Ishq ka rang … Hum bhaiyon ke sung (Color of love with we brothers) ~ Zuha {Part 2}

Hey guys I am back with the second part!
Thanks for those wonderful comments…I am happy that you guys are enjoying this FF and waiting for the suspense to unfold!

*If by any chance you have missed the 1st part of the FF so the link is provided above…read it as it will help you to get engrossed in the story!*

Part 2;

New York City…

Shivaay’s car stops in front of a company with the banner “Rana Industries {NYC}”

Shivaay gets off his car and looks at the banner above and after taking off his glasses says, “Rana’s…I will not leave you not at all!!”

He steps inside the company and walks towards the reception and says, “Ms.Anika Rana’s cabin?”

Receptionist-Shivaay Singh Oberoi?
Receptionist-Sir but Mam has not reached yet.
Shivaay-What the wuck!! How the hell she…When will she reach?
Receptionist-Sorry sir I have no idea about it!
Shivaay-So call her and ask her and say that I am waiting for her and Shivaay Singh Oberoi hates to wait!
Receptionist-Yes sir!

She calls Anika..She hangs on..

Shivaay-What happened now?
Receptionist-Sorry sir but she is not picking up!
Shivaay-What the hell is wrong with this girl?
Receptionist-You can wait in her cabin, straight left, she will be reaching soon!

Shivaay walks from there saying, “After giving me time Madam herself is late! WOW!”

After a while….
Shivaay is waiting for Anika in her cabin, he looks at the watch and says, “It has been 29 minutes since I am waiting or this girl, if she makes me wait one more minute I swear I will leave!” The very moment he says it, the door opens with a bang, Shvivaay turns to see (NOTE FOR THE READERS; SHIVAAY WAS STANDING NEAR THE DOOR IN THE CABIN) a girl comes in running and ultimately falls on Shivaay, falling in his embrace, her face is covered with her gorgeous, curls, her hair moves slightly away from her face and her face is revealed she is none other than Anika! Shivaay and Anika look at each other, and share an eye-lock while O jaana plays in the Back Ground…

O jaana….
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tarap ke kehta hai tu hai mere jeene ki wajah…
O jaana…

Both Shivaay and Anika compose…

Anika-I am sorry!
Shivaay-Sorry for what, for making me wait since 29 minutes, oh sorry now it have been 31 minutes…
Anika-Listen to me..
Shivaay-No you listen to me! Do you have any idea how long it took me…

And he continues with his speech while Anika tries to speak…


Shivaay is amused and stops at once……

Anika (calms down)-Listen to me…I am sorry for being late actually CHAMELI broke so I had to go to the cobbler to mend it so it took time!
Shivaay-Hey, hey, wait a second, who is chameli?
Anika-Chameli! My Chappal!!! (My sandal)
Shivaay-What?? Your sandal is named Chameli? Ridiculous!
Anika-So my each and every thing has a name any problem? If you have just keep it with you!

She looks at Shivaay who makes an angry face and she says to herself, “Kanji ankhon wala bagad billa!”

Shivaay-Did you say something?
Anika-No! Aur tadi maarna band kare! (And stop showing attitude!)
Shivaay-Now what is Tadi?
Anika-You don’t know tadi! Aren’t you an Indian? Yeah you are 😉 Anyways Tadi means tashan wala attitude!’
Shivaay-Whatever! Can we talk business?
Anika-Oh yeah how can I forget that an Oberoi is here to beg a Rana!

And she smirks while Shivaay boils in anger!

Scene 2;
Omkara reaches Oberoi Mansion in a drunken state..Dadi is in the hall and notices Om…She gets worried and holds him before he falls..

Dadi-Om! You have again consumed alcohol!
Om (drunk)- Dadi I have not consumed alcohol I have gained peace! No sorrows…No worries…No pain! All is well!
Dadi-Shut up Omkara!

