Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav talking to someone on phone. He sees Sushma bringing Kanak and asks about her health. Kanak says she is fine. Kamini brings the parathas and gives bhasm parathas to Viplav. She thinks bengali baba told me to stay infront of him and then only he will come in my control. Dasharath asks about a case. Viplav says I didn’t know that it was a complicated case. Hee it. says I will explain to you, and changes his plate with that of Dasharath while explaining about the case. Dasharath eats the parathas and sees Kanak sitting infront of him. He says paratha is so good. He goes to Sushma and kisses her hand, saying you have made me mad. Sushma says Dhaani made it. Dasharath says you might have taught her. He sings song and holds her hand. Sushma asks him to leave her and

goes to room. Dasharath follows her. Viplav laughs. Dadi Bua asks if you added something in the paratha. Dhaani says no. Kamini thinks Dasharath have eaten the paratha. She comes to kitchen angrily and sends Ram deen kaka to clean the dining table as she gets a phone call. Viplav holds Dhaani and tries to get romantic. Kamini gets jealous.

Viplav says I am Dasharath Tripathi’s grand son, if he can romance, then why can’t I. Kamini picks Dhaani’s phone, and asks who are you. Asthana says I am your judge, I found your jhumka, and asks her to take and give. She says I am ready to do anything and talks in Dhaani’s accent. She asks him to make arrangement of her travel. Asthana smiles. Kamini thinks she has lost, and now he will help her get success. Just then Dhaani comes and asks if someone called. She says surely Maayi would have called. Kamini says there was a phone call, but I saw you busy with Viplav and that’s why didn’t disturb you. She says you are lucky to get a husband like Viplav, and says misunderstandings are cleared between you both. She says actually Judge called you. Dhaani is shocked. Kamini asks did you meet him? Dhaani says yesterday I went to bahar gali and saw judge infront of me when Police came there. She says he is a nice man and have helped me. Kamini says he called you at home, and says he seems to be a clever man. Dhaani says may be he called for some charity reasons. Kamini asks her to give his number, and takes her phone to save his number in her phone. Dhaani goes. Kamini smiles.

Dhaani brings juice for Kanak and sees her sleeping. She thinks to massage her feet with oil. Kanak feels relieved while sleeping. Dhaani thinks don’t know how I will go today to night school. Kanak opens her eyes and gets angry on Dhaani. She says you want me to fall when I walk. Dhaani says no, and wipes her feet with towel. She asks her to drink juice. Kanak takes the glass and asks her not to come again.

Viplav comes to Ashram. Dulaari asks did you come alone? Where is Dhaani? She asks if everyone is fine at home. Viplav says yes, and says I am angry with you. Don’t you think of me as your son. Badi Amma comes and asks about Dhaani. Viplav says fine. He asks them to inform him if anything happens. Dulaari says we came to know just 2 days before and asks someone to bring the sweets. She says I told Dhaani, but she was busy. Badi Amma says they got a big order. Viplav says it is good. He asks if you are fine. Dulaari says we all are fine and asks him to eat sweets. Viplav eats it and is quiet surprised. Kamini comes to meet Asthana. Asthana mistaken her to be Dhaani, and is shocked to see Kamini. Kamini asks do you think that Dhaani will get closer to you so easily and offers her help. He says you need a clever mind, and says she thinks like a lawyer. He asks him to make concrete plan and trap Dhaani by winning her trust. She says I came to give you suggestion to make your life colorful. She threatens him and says if he tells anyone about her then she will ruin him. Asthana smells the flower which she has given him.

Viplav is in the car and thinks what Dhaani is hiding from me? He imagines Dhaani sitting beside him and smiles. He comes out of car. Dadi Bua asks Dasharath about his plan to make temple and do work for widow’s betterment. Servant comes and says pandits have come. Dadi Bua says people come to take my suggestion since I have taken this position. Dasharath thinks soon you will know what is my position. Dhaani comes. Viplav also come. They collide, and she falls in his arms. Ishq Ishq…mere ishq ka rang plays……………Viplav asks if everything is fine. Dhaani says yes. Viplav thinks she is hiding something, and asks about Dulaari. Dhaani says she is fine and have taken medicine. Viplav gets doubtful and thinks there is some problem for sure, I have to find out.

