Ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai…..Episode 11

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Anika saw something very wired that there is a big spot on aditi’s hand as it got burned
Anika remembers that there was no black spot on aditi’s hand when she came for party

Anika – aunty, what is this black spot

Yojna – ohh!! Actually her hand got burned when she was in 9th standard during her practicals.

Anika was hell shocked.

Anika in her mind – but when aditi came to our party this mark was not there…..

Anika – ok aunty I think I should leave now and don’t worry we’ll find aditi and ishan…..

Anika – but aunty you should inform poilce about this

Yojna – I already informed that….did you told shivay about kidnapping

Anika – no aunty not yet but today I will tell him

Anika – OK byee….take care

Anika in car – yahn toh both bada raita phela hua hai mujhe Shivay KO batana hi padega

at OM
saumya is getting out from rudra ‘s room she senses that someone is following her but she ignores

She is coming down from stairs and someone pushed her from back she fells down from stairs

All rush to her

Saumya is in pool of blood

All rush to hospital
Anika was also there


All are tensed faced

Anika and Gauri are crying

Shivay and om are consoling them and rudra too

Shivay – its all because of me meri hi security staff mein problem hai ??

Doctor came out

Rudra – saumya kesi hai

Doctor she is out of danger you can take her home after two days


Saumya is resting and anika and Gauri are with her

Anika – yeh oberoi mansion main me bhi koi bhi aa jata hai aur logo ko pata bhi nhi chalta hai

Gauri – app bilkul sahi keh rhi hai anika bhooji( you are right )

Shivay – ek musibat khatam hoti nhi hai ki doosri aa jati hai

Om – Hume kuch krna hoga shivay ek baat ek sabpe attacks ho rhe hai

Rudra – no fear when Rudy is here

Shivom -shut up rudra….. sabse pehla attack tujh pe hua tha gadhe

Rudra makes cry baby face

Shivo hugs rudra and they share o bro moment

Shivika ‘s room

Shivay is standing

Anika comes fuming in anger

Anika – shivay…….yeh security ki zimmedaari kiske haath main hai???

Shivay esa kyun pooch rhi ho??

Anika – app bataiye toh

Shivay – khanna….

Anika ( in angry tone )
Iss khanna ko chusa hua ganna nhi bana diya na toh mera naam bhi anika nhi

Shivay – nhii anika tum ganna KO khanna I mean tum khanna KO ganna nhi bana sakti ho

Anika went to hall and goes where khanna is standing

Anika – khannaji app aadmi hai yaa pajama
Security bada kyun nhi rhe hai

Shivay comes running

Shivay – Anika stop khanna ko datna band Karo shaant jaooo plzz…..

Anika – nhi shivay….. mere purane vale ghar me ek dhobhi ata tha vo bilkul achee se kapde nhi dhota tha ek din use daant k sahi krr diya tha Maine

Shivay – par yeh khanna hai….. dhobhi nhi

Khanaa is standing

Anika – kyun tumko bola na security badado samajh me nhi ata

Khanna – ( saluting ) yesss mam ?? saying this he went

Anika goes from there

Shivay is shocked – kabhi mujhe toh salute kiya nhi lagta anika ko hi mere sare staff ko handle krna chaiye

Precap – rumya sangeet planings

Please guys please comment if you r finding this boring tell me if you want me to continue this please comment good or bad or any suggestions I will not feel bad in fact I’ll try to improve it please comment ?

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