IKRS-TPK-SSK 10th March 2016 Written Trishakti Episode Update

IKRS-TPK-SSK10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

IKRS, SSK and TPK’s Trishakti episode written update:


The Episode starts with Preeti telling Dadi that the photo was lost because of her carelessness. She says I have blamed Thapki and accused her wrongly, and she have saved me and took blame on herself. She cries and apologizes to Dadi holding her ears. Suman says it is okay as you have confessed to truth. She says Thapki’s truth is also out infront of everyone. Dadi thinks if Thapki have changed and says today she is right irrespective of the past doings.


Raja is about to knock on the Ashram door, just then Sita Maayi asks him with whom he wants to meet. Raja says Suman. Sita Maayi says Suman doesn’t stay here. Raja thinks he is sure that she

stays there and thinks nobody can saved her now and he will get her sketch made. Dhaani gets worried thinking about the accusations which her inlaws have placed on her.


Bihaan tells Suman that he will be playing football in the near by park and invites the family. Vasundara says we don’t have time for all this. Vasu’s husband says we will go and play. Dadi says I will become referee. Bihaan says we will go to the park at 5 pm and play the game. Shraddha thinks so this is Bihaan’s plan to take Thapki back home. He comes to Thapki and asks if she knows how to play football. Thapki says no. Bihaan asks her to learn the game so that she can help their family members. Shraddha thinks so this is Bihaan’s game plan, to make Thapki win everyone’s heart. She thinks she won’t let Thapki attend the match and win family’s heart. She adds chilli powder in Ram Pyaari’s food.


Simar asks Suganda about the village. Suganda says Malti is guilty. Simar says okay, but I want proof of your innocence. She says I want to touch you and see. Suganda says okay. Simar tries to touch her and walks past her body and, gets shocked. Suganda laughs heavily. Simar is clueless and doesn’t know what is happening. She sees Suganda in her real avatar. Suganda continues to laugh heavily. Simar is taken aback as Suganda appears and disappears infront of her. Simar says so you are an Aatma for real. Suganda says yes, I am a soul. Simar is shocked.


Viplav comes to the sketch artiste office with Raja. Raja sees Dhaani’s call with her pic displaying with the call, and says Suman. He says Viplav’s girl friend is Suman. He recalls the recent conversations with Viplav and thinks he will never believe me. He takes the sketch from his hand and says this girl is someone else. I have described the girl wrongly.


Preeti comes to Thapki and gives her something to eat, asks her not to inform anyone. Suman also comes and gives her chocolates. Thapki eats it. Suman tells her not to inform anyone that she came there. Dadi also comes and makes her eat Prasad, asks her not to tell vasu. Thapki nods.Dadi thinks she would have given prasad infront of everyone, but Vasu will feel bad. Bihaan brings samosas for her, but she refuses to eat. Bihaan wonders what happened to her, and thinks to eat it.


Dhaani imagines Raja and his mum accusing and confronting her for her husband’s death. She shouts and says I haven’t killed him. She thinks she should talk to Viplav anyhow, but the phone couldn’t be connected.


Suganda tells Simar that she has taken Mata ji in her control. Simar asks why you are doing this Suganda aunty? Suganda shouts and says I am Malti. Simar is shocked and asks are you Malti? Suganda says I am Malti who was killed by the villagers. I was innocent, but was killed. She says nobody can make me leave the place and smirks. She says you told everything to Roli, but if you tell anything to anyone about me, then you know what a soul can do? Simar asks what you will get by doing this, as past can’t be changed. Suganda laughs and says she will get Chandramani. Simar says Chandramani…….Suganda asks her not to try to be smart and warns to kill her entire family. Simar is shocked.


Dhaani thinks to meet Viplav and talk to him. She gets out of the Ashram.


Bihaan asks everyone to come. Dadi says okay. Shraddha says if we all leave, then who will take care of Gulabo and Ram Pyari. She says they haven’t eaten their food. She says I can’t leave them. She says I will stay here and asks everyone to go. Bihaan says it is good. Vasu asks her to go and says she will stay at home. Shraddha says no, you have to go. She thinks Thapki should speak up now. Thapki asks Vasu to go and says she will stay back. Bihaan says no. Vasu says let her stay back. Thapki says I will give food to Ram Pyaari and Gulaabo. Bihaan thinks work is done. He calls someone and asks them to come as goons. He says okay. Bihaan thinks Shraddha is clever, but he is head master. He says I didn’t want Thapki to go today, recalls making planning, and Shraddha overhearing him. He says what you have thought Shraddha? Real game will be played inside the house, my men will enter the house as thieves and Thapki will make them run. Thapki will enter house again.


Simar recalls Devika giving her Chandramani and telling about its importance. She recalls Devika telling that if this Mani is broken, but its powers will be intact. Simar asks what I will do with this and can’t protect it. Devika says it will be safe with you, and says if someone tries to take it forcibly then it will not work. Simar asks Mata Rani what is happening and asks her to protect Chandramani.

Roli comes to Simar and says her heart is shaking, and feeling as something wrong is going to happen.