Dhaani comes to her room, covers herself with shawl and leaves. Viplav is seen hiding in the room and will follow her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Dashrath ate the paranthas????????n was after her wife☝? good its legal! !atlast by somehow atleast he praised his wife??it means babas bhasam was effective?? thank god viplav was saved?

    • Nimisha

      Haven’t watched yet but looking forward to it for the first time in ages! Yay!

      Poor Dadi. Seriously if I were her, I would run… Very fast.. Outta there, DT is a bit scary, a bit like a big orange singing ball… Poor poor Dadi! ???

    • Nimisha

      I know. That would have been the best backfire of VK,s plan possible! Interesting that DT saw KTbfopirst but sell went after Dadi. So the picture wasn’t necessary at all??

  2. Though haven’t seen as yet but seems good. Best i found was i am dts grandson if he can romance why can’t i ???☝?

  3. Arshdeep

    Kamini said it right kuch nhi pta..kon acha h or kon bura..!!??
    How clever is she..khud to achi ban jayegi baad me..that i warned dhani against judge..?????

    • Nimisha

      The thing is, none of what VK says makes any sense. Her chat with Dhani in the lounge yesterday was just a load of rubbish. Dhani the next day in the kitchen said to her whatever you said it was for my betterment. Seriously Dhani. LISTEN! To what they are saying. Double meanings in everything, and that judge creep yesterday. Is it normal for a man to touch your leg like that unless it’s your hubby? NO DHANI!

      But then she doesn’t listen to Dadi. ( slaps her palm to her face emoticon)

      • Arshdeep

        For once if dhani has regarded someone as right person..she will believe him or her senselessly without using more her brain

        But she took a long time to have faith on viplav??

    • So true while asleep she was feeljng too relaxed when dhani was massaging her feet. On seeing her she shouted but still took the juice??? seriously i don’t like kanak’s attitude towards dhani ???

  4. Arshdeep

    So good to see dulaari and badi amma ??
    And viplav was really looking……??????
    Your expressions??? Confuse hogya ?

    • Ya just now saw n really i was elated to see ashram ladies especially DULARI. Viplav was perplexed as he had never thought that Dhaani wud lie to him.

  5. Arshdeep

    Viplav dreaming of dhani???
    And dhani lying??

    I dont think tomorrow he will be able to catch dhani as per the spoilers

    • Nimisha

      Reading this just reminded me of the scene in jab we met where swethas shahid is imagining get dancing in the rain, love that film.

      Anne, it’s on to quite a lot and I think you,Ll like it. Has subtitles too.


      • Arshdeep

        I was actually reminded of latest movie i had watched BAAGHI and so was dancing on its song cham cham

      • Nimisha

        I haven’t seen that. Tiger looks very erm good in that. Seems to be more manly somehow… Maybe it’s the longer hair. One of my fav songs at the moment is sab tear which is from that film I think.


    • Nimisha

      It’s been raining here allll day but didn’t get the urge to dance in it at all. The neighbours would have been ???

      • Arshdeep

        Hehe we danced on terrace…after a looooong time
        My papa usually dont allow me so that i dont fall ill…. but told he allowed?

  6. vaishnavi

    i just hope vipu see dhaani in night school at least use pata to chalega ki dhaani school jati hain i know he is little angry on dhaani but dhaani know that very well how to convince vipu n kamini ka plan bhi fail ho jayega dhaani ko fasane ka with the help of astana

  7. Porkodi

    Thanks Hasan mam for the update. I totally laughed on todays episode. Beautiful dining scene. I cant control my laugh on Dt’s romance with Dadi. Vk’s game was back fired.

