Ishq ka rang … Hum bhaiyon ke sung (Color of love with we brothers) ~ Zuha {Part 3}

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Part 3;
Rudra listens to “Love Angel” and remembers something and smiles and says, “A lot changed in these 5 years!”
He marches towards his car, he opens his laptop and dials the RJ

Love Angel {Only audible}-Hello!
Love Angel-Hey friend, may I know your name?
Rudra-Just a friend!
Love Angel-Okay! So friend what is your problem?
Rudra-My problem is…You know sometimes you are left with no other choice then to accept what others say, but when your heart says it is wrong what should one do?
Love Angel-So simple! Just listen to your heart, but the condition is your heart should be as a mirror pure and clean.I hope u implement! Thanks for calling…

Scene shifts at the other side, the RJ is revealed to be Soumya, she says, “Why this voice was so close to my heart, why I felt there is a connection between us? Who can it be? …. Rudra?” Her eyes well up, “But why I am thinking about him, it all ended 5 years back, it was my decision and I will never cry over it!” she wipes her tears, with a determining face!

Scene continues with Rudra talking to his client, the talk is muted, as the client leaves Rudra gets up smiliny and says holding an envelope, “Thanks love angel!!”

And he also leaves from there.

Scene shifts to Oberoi industries.

Tej and Rudra are seen talking.

Tej-It is good that you cracked the deal but how many did it cost?
Rudra-I am Rudra Singh Oberoi and I think from heart not mind.
Tej-You remember what your heart did with you!
Rudra-That was destiny!
Tej-Huh! There is nothing as of Destiny!
Rudra-You do not believe it is your fault but I believe in ISHQBAAZI.
Tej-Ishqbaazi! Stupidity! You have gone through betrayal and u also have seen what happened to Om so u better concentrate on business!

He leaves from there miffed.

Rudra looks on with an ignoring and helpless face.

Scene 2; Dhaba

Omkara is sitting at the dhaba busy with his mobile phone, when a hand is placed on his shoulder, he turns and is amused he says, “Bela!!” The girl is focused top to bottom, she is dressed in a long blue anarkali frock with blue churidar pajama and dupatta pinned to her shoulder. She smiles and says, “Omkara ji! Nice to meet you!”
Omkara asks, “Where were you all this while? It has been a long time though!”
She replies, with a gloomy face but truthfulness in her eyes, “Kuch silvatein suljhaate suljhaate khud ko hi kho bethi!”
Omkara looks at her and says, “Philosophy?”
She waves her head and says, “Nothing! U tell what are you doing here?”
Omkara replies, “Nothing waiting for my unknown destination!”
She says, “So if u do not mind may I accompany you in your search of UNKNOWN DESTINATION!”
Omkara hits his head and says, “Silly me, I did not even offered you a seat, Come sit!”
She says while sitting, “Thank u!”

Omkara and the girl gets in talking when her eyes catch a glimpse of a masked person, her smiling face turns horrified and the masked person shows her a thumbs up?

A drop of water falls from her eyes, much more precious then 1000 of pearls and Rubis found in the entire world but for the girl sitting right here was destiny.

She tries smiling looking at Omkara, she thinks, “Love is a path full of thorns, I decided to walk on this path but I had 2 ways, Lie or Truth, I wanted to chose truth but Lie was….I cant tell you Omkara thag whom you ought to think is Bela is actually Ishana, I know you hate lies but the fact is I love you and it is the biggest truth of my life, but my living never made me fall in love but the day I met you I fell for you, for your truthfulness, for your sorrows, I may not be loyal but indeed I am not a back stabber!”

Om waves his hand in front of her and she gets back to reality.

Omkara-What happened to u? Where are u lost?
Ishana-Nothing, just like that.
Omkara-What will you have?
Ishana-As u wish!

Om places the order for tea.

Omkara-Bhaiya 2 cups of tea.
Waiter-Okay sir. Five minutes from now you will be served.

