Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani sitting in the taxi and asks the driver to follow the car. The goons hold Deepak captive in the car. Richa calls Deepak and tells Viplav that he is not picking the call, and may be that Didi have done something wrong and may be she took Deepak to meet Mummy and papa, Deepak is not picking the call. Viplav asks did you have her number? Richa gives the number. Viplav calls Dhaani. Dhaani thinks what to tell to Richa. Just then car shakes and the phone fall down. Dhaani picks up the phone and thinks it is switched off. Viplav calls at Dhaani’s number again and phone comes as switched off. Richa asks Viplav what happened? Viplav says she was not picking the call, and now her phone is off. Richa says there is something wrong. Viplav says he will bring Deepak here. Dhaani

sees the goons stopping the car and taking Deepak somewhere. Dhaani follows the goons and reaches a godown. She sees the goons tying Deepak, and then calling someone(Simone) saying that they have done the work. Dhaani wonder who is this madam. They goons leave after tying Deepak.

Dhaani goes to deepak and unties his hand. Dhaani and Deepak fool goons and make them go from the window. Dhaani tells Deepak that they shall go from main door. Just then she sees phone ringing and lifts it to see Simone’s number and name flashing on screen. She thinks Simone got Deepak kidnapped. They come out and run on the road to take an auto. Just then they see Mrs. Kaushik and Simone coming there in car. Simone asks Inspector to arrest Dhaani and says she is complicated things and trapping us. Dhaani stops Inspector and says Richa is an adult. She tells Mrs. Kaushik that Deepak was kidnapped by Simone. Mrs. Kaushik is shocked and asks Simone. Dhaani says Simone have done anything. Simone says everyone knows that your thinking is cheap etc.

Dhaani shows the phone to Inspector and says it is one of the goon’s phone. She asks Inspector to check. Simone snatches the phone from her hand, but Inspector takes it and says he will decide. Dhaani tells Mrs. Kaushik that Deepak would have married Richa by eloping, but he just wants your blessings. Mrs. Kaushik says he is poor. Dhaani says he is a topper and will get a good job surely. She says everyone is not born rich and makes their career on their own. She says Richa is waiting for deepak at the temple, and we will be waiting for you to get your blessings. Mrs. Kaushik gets emotional. She takes Deepak with her. Inspector asks Constable to arrest Simone and take her in car. They take her with them. Mrs. Kaushik looks on.

Dhaani reaches temple with Deepak. She apologizes to Dhaani for not been able to fulfill her promise. Deepak says atleast we will be happy that we did try. Dhaani asks Deepak to go, and says she will give money to auto. Richa cries and worries for Deepak. Viplav says I will go and bring him, don’t worry. Richa sees Deepak coming there and runs to hug him. Deepak hugs her. Richa asks where did you go? Deepak says I tried to convince your mum, but we were not successful. Richa says I knew it. She introduces Deepak to Viplav, and asks where is Didi.

Deepak says Didi is so good, and have done so much for us. He says Didi wants our marriage to be filled with happiness, and tells about his kidnapping, and then Dhaani saving him from goons and Police. Viplav says unbelievable, this is done by Simone. Richa says did you get hurt? Deepak says he got saved because of Didi. Dhaani calls Parshiya and tells him that she couldn’t fulfill her promise. Just then she sees Mrs. Kaushik coming there. Dhaani says I will make you understand everything. Mrs. Kaushik asks where is my daughter, Deepak and that person who is helping them. Dhaani says I will tell. Mrs. Kaushik asks Servant to bring the shagun plate from car. Dhaani is happy. Mrs. Kaushik says what do you think that my daughter’s marriage will happen without our blessings. Dhaani says you gave a biggest gift to your daughter too and thanks her. Mrs. Kaushik says we should thank you, as you tried a lot for my daughter’s happiness, and I couldn’t understand my daughter’s feeling even though I have blood relation with her. Dhaani asks her to go to Richa and says she will come. Mrs. Kaushik asks Dhaani to come also. Dhaani says I will come and asks her to go first. Dhaani is happy. Mrs. Kaushik goes inside the temple.

Deepak tells Richa that her mum came. Richa gets happy and hugs her. Deepak says my didi have done this. Mrs. Kaushik blesses them together. Dhaani sees a couple fighting and asks the man to apologize to his wife, and unite them. Richa and Deepak sit for the marriage. Dhaani climbs up the stairs. Viplav looks on while Judaai song plays…………khogaya…gum hogaya…chandariya plays….Viplav does Richa and Deepak’s ghat bandhan…Dhaani is about to enter the temple and sees Viplav with Richa and Deepak. She gets shocked, surprised and stunned and the moment freezes for her. She recalls Viplav telling that he did a mistake and gets teary eyes. Richa and Deepak gets up and makes each other wear garland. Dhaani looks at Viplav with tears in her eyes and a fight in her heart. Deepak and Richa take the pheras…Dhaani is still crying.

Dhaani tells Dulaari that they shall go to other city, Dulaari says this is your madness, why can’t you understand. If we go to other city, then Viplav might come there also.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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