    Wow dadaji….
    Babuji bache hai.
    Nahi mom hum bada hogaye. ..Lol

  8. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Paratha part was epic XD hmm I hope Viplav catches Dhaani red handed do that at least that kamini nonsense will end n I know Viplav will once again trust and support Dhaani

    • Nimisha

      I hope Viplav follows her to night school and then doesn’t say anything as he realises she’s trying to surprise him. I hope he overhears the MasterJi teaching and Dhani being applauded again like the last time.

      Go Viplav. His spidey sense are working, at last!

      Just hope VK stays away from him.. Far far away!

    • One has to be nice to see others r nice. When kanak herself has failed as a mother.;wife; daughter inlaw then how can she identify a good bahu!!

  9. Porkodi

    After so many days we got to see ashram ladies today. Very happy to see Dulari maa and badi amma.

  10. Nimisha

    This episode sounds really good! Actually looking forward to watching it,

    Thanks H Hasan for the brilliant update.

    Obviously the psychos VK and DB are in it but the rest sounds brilliant!


  11. Anne

    Mahi wears some lovely clothes on Balika Vadu.I’m jealous, in LTL she wore a very sad orange sari for months so upgrade for her .xxxx

    • Hi annie if u come to india i would gift the same to u even i wear similar to office.looking forward for yr visit ?

      • Anne

        I wish I could Renu,in dreams,too expensive I’m afraid,but your offer is so lovely thankyou.?xxx

      • Anne

        Dhaanis hairstyle makes her look very child-like.She looks really easily led and trusting.
        Viplav,we need you to use your brain,if you can find it.
        Newly married ,besotted with your new’ve left it behind.????xxx

      • Anne

        I’ve not seen Jab we met but will look out for it.I like any thing with Akshay Kumar in and. Drumroll..Jodha Akbaa..gosh I love that film! Seen it at least 3 times,the music is stunning, i play on YouTube a lot.Beautiful

      • Anne

        Also one with Akshay Kumar set in London,he plays a corner shopkeeper, its called Patiala House. Xxx

      • Nimisha

        Ooh Anne. See I don’t like akshay Kumar, at all. In my hoof it was Amitabh Bacchan and more recently I like the ones who can dance well like ranveer Singh, shahid kappoor and of course SRK! LOVE SRK.

        I haven’t seen patiala house yet. Love Anushka sharma though.

        I use the work love a lot. Ok I love all of them
        I used to, as a young in lurrve Amitabh
        And now I lurrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve Mishal Raheja, ???? my ‘thing’ for him is by far the most love like one, I mean actual fully floors me every time love. Starts with his amaze balls acting talent and well the package ain’t bad is it. ?????


      • Nimisha

        Oh dear…??? Joshua Akbar was the lesser known less successful sequel. ?????… Aaarrrggghhhh ????? My typos

    • Nimisha

      Is it something to do with the temple inauguration ceremony, saw something about it on Twitter,

    • Arshdeep

      Ohh i saw those pics too now??
      Mishal is hugging eisha and garima..and kamini is at side??
      And raj lakshmi too in them?? looking sweet

  12. Nimisha

    Ok… Watching on line.. Only 2 minutes in… Mishal speaking in English is just sooooo ermmm ????

    That is all.

    • Nimisha

      He spoke in English again! Oh and yesterday when he said what the hell is going on! ??????

  13. Nimisha

    DT after paratha was hilarious! DAdinlooked properly scared. Loved the way she ran off. KTBLooked almost disappointed, first time in like ever that I’ve like DT. It won’t last though so don’t think I,ll need any sort of medical intervention. ???

    VK in the kitchen. ????????

    Viplav and Dhani, with Viplav singing was very sweet, ??????. but again infront of that VK ??????????

    Dhani very very naive as usual. Wish she would actually hear what VK says. (Face palm)

    Dhani very sweet with KT. Can’t believe KT kicked her away. I know you’re not well KT but ???

    VK and Ramdeen. Oh how I was praying for that to become real! I think the writers must have read my suggestion and were teasing me with it ???

  14. Nimisha

    VK with judge ?????????

    Is it me or does VK suffer with trapped wind. She has the most odd expressions. ????

