Chalo lastly u came online.. HaHa..:):)

      4. Oho… Thank you… Adi… I really take a lot time to get ready… Anyway, I also respect your opinion… Please don’t mind but I’ve to ask if you are a girl or boy… I mean AAditya is a boy name…

      5. And What did you got to know about me??

      6. Hmmmm… Anyone… It can be my wedding also… HAHAHA.. Joking… It was my brother’s (cousin) wedding… And YES… Today I had dinner and finished study also…

        Msg from Team: Comments on show only please. Thank you.

    2. Hei Brity, r u a varsity stdnt????

      1. Well Arshi… It’s a secret… And Adi… I was busy as I was getting ready for a wedding… And I didn’t go with you about Jalak… I support Faisal… He wants to win it for his dad who was a auto driver… And Faisal Won… Sorry dude… But I like IPKKND Sanaya… Not this one…

    3. I lik Sanaya vry much. I use her name here (Arnav+Khushi= ArShi). Bt in finale I also spprt Faisal. I lik his dance. Sanaya is not so gd dancer. Bt surely she’s an awsm actrs. I lik her actngvry vry vry much.

      1. That’s what I’m talking about… Sanaya in a good actress but Faisal is good dancer… Jalak is about dancing……

      2. Hm…:) how r u?? had dinner?? Watching BigBoss?? Whos wedding???

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      3. Yupp Iam Boy…:) Aaditya is boy name…:):)
        I like only serials/Films which have kind of social touch or such..

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    4. Oops…SORRY…

      1. Ok sorry team… V take care of this hereafter…:) Gud Night Brits… moderator not allowing us to chat…:(:(

  4. bichaari ko kitni aur musibat me daaloge yaar……..reham karo uss par

  5. Y tis Dhanni wanna hold the stuff given by unknowns….Hmmm showing same precap n drag it…waiting for Monday episode ishq ishq

  6. omg waiting for monday episode i hope dhaani will not get arrested and tulsi must get busted

  7. Hmmm …how dhanni gonna come out of it ….. Interesting …

  8. Oh Dhaani, gd job baby. Viplav is awesm.
    ViNi is a suprb jodi.

  9. Wow!! Seems interesting!!
    But wot did it mean by sayin ‘letz see wots in u r destiny love or death?’

  10. w8 ng…mondys epi.. Sure .dhaaniye viplav save cheyyum..

  11. Super…nice episode !

  12. I too have same doubt rez

  13. Most funny scene was nobody found thulsi stealing the statue as there were number of persons there.

  14. Very good episode are going on

  15. vini, go to ystrday epi. I answrd ur qus. #rez u also.

  16. Yes Mina lot of stupidity is going on but anyways so far vidhani come closer everything is fine…. Just love them. Viplav’s character and acting both r d best so far in d history of Indian serials..
    Somehow I feel tulsi’s acting very artificial in this serial. She should not have accepted this role. She shd go to sasural simar ka to do negative role. For last so many episodes ssk is showing so much of supernatural things, beyond imagination….
    Just one request to d team of ikrs… Plz plz whatever track u show but never stop showing vidhani lovely scenes…. Plz

  17. Tanq arshi.I had this doubt because still viplav didn’t realise any feelings for dhaani.

    1. Bt I thnk tis tim Viplav will be reliz his fellng 4 Dhaani.

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