And the waiter leaves.
The 5 minutes pass, with lots of sweet talk between Ishkara, though Om was the one speaking as Ishana was busy adoring her eye candy when there is a sudden interruption which breaks the serenity of the environment.

Waiter-Sir, your tea is here!
Omkara-Oh yeah! Thanks!

The waiter leaves.

Omkara is pouring the tea when he notices a young couple romancing, is eyes turn blood red as vengenance is seen boiling, flashes pass through his mind which are blurred and balck+white, but voices are audible, “Oh my sweeto I love you so much” , “I love u 2 jaan!” The voices which were heard through flashes looks though they hugged. “You know what I love about you is your beautiful silky hair, my Zulfi Singh Oberoi” , “And the thing I love about you is your killer smile which makes me fall for you everyday” . “OMKARAAAAAA!!!”
Om gets out of his thoughts realising his hand burnt due to the excess tea which he poured, but before he could react 2 soft hands held him tight, yes the concerned was none other than Ishu. She blew off over the bruise, while Omkara looks at her and his hair blew.

Ishana-Can not you take care of yourself. If anything happened to u then…
Ishana is speechless…

Scene shifts to NYC…

Anika-So Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi you want me to do a deal with you on 60-40% Mr. Oberoi how can u forget that u are talking to Anika Singh Rana.
Shivaay-Look u do not know Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Anika-I know a looser who lost everything just because his ego even his family!

Shivaay gave a stern look…….

Anika-I guess u are boiling in anger u should have water, wait I will fetch for u!

She calls and says, “2 glasses of water”

The peon comea and gives it to Anika.

Anika-Shivaay Singh Oberoi just remember one thing I am a RANA and I will never bow down to an OBEROI!

She throws the whole glass of water over Shivaay.

Shivaay is shocked and says-Panika!
Anika-How dare you to spoil my name u Bagad Billa!
And throws another glass of water over Shivaay! Now Shivaay fumes and in anger holds her hand tightly and twisted it.

Anika-By forcing me do you think I will agree, by this you are prooving how low you are.
Shivaay-You do not know what is the great wall of Shivaay
and pins Anika to the wall.
Anika-Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi I am warning you not to come near me or else…
Shivaay-Else what?
Anika-Then you will have to bear Chameli!
Shivaay-Oh really?
Anika-Yes really! You know what……………

Shivaay without any second thought placed his lips over Anika’s lips, Anika is amused cum shocked and does not know how to react. She is spell bound…But the kiss turns to be a wild one where Anika moans…trying to free herself from Shivaay she losea her balance and falls in his arms, breaking the lip-lock. Shivaay holds her tight and says, “What is your decision .. will u sign the deal?” Anika nods her head in a YES!

Shivaay is amused, and cherishes his victory.

Anika composes herself and thinks, “You do not know what Anika Rana is Bagad Billay! Now your smile will ruin in few secs.”

She signs the paper, Shivaay smiles viciously and says, “Good girl!”

Anika smiles and forwards her hand to give the papers when her phone rings, she shows 1 Min sign to Shivaay and attends the call.

After the call she says, “Bye Malika Bhabhi!!”

Shivaay is shocked to hear this name, he starts to sweat and trembles. His heart starts to pump very hard as he says, “Malika!” He turns when Anika hangs up. Anika calls for Shivaay, “Shivaay Singh Oberoi!” but Shivaay leaves without uttering a word.

Anika is confused and says, “What happened to Bagad Billa? He was alright and where did his Tashan went all this while? I wanted to show him something but never mind Bagad billay, u have to come to me, these papers will bringh you to me!” She smiles holding the papers…

To be continued………

Precap:What made Shivaay so horrified, what is the mystery behind Malika Vikram Rana? Past revelations….5 years Back!

So the update ends here. I hope u all enjoyed 🙂 Do leave ur views 🙂

Love u all ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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    2. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks so much Sat dear! Glad that u liked!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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