      • Nimisha

        Hey Renu.

        The kids liked them. Between you and me they were slightly overdone. But I gave them icing and sprinkles to decorate them themselves and they were happy. Icing is my saviour! Lol. Esp as I can’t cook very well.

        How are you lovely? Xxx

  15. Nimisha

    Poor Viplav at the ashram.

    Honestly as soon as he walked in, his smile summed up my face. I was like ???? ahhhhh lovely to be at home!

    But the realisation for him was tough.

  16. Nimisha

    Finally Viplav using his vakil babu brain. Shame it’s to figure out why Dhani is lying to him but good to see. And we had a whole minute of NO VK!! ??????????

    I also love that he knows something is wrong and that’s why Dhani is lying. He isn’t jumping to conclusions or anything. He is more upset that she is having to lie and wants to know why she is.

    Really hope he gets to see that she’s doing night school. Really hope we get more VK free screen time too.

    The last scene was interesting, he wasn’t hiding like I thought from the update. Just sitting quietly watching Dhani.

    Viplavs character is just perfect. The cv,s have done such a good job with making him how he is. And of course Mishal,s expressions esp in eh unspoken scenes are just phenomenal. I could watch him think and not speak for hours and hours and hours. ?????????

  17. Nimisha

    I’m gonna stop here now as clearly it’s only me…

    I could carry on but am going over to the Thapki page to talk about that for a bit,

    No idea how I got to be such an opinionated so and so, ?????

    Gooood Morning IKRSians. Have a wonderful Wednesday, xxx

    • Arshdeep

      Dont u think thapki does a lot of over makeup??
      When closer scenes of her face are shown just look her face completely turned pinky..
      She is really beautiful and cute girl but why so over makeup???

  18. Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    If colors again have trishakti n this time if IKRS n TPK are two of the show it will be epic to see Viplav vs Thapki in the court 😛
    (PS: both are my one of fav colors actors)

  19. Zee

    Beautiful morning friends!
    I finally broke the deadlock and watched the ep after a long time and, I enjoyed it. Arshi your words came true and I got my moment of happiness sooner than I had hoped. So here’s my two bit on the ep:
    Viplav – I dont know how I lived without seeing your dimpled smile for all these days
    Dulaari maai – you are a sweetheart, that Bhojpuri lilt warms my heart like nothing else
    Dhani – sorry girl, you need to grow some brains
    KT – whats with your health woman, you do look sick (pun intended)
    DT – Funny yet slimey, wd give an eel a complex (sorry eels)
    Dadi – One can understand your pained look, I hope u managed to scoot in time
    Ramdeen- nice to see back but dont take orders from guests who over-stay their hospitality
    and finally the hero of yday’s ep. Magic Powder!
    Pills, potions and magic powders work in 2016 fantastic – I need some and I guess maybe others too, lets order online.

    • Nimisha

      Brilliant Zee. Succinct and brilliant points.

      How DID you manage to not watch Mishal for all those days?? You must have an iron resolve!


  20. shanitics

    Bst frnds are those who walked in whn all walked out ?….
    Keep smiling ? think differently ?
    . Be unique ?

    Have a gooood mrng guys

  21. shanitics

    Arshi di,jw is Bhaaghi movie???

    Di I too danced for cham cham song ? it rained.. Bt only difference is that I danced inside my room ?

  22. shanitics

    Whn will be 247-248 epi aired????

    Wanna watch how Vip reacted whn be came to knw abt Night school and hw he supported her thereafter….

  23. shanitics

    I have a DREAM IT CAN BE COMPLETED BY U GUYSS ONLY.. My dream is to BREAK the matsh cmnt RECORD…. If we can’t break it it’s ok but at LEAST ABOVE 950+ I need to see here….. Can u guyss pls make my dream into reality….
    We can at least try,na???

    • Arshdeep

      I too want to break that record
      Will decide for a perfect day to do that

      And i know we can?

  24. shanitics

    Sure Arshi di….