Raja comes to Viplav and says I am like your brother. He says I want to show you something and shows the watch which his brother had gifted him. He gets emotional and says I haven’t told this to my mum also. He says I can’t tell anyone about the pain which I am going through, says that girl looks innocent and nobody will believe that she is a killer. She can betray anyone with her innocent looks and if she comes infront of you, you will say that she can’t kill anyone. Viplav says I can understand, and asks him not to worry. Just then he gets Dhaani’s call. Dhaani asks him to meet her outside Ashram. Viplav says okay and asks her to meet him in the temple. Raja hears them. Viplav tells Raja that he will be back in sometime.


Roli asks Simar if she is hiding something from her. Simar says no and says she will tell her if there is something. Suganda and the other ghost do the puja and smiles.


Bihaan’s friends think why Bihaan asked them to enter home as thieves and asked them to fight with Thapki too. Just then Traffic Inspector catches them for triple riding on bike and asks them to take out their phones. Real goons are seen standing outside Pandey Nivas and say that there is nobody inside, thinks to steal all the money and things. They enter the house.


They stare the box, and someone gets out from it. He steps his foot down and everything starts shaking. Suganda introduces herself as Malti, and tells him that she welcomes her, and says you are weak today, but nobody in this world is powerful than you. He forwards his hand. Suganda says you will get Chandramani soon, I have made Simar understand well. The other ghost says Simar will not give Chandramani. Suganda says her family is her weakness now, and thinks to find out where she has hidden Chandramani.


Dhaani is waiting for Viplav outside the temple, when a man comes and calls her Suman Bhabhi. Dhaani says my name is not Suman and goes from there. Raja gives money to that man and thinks until when you will run away from me Suman. Dulaari sees Dhaani coming to Ashram worried. She asks what happened? Dhaani tells her that her past came infront of her. Viplav comes to temple and waits for Dhaani. Dhaani tells her that she told truth to Viplav about her past. Dulaari asks really? Dhaani says yes, and says he don’t have any objection with my past. Dulaari says time is not right and says he will get tensed. Dhaani says if Raja tells him something as he is searching me. Dulaari says they don’t know about each other. She asks her to be in the Ashram and don’t inform him anything. Dhaani cries and says why does this happen with me. Whenever something good happens….Dulaari says I will not let anything happen, and before that Viplav will not believe on Raja, and will protect you being your husband. She asks her not to worry as truth is with her.


Thapki thinks to charge her phone and sees the door open. The goons plan to steal the money, jewellery etc. Thapki thinks the game must not be over, and thinks to charge her phone first. She thinks Bihaan must have kept it somewhere and goes to ask him.


Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani if she brought the vegetables. Dhaani says she got unwell, and the vegetables had fallen on the ground. Raja Lakshmi says she will bring it, checks her and says you have fever. Dhaani asks about the gift in her hand. Raj Lakshmi tells her that a guy came and gave gift for Kusum, even though I told her that she don’t stay here. Raj Lakshmi says I will open the gift. Dhaani doesn’t let her open it. Raj Lakshmi keeps the gift and goes. Just then Dhaani sees someone entering to her room through window and gets shocked. Viplav is seen entering room and hums the music of Tu hai meri kiran….Dhaani looks at him shockingly. Viplav asks why she is shocked? He asks her not to worry and asks her to face the world with strength. He motivates her to fight against wrong. He asks her to show the phone and checks it. He says your phone is alright and sees Dhaani’s number blocked in his phone. Raja comes to Viplav’s room and thinks if Suman tells the truth to Viplav then my plan will be ruined. He thinks if the parcel reached Suman.


Thapki calls Bihaan and thinks he might have gone inside, and have a fight with someone. The goons try to open the locker, but fails. Other goon asks them to break open the door. Thapki comes inside the house and hears noise coming from Vasu’s room. She thinks if anyone health is not right. The goons open the locker and laugh. They shift the money in the bag. Thapki walks towards the room and gets shocked seeing the goons stealing the money.


Sanjana tells Simar that she has written essay on Simar. Suganda asks her to read the essay. Sanjana reads that her mum can do anything from them, and can fight with the evil to save them. She says my mum is the best in the world. Suganda says you said right, she can do anything for her family. Sanjana says my mum says truth’s way is hard to walk on, but we should not leave walking on it.


Dhaani thinks about Viplav’s words to fight back with strength. She picks the phone and Raja hums Tu Hai Meri Kiran music. Dhaani asks who are you? Raja says it seems you haven’t identified my tone. He says I am your Devar Raja Avasthi.

Dhaani tells Raja Lakshmi that she is going for some important work. Later Dhaani comes to meet Raja and slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb mam you have heavy work load mam? Becoz you update shows from 6.00pm to 10.30pm the when will you take rest?? Hats off to you work hasanji

  2. aish

    @sujie pls post vidhani’s love next episode fast ask I’m so anxious about it. Anyways kudos to u

    • Sujie

      @ aish…i will post it tomorrow dear…. please wait till tomorrow…. 🙂 tomorrow i will pakka post it

  3. Meghs

    Hi varsha… br mam … joyee…
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    Saras … N all

    How r u all

    • Hi frnds today thrishakthi was nice for ikrs.in three shows ikrs rocking.
      Dhaani u gave nice slap to raja .that was superb.this remembered me phoolchand scene like viplav also remembered that only.viplav inspired dhaani .n dhaanis behaviour gave strength to all women’s.and all raja like people deserves this slap.bravo dhaani bravo.very good.
      So ikrs ur being inspiration to all of our women society. Luv u ikrs.
      Jai ho ikrs jai ho.

