Ishq ka khel ishqbaaaz khelte hai…..Episode 10

Hey guys sorry for a very late update here’s the link of previous if you forgot my story
Episode 9
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Shivika room

When call was cut anika was hell confused she gets a message of yojna

Anika – now I have yo find it

Shivay – are wah anika kal tumne voh bomb vali mystery suljhai aur ajj vo bangle vali

Anika – ab main hoon hi itni khaas

Shivay – yakken nhii hota ki yeh sab tumne solve kiya

Anika fuming in anger – kyu itni sari musibat Jo oberoi mansion me ayi vo Maine solve ki na

Anika – baggad bille kahi k

Shivay – don’t call me that okk…..

Anika – nhi main apko baggad billa hi buloongi ( more angry )

Shivay – shaant ho jaoo anika

Anika – bade Aye shaant ho jaoo

Shivay – are meri jhansi ki raani KO Maine isliye hi toh gussa dilaya taki main use mana saku
He gives her a pendent

Anika – thank you shivay it’s bueatiful

Anika – Shivay I wanna say something

Shivay – say

Anika – voh……..
I love you shivay…..
She ran away

Anika out of the room
Anika – this is not the time to tell you about ishati

Rudra’ s room rudra was so hungry and sitting on bed

And then somu comes with a tray

Saumya – main tumhare liye khana le ayii yeh lo tumhari diet kichdi, oats and protein shake

Saumya and this is my ( showing a paratha role with paneer in it )

Rudra k muh me pani a gaya ?

Rudra – saumya tum yeh akele kah sakti ho
Thoda mujhe bhi do

Saumya thoda kya poora le lo

Rudra – thank you somu…..

rudra is eating paratha

Saumya – rudra tum tension me ho kya ??

Rudra – esa kyun pooch rhi ho

Saumya – kyunki tum jab bhi tension me hote ho tabhi esa oily khana khate ho

Rudra – han somu kal jo hua….

Saumya interrupts -don’t worry sab theek ho jayega.

Anika at front of Roy mansion

Yojna – come beta….

Anika – ab app mujhe detail mein batiye ki kya hua

Yojna – from 3 days they have not came home they somehow calls me and informed that they are kidnapped I m so worried for them

Anika – saw a photo on the wall

She went their and hold that photo in her hand

Anika shocked to see something

So why anika is shocked stay tuned to know

Precap – someone in hospital

So guys hope you like it plzz comment below well, I got the news that narbhi are not well?GET WELL SOON NARBHI!!??

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