    I think the day should be nearly b\w tomorrow and saturday…..
    Because most probably on Saturday secret of night school will be out and on Sunday Viplav will be back on his role supporting Dhaani.. So surely more will cmnt… Wat u say

  25. Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Hey shanitics highest is not MATSH the no of comments is highest for MMZ it was 2000+ comments :O

      • Nimisha

        I could probably manage that by myself …. If I tried. ?????

        Sorry for allll my posts. I post, and I reply to myself. This is how I am in really life. Can’t stop talking, my kids are the same and they drive me mad!!! ?????

  26. Nima

    hlw good morning to all have a great day.
    yesterday’s episode awesome tha haina ? yaisa laga bahoot dino k baad apna original ikrs dekh rahe ho,vidhanika romance, Badi amma, Dulari mai, Sita mai ,Aasram n whole Tripathi members
    BT Raj n RL nahi dikhaidi sayed wo dono dating me bg honge.Director n Writer hum logo ko kb surprise denge pata nahi chalta na.
    Bangali baba ka jadibuti har roze DT ko khilao awesome scene dekhneko milenge ?

    • Arshdeep

      Good morning nima
      Viplav and dhani to apna honeymoon bhul hi gye h padne or padane me..??

      And RL will be soon shown i think in upcoming party as per the photos

    • Nimisha

      i imagine they are having the best time somewhere fun! I hope Shalu is eating whatever she wants when she wants. I bet Pankaj loves her and enjoys eating with her. NO More hiding it.

      it’s a shame they’ve disappeared but hope they come back soon.

      Shalu went thru an ullu phase, but she was always one of the happy peeps on the show and I miss seeing her and hearing her slightly squeaky husky cute voice!

  27. shanitics

    I don’t know ? correctly.. If my guss is correct on that party,in spoiler a patry is mentioned na,in tat vip is gng to whr maroon velvet suit.. VK white half saree… Dadi some pink saree….

    Because with these attires some photo are there on fb…

  28. Nimisha

    Hello Swetha and Arshdep,

    Hope you’re both having a great day!

    Happy to help with the record attempt, maybe when Viplav defends Dhani and everyone will be happy to see that would be a good day… Just an idea.

    By the way bhaagi is the first film where an actress actually did her own songs. Shraddha’s voice in sab terra is beautiful. It’s not fair though, how can she be so beautiful and talented? Meeee…. Jealous… Yes. Totally!

    • Arshdeep

      Shraddha kapoor is really a talented girl…a perfect actor…amazing singer…soo beautiful..a great dancer…!! I am jealous too… ?
      Bhagwan ne itni qualities ek hi insan me de di???
      If u watched the song lets talk about love..she dances soo well…also in sun saathiya..????

      • Nimisha

        Did you ever see her on look who’s talking with Niranjan? She does a brilliant English accent. She speaks really well in English but has a slight accent with it. I love the Indian English accent, but she managed to do like a properly English accent with no hint of an Indian accent at all! Does that make sense??

    • Arshdeep

      And good idea didi and shwetha too … hopefully there will be more comments that day as everyone will be quite happy??
      I wish that also becomes the last day we see VK and DB??

  29. Nimisha

    Arshu, agree about the makeup, but at least thapki’s matches her neck and hands. Sooo many don’t!

    I also like Dhani with the middle parting, like on the hug walla montage. She also has a lot of make up. Watching the older epi’s made me notice just how much more.

    But the worst in this show is… You guessed it… VK! I think she must be quite dark naturally, but the make up is trying to hard.

    Oh and in Thapki, Preethi wears similar sleeveless blouses to VK, but she looks sooo much more classy, just because she is covered. That thing in VK,s hair when she was at the judges house made her look more like a lady of the night.

    Can’t wait for her to be gone!

  30. Arshdeep

    Viplav is looking smart as usual????????

    Omg omg kamini first time with a sleeved blouse????

    Dhani saree not visible much but still she looks beautiful???

  31. shanitics

    Nope Arshi di.. She always wear sleeveless tops…

    VIP is stunning ? bt nt tat much of mera dream bhaia?