  4. saranya

    Guys i told u na this Raja is a Psycho.i am happy that my prediction turned out to be true.bada aaya shalu ko shaadi karne ke liye.

  5. This raja is such a creepo!!!!!! I hope viplav saves dhani from this dirty man
    Instead of dhani fighting for herself alone!!!!

  6. saranya

    Tumara itna himath ki tum dhani ki number block kar diya.ek number ka dump ladka,dhani ko ghooni bola tum ne,aare asli ghathil tho tum ho.ghooni tum ho tum.

  7. H Hasan

    H Hasan


    Hi to all my readers. Thanks for my appreciation. I am really happy reading the comments and it motivates me to get better. Thanks again to all.

    • Sujie

      God bless you hasan ji…love you for your effort… you really deserve appreciation 🙂 🙂

    • SARAS

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      I can’t believe v how could you do this amazing. . thanks a lot n good bless you. .. we really enjoy your writing n updates..

    • Meghs

      Hasan ji we all should thank u because of ur beautiful description of ikrs we even if miss to watch serial we can understand what actually might happen in serial
      All thanks to u…

  8. saranya

    Aaj tho mein uss Raja ko nahi chodoongi.i was waiting for him to be declared as a psycho aur meine decide bhi kar liya tha jab woh baat confirm ho jaongi na thab usko gaali dekar maar doongi.aaj tho woh din hai,gaali din for our pyaare Raja ji ko.gaali din mubarakom Raja Avasthi.chalo dosthom zordaar thaliyam ho jaaye Raja ji ko.

  9. renu singh

    Thanks a lot hasan Ji .for the fast update I really felt so happy getting update I was eagerly waiting ..

  10. Sujie

    And friends…. how was the episode… for me it was good… Viplav motivating Dhaani… Dulaari and Dhaani conversation…
    And precap… that Raja deserves a slap…kudos Dhaani….
    Let Viplav know the whole truth and support Dhaani…..
    this is the time when Viplav’s love and faith for Dhaani should highlight….. 🙂 am I right???

  11. Louella

    Today’s episode was nice. Dhaani very good. Today first time u slapped someone who deserves it. Otherwise u would slap only viplav. But today u did a very nice thing.

  12. Louella

    AM today I had to see today’s episode. First of all I forgot to do my homework so my granny didn’t allow me to go to play. And then the most angriest moment in my life, the electricity was off. For one hour the electricity was not there in our house and I was sitting angrily as I didn’t get to play also and up of that I couldn’t see today’s episode. At last when the electricity came I was so happy that I jumped for joy and went to on the tv. And when I checked the retelecast timings of todays episode I found out that it is at 12:00 in the night, 8:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the evening 1:00 in the afternoon. I m so happy that at least for one say the retelecast is four tines in a day

  13. Louella

    Varsha r ur exams over? If not I wish u all the best and also to all the other exam going students. May God give u all the strength to write the paper well and get the best marks

  14. Fatarajo

    Hey Hasan ji thanks for the update it’s not and easy thing to update trishakti, today’s trishakti I felt like hitting it with trigger with all my Shakti and then seperate all 3 shows, because SSK I don’t even Care about this show, and TPK okay but too much dragging n also this new goon useless drama and IKRS not bad but trishakti made me confused but when I read the updates I became more clear. And this Raja is bad :O

  15. Louella

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    • Rajee

      Hello princess!!! Arre Louella now a days I am not writing the songs as our show is moving interestingly. U used to write songs as episodes were boring that time .so to elevate our mood I used to do all those nonsense… I have several situations but now show is going good yaar hence nobody will b interested to read my songs also… Wish u all the best 4 ur exam!!! Gn..swt dreams!!!

  17. Worst episode
    B for bakws (episode) aur B for bewakoof (hum)
    Kya episode tha…?
    kohi special nahitha….!
    Totally boring. ……
    Individual episode is the best
    Mixed is the worst

  18. saranya

    Par itni complex situation par bhi mujhe hassi aa rahi hai.only bcz of that simar.i was laughing out loudly.kya bakwaas hai woh.when my laughing became uncontrollable my father changed the channel.aare simar ji bahuth bahuth dhanyawaad,aapne tho aaj mujhe hassi se rula diya.writer ji pls stop this bakwaas,aap tho ham sab ka jaan le liya isr bakwaas se,aare society ke liye kuch karo.pls try to guide soceity don’t misguide society.

  19. Sujie

    @ aish….. i thought to post the next part tomorrow …but then i thought to post it now itself…. hope you will get happy reading it….
    and others also please do read the 27th part of my ff ….. and don’t forget to comment…

  20. Hasanji really its necessary to say thank u.bcs we r habited to ur updates .n not only for ikrs we became fan for u also.
    Thank u hasanji.aap aise hi jaldi update karthey rehna.

