ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai…..Episode 5

Thank you….thank you…..thank you….for your great response and without wasting time let’s start

Morning scene
OM is shown

All are still sleeping

Anika is the first one to wake up and was shocked to see all.and whole room so messy

Anika – itna raita phelaya humne kal
( we have spreaded this much raita )

Anika – gauri jaldi uthh gauri
( wake up gauri wake up fast )

Gauri – ka hua anika dii
(What happen anika di)

Gauri wakes up
Gauri – oh my god so much of mess here

Anika – isse pehle Dadi aur baki gharvale aaye hume yeh sab saaaf Karna hai
( before dadi and all family members return we have to clean this all )

Anika – wake up Shivay its morning now

Gauri – wake up omkaraji

Shivay and omkara also wakes up.

And they see rumya are still sleeping hugging each other

Om – ishqbaaazi……

Anika….wait wait don’t wake them up I want to take their pic
Anika’s take the picture

Now rumya are awake and embarrased too because they are in very awkward position

All elders returned from temple

After some time

Shivika ‘ s room

Anika – shivay ek kaam krna ki app yeh three piece suit pehenna aur yeh wala broach ( showing a broach ) aur yeh vale joote bhi okk…..
( Shivay do one thing wear this three piece suit and this broach and these shoes okk….)

Shivay – OK OK relax anika relax mujhse jyada exited to tum lag rahi ho
(It seems like you are excited than me )

Anika – toh main excited nhi hongi kya India k kitte bade bade businessman aa rahe i am so excited
( so why I’ll be not excited India’ s best business man are coming I am so excited )

Shivay – what you are wearing

Anika – not decided kuch bhi pehlungi mera kya hai
( not decided I can wear Anything shivay )

Shivay – kuch bhi nhi……main jo laya hoon tum vo pehnogi
( Not anything what I have bring for you will wear that ) ( he gives her a gift properly wrapped )

Anika opens the gift and gets mesmerized seeing it. there was a pink gown with chokers neck decorated by gems

Anika – thank you shivay

Shivay gets happy seeing her lady love happy

Shivay – vese today I am little shocked you was the first one to wake up!

Anika – shivay……
They laugh

So now its evening everyone are present in hall shivika are welcoming guests rudra and saumya were seeing the decorations and om and gauri are talking to other guests

Saumya is wearing a
off shoulder yellow color gown

Gauri is in black gown with white shades

Rudra and om are also in three piece suit ?

Shivay is also majenta colour suit

( guys already I had said that there are two new characters in my ff so here is a small character sketch that you have no difficulty to imagine them )

Ishaan Roy – childhood friend of Shivay handsome man he can do anything for his wife aditi

Aditi roy – is also a childhood friend of Shivay a beautiful girl loves his husband a lot
(Note – they are childhood friends of shivay but they never met since they were grown up only connected to each other with phone they only talk on phone so Shivay will also see them after a long time )

Anika – shivay what are you searching is there any guest coming

Shivay – how can you forget anika today aditi and ishaan are also coming

Anika – I am so excited to meet them shivay

Shivay – see they have came

Ishaan – how are you both

Shivay – we are absolutely fine

Anika – aditi….I am so happy that you both have also came to our function

Aditi – you know me

Anika – shivay talks a lot about you both

Aditi – hmm….

Dadi – shivay….yeh log kaun hai ??

Shivay – aditi n ishaan my childhood friends

Dadi – ohh you both r married

Shivay – yess dadi…..bachpan ka pyaar
( yess…dadi childhood love )

Dadi – kitte time bad dekh rhi hu tumko bachpan k baad abhi…

Aditi ishan takes dadi’s blessing

Dadi – how are you both

Aditi – we are fine Dadi…….

Now they are just going start there function and a voice came from back

Who’s voice it is??

Precap – all are shocked to see someone
Shakti – tum….

So guys done with my ff I hope you like it thanks for your comments and I really try to improve my ff more and more keep reading and don’t forget to drop your comments

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