    VK’s dress I loved it

  32. shanitics

    Misha di I’m on twitter… I don’t know ? wat is my name thr though… Swetha or swetha123adithi both are visible ? I smpy made account…. I only knw is my fp is Eisha…
    Cover photo of my 2nd epi of ff.. Have posted … It right nw don’t knw whn it would be visible

  33. Nimisha

    Did VK have lighter colour eyes in this episode?

    Just watching it again, with my morning cuppa. ?

    • Anne

      I used to think the same about Mahi in LTL .Her eyes changed colour all the time sometimes dk brown ,pale brown,really green ,blue green .It was strange..?xxx.

      • Nimisha

        you’re right Anne, Mahis eyes were all over the shop. her real eyes are quite light in colour I think. It was funny though.. They made her gradually fairer and the eyes also changed, until the final reveal. Oooooh that was such a good scene. Mishal’s reaction to her hands and then feet. Amazing!

        VK just looks uglier by the minute to me. ???

  34. Anne

    Good afternoon everybody ..I want to know if viplav actually follows dhaani tonight? Did it show him following or just watching??xxx

    • Nimisha

      I assumed he would follow her… But it only showed him sitting in the room. Hmmm. I hope he does.

      Morning by the way! Tis another very grey morning here.

      Feel very happy after yesterday’s episode. Just watched the morning repeat, haven’t done that in ages. Bliss!!!

      • Anne

        Wet here too but got to go out to shop.To be honest,so fed up with kam n kanak..can’t wait for Viplav to stand side by side with dhaani and tell every body to ************************************* with knobs on !
        Why can’t they find a place of their own ?( Apart from us having no IKRS to watch ) ?xxx

      • Nimisha

        Love the ******* with knobs on! M too. Think that everyday.

        I sometimes just want them to get on a flight to Boston and live happily ever after. Like you say there’d be no show, but I would give that up just to know they’re happy! That’s just me though, I’m just a very giving kinda gal! Lol!! ???

        I will cry if and when the show ends, so best they stay put. ???

    • Nimisha

      I was thinking they’re building towards a snake morphing theme. We’ve had black magic from SSK and next snakes from naagin. Then they’ll need to find a child that can be married off to a grown up and then the TRP’s should go through the roof! Lol!

  35. shanitics

    Misha di, for me no verifying code came…?

    I am stukked.. I do not knw how to log out from that twitter …. Help me pls

  36. shanitics

    I login via twitter app in this mobile ? neither verification code came nor thr is is sign out button …. Misha di help me?

    • Nimisha

      Ok. If you are in Twitter, click on the little feather symbol to write a tweet.

      Type out @minkar33 then hit send.

      Also, on the mobile app, at the top where you see the three dots in a column, click on there, it should tell you your Twitter name. If I click on mine it says Minkar and below that @minkar33

  37. Sujie

    Hello everyone….
    could not comment yesterday….but i am back….
    Finally RaNi: Ramdeen aur Kaamini ko eksaath dekhlia…ab donoki love story suru karwaado……
    Viplav rocks…. Mishal’s expressions… Day by day my love for Mishal and his character Viplav is increasing….. Nimmy don’t be jealous..
    Our hero will support Dhaani..and Kaamini jaaegi bhaad main…..
    And I seriously wanted Dhaani to press Kanak’s throat and strangulate her instead of her legs…sidha upar paunch jaati… 😀 😉 😀
    Tore bin laage na mora jiya…sounded creepy when DT sang…but when Viplav sang it for Dhaani…it was tune of the day for me….
    More to come…..
    IKRS rocks….

    • Nimisha

      Not jealous at all. I know exactly what you mean.

      An besides we’re sharing aren’t we? Mind you Anne’s back so we might have a fight on our hands, ???

      Agree that Dhani should have massaged KT’s throat. I can see the slightest glimmer of change in KT towards Dhani but KT is a stubborn old bird and won’t believe in dhani’s goodness for a long long time.

