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IKRS, SSK and TPK’s Trishakti episode written update:


The Episode starts with Preeti telling Dadi that the photo was lost because of her carelessness. She says I have blamed Thapki and accused her wrongly, and she have saved me and took blame on herself. She cries and apologizes to Dadi holding her ears. Suman says it is okay as you have confessed to truth. She says Thapki’s truth is also out infront of everyone. Dadi thinks if Thapki have changed and says today she is right irrespective of the past doings.


Raja is about to knock on the Ashram door, just then Sita Maayi asks him with whom he wants to meet. Raja says Suman. Sita Maayi says Suman doesn’t stay here. Raja thinks he is sure that she

stays there and thinks nobody can saved her now and he will get her sketch made. Dhaani gets worried thinking about the accusations which her inlaws have placed on her.


Bihaan tells Suman that he will be playing football in the near by park and invites the family. Vasundara says we don’t have time for all this. Vasu’s husband says we will go and play. Dadi says I will become referee. Bihaan says we will go to the park at 5 pm and play the game. Shraddha thinks so this is Bihaan’s plan to take Thapki back home. He comes to Thapki and asks if she knows how to play football. Thapki says no. Bihaan asks her to learn the game so that she can help their family members. Shraddha thinks so this is Bihaan’s game plan, to make Thapki win everyone’s heart. She thinks she won’t let Thapki attend the match and win family’s heart. She adds chilli powder in Ram Pyaari’s food.


Simar asks Suganda about the village. Suganda says Malti is guilty. Simar says okay, but I want proof of your innocence. She says I want to touch you and see. Suganda says okay. Simar tries to touch her and walks past her body and, gets shocked. Suganda laughs heavily. Simar is clueless and doesn’t know what is happening. She sees Suganda in her real avatar. Suganda continues to laugh heavily. Simar is taken aback as Suganda appears and disappears infront of her. Simar says so you are an Aatma for real. Suganda says yes, I am a soul. Simar is shocked.


Viplav comes to the sketch artiste office with Raja. Raja sees Dhaani’s call with her pic displaying with the call, and says Suman. He says Viplav’s girl friend is Suman. He recalls the recent conversations with Viplav and thinks he will never believe me. He takes the sketch from his hand and says this girl is someone else. I have described the girl wrongly.


Preeti comes to Thapki and gives her something to eat, asks her not to inform anyone. Suman also comes and gives her chocolates. Thapki eats it. Suman tells her not to inform anyone that she came there. Dadi also comes and makes her eat Prasad, asks her not to tell vasu. Thapki nods.Dadi thinks she would have given prasad infront of everyone, but Vasu will feel bad. Bihaan brings samosas for her, but she refuses to eat. Bihaan wonders what happened to her, and thinks to eat it.


Dhaani imagines Raja and his mum accusing and confronting her for her husband’s death. She shouts and says I haven’t killed him. She thinks she should talk to Viplav anyhow, but the phone couldn’t be connected.


Suganda tells Simar that she has taken Mata ji in her control. Simar asks why you are doing this Suganda aunty? Suganda shouts and says I am Malti. Simar is shocked and asks are you Malti? Suganda says I am Malti who was killed by the villagers. I was innocent, but was killed. She says nobody can make me leave the place and smirks. She says you told everything to Roli, but if you tell anything to anyone about me, then you know what a soul can do? Simar asks what you will get by doing this, as past can’t be changed. Suganda laughs and says she will get Chandramani. Simar says Chandramani…….Suganda asks her not to try to be smart and warns to kill her entire family. Simar is shocked.


Dhaani thinks to meet Viplav and talk to him. She gets out of the Ashram.


