ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai…..Episode 2

Hllo ishquis ananya is back with ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai….sorry for late update and Thank you sooo…….much for a great response on my ff so thank you soo…much i am very very happy enough of my bak – bak and patar – patar let’s start

Anika – rudra who is behind you?? from whom we have to save you ??

Rudra – vohh……

Before he could complete saumya enters

Saumya said you broke my faivraiot bracelet

Rudy- sorry na… Galti se toot gya….

Anika – what is going on

Saumya- Di he broke my faiv bracelet

Shivay – so what its just a bracelate

Saumya – but it was my faiv

Rudy – sorry na……

Somu- no sorry she throws a pillow on him and again they have started their tom and jerry race

Anika shouts stop! ? enough…..btw what are you doing with her bracelet at this time

Rudy – as you know bhabhi she is staying in my room I went there to get my dumble because by mistake I forgot my dumble there

Somya – and then he was continuously doing khatar patar and then he reach at the side of bed

Rudy- and then I thought that she looks so cute when she is sleeping and then he realises what he has said just now

Anika and shivay are staring at rudra and saumya is looking here and there

Rudy – and then my leg hits the table and bracelet fell down then somu is running behind mee…..

Shivika who were silently listening this broke into laughter

Anika – you both na… behaving like small kids

Shivay who was laughing continuesly some how stop laughing and said now go and sleep it is already 3 : 30

Anika – one. Minute this time why do you want your dumble

Rudra – bhabi mujhe neend nhi aa rhi thi ton socha thode push ups aur excersise karloo

Saumya- dumble singh oberoi

Saumya and rudra came out of their room and said good night to each other in an angry tone and gone from there

Anika – these two both na are just like small kids

Shivay- oh hello…you are saying this when by mistake I broke your necklace poora ghar utha liya tha sir Pe….

Anika – kya kaha apne Shivay……

Shivay – yeh ki tum bhi choti – choti boton par gussa hoti ho.

Anika- ( angry tone )app tadibaaaz k tadibaaaz hi rahenge apse baaat krna hi bekar hai ab mujhe toh neend aa rahi hai app jaagte rahe ullu jase

Shivay – tum mujhe ullu bula rhi ho

Anika- abb ullu KO ullu nhi toh kya gadha kahenge

Shivay – tum hamesha hi Tedi baat krti ho….panika khi ki

Anika was so angry she had said nothing just went to sleep

Shivay was known about this fact that anika is so much angry on him and he was so tensed

Shivay is looking at her and thinking how anika will forgive him
And he also sleeps

shivika ‘s room at 5 am

Shivay’s phone rang he answers the call its om said to shivay I want to meet you by om ‘s voice shivay can understand that he is tensed…..

Precap – shivomuru made a plan and Anika saumya gauri ignore obros

Sorry for grammatical mistakes

Hope you are not bored with this ff plzzz……comment ??

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  1. Gayathri.visu

    Nice… Rumya scene is funny. Update next part ASAP.

  2. pls write in english

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    Good one dear

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    I loved Rumya scenes very much

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    Thank you so much

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    Loved the updt

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    Luv it anu and it’s really good

  9. Nupurchhapre78

    Luv it anu

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    Nice one post soon

  12. Ananyagour

    Thank you so much all of you

  13. cool stuff keep it on well done


    An advice from my side, if you’d correct the grammatical errors and use punctuations, the ff will look more organised and fetch more comments. good one though. <3

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