      • Sujie

        Yes….how can I forget we have divided 7 days for our Mishal 😀 :D…… Jabra fan 🙂

  38. Sujie

    Hello everyone….
    could not comment yesterday….but i am back….
    Finally RaNi: Ramdeen aur Kaamini ko eksaath dekhlia…ab donoki love story suru karwaado……
    Viplav rocks…. Mishal’s expressions… Awwww….
    Day by day my love for Mishal and his character Viplav is increasing….. Nimmy don’t be jealous..
    Our hero will support Dhaani..and Kaamini jaaegi bhaad main…..
    And I seriously wanted Dhaani to press Kanak’s throat and strangulate her instead of her legs…sidha upar paunch jaati… 😀 😉 😀
    Tore bin laage na mora jiya…sounded creepy when DT sang…but when Viplav sang it for Dhaani…it was tune of the day for me….
    More to come…..
    IKRS rocks….

  39. Zee

    Dhani shd get some of that magic powder stuff from her new BFF (kamini) and give it to Kanak. Maybe the hatred will turn into lovvvve.
    Dhani shd also be a bit more mindful of Ashram ppl and old friends like RL. RL is now alone in the Ashram with seniors, Dhani shd check on her meet her. She is just so glued to AN ppl all the time, that she forgets old friends who stood by her.

    • Nimisha

      True Zee, but maybe she goes and see RL when Viplav goes to his very busy office. ?????. Lol! ???

      I agree though, the show could do wth more Ashram scenes, I feel at peace when they show those lovely lovely ladies, and they were actually really happy yesterday which I think must be on the 3rd or 4 th time that’s happened. Was lovely to see.

      • Zee

        Hi Nimisha,
        The show was abt the Ashram but its become all AN-centric now.
        Abt Mishal – only when I saw him yday, I realised how much I’d missed him. No wonder I was cribbing so much. Uff I cd drown in his dimples and when he speaks English I just go weak in my knees.
        I used to like RL and Suvarna – Dhani is a bit goody two shoes for my liking.
        RL and Suvarna were more spunky – they had aspirations, they questioned and challenged established rules. Suvarna messed up, but we live and learn!

      • Nimisha

        Yes yes yes, red the when he speaks English. I said the same up there ☝?somewhere.

        I thought Suvarna was a bit wet actually but Love RL. In my head Dhani goes and sees them. ??

      • Nimisha

        I suppose the show has always been about Dhani and now that she lives in AN I guess that’s why it’s become so AN focused. I would also have loved it if Viplav and Dhani had gone and lived at the ashram. Xxx

  40. Louella

    I m back. Not able to comment properly. Now also I m not free. But I came to comment.

    Yesterday’s episode was good. When dashrath ate the parathas and saw Kanak first my heart was beating fast. I thought now they will start daNak(dashrath-kanak) romance. And then raNi(ramdeen-kamini) romance.

    Yesterday this db was also there unfortunAtely. Can’t see her there. Feel like throwing her. It’s like ek pe ek free. Db pe kamini free. Now that judge also joined. Ek pe do free. And again and again she is blaming Dhaani. Yesterday also she said Dhaani mixed bhaang in Dt’s parathas.

    And Kanak rani is again the same. She was feeling so good when Dhaani was massaging her legs but after seeing her she shouted at her. And also when Dhaani gave her the juice she just took it and pushed Dhaani. How inhuman and cruel!

    And Mishal’s expressions were just wow!!! Dhaani was also marvellous.

    Vidhani’s romance was so cute but again that VK put a bad eye on them. Hate her to the core!!!

    • Nimisha

      Hey Louella.

      Good to see you. And agree with everything you say except rather than throw DB I’d like to throw up obpver her. ???

      How’s your leg now?

  41. Sujie

    Friends…do read 11th episode of my ff….
    This is love…….. And post your valuable comments…… Hungry for comments….
    🙁 🙁

  42. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    No comments on show???? Ul got uls own messenger going on
    dha/vip love u guys…kaminin is a chocheral hate u….dnt kw y all series mk women run after married men? Is this sum india trend???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.