ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai…..Episode 3

Hello ishqbaaazians thank you so much all who commented on my ff and silent readers too. For reading my ff

Omkara’s room

Shivay is standing out as he don’t want to disturb gauri

Omkara came there – Shivay listen to me

Shivay – say….

rudra ‘s room

Rudra in mind – i think that mistake was my but will sumo forgive me I need a plan Arre plan badme first I need paani

Shivom are already in kitchen

Rudra hides behind pillar and thinking – o bro moment without me

Rudra went near shivom making cry baby face

Rudra – obro moment without me

Shivom – arre vese hi hum hamari bivio KO leke parshan hai ab tu bhi

(Already we are in tension because of our wives now you also )

Rudra – bhabis KO kya hua
( what happen to bahbhis )

Shivay tells him whole incident

Rudra – ohh…
Vese gauri bhaooji KO ka hua

( ohh…what happen to gauri bhabhi)

Om – vese me and gauri are so understanding but today she bought a new coat for me and

* flashback *

Gauri – omkaraji dekhiye hum aapke k ee coat laye hai kesa hai

(Omkaraji see I bought a new coat for u)

( guys it was a wiered coat please imagine yourself )

Omkara – gauri what is this

Gauri – ka hua omkaraji aapko yeh achaa nahi laga ??

( what happen omkaraji you don’t like this coat ??)

Om – nahi esa nhi hai….but main ise party mein nhi pehnuga
( it is not like that but I will not wear this coat for party )

Gauri getting angry – iska matlab toh yahi hua ki aapko yeh pasand hi nhi…..

( that means you don’t like this coat )

Omkara – esa nhi hai…
( it is not like that )

Gauri went outside

*flashback ends*

Shivru – ohh….

Om – vese saumya KO kya hua
( what happen to saumya )

Shivru tells him whole incident

Omkara – ab Hume kuch bhi kark inhe manana padega….
( now we have to do something )

Rudra – hmmmm…….

Now o bros are siting at pool side in what to do vala face

Shivay – I have a plan

Shivay tell om and rudra about it and now they are with confident face

Morning scene

All elders are at dinning table

Anika was coming downstairs

Anika – good morning

Shakti – good morning beta sit have breakfast.

Shivay – today I have made anika ‘s faivraiot aloo puri

Suddenly anika gets a call and went outside the oberoi mansion as she was preparing for party in which all business tycoons are coming

Shivay becomes sad

After breakfast om decides to talk to gauri

He went there with a flowers buckeye​

Om – gauri can we talk

Gauri was also on a phone call and She left from there

Rudra goes to saumya ‘s room

Saumya was watching
her faivraiot show

Rudra was having a plate in his hand having paratha in it
Rudra kept that plate near saumya

Saumya was eating popcorn saumya notices paratha plate

Saumya – how come these parathas came here

Rudra smiles standing beside her

Saumya – may be I have only brought
( and starts eating paratha )

Rudra smiling face turned into a shocked face

Saumya notices rudra

Saumya – rudra what are you doing here

Rudra – nothing sumo I am going
Rudra left with a sad face

Today. All elders are leaving for temple and will be back tomorrow

Now saumya, gauri ,anika are in hall with shivomru

Anika – maa hum sabk ki taraf se darshan Karna

Pinky – oh my maata yeh koi kehne ki baat hai…..shivay meri daimonds bahu ka dhyan rakhna

( in my ff pinky has accepted anika )

Shivay – yes mom

All elders left only shivomru are there

Shivomru – ab toh kuch Karna hi padega

Precap – small surprise for anigausau (anika ,saumya,gauri )

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