Ishq ka meetha dard Part 1

In this story, it would follow the current track where Ragini got kidnapped and escapes from there… But after that would be my own story…

Character in this ff:
Everyone in the current track
Also a new guy called Viren (of course Abhishek Malik heheh) he is a orphan and works in the orphanage that he grew up in carrying on his studies… He is currently 24 years old doing MA
Mother: she is at the head of the orphanage and is very kind hearted… She is against injustice and hatred! She is called mother because she is catholic she has raised Viren like her own child because someone left him at the doorstep of the orphanage when he was newly born!

Part 1:

Ragini is running in the forest and tries to call her dad but her phone does not have any signals… She tries to run more but after a point, she faints!
When she wakes up, she is in a hospital and cannot move or speak but understands what is happening around.
Mother: doctor iss child ko kya hua hai
Doctor: dekhiye acha hua aap issey time par le aayin kissi ne iss ke sarr par chot pohncha kar iss ki jewellery wagera cheen li aap marks dekh sakti hain in ke galey aur haathon par! Aur ek baat, kya aap iss ki rishteydaar hain?
Mother: nahi Doctor main to yahan se guzar rahi thi orphanage ke bachon ke sath ke yeh child mujhe behosh mili

Doctor: yeh coma me chali gayi hain aur inh ki memory bhi bilkul blank ho gayi hai… Inhey basic cheezon ka to pata hai jesse khana peena aur essa sab magar iss ke ilawa ab iss ke ghar ka pata lagana impossible hai
Mother: jis bedardi se iss ko phenka hua tha uss se to lagta hai iss ka koi nahi hai! Aap fikar mat kijiye Doctor me issey apney orphanage me le kar jaon gi aur iss child ka dehaan rakhoon gi
Doctor: mother dekhiye aap ko issey ehsaas dilana ho ga ke yeh aap logon me se ek thi aur sab kuch bhool gayi accident ke baad warna iss ki jaan ko khatra ho sakta hai! aap ko iss ka naam bhi rakhna ho ga
Mother: jab yeh mujhe mili thi to bohat baarish ho rahi thi to iss ka naam hum Megha rakh dete hain!

Doctor: very nice
Mother: mujhe hamesha ek beti ki khwahish thi aaj wo poori ho gayi!
They go in the ward and Mother looks at Ragini with love! Mother: kitni sundar hai na yeh
Meanwhile in the orphanage a kid tells Viren that mother is in the hospital and he rushes there (he loves her like his own mom because she raised him)
Viren runs to the reception and then to Ragini’s ward.
Viren hugs mother: mother aap ko kuch hua hai kya? Chintu bata raha tha ke aap yahan!
Mother: Viren my child calm down chalo mere sath bahar…
She explains him everything and he gets tensed hearing this
Viren: koi essa kese kar sakta hai mother…
Mother: theek kaha iss liye aaj se yeh Megha hai aur iss ka parivaar hum hain! Humein issey batana ho ga ke yeh foreign music ki studies karney gayi thi aur jab aayi to iss ka accident hua aur yeh sab bhool gayi aur yeh kaafi saal baad wapis aayi hai iss se orphanage me bhi koi sawal nahi karey ga
Viren: theek kaha mother aur issey bhi tension nahi ho gi kyun ke yeh bhi apney aap ko orphan samjhey gi
Mother: wese bhi iss ki family iss kabil nahi ke unh ke paas issey bhej diya jaye
Viren: right!
Mother: me dawayi le kar aati hoon
Viren: ok mother
He looks at her through the window and cannot get his eyes off her
Viren: aasman par se god itni khoobsurat pari ko bhejta hai magar logon ko kadar nahi hoti
Mother: bohat pyari hai yeh
Viren: sahi kaha mother
Mother: yeh short term coma me hai my child
Viren: oh
Doctor comes after checkup and says: wo ab bilkul theek hain aur coma se bahar hain magar bhooliye ga nahi ke uss ka ateet uss ke saamne na aaye! Minor shock tha iss liye theek hui hain
Viren looks at her with love (at first sight) he never felt like that before and he was feeling butterflies in his stomach… He smiled and went in…
Mother: normal act karna
Viren: don’t worry mother meri theatre ki class kab kaam aaye gi
Mother smiles and they go in: arey Megha! Tu achi America se wapis aayi memory loss ho gayi teri surprise dene ke chakkar me!