  21. Louella

    This song is dedicated to raja
    Zor ka thappad haye zoron se laga, haye laga
    Bhaabi ka thappad mujhe de gaya jhatka, haye jhatka
    Zor ka thappad haye zor se laga, haye laga
    Bhaabi ka thappad mujhe de gaya jhatka

  22. Louella

    This song is dedicated to raja
    Zor ka thappad haye zoron se laga, haye laga
    Bhaabi ka thappad mujhe de gaya jhatka, haye jhatka
    Zor ka thappad haye zor se laga, haye laga
    Bhaabi ka thappad mujhe de gaya jhatka, haye jhatka

  23. Louella

    Bye friends!!!!
    Have sweet dreams!!!
    At least today u should get vidhani romance dream as this is the only way of making my mood nice
    Good night everyone

  24. Shwetha

    Is there any way to stop this sasural Simar ka?,international conference of ghosts going on,stupid Plotn boring
    serial,if no story is left,please wind up or take a leap and bring some good actors and fresh plot.Don’t torture us viewers with such unreal plots, that too,one after the other..

  25. SARAS

    good evening friends. ..
    what happened to olv scene? y no kiss to dhani’s forehead?

    louella cheer up dear .. nothing will go wrong with vidhani ..take it easy..
    study well for ur exams..

  26. prachi

    I agree with all hasan jee.we r fan of ikrs as well as u.we feel comfortable with ur updates..derfore we wait for ur updates eagerly in every eveng.we luv u all.

  27. SARAS

    I m also slowly feeling this raj is dual personality that’s y he calls dhani as suman hahaha….
    good that dhani getting courage to fight raj n his allegations

  28. bharathi

    Is viplav will understand the prblm of dhani….. y der s no retelecast of IKRS on colors….

  29. prachi

    Today episode is gud.I lyk wen viplav motivated dhani,..n precap is so gud bcoz dhani slapped raja.he really deserves dis.der is a song jadu Teri nazar…in today’s epi.raja playing dis for dhani.it means he is totally psycho .he loves dhani madly n it was a one side love.derfore he might kill his bro n blamed dhani.

  30. prachi

    Viplav should support dhani in dis situation. But prob is DAT he does nt know DAT dhani is suman.he ll start case against dhani unknowingly..

  31. So after along time ikrs showing gud things that develop people who r facing dhaani type problems.n in today’s episode if raja knows that dhaani is suman then y he didn’t expose her before viplav.y he was teasing her.so today it revealed that raja was negative n he was dhaani maniac.
    I was just waiting for viplavs reaction.n how he came to know that dhaani none other than suman. So interesting story.
    Let’s wait n watch how much viplavs love was true.I think from first day of show he was truly loving dhaani n her good character. How much love support both of them.

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  33. Avijit(AM)

    today ‘s episode was good …only ikrs interesting tha …ssk and tpk was super boring …ikrs ke wajah se ssk and tpk dekhna para …kon sae log hae Jo ssk dekhte hae ..trp aunties ko syad bhoot ka sasural sae jyada pyaar hae 😛 😛

  34. vaishnavi

    guys to be frank i dont like this trishkti idea coz i just hate ssk but kya kare dont have option anyways i liked the tone of that whistle n raja one advice for u she is not suman she is “banaras ki dhaani” so tum thoda darke raho dhaani se

    • Saraswathi.j

      Really it is not advisable to mix three serials into one we do not want to see boot preta ,pisachaalu so do not mix like this

    • Sujie

      ikrs failed to impresss viewers that’s why you come here daily and comment…..how funny…..hai na suman ji….now kindly go from here and never comeback to this page…. watch your swaragini na….we never come to swaragini page and comment shitty things like you…..its our choice and you don’t need to interfere

    • Avijit(AM)

      are ….what is your problem yaar suman …comment on swaragini page ..why you come here again …see the trp of swaragini …0.8 drop …if you show this type of jealousy then it will go down fast …..so go and watch swaragini ..melodrama

    • You are right Suman,yesterday’s swaragini episode was superb and interesting.In trishakti,I like tpk the most baaki dono shows to bekar tthe.Actually I was watching trishakti just for thapki pyaar ki.

      • Sujie

        oh hello…s ankur…. if you find no concept in IKRS then don’t watch it… you don’t have any right to come in this page and write nonsense of IKRS…go to your swaragini page or whatever page you like and don’t comment here

      • Actually Sujie I never watch IKRS because I simply do not like it.And jo meri nazaron mein bekar show hai woh koi zaroori nahi hai ki sabki nazaroon mein bekar ho.If you like IKRS then its perfectly fine as sabki aapni pasand hoti hai.And when it comes to me I don’t even bother to watch it and its written updates too.And ek baat aur main ne tumhare IKRS ke page par comment nahi kiya hai I commented on TPK page.Yeh jo melodrama yahan create hua hai its all because of trishakti.Trishakti ki wajah se hi mujhe yeh IKRS dekhna pada which I could tolerate even for a second.So jao aaj ke episode mein IKRS ke page par to tumhe humara naam nahi dikhega as I never open that page.Hope ki tumhara es tarah ka comment bhi TPK,swaragini and CAS ke page par naa dikhe.

