Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak coming out of her room and asks the ladies to give her some work. Dulaari asks her to sit and says she will bring tea for her. Kanak asks her to add more milk. Dulaari brings tea and gives to her. Dhaani brings lac and says they will make lac bangles for others. She asks Kanak not to feel helpless and says she wants to fill colors in others’ life just like Viplav filled colors in her life. She asks Dulaari to come.

Tania comes and hugs Viplav. She says you forgot me, so I thought to come. Viplav says he is happy to see her. Tania says she came with their friends Rachna and Ria. They greet each other. Tania shows the engagement ring and says she is engaged now. Viplav is happy. Sushma comes. Tania hugs her. Viplav introduces his friends to Sushma. Sushma

goes to bring snacks and breakfast. Dhaani says she came for her wedding shopping. Viplav says he got engaged too with Dhaani. Tania’s smile vanishes, but she congratulates him. Viplav thanks her. Ria asks why you are marrying a widow. Viplav says because she is very simple and unique, and I love her very much. Tania says Ria want to say why a widow. Viplav says because I am in love with her. Tania says I want to meet her. Rachna says we shall have party in club and call Dhaani there. Viplav says she is simple ya. Rachna asks him to call Dhaani.

Dhaani and Dulaari makes bangles. Tania comes to his room and says nothing is changed. She says sorry for Shambu’s death. Viplav says I was broken, but Dhaani gave me strength. Tania asks him to call Dhaani. Viplav calls Dhaani. Kanak thinks Viplav called Dhaani 50 times in a day. She thinks Viplav might call her somewhere. Dhaani says I knew that you will call me. Tania says its me. Dhaani calls her madam. Tania says you are going to be Viplav’s wife and that’s why stop calling madam. Viplav takes the call and says they are going to club. Dhaani says she can’t…..Rachna says we can’t go now. Dhaani asks how many girls are there. Viplav says three. Dhaani says I will come there. Viplav says if you don’t want to come then it is okay. Dhaani says when did I say that I will not come. She says I will come. She thinks Viplav is having many female friends. She tells Raj lakshmi what Viplav said. Raj Lakshmi laughs and says you don’t know what happens in city. He says Viplav is handsome and will have many female friends.

Dhaani asks where is Kanak? Kanak comes and says I am here. She says I thought to keep Mata ki Chowki and brought Mata’s idol. She says Dhaani will do the arrangements. Dhaani thinks how she will go now. Viplav is happy and thanks his friends that he will be taking Dhaani to club because of them. Tania says it is difficult for Dhaani. Viplav says I will call her. Dhaani’s call rings again. Kanak asks Dhaani to pick the call. Dhaani is about to pick call. Kanak says it is already afternoon and no arrangements have been done. Dhaani says everyone is working. Viplav calls again, but she couldn’t pick the call. Dhaani starts working. Once Kanak goes, Dhaani calls Viplav. Viplav says I will come and pick you. Dhaani asks him to say where to come and tells about Mata Ki chowki. She says she will come and asks him to smile. Viplav asks her to wear the dress which he had given her.

Mata ki chowki begins at Ashram. Tania comes to Viplav’s room and sees the shirt which he worn. She says it was the same shirt which she got from Delhi. Viplav says he don’t remember. Tania says life has changed. Viplav says Dhaani has changed his life. He calls Dhaani, and her phone rings. Dhaani apologizes to Pandit ji. Kanak asks Dhaani to switch off the phone during puja. Dhaani nods and disconnects the call. Viplav says this girl is always busy in puja. Tania says do you think she is ignoring you. Viplav says not really. Dhaani prays to god to give her strength to win Kanak’s strength. Kanak asks Dhaani to bring prasad as aarti is starting. Pandit ji asks her to bring bhog. Dhaani brings the bhog. Kanak asks where is Prasad? Dhaani says I made this much only. Kanak asks her to make more prasad as many people came and will go after taking prasad. Dhaani goes to make more prasad. Pandit ji does aarti and asks them to take the prasad. Kanak asks Dhaani to distribute the prasad. Dhaani gives prasad to her.

Viplav tells Tania and others to sit in the car and says he will say bye to Dadi. Sushma asks him to take care of Dhaani. Kanak asks Dhaani if she was in hurry and asks her to go and sleep. She says Jai ho Mata ji, you gave me success.

Tania gives flying kisses to Viplav and says she enjoyed dancing with him. Dhaani sits beside him before Tania could sit. Kanak gets angry seeing her missing and thinks she went to meet Viplav. She thinks to scold her once she returns.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I have been voting since morng on dis page.but why vote s r decreasing gradually instead of increasing

  2. dont know y not feeling that good about current track. .