Ragini is completely confused and holds her head: me kahan hoon
Viren: budhu hospital me aur tu mujhe to nahi bhooli na! Me Viren tera bachpan ka dost aur yeh mother! Humari mother yaar orphanage me hum dono to pehley bachey they
Mother caresses her hair and says: everything is fine now my child! Tum wapas aa gayi humarey liye yahi kaafi hai

Ragini: mujhe kuch yaad nahi hai
Viren: to kya hua! Hum new memories create karein ge Megha
Ragini smiles and mother tells her: bohat khushi hui tumhe muskuratey hue dekh ke
Ragini: me kaun hoon please sab bataiye
Viren: well tumhe foreign kya bhej diya further studies ke liye tum to hum sab ko bhool gayi!
Mother: Megha tum choti thi jab tumhe humarey orphanage me chod diya gaya tha kyun ke tumhara parivaar nahi raha aur Viren to wahan pehle se hi tha… Tum hum sab ke sath ghul mil gayi aur phir tumhara arts parhney ka dil kiya aur America chali gayi… Magar jab tum humein surprise dene ke liye wapis aaney wali thi to tumhara accident ho gaya aur memory loss…
Ragini: ohhh ok ab me samjhi I am sorry mother
Mother: sorry mat bolo tum bohat jald theek ho jao gi
Viren: haan aur phir hum phir se bachpan jessi masti karein ge
Doctor nods at them and takes Viren out: aap log bohat acha kaam kar rahey ho bas ussey dukh mat dena!
Viren: kabhi nahi Doctor!

They smile and Viren again looks at her face with loads of love and thinks: aaj kal to duniya me insaniat bachi hi nahi kesey log hain itni beautiful girl ko essey jungle me chod diya marney ke liye!
In the evening, mother and Viren take Ragini to the orphanage and she is happy to see so many kids there and starts introducing herself and plays with them…
Meanwhile at maheshwari mansion…
Swara: Ragini ka kuch pata nahi chal raha
Sanskar: don’t worry wo mil jaye gi
They share a hug and she looks into his eyes…
Laksh is in his room: i am sorry but acha hua ke Ragini chali gayi! Ab wo wapis na hi aaye to theek rahey ga! Mujhe ab Sanskar ko rastey se hatana ho ga Swara ko apna bananey ke liye
Laksh turns around and he gets a tight slap by Annapurna
Anna: Laksh tum essa soch bhi kese saktey ho? Yeh meri parvarish nahi hai! Kaun ho tum jo ek ladki ke peeche pagal ho gaye ho? Aur uss bechari ka kya jis ne tum se itna pyaar kiya? Meri baat sun lo sab se zyada tumhe hi dukh ho ga agar wo na mili!
Laksh: maa me uss se pyaar nahi karta phir
Anna: mujhe tum se koi baat nahi karni!
Laksh feels guilty for what he said…

Days go by and there is no sign of Ragini… Now even police had given up because they had no clue of where she could be!
Day by day, SwaSan were becoming close and they have cute moments…
Dadi used to be ill thinking about Ragini and there was a very bad ambiance in the house…
Laksh used to get depressed thinking about swasan being so close and after six months, swara refused to divorce Sanskar and decided to take their marriage ahead…
Police said to the Maheshwaris that they should forget Ragini now because she is either dead or either not willing to come back home because its been 6 months now!
Everyone breaks down and dadi says: tum sab umeed chod do magar hum na chodein ge! Hum jaantey hain ke maari lado zinda hai! Maara dil kehta hai uss ke sath kuch bura hua hai warna maari lado hum sab se kyun door jaati!
Anna: sambhaliye apne aap ko Parvati ji then she gives an angry look to Swara…
Laksh goes in his room… Mene tum se kabhi pyaar nahi kiya Ragini magar jab mene kaha ke tum kabhi wapis mat aana mera matlab tha meri zindagi me yahan sab tumhe miss kar rahey hain aa jao ab!

In the orphanage:
Ragini is very happy and living her life to the maximum with the kids…
She has her modern look and helps in the orphanage teaching English to the kids…
Viren and her are very close friends but Viren has feelings for her since day one and now even Ragini begins to have feelings for him
Ragini is also very close to mother and everyone loves her energy in the orphanage…
Mother to Viren: kitni achi child hai yeh iss ke parivaar ne iss ki qadar hi nahi ki
Viren: theek kaha mother
Ragini silently comes at the back and starts tickling Viren and he starts laughing and chases her… She hugs mother and says: bachao mother
Mother looks at them and thinks how perfect they look together…
Mother: Megha ko lag jaye gi beta mat karo!
They don’t listen and carry on their games

Precap: Two years leap… Twist!!!

Credit to: Shazi Rajpoot


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