    • SARAS

      sujie am n isha.. Don’t u guys have better businesses than responding to these viruses..

      dear suman n ankur.. thanks a lot for enlightening us about swaragini. .. we will definitely watch it ..

      • SARAS we are not enlighting you and others to watch the shows that we do.It is just that we are expressing our thought on thapki pyaar ki and Swaragini. We will never force you guys to watch our shows because aagar show pasand hai toh dekho nahin to jo show dekhte ho us mein hi khush raho.As I have previousl written that sabki aapni pasand hoti hai.And viruses kise kah rahe ho better hoga ki aapni limit mein rah kar hi baat karo aur comments ka answer do.

      • Sujie

        saras… i do have other works too but i could not tolerate it…. we have never posted hate comments for any other show….but why people are visitibg this page and talking nonsense about ikrs….. i apologise if i have hurt you

      • Sujie

        saras… i do have other works too but i could not tolerate it…. we have never posted hate comments for any other show….but why people are visitibg this page and talking nonsense about ikrs….. i apologise if i have hurt you 🙂

      • Sujie

        @Ankur …mister if you don’t like Ikrs don’t watch it….. don’t impose your choice on us…if you had no interest in ikrs but had to visit this page…you could have resisted…
        and i don’t have any plans to comment on other pages… thank you and bye bye

      • Uff its so irritating.Neither you IKRS followers have manners nor sense.I have written the comments not in the way you are taking.Kudos to your sense.

  35. Yetty

    Thank you for the quick update.
    I don’t think dhaani should fight by herself because Raja looks like a mischievous person that one need to run far away from. I want Viplav to understand dhaani situation and try to help her put a case forward( action lawyer). Viplav might get suspicious about Dhaani’s number been blocked from his phone. Hmmmmm suspense. Enjoy your night guys.?

  36. Shanya

    Please end ssk…it’s really boring,irritating…there is nothing to show thats why they r showing nonsense…pls end this and start any comedy or lovestory serials…pls stop this stupid emotional meaningless SSK…

    • Avijit(AM)

      oh thank god …after a long time anyone say the correct and good thing …thanks shaniya …kon dekhta hae ssk ….why trp is so high ????

  37. Hi suman it seems that you are die hard fan of swarigini as u had commented as helly shah initially let me tell you that infact your own fingers are not alike n u can’t judge which is the best i have never seen swarigini but seen a few trailors which were far away from my liking infact I hate it that doesn’t mean that I should come on yr page n convey my hatred so pl note that in case you don’t like our show which is one of the best then you should not waste yr time by commenting on our page n unnecessarily harass our close knit family hope u are clear

      • You are right Suman but we can’t make other people to like the show we like.I am also a fan of swasan.But I like other shows of colors too (which do not include ikrs at all).

      • Mansha

        Funny it is… How can someone especially a stranger tell other person what to watch and what not.. Its ones own like or dislike and other should respect it- we humans are born with it.. No offenses to anyone

      • Vinny

        Hi suman
        I want to say one that thing please do watch IKRS once you will also definitely like it and I dont say not to watch swarigini you watch that also.

  38. Guys don’t u think may be viplav has a surprise in court meeting that dhaani is suman.but I think so.bcs without knowingly viplav took case from raja n he will meet dhaani as suman in court itself I think so.but really yaar eagerly waiting for tmrs episode.
    If there may be evil spirits in ssk n rowdys in thapki.they r not thrilling n suspense story like our ikrs.
    See ikrs have thrilling like suman n rajas meeting.
    Suspense about viplav love towards dhaani.
    His inspiration for dhaani to fight against fear n bad.
    Ikrs teaching society how to come forward like people who will support inauspicious things.
    Mainly viplav n dhaanis true love.
    My god many things r there to tell about ikrs.don’t know how others shows going through.

  39. Dhaani was thinking that she told her past to viplav but he didn’t .raja was hided the past from viplav so triple game was going on.so compulsorily viplav will get shocked by seeing dhaani as suman in court.let’s wait n watch upcoming episodes of our super super ikrs.

  40. florentina moldovan


  41. florentina moldovan

    GUYS, i dream our IKRS became the best show in the world! Even trp is still low i have a feeling that soon, our show will be recognized and makers , actors and fans will rock in all the tops!!!

  42. florentina moldovan

    H Hasan , thank you! Kind regards from Romania!!!! And thanks to our moderation team bcz they accepted our friendship and allow us to express our feelings!

    • Hi suman y ur interfering in our show.u better stay away pls.who told u to comment here.we don’t want anyone’s sympathy k.we know wat to watch r wat not to.so u pls get out of our family.simply coming here n disturbing others brain.
      Thalai keduka ve vareenga ellaarum.
      Sorry we can’t tolerate these type of things.
      Frnds u all also pls don’t comment hating other shows.so if we do good things we can get good things.its a request pls don’t imitate other shows k.

  43. saranya

    Gud mng Varsha
    BR mam,Sonu,Shri,AM,MM,Raj,Rajee,kavitha,saras,kaviya,Prachi,Radha,Anne,Aish,Renu,Florinta,Nima,Louella,Divya,Sujie,Meghs,Tamil,Marees,Marine,Akshay,Nisha,Joyee,gennipher,Hrithya,Nikzz,Vinny,Shanitics,jyoti,gopu,Santhosh,Sofe,Randheer,Ranaji and all my friends.

