ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai…..Episode 4

Hey friends so ananya is back with next part every story is incomplete without a villain so….villain is on the way he or she will be there in two three episodes and two more characters will be introduced enouph of my bak bak let’s start

Shivay – ready for the plan

Omru – ready!!

After two hours 8 pm

Anika came down and see there is no lights she call saumya and gauri

They get down from stairs and see no one is there

Anika – shivay….om rudra anyone is here

Gauri – anyone ??

Suddenly lights came and then they saw that whole hall was decorated with balloons.

They got surprised

And then our three hero’s enter

All three – surprise………

all three girls ???

Shivay, omkara and rudra sat on their knees and say I am sorry in front of their respective partners

Anika – o bete ki….toh yeh sab app logo ne kiya hai !!
( o bete ki….you have done this !!)

Gauri – but why have you done this ?

Om – I know you r angry on me but plzz forgive me

Gauri – angry on
you ??

Om is shocked hearing this

Om – yaa you are angry on me that night

Gauri – which night ??

Om – yesterday night ( om reminded her whole incident )

Gauri – no om i am not angry on you

Gauri – in fact I just wanna change that coat

Om was shocked and he is just still

shivay – sorry anika…..

Anika – for what are you apologizing

Shivay – for that necklace incident and yesterday night I was telling that tumne poora ghar sar par utha liya tha and all that…….

Anika – but for that I am not angry on you bhala itti baat par bhi koi gussa hota hai kya

Shivay – but you were angry on me…..

Anika – Shivay yesterday I was so sleepy may be because that I got irritated

Shivom – but you both were not ignoring us

Anigau – because we were busy

Anika – I am doing preparations for that business party

Gauri- and I was helping anika di

Anigau – and you thought that we are angry on you ???

Shivo – o bete ki humne faltu main mehanat ki

Rudra – iska matlab ki tum bhi mujhse naraz nahi ho sumo
( that means you are also not angry on me )

Saumya – kisne khaa…… main tumse bhot naraaz hoo
( who told you…… I am so angry on you )

Rudra – maan jaa sumo plzzz
( plzz forgive me sumo )

Saumya- no

Rusdra – sing ( song sorry sorry )

Saumya started laughing and said okk…..maaf kiya

All are happy now

Anika – so can we eat dinner now

Shivay – noo……because I have ordered pizzas burgers and ice creams as I was thinking that we will watch movie today but…..

Om – so what shivay we can watch today also

All – yeah…………

All went to rudra ‘s room

Rudra – so we have three movies khandani chudel , andheri raat mein chudel naachegi and ganji chudalan k lambe lambs bal ( I know these movies name makes no sense ??)

Saumya – I think we should watch khamdani chudel

Anika – so these three movies are horror movies

Shivay – don’t be scared I m with you

Anika – ohh hello darr kon raha hai mera daravni movies janam janam ka rishta hai
( who is scared I am fond of horror movies )

Shivay – ohh…….??

So now all were sitting on the floor

Movie starts

And all boys are behind girls

All girls – ab kon darr raha hai ab

After sometime all were shown sleeping……

Shivika as they were sleeping at pool party

om is sleeping side hugging gauri

Rumya are sleeping hugging each other like teddy bears

Precap – business party

So this is it for today hope u like it plzz drop your comments

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  1. Haridhra


  2. Mehakchalag

    O god kya naam the film ke.I m still laughing.Amazing episnde.

    1. Ananyagour

      I am glad you like it thank you


    1. Ananyagour

      Thank you so much

  4. Niriha

    Lovely update!!

  5. Aryan Meshram

    hass hass
    ke pagal
    ho raha
    hu me

  6. Cute one.

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      Thanks dwet

  7. Arthi

    This was so cute dr and all boys behind girls while watching movie and this one awesome dr…

    1. Ananyagour

      Thanx nupei

  8. Nice one

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      Thank you so much

  9. Dhar

    Kya naam rakhe hai yaar , it was hilarious

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      Thanks dhar

  10. Alekhika20

    Amazing updt

  11. Oh god I’m still laughing….andheri raat mein chudel nachegi was my favourite…will you be my friend Ananya?

    1. Ananyagour

      Offcourse i’ll be your friend aashi l love making friends and thank you so much

  12. Nithu

    movies names were khidkithod……………..laughed like hell……….my was giving this crazy girl is gone mad…….wala look

    1. Ananyagour

      Khidkitod……. thank you nithu

    2. Ananyagour

      Even i was lauphing like a mad person when these movies names stirked in my mind


    1. Ananyagour

      Thank you so much

  14. Awesome epi dear…. Nd movies ka name bahat hi jayda funny tha… hahaha…… Luv it…

  15. nice

    1. Ananyagour

      Thank you shivanya

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