Bihaan asks everyone to come. Dadi says okay. Shraddha says if we all leave, then who will take care of Gulabo and Ram Pyari. She says they haven’t eaten their food. She says I can’t leave them. She says I will stay here and asks everyone to go. Bihaan says it is good. Vasu asks her to go and says she will stay at home. Shraddha says no, you have to go. She thinks Thapki should speak up now. Thapki asks Vasu to go and says she will stay back. Bihaan says no. Vasu says let her stay back. Thapki says I will give food to Ram Pyaari and Gulaabo. Bihaan thinks work is done. He calls someone and asks them to come as goons. He says okay. Bihaan thinks Shraddha is clever, but he is head master. He says I didn’t want Thapki to go today, recalls making planning, and Shraddha overhearing him. He says what you have thought Shraddha? Real game will be played inside the house, my men will enter the house as thieves and Thapki will make them run. Thapki will enter house again.


Simar recalls Devika giving her Chandramani and telling about its importance. She recalls Devika telling that if this Mani is broken, but its powers will be intact. Simar asks what I will do with this and can’t protect it. Devika says it will be safe with you, and says if someone tries to take it forcibly then it will not work. Simar asks Mata Rani what is happening and asks her to protect Chandramani.

Roli comes to Simar and says her heart is shaking, and feeling as something wrong is going to happen.


Raja comes to Viplav and says I am like your brother. He says I want to show you something and shows the watch which his brother had gifted him. He gets emotional and says I haven’t told this to my mum also. He says I can’t tell anyone about the pain which I am going through, says that girl looks innocent and nobody will believe that she is a killer. She can betray anyone with her innocent looks and if she comes infront of you, you will say that she can’t kill anyone. Viplav says I can understand, and asks him not to worry. Just then he gets Dhaani’s call. Dhaani asks him to meet her outside Ashram. Viplav says okay and asks her to meet him in the temple. Raja hears them. Viplav tells Raja that he will be back in sometime.


Roli asks Simar if she is hiding something from her. Simar says no and says she will tell her if there is something. Suganda and the other ghost do the puja and smiles.


Bihaan’s friends think why Bihaan asked them to enter home as thieves and asked them to fight with Thapki too. Just then Traffic Inspector catches them for triple riding on bike and asks them to take out their phones. Real goons are seen standing outside Pandey Nivas and say that there is nobody inside, thinks to steal all the money and things. They enter the house.


They stare the box, and someone gets out from it. He steps his foot down and everything starts shaking. Suganda introduces herself as Malti, and tells him that she welcomes her, and says you are weak today, but nobody in this world is powerful than you. He forwards his hand. Suganda says you will get Chandramani soon, I have made Simar understand well. The other ghost says Simar will not give Chandramani. Suganda says her family is her weakness now, and thinks to find out where she has hidden Chandramani.


Dhaani is waiting for Viplav outside the temple, when a man comes and calls her Suman Bhabhi. Dhaani says my name is not Suman and goes from there. Raja gives money to that man and thinks until when you will run away from me Suman. Dulaari sees Dhaani coming to Ashram worried. She asks what happened? Dhaani tells her that her past came infront of her. Viplav comes to temple and waits for Dhaani. Dhaani tells her that she told truth to Viplav about her past. Dulaari asks really? Dhaani says yes, and says he don’t have any objection with my past. Dulaari says time is not right and says he will get tensed. Dhaani says if Raja tells him something as he is searching me. Dulaari says they don’t know about each other. She asks her to be in the Ashram and don’t inform him anything. Dhaani cries and says why does this happen with me. Whenever something good happens….Dulaari says I will not let anything happen, and before that Viplav will not believe on Raja, and will protect you being your husband. She asks her not to worry as truth is with her.


Thapki thinks to charge her phone and sees the door open. The goons plan to steal the money, jewellery etc. Thapki thinks the game must not be over, and thinks to charge her phone first. She thinks Bihaan must have kept it somewhere and goes to ask him.


Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani if she brought the vegetables. Dhaani says she got unwell, and the vegetables had fallen on the ground. Raja Lakshmi says she will bring it, checks her and says you have fever. Dhaani asks about the gift in her hand. Raj Lakshmi tells her that a guy came and gave gift for Kusum, even though I told her that she don’t stay here. Raj Lakshmi says I will open the gift. Dhaani doesn’t let her open it. Raj Lakshmi keeps the gift and goes. Just then Dhaani sees someone entering to her room through window and gets shocked. Viplav is seen entering room and hums the music of Tu hai meri kiran….Dhaani looks at him shockingly. Viplav asks why she is shocked? He asks her not to worry and asks her to face the world with strength. He motivates her to fight against wrong. He asks her to show the phone and checks it. He says your phone is alright and sees Dhaani’s number blocked in his phone. Raja comes to Viplav’s room and thinks if Suman tells the truth to Viplav then my plan will be ruined. He thinks if the parcel reached Suman.


Thapki calls Bihaan and thinks he might have gone inside, and have a fight with someone. The goons try to open the locker, but fails. Other goon asks them to break open the door. Thapki comes inside the house and hears noise coming from Vasu’s room. She thinks if anyone health is not right. The goons open the locker and laugh. They shift the money in the bag. Thapki walks towards the room and gets shocked seeing the goons stealing the money.


Sanjana tells Simar that she has written essay on Simar. Suganda asks her to read the essay. Sanjana reads that her mum can do anything from them, and can fight with the evil to save them. She says my mum is the best in the world. Suganda says you said right, she can do anything for her family. Sanjana says my mum says truth’s way is hard to walk on, but we should not leave walking on it.


Dhaani thinks about Viplav’s words to fight back with strength. She picks the phone and Raja hums Tu Hai Meri Kiran music. Dhaani asks who are you? Raja says it seems you haven’t identified my tone. He says I am your Devar Raja Avasthi.

Dhaani tells Raja Lakshmi that she is going for some important work. Later Dhaani comes to meet Raja and slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thrishakthi segment is really irritating and borring…….

  2. Oh my god!!!!!!
    One of my exams got over……Exam was easy….
    Actually we have to thank the virus tat came to this page because it is of them today we have this this much comments …
    Due to exams I missed IKRS saw it few scenes I was in front of TV ? till 7:00-7:15 and at than time Ssk & Tpk were showing ….

    Proud of Dhaani ?..her character changed …at starting she was a little orthodox about all the past traditions & now she has changed alot…
    This serial also gives us an another message tat Love ❤ can change even the character of the person..Both Dhaani and Vip has changed alot Now Vip has grown up to a little mature boy(NOTE:-our vip can’t nvr become a matured person.He looks gud at this naughty figure ?)

  3. @AM
    Actually I like ? Varun Kapoor of Swaragini
    the problem is that I love ❤ him as Danny of Saraswathichandra and Kabir of Hum se hai life which aired on Star plus & v channel respectively…
    Not in Swaragini…in Swaragini his looks & attires are totally different ?

  4. @Am
    no worries I’M not a Tamilian Mams bhi nahi khathi Gori bhi hui..toh Brahmin hi hogi

  5. Lol ? AM

  6. florentina moldovan

    Saras, thank you for your sweet words! I feel the same about you!!!!!

  7. Hi guys,
    How are you all? I also watch swaragini only becoz of Swasan, they are my favorite. I also watch Iskrs and Thaapki Piyar ki. At the beginning I never heard of Iskrs until I saw dutta bau aka mishal raheja. I really like his acting, he is a very good actor.

    1. hii …it is good that you like all serials …but your given name is strange ….. 😛

    2. Your name is enemy but ur comments r very friendly. I really liked ur comment. Its good that u like all the shows & u r not bashing any show. Yes, mishal is a very good actor & others too..Thank u for bringing some positivity here.

    3. enemy ji..liked your comment…no hatred at all …optimistic attitude ….. thanks

  8. isn’t the man who come from coffin is just like siddhanth

  9. Hi enemy, very warm welcome to our family.tx for watching #IKRS 🙂

    1. Hi nima thanks for welcoming me?

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  11. Hi Anjum happy to see ur comments dear.today we r tired with some persons commenting hatred ikrs.really u gave boost to our comments. Thank u n if ur free keep commenting dear.

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