      • saranya

        Hai kavitha,kaviya
        Shanitics and all my family.

  44. saranya

    @aare Suman ji aap phir se aa gayi,very nice,aapki comments dekh kar lagati hai aap ek serial analyst hai.iss liye tho aap screenplay jaisa badi badi baathem kar rahi hai.agar screenplay ke baare mein bathane hai tho pehele se bolna chahiya.ham aap jaisa expert nahi hai phir bhi ek baar koshish tho kar lethi.aap hosh mein tho hai,how can u compare screenplay of IKRS and Swaragini.it means that u want a society of Saas-bahu fight and that u r living in a small world which only have family quarells.open ur eyes yaar and try to learn our society and what society needs.if u r not interested in doing that atleast learn some manners and respect others privacy bcz hatred and saddism makes life hellish and love and compassion makes life blissful.

    • Ur right saranya yeh suman ka msg subha subha merey mood kharaab kardiya.
      I know I should not concentrate this all but some times we have to tel that their words how much hurts others.

    • prachi

      Saranya u r right.she is living in a small world.derfore she loves swaragini n family drama.n hate ikrs.wide ur vision suman.

  45. Sujie

    Hello friends…it seems like viruses are attacking our page and antivirus like insult of any kind is not helping to get rid of those saddist viruses… Please save our ikrs page from those viruses….lets join our hands

  46. Frnds can anyone tel me from were we get unmuted version of ikrs show I have to download it all episodes.till now I watch it on line only.now I want to down load it all episodes.
    And yesterday I watch again shalus godh baharayi function episode that was superb.I like that scene when dhaani enters ayodhya nivas that background music my god that was killing scene really I was rembering that scene only again n again.
    Ikrs always ur rockstars of colors.

    • prachi

      Kavita download it from die hard fan of mishal video page.u can watch unmuted version.don’t watch it on YouTube. It mutes all song

    • Sujie

      me tooo kavitha… that bg when Dhaani steps in ayodhya niwas..is just so awesome… and Viplav jumping towards Dhaani…how cute….

    • Sujie

      but thank god they did not mute that cottage wala Laal ishq portion…. but they did mute the Sanam re portion

  47. prachi

    Tension mat lo yar.in k kuch story nh h.wohi do do wife m fase h.pta nh director in dono bhai k kitni bar sadi krwayega.to kuch kam nh pate h.yhn AA k comment krte h.kese kr k v tym kill hojaye.ignore dem.rat bhr sayed ikrs k sapna dekhte h,isiliye subah subah AA k comment krte h yhn

  48. saranya

    Aare aare ek virus kam thi jo ek aur bhi aa gaya.suman tum ko na ek dosth mil gayi,ankur ji,ek kaam karo ek aur ko bhi bulao then u all can make trisakthi.lets see whose trisakthi will win aapki ya phir dhani thapki aur simar ki.aur ek baat when u come next time,direction ke baare mein bathayie woh kya haina screenplay ki discussion tho ho gayi.ok.aur ek baat aaj kal na virus ki attack badathi jaa rahi hai.aap ek kaam kariye,apne naye dosth ankur ke saath medical shop mein jaa kar virus poison ghareed kar gaa lo.ussi se aap logon ko virus se chutkara mil jaongi.deek hai?aur ghane se pehele haath saroor saaf karna otherwise virus will come again,ek min thak haath saaf karne ke saroorath nahi hai,lifeboy handwash use karo ok?

    • Nima

      hshaha…saranya u said very well…1 baat bolu swaragini k trp gir gaya to suman n ankur pagla gaye hai dil aur dimag kuch kaam nahi kar raha yin dono k so jo man me aaya likhte ja rahe hai. 😀

  49. prachi

    ANKUR u love swaragini.its OK.we r nt going to tell u anything abt ur lykness.but why u impose ur choice on another.we don’t tell u to watch ikrs den why u come here n suggest us.don’t try to seel ur attention in dis manner.we ikrsian never go to u page n suggest u to watch ikrs but u r really disgusting people lyk ur show.derfore u r doing dis

  50. Guysss…… You all should just ignore such people nd not even reply to them…..

    The reason they r writing such comments is just because it seems they get entertained seeing ur anger when they pass such stupid baseless comments

    So chill…. Nd no need to reply!!!!

  51. Avijit(AM)

    why everyone from swaragini page come here and comment …no one come from other serials page except swaragini ….they are very jealous of our ikrs …they don’t want to see the truth in our world ..they are only liking saas bahu drama ..I am not complaining to swaragini ..who want to see swaragini then go and watch ..we love ikrs so we watch and allow us to watch 😛 ….

  52. Avijit(AM)

    I think they are worrying that swaragini may go offair because of the major trp drop …so they are insisting us to watch that melo drama … 😛 :P. ..

  53. Avijit(AM)

    mae to tpk do din dekhke hi pakk gaya ….very dragging story …..we love ikrs because of the truth based extraordinary concept ….