    This time kanak planning to kill dhani again. ..
    pata nahee kiski kismat main mout likhi hai isbaar

    1. Saras I wish kanak khud hi mar jaye. After KT dies only Vidhani can breathe easily & me too..

  3. I think they don’t take in multiple votes maybe that’s why our Vidhaani is not getting the first position, Vidhaani doesn’t deserves to be 3rd at least 🙁 it deserves to be 1st though I like all 3 but Vidhaani a little more

  4. If dey dont take multiple votes den why der is an option” return to poll”.feeling confused.vidhani pair is better Dan other two pair

  5. Joyee & prachi! Obviously our Vidhani deserves the 1 st position & baki Sab nalle…no offence.. Just trying to copy selfie/mafia Mausi( comedy classes)…
    But sad Vidhani still in 3rd position..

  6. Kavitha where to vote for eisha? I am not getting the link.

  7. Guys,is there multiple voting,they took my vote twice.don’t know what’s happening but sad that our vidhani is in third place still.

    1. All data on my memory card vanished.i don’t know how.i installed opera mini once again and now my logo changed.this new one is not looking good.very bright.

      1. oh saranya we vrv used to ur old blue logo.. feeling little different. . but it’s fine

    2. Saranya wen I m percentage is decreasing gradually…wat ll we do now

    3. Go to google store, u can download der

    4. O sarany! What is this? This new logo? Mere ishq ka rang safed ka opposite… Hey old is gold & seriously yaar this logo is not liking good.whether u hv changed ur mail id?

      1. Yes Rajee this one is horrible.i am going to try with another email id.may i get much better than this.

  8. Rajee go to telly and select best jodi of the year link and then u will get it the voting section.
    For eisha debut of the year female also u get it there only

  9. Hi friends. I m back. And purple di I m very happy that u and rahul bhaiya r united and now u both r fine. Sorry for the late reply as I m busy with my studies so will not be able to comment more. About yesterday’s episode I think Tanya is a negative character. Principal mam where r u? Most of the people r not commenting bcoz of exams. Even I m preparing for my exams which is following after my b’day on March. So friends I will try to comment as much as I can but first I have to complete my studies. In April I m starting with my summer vacation so that time I will comment day night. For now bye friends.

  10. Rajee did u got it.the polling of our show members should in lead pls all of u vote without missing.

    1. Noooooooo..not got..

  11. TP is on entranc test 4 school
    T:ok my students,tell me now,who is Bala Gangadhar Tilak?tp do u know the ans:?
    Tp:ka teacher ji,aap bhi na,kitni aasan sawal poocha.Bala hamra bachpan ka dosth hai,gangadhar hamra ghar ka naukar aur thilak shaadi ka ek rasam hai.pagli teacher ji.
    T:what!ok ok next qn:which is our gold capital?
    Tp:ye koi poochne wala baat hai ka-hamri babi ji hai gold capital of world.
    T:so give me examples of wild animals?
    Tp:hahaha,lomadi,lomadi ka papa,lomadi ka ma aur lomadi ka patni
    T:who invented bulb?
    Tp:aur kaun hamri amma ne,woh leke aathi hai bulb,hamra peechewala dhookan se.
    T:who is our iron lady?
    Tp:ek nahi bahuth sara hai.
    T:wo kaise?
    Tp:thapki,swara,dhani,simar,ishani,shivanya,gopi bahu,suhani.list aise jathe rahoongi.
    T:ok ab iss sawal ki jawaab de do.tum kya karthi hoon?
    Tp: aaram se baid kar dhoosarom ko pareshan karna aur ka!
    T:ab aaghiri sawal,who is the great fool of Banaras?
    Tp:aur kaun aap,thabhi tho yeh sab sawalom hamse pooch raha hai.
    T:get out u idiot!!!
    Tp:thank u

    1. Lol…it cud have happened in tp’s childhood..

    2. saranya you are too much I don’t know what title should I give u..your sense of humor n creativity superlative.. excellent ..
      thodasa hindi improve karlo… bas

    3. Hahaha.I can’t control my lough do u get such a funny idea

    4. Wow saranya lol .. I can’t stop my laughter after reading ur comedy ..

    5. Wow saranya lol .. I can’t stop my laughter after reading ur comment ..

  12. ikrs going thapki way..
    always same thing. . villians trying to spoil whatever leads may be trying to do. ..
    it feels too monotonous n repetitive. .