She calls for Jhanvi…
Jhanvi comes and says-Ji mummy ji!
Dadi-Have you seen your son’s condition take him to the room!
Jhanvi-Sorry mummy ji I am busy with my friends, ask any servant!
Om (to Jhanvi)- I also don’t need you! You are not my mom! For 20 years you loved me but now you have shown your true colors! Someone has said it right Step mom is step mom! (Guys Om is Tej and Svetlana’s son , Svetlana and Tej were divorced so Tej married Jhanvi, Rudra is Jhanvi’s biological son not Om) I don’t need anyone when my own blood and love left me what should I expect from others?

He leaves from there…Dadi looks on sad….

Scene 3;
Rudra and Tej are talking…

Tej-You listened what the board members said…You have to convince our clients or else they will withdraw and take back their investments!
Tej-So you know what you have to do!
Rudra-Convince the client!
Tej-Good and if you don not do it then you will have to bear with the consequences!

He leaves from there…

Scene 4;
Omkara reaches his room and turns on the lights..He throws his jacket on the bed and gets on the bed…

He notices a carton, a frame is peeping out of it…Om looks at it and moves towards the carton…

He takes out the photo frame….The photo turns out to be of Shivaay and Om smiling…He looks at the photo as a tear falls over the picture on Shivaay’s face….

Om-Why Shivaay..Why you did this with me? I trusted you … more than myself .. and you … you played over me!!! I will never forgive you! I hate you Shivaay! I HATE UUUUUUUU!!

He throws it breaking into pieces…

He picks up the carton and says, “These memories of your only give pain!”

And throws the box, resulting the things to break into smithereens….

Scene 5;
Rudra is waiting for the client at a cafe/coffee shop

He gets busy with his mobile when he hears the radio playing in the shop!

Radio-Hey friends! Your Love Angel is back! And today’s topic is PROBLEMS!! Everybody faces problem in lives but as we say, “Anyone can make you cry, many can you smile but it takes someone to make you smile with tears on your eyes!” So true! Isn’t it? Well now start calling and share your problems and your love angel will help you out!

Rudra smiles and says, “Love Angel!!”


Precap: Omkara is at the dhaba (Where ishkara confronted each other in the serial) when a girl pats his back he turns and is shocked and says, “Bela!!!” The girl smiles… Rudra talks to the client *which is muted* and he shakes hand with the client as the client leaves he says to himself, “Thank you love angel” and he leaves from there … Shivika are busy fighting when Anika gets a call and says, “Hello Malika Bhabhi!” Shivaay gets shocked hearing the name!!

So it is all for today! I hope you all enjoyed! Sorry if it was boring and I am stretching the track unnecessarily…If you feel so do not hesitate in sharing…Do comment if you are reading!

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  1. Sat

    It is very nice loved it. Even though it is short, you are posting it frequently. Please update ASAP. And did you read my 4th episode, if no, please read and comment

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks Sat dear. Glad that you are liking 🙂 And I did read dear.

      Keep smiling.

  2. Shaza

    Wow di , it’s much suspense, still thinking why did the O bro’s separate …..loved shivika scenes ….try to increase them though….and eagerly waiting for the next one….pls post it ASAP…

  3. Priya15

    Omg…. It’s shivay… My om.. Feeling bad for him… So om knows ishu as Bela.. Hmm. Nyc cutie..

  4. Sooo nice yr….post next sooon…i think i dodn’t commented on ur privious parts bcz i read them a few minutes ago so thought to comment here….lved it yr….

  5. Post the next episode ASAP waiting eagerly… nice story and too much suspense to handle … continue soon

  6. Wooo…interestngggg…..i liked it a lottttt……waitng for d nexttt

  7. First of all sorry for late comment as I was not able to open the link ….

    My views of this epi..
    1. ??? omkara is Svetlana son yack sorry for it but feeling like hitting the character Svetlana…
    2. Anika Rana and shivaay argument was so cool…
    3. @ SHIVIKA – here in abroad also chameli arrived and in abroad cobbles are there at roadside ha… Being rana always she carries her own unique style…
    4.. Feeling pity on om and I guess his love is riddhima .. And not our ishu their love track has too start ..
    5.. Our single digit IQ Rudy became SSO .. But Somo touches his heart & solve his problems…

    Unbearable suspense Dr… But loving it

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