  54. SARAS

    shhhhh khaamosh….
    saranya n prachi chup bhee karo yaar.. kitni baar boloon don’t respond to virsues..
    principal ki baat koyi sunta hee nahee…

    • Avijit(AM)

      yes mam …I am very obedient to teachers …better not to respond to their comments …have a great day to all 🙂 🙂 🙂

  55. SARAS

    I have a question for swaragini n ssk lovers…

    how many times swara n simar git engaged n married n remarried n re engaged n to whom all were they married to??
    if u guys answer these questions correctly then u will get surprise gift

  56. Sujie

    saras… i do have other works too but i could not tolerate it…. we have never posted hate comments for any other show….but why people are visitibg this page and talking nonsense about ikrs….. i apologise if i have hurt you

    • SARAS

      dear sujie please mistake ne… I m not hurt at all but I can’t see u guys in such irritated because of these viruses. .
      they are here ti seek attention so e have to either not respobdvor redpond like florentina which will silence them not get affected by them..
      samjhe ya samjhaayen?

      Take care. .. love you all ..

      florentina you are really awesome. . u have understood me so well. . thanjs a lot. . love n tight hug

  57. Isha

    Many viruses are entered in our IKRS family who have no manners like suman , S.Ankur. Antivirus like K7 / Quickheal may be needed to remove these type of people.

  58. Shruti

    In upcoming episodes of TPK Bihaan will come n save Thapki from goons.She will be hurt nd Bihaan will apply ointment.Pandey family accepts Thapki and welcome inside PN,the 3 months will be over.THAPKI will leave getting blessings from elders(no one will try to stop her or advice about marriage, just will say they will miss her)and go to her home with tears in her eyes telling herself,eventhough she do not want to go ,she is doing this for Bihaan and Maa.???
    It will be interesting to watch it.???

  59. Ramya

    Trisakti episodes are Bakwaas
    Why the hell they combine these serials it is very irritating to watch all three at the same time
    And yeah ssk is a total Bakwaas I wonder who watches it… Always ghosts, and simar she irritates even Mata rani also I think…..
    and Thapki today is also nt much interesting boring and dragging.,,,,
    And ikrs I don’t watch it I dnt like that serial
    I would like to ask dhaanis mother to speak slowly her voice pitch is high she is shouting irritating

  60. Arey aaj hamari ikrs tu page ko kya hogaya so many viruses r attacking on us.
    Saras see here u said should react to all these.but they don’t sit quite without irritating all of us.
    OK viruses if u want to attack us by ur jealous let it be.if a family is happy with its family members another families who r not happy with their family that people definitely becomes jealous n tries to split that happy family. Like u all now doing same work.
    But don’t worry u try ur better but we will be happy always with ikrs n its fan frnds.

  61. Anne julia

    Can any one tell me —does Raja hate Dhaani or does he love her ? Missed some info I think.Thankyou .Wonder why so many trolls?They must be sad people.

    • florentina moldovan

      Anne julia, maybe he is in love with her but wihout knowing it!!! Our makers are too good, they do not give us eveerythyng , they leave the mystery ……

  62. Louella

    Saras mam sorry for disobedience. I promise u that from now itself I will never reply to viruses. Sorry!!!

  63. Hi Anne raja just psycho of dhaani only.bcs if he bother only about his brothers death means he will punish dhaani r split dhaani from viplav that it.he don’t try to tease her.see how he was teasing by whistling music(jaadoo Teri nazar).so he definetly a psycho.
    I think he used to Mis behave with her (suman) un fortunately his brother came in between both suman n her ex husband then rajas brother would be dead.so automatically raja blamed dhaani to escape from that murder. may accidentally suman murdered her ex husband.
    This must be cleared by our hero viplav as a lawyer.but definetly he finds the dhaani sumans truth in court itself.that he don’t have any option to support dhaani also.viplav will ask dhaani y u didnt inform me first.dhaan will say i informed u but u didnt listen it so.its my opinion.don’t know how pur writers twist the story. Wat guys wat u will say.

  64. Rajee

    I have one doubt whether suman & Ankur r swaragini fans or some other serial fans. Kahin yeh dusre ke kandhe pe rakhke goli toh nahin chala rahen hain. Otherwise who will come to other pg & comment like this. This type of comments can harm their show too. I feel other shows fans trying to create rift among diff show’s fans. Not sure but this is my gut feeling.

  65. SARAS

    dear florentina. . I judt read your comment you posted while I was away about family system there n the way u took care of your mom in law..truely u r a great soul n inspirational. .hats off to u…
    even in India we had a strong family bonding n joint families but offlate things changing all need theor space n

  66. Sujie

    hello guys….good afternoon…
    Some people are behaving like a saddist…. but as told by saras mam….
    i am trying not to further respond them …

  67. SARAS

    n want independent life both elders n youngsters.. Don’t know if it’s for good or bad but it’s happening here..
    wanted to write more but my mobile is malfunctioning so not able to
    God bless u dear n take care

  68. SARAS

    louella. . am.. sujie and all others. . how sweet of u all. . ek baar kaha aur asplog maangaye.. kitne ache bache ho ho aaplog..I m so glad…
    now post all good n funny comments. .

  69. SARAS

    I think in today’s episode. . raja will tell dhani to accept his love else he will send her to jail.
    That’s why she slaps him tight. .
    “banaras ki dhani” well done vakeelbabu. . u have made dhani very strong n independent. ..