    1. I so agree wid u Saras

  13. honestly telling I don’t like any track showing murder plotting etc… These kind of cruelty sends bad message to society. . it feels as though murder is no big deal.. which is most severe crime in reality

    my opinion is at least ikrs should be different in giving out correct message to the people.

    1. Saras its like bhains ke agey been is useless to shout in the ears of a deaf . cvs r not waking up even after the fall in trp. Ikrs lovers don’t want to c a copycat of other shows but just a unique ikrs filled with love & good message..-vity req. but too much of anything is good 4 nothing.

  14. so far ikrs track record says they don’t change charecters easily. … I mean no positive charecter has turned negative. .so I m hoping even tanya will not turn negative. .

    1. Ya they don’t change +ve to -ve but they don’t mind killing innocent characters..anytime violence!!!
      I don’t understand how dhani can b so sweet to KT after getting beating lot of times from her???

      1. she is
        also a “mahan aatma”.. that’s y she can love kt so much..

  15. Guys, this week trp of IKRS has dropped it’s not shocking the makers must wake up now and stop dragging

    1. writers r trying to gain trp.. tabheeto they r going tpk way.
      they seem to have understood only dragging story with lot of negative charecters can increase trp.. so they r trying that. . silly guys. .

      1. ROFL Saras and this dragging backfired 😛 XD not all shows r lucky like KKB, TPK :/ even Swaragini had drop in trps due to dragging

  16. Gud afternoon IKRS family.

    1. Guys pls note that my logo is changed.i don’t know how but the new one was horrible with bright colour so i decided to change this one is much better than that bright vamp.
      @Rajee u are right old is gold.i wonder where my dear logo has there any way to get it back?

  17. Hi sara it can be anything as in past rajlakshmi;shalu n suvarna have become negative at times

    1. That’s right renu they created problems unknowingly or by misunderstanding. . they have not become villians. .see even now shaalu so exited to buy gifts for dhani.. rajlaxmi is my sweet heart. . she is so happy swing vidhani together. .

  18. TRP disaster, it is no wunder when the producer.

  19. Uff today is a bad day urgggg :/ first of all our dear Vidhaani got last position in poll and now my fav team lost in cricket match

  20. Hi gud evg frnds.I don’t know whether wat type of story the writers want to show.first they changed suvarna as -ve person n shalun now Tania.then how vidhaani marriage will go on.don’t know wat happens in today’s episode eagerly waiting.
    In this episode dhaani makes wish to mathadi don’t make any MU between viplav n means there will a big MU na??let’s wait n watch.

  21. Enna writer sir neenga eppavum onnu superfasta story iluthukitu vodreengey ,illeyna passenger madri slowa story iluthukitu meduva vareengey.enna sir first story endha valiyela kootitu poganumnu decide pannugey.aprama vidhaani Yoda kalyanam pannalaam.pakalaam indreyku kadhai,vasanam,thraikadhai eppadi pogudho.(tamil language).

  22. Saranya I don’t know how appreciate ur of u know we have comedy king in Telugu industry (tollywood industry) that’s BRAMHANANDHAM (padmasri) I think u heard his in ikrs ur our comedy queen.if u like this name means k,but if not don’t MU me.I think so that much talent u have of sense of humour.
    So keep on going .
    Saran wen I saw ur conversation really I got stomach ache by laughing. Even I told my children also about this conversation. They also asked who wrote this I said this aunt saranya she is so talented of this type of comments.they also it was iam giving u this title comedy queen of ikrs.

  23. Yaar kavitha our Saranya already got the title of comedy princess by raj & she well deserves it…

  24. Saranya even I agree kavitha. U r the comedy princess of ikrs family and I m the little princess of ikrs family. Am I right guys?

  25. Rajee why r u not posting the musical scenes nowadays. I m the one who misses ur comments very much. Today u posted only one scene. Plz post karo na mujhe bahut accha lagta hai.

  26. Hi friends yesterday someone had asked about everyone’s bday but no one mentioned it. So I request u to plz mention ur birthdays in today’s episode so that we can celebrate everyone’s birthday. This is for silent readers also plz guys

  27. Perfect timing of taniya to sneak in vidhaanis life as it will make dhaani to get jealous and express his love ❤ for viplav which she always refuses to do giving silly excuses

  28. Ohh sorry I don’t know rajee I didn’t observed that but its k .see saranya evryone of us giving u title of comedy queen(princes) .ya u deserve it.

  29. new logo Saranya dear…..
    you lift my mood with your humour dear…… 🙂 good going

  30. Superb superb suberb

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