Ishq ka Inteqaam……OS by Anonymousaa

Hello everybody this is Anonymousaa back with an OS. My bakbak at end as usual.Let me proceed to the plot.

I am a smartphone of the renowned surgeon of SDCH, Dr.Kabir Kapoor. How do I talk and express all this you might be wondering but it is a long story and I will take your time any other day.But for time being I have a urgent thing to tell you,The story of my owner. 

He bought me last year when his older phone fell down the OPD drawer while he was packing up. Since then I have been staying with him forever. He loved a girl Sanchi who ditched him right on the mandap for another guy. Still his heart beated for his first lady love.His love was true and pure always.

A blow fell upon me when I was thrown on the floor by him . I was new still so no harm came upon but then I got to know through his monologue that Sanchi had insulted and rejected him yet again.I now realized that my master had changed…he no longer was the tough dedicated fellow,he had become the obsessed lover to girl who didn’t care a bit about him. I felt bad but I am a mute substance I could not help but sit back and hate circumstances.

Today Sanchi had come to Kabir at evening. As Sunny had already moved to US I wondered what was she still doing here. She said to Kabir that she is ready to marry him for Veer’s sake. I was like ab ye kya naya drama shuru hogya.Kabir smirked and said Pandit ji is ready and mandap is too here. 

Sanchi- But where is Veer?

It was then that she saw blood marks around the room. Then she saw Veer’s T-shirt smeared with blood. Maybe she realized something that she was suddenly taken aback. She pulled Kabir by his collar and shouted:

Sanchi-What did you do to my Veer?I won’t spare you now. If even a strand of hair comes harmed of Veer…..

Kabir covered her mouth and said sternly to just go and change into bridal attire.As Sanchi protested, he took her by hand and pulled her into another room.As she entered the room he put the latch.I fell out of his pocket. And as fortune would have it, I didn’t get a crack yet.

Sanchi got the shock for life. She saw Veer welcoming her with a smile. He was dining there and invited Sanchi to join.She lost her cool.

Sanchi-What the hell Veer, here I was so scared to lose you and in your part you are merry making. Maybe I disturbed you sorry( She satired)

Veer- Haha Sanchi how much will you speak lie?Kabir was right,you will betray me too at any perfect moment. See I saw you getting ready to marry Kabir right after knowing that I can never become a father! Wow Sanchi brilliant. You never loved me you lusted and as I cannot fulfill your desires you are ready to get second opinion.

Sanchi- Look Veer , you have misunderstanding I guess.I can clear this out to you.First lets get out of here.

I could hear the latch about to break and down came the door with a thud sound with Veer being pushed to corner of the hall. I suppose he broke the door open.

Kabir wasn’t here. In fact he had stormed out just after locking Sanchi inside. Sanveer started to examine the room. Veer saw a letter above the TV screen.He unfolded and upon attention of Sanchi started reading it.

Dear Veer and Sanchi

Hope you are safe and sound now together. I am moving out of your life.Its just that I have had enough of you people. My life wae destroyed by you and I would not want to destroy it more.To live what is still left I am moving to US job.

Sanchi I still am the efficient doctor as I was before. I haven’t changed in my character.It is just that I changed with you coz you compelled me to change. I can never forgive you for the kidney theft scandal that you people framed the innocent me to save Veer,Since then I decided to make your life miserable. But Sanchi I haven’t done wrong still, Sunny is safe and I sent him to US for this purpose only.

You know what Sanchi even If you had disagreed to my proposal, I would not have harmed Sunny coz I know how to value my love and friendship. But everything is over now. I want to start my life afresh. Don’t try to find me.


Sanchi was taken aback. Veer started apologizing when sanchi stopped him.


Sanchi- No Veer Kabir was right I can’t value my relations. I am just an Emotional fool every time I need a rigid support and a shoulder to cry on and you definitel  aren’t the perfect person coz you cannot see things from other’s POV.Life isn’t easy Veer and unfortunately you don’t know a bit about this. Sorry but with your false accusations I decide to leave you and go back to Kabir.

Just then TV remote fell down and it was switched on. The news flashed:

The top neurosurgeon Dr.Kabir Kapoor has a fatal accident as his car fell down the cliff on Gunguna roads.

Sanchi was shocked.She decided to search Kabir anyhow.Veer tried to stop her but in vain.Sanchi stormed out .

Veer sat down all broken.

I don’t know what happened thereafter coz I was just lying beside the floor.Again another news flashed on TV:

The dean of Savitri Devi College and Hospital Dr.Sanchi has committed suicide by jumping over the cliff from where reportedly Dr.Kabir’s car is said to have fallen.

Veer froze….tears started dropping continuously. I don’t know how much time had passed when suddenly I got to hear the best footsteps than ever while the best suit with best perfume got carried in when my master barged in.

Veer-Dr.Kabir aap?

Kabir- Sanchi kyu gayi mere peeche?

Veer-Dr.Kabir didn’t your car fall down the cliff?

Kabir-I intentionally pushed it down the cliff to prove that I am really away from you. I wanted to move abroad and ensure that you people wouldn’t try to find about me.

Another news flashed saying Dr.Sanchi was no more.

Kabir-Sanchi why did you do this?You failed again.You again could not stand upto my expectations.When I expected you to stand for me,you didn’t and when you are expected to move on in life,you came after me to only end yourself. Veer(teary eyed) we need to go to Sanchi. You proceed I will follow.

Veer went ahead while Kabir smirked.

This is my master’s story.Hope you liked it.


So friends its over. Finally Kabir got his revenge though he didn’t mean to be it fatal.

If you liked this press ? else press ?.If you have time to spare do comment ? too. So all my TU friends where are you all? I am missing your posts. Plz come back. I sign off for now. Bye Love you all,take care.

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  1. Such a masterpiece, so many twists and turns, specially love the letter with all emotions. Keep writing dear.

  2. amazing dear?? sanchi deserves it. i am wondering why they are not ending this stupid serial. welcome back .waiting for more writting???

  3. Amazing dear
    Post soon
    Take care

  4. Sabaash meri jaan…perfect saza di dono ko but kaash kabir aisa double game krta instead of being a pshyco lover.. likhti raha kar yha b aa jaya kariye apna hi ghar h ?❤❤

  5. Dhruti

    superb os
    post soon…

  6. Anu88

    Ohho yaar…………..I am just speechless yaar……….I don’t know how I express my feelings after reading this story……………the title and story match 100 percent…………. it’s really awesome,amazing,outstanding and beautiful story yaar…………I hope it’s really happened in real serial but in real serial this is not happening…………….. Thanks a lot yaar for giving us such a wonderful and superb story…………….love u lots yaar………… dear

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