  70. Anne Julia

    Thanks for the replies ,I thought I’d missed something. I’m about 6hours behind India AND have to wait til 8.30 for episodes so always feel I’m playing catch-up.Love and peace ?

  71. Rajee

    Hi Saras ! U hit on the right point . I agree with u 4 not responding on the viruses but what to do I can understand the fury of ikrs fans also….aisa comments padhke subah subah dimag kharab ho jata hai.Don’t they have a principal like ours?No manners…kisike bhi ghar main takjhak karte hain aur bakwas bhi…
    I have an advice 4 all…they can follow Gandhiji’s 3 adorable monkeys..???
    If ppl find ikrs boring then its very apt 4 them .we hate their hate comments abt ikrs. So we can also follow .
    But Jawab toh milega viruses ko in Gandhigiri style..

  72. Frnds now watched retelecast of thrishakthi. My god kya climax hi .really when dhaani slaped raj that dhaanis reaction n expressions r superb (adhiripoindi)dhaani as usual only viplav rocks but thune kamaal kardiya .today is urs show.waiting for ur n our ikrs today’s episode.

      • Avijit(AM)

        here almost all tamilian except me 😛 …

        but one of us tamil friend was who commented here was “Tamil” …real name I forgot 😛 …

        but I am not sure ..plz say it …don’t puzzled me ..say it 🙁

      • Mukilan

        did you forgot me its not fair i feels bad and heart broken i think You well know me as kaviya LoL ??

      • Sri kaviya

        Hey kavi its me sri aka kaviya. I just play with you. Yesterday i just used my different email id and saw which logo is best so i just used two id in different names ani and mukilan is my sisters son name. Just now i saw your reply i just play fun. How are kavi?

  73. vinny

    Guys while reading comments I got idea that for Negative comments we all should reply I mean every member of IKRS should reply “Thank you very much and Visit our page again” by that two things will happen one is our count of comments will increase and secondly we wont hurt their feelings as we don’t like to hurt other feelings.

    I said to reply “Thank you very much and Visit our page again” because we know our show is best.What do you all say guys?

  74. Anne Julia

    The other shows are OK but seem to be made for simple people to reinforce their beliefs . Snakes and witches??? Entertaining like kids shows I think. Sorry to upset anyone and I’m not saying the actors are bad ,they are not and can only do their best with scripts. Perhaps IKRS is too thoughtful and requires us to think a bit more. Which appears to be difficult for some.?

  75. Avijit(AM)

    some time ago I go to the swaragini page …there 4 pages are full of fan fictions …in the 5th page last I found yesterday’s episode of swaragini ….there I saw suman’s comment ..she is new there ..so she is commenting here to gain only popularity 😛 …

    but guys there are plenty of fan fictions of swaragini …that’s why varun and helly own the best actor and actress award in cgpa …there fan following is huge………………………………….

  76. Nima

    saras mam, hum v aapki baat manenge. 🙂 that’s type of viruses aa v jaye to pyar se welcome karenge aur unke bakwaas ko just ignore ignore ignore karenge coz we #IKRS’s family have big Heart n broad mind haina 🙂

  77. shanitics

    Oh my god!!!!!!
    One of my exams got over……Exam was easy….
    Actually we have to thank the virus tat came to this page because it is of them today we have this this much comments …
    Due to exams I missed IKRS saw it few scenes I was in front of TV ? till 7:00-7:15 and at than time Ssk & Tpk were showing ….

    Proud of Dhaani ?..her character changed …at starting she was a little orthodox about all the past traditions & now she has changed alot…
    This serial also gives us an another message tat Love ❤ can change even the character of the person..Both Dhaani and Vip has changed alot Now Vip has grown up to a little mature boy(NOTE:-our vip can’t nvr become a matured person.He looks gud at this naughty figure ?)

  78. shanitics

    Actually I like ? Varun Kapoor of Swaragini
    the problem is that I love ❤ him as Danny of Saraswathichandra and Kabir of Hum se hai life which aired on Star plus & v channel respectively…
    Not in Swaragini…in Swaragini his looks & attires are totally different ?

  79. shanitics

    no worries I’M not a Tamilian Mams bhi nahi khathi Gori bhi hui..toh Brahmin hi hogi

  80. Hi guys,
    How are you all? I also watch swaragini only becoz of Swasan, they are my favorite. I also watch Iskrs and Thaapki Piyar ki. At the beginning I never heard of Iskrs until I saw dutta bau aka mishal raheja. I really like his acting, he is a very good actor.

    • Rajee

      Your name is enemy but ur comments r very friendly. I really liked ur comment. Its good that u like all the shows & u r not bashing any show. Yes, mishal is a very good actor & others too..Thank u for bringing some positivity here.

  81. Hi Avijit (Am) and Rajee. How are you guys? Well my name is Anjum but I comment as enemy. I am also a silent reader and I’ve been reading all your comments. You guys seems to be very nice and supportive.

  82. Hi Anjum happy to see ur comments dear.today we r tired with some persons commenting hatred ikrs.really u gave boost to our comments. Thank u n if ur free keep commenting dear.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.