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Ishq Ka Meetha Dard Part 5 (Raglak and Swasan)


Ishq ka meetha dard Part 5

Swasan and Laksh leave the orphanage and Laksh gets very happy to see them here…
He tells them that their idea of spending time together is brilliant especially without that Viren
Swara: Uss ne keh diya hai ke wo Ragini se pyaar karta hai to ab wo aur bhi khatarnaak ho gaya hai Laksh
Sanskar: haan magar mujhe nahi lagta ke Ragini ne yeh suna tha!
Laksh: let’s hope ke nahi suna ho ga!
Swara: nahi bhi suna to wo uss ko bata de ga aur mein yeh nahi honey de sakti! Iss se pehle ke essa ho tum uss ke dil me apna pyaar jagao Laksh! Yeh bohat zaroori hai!
Laksh: mujhe lagta hai Ragini bhi uss se pyaar karti hai!
Swara: rectification! Megha Viren se pyaar karti hai magar Ragini to Laksh se pyaar karti hai aur Megha me Ragini sirf tum jaga saktey ho!
Laksh: tum theek keh rahi ho Swara me apni Ragini ko wapis la kar hi rahoon ga
Sanskar: that’s a spirit! He pats on Laksh’s shoulder…
Oh haan mene Ragini ke liye traditional dress pick kiya hai aur bhijwa diya hai I hope ke wo ussey pehney
Laksh: haan jab me Ragini se milta tha to uss ne wo anarkali dress pehney hotey they
Laksh gets lost in his memories and Swasan go to their room…

Swasan’s room:
Swara: kitna romantic view hai na
Sanskar: mere view se zyada nahi!
Swara looks at him and he is staring at her
She comes to him and he holds her hands… Swara tum bohat achi lag rahi ho he says
He picks her up and they share an intense eyelock…
Sanskar switches off the lights and they go to bed
Meanwhile at the orphanage:
Ragini receives her parcel and is surprised to see an anarkali dress and Viren burst out laughing
Ragini: mene kabhi essa dress zindagi me nahi pehna to ab kya pehnoon gi
Mother: nahi my child unhon ne bohat pyaar se bheja hai pehan lena please aur wahan behave well ok
Viren: jaana zaroori hai kya?
Mother: a commitment is a commitment my child you cannot do that
Ragini: ok mother I will go to it… Mere paas koi option nahi hai really
Viren: tum yeh pehno gi?
Ragini: haan new experiment bhi ho jaye ga essey
Viren is jealous but he doesn’t say anything because he knows it’s not a date just a family dinner…
Everyone goes to sleep and Laksh is restless
He cannot stop smiling thinking that he will spend time with Ragini after so long…
Laksh: me jaanta hoon ke hum kal miley they magar mujhe apni Ragini se miley hue do saal se zyada ho gaye hain! Me kal ussey wapis laon ga! Uss ke baad hum ek nayi zindagi shuru karein ge me ussey itna pyaar doon ga ke ussey kissi aur ki zaroorat nahi ho gi!
Laksh cannot sleep well that night because of excitement and Ragini cannot sleep because of nervousness…

Next morning at the orphanage…
Mother: Megha get ready wo log aatey hi hon ge
Ragini: ok mother
Arey yeh peeche dor to band hi nahi ho rahi mere hath nahi pohanch rahey!
Viren comes and is mesmerised seeing her! He is continuously looking at her and his mouth is open…
Chintu comes: Viren bhaiyya makhi chali jaye gi aap ke munh me
Viren comes to his senses: arey chal nikal abhi
Chintu laughs and runs to play
Viren comes to Megha (Ragini) and ties her dori
Ragini: me theek to lag rahi hoon ya nahi?
Viren: atti sundar and he starts laughing
Megha punches him hard and they laugh…
Mother: Megha chalo gaadi aa gayi hai!
Viren doesn’t want to let her go but she leaves and he gets upset…
Laksh comes to pick Ragini instead of driver and he is dressed casually like in their old days before marriage… He says to mother: humein late ho jaye gi kyun ki Swara bhabhi ne bohat kuch plan kiya hai magar fikr mat kijiye hum log Megha ko drop off kar ke hi jayein ge
Mother: tum logon ke hotey hue mujhe tension lene ki kya zaroorat hai!
Laksh: thank you mother

He sees Ragini coming down in the anarkali dress (the purple one in the picture) and cannot get his eyes off her… He just stands still while Ragini is struggling with her anarkali… She comes in front of him and waves at him saying: chalein?
Laksh comes back to his senses and says: of course… He opens the door for her and makes her sit n the car
Viren is looking through the window and he is annoyed… Mother comes to him and says: what happened my child?
Viren: dekhiye na mother wo chali gayi esse kese ja sakti hai?
Mother: Viren my child jealousy is very bad
Viren: I am not jealous mother

In the car: Laksh ties Ragini’s belt and she looks at him…
Ragini: aaj mast lag rahey ho casual look! Hamesha aap ko khadoos wali look me dekha to shock laga
Laksh laughs and says: Ragini tumhe me khadoos lagta hoon?
Ragini doesn’t realise that he called her Ragini and says: haan aur nahi to kya! Har waqt serious kabhi mazaak nahi
Laksh: tum kaho to funny ban jaata hoon
Ragini: yes please mother kehti hai a happy person is a complete person
Laksh realises that it is Megha and not Ragini… He says: oh to tum issi liye har waqt baatein aur hansi me busy rehti ho?
Ragini: of course
Laksh: bohat achi lag rahi ho
Ragini: sach? Mujhe bhi lag raha tha
They laugh

Laksh: tum hamesha se cute thi ya recently hui ho?
Ragini: pata nahi me coma me thi uss se pehle ki kahani mujhe yaad nahi… Kya farak padta hai? Aaj mein jeena chahiye nahi? Jeeyo hanso muskurao aur mazaak karo yahi hai meri zindagi
Laksh: tum se classes leni padein gi
Ragini smiles: anytime for a friend
Laksh: friend? I am honoured
Ragini: jab koi mujhe acha lagta hai to wo mera friend ban jaata hai
Laksh: aur agar me friendship na karna chahoon toh?
Ragini: oh mr khadoos mera friend ban’na ho to special hona padta hai free mein friendship mil rahi hai rakh lo warna rehle do
Laksh laughs: me mazaak kar raha tha of course itni achi friend me kese kho sakta hoon?
Ragini smiles and looks through the window… He hair are flying onto Laksh’s face and he is lost in her… They reach the hotel and Swasan are waiting for them at reception…
Ragini tries to open the door but it is locked and she forces but no luck… Laksh remembers the times he opened the door for her
He goes to her and unlocks it for her and they share an eyelock… Ragini gets thinking that this has happened to her before too… She ignores it and opens the door
Swara welcomes her to the hotel and Ragini hugs her
Swara says: nazar na lage itni sundar lag rahi ho
Ragini: haan me bhi yahi soch rahi thi
Everyone laughs

Sanskar: tumhara sense of humour to 10 se 100% par pohanch gaya hai Ragini…
Ragini: 10? Mera level kab itna low tha shuru se hi entertaining package hoon
Sanskar realises and says: of course I was only joking
She smiles: koi baat nahi bhai aur bhabhi what is the plan for today?
Swara: no formalities call us Swara and Sanskar
Ragini: noted
Swara: abhi to din ki shuruwat hai! We will have fun!

In the orphanage:
Viren: mother abhi 30 min ho gaye kab wapis aaye gi Megha
Mother: calm down my child wo raat ko aaye gi
Viren is in shock and gets even more annoyed then he takes a drastic decision…
So what will his decision be…?

Precap: RagLak dance and SwaRagini moments…

Plz like and comment on which couples u want together RagLak or Viren & Megha?

Credit to: Shazi Rajpoot

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