Hey guys, its me angels thanks for your lovely comments on the introduction and promos
pls check out my promo -1. Today i will be showing promo 2

a girl is seen sitting on a cafe with her friends and a group of boys came her firnd said
friend (ria): hey gauri see those handsome boys they look so cute let’s go after them
Gauri: ria i am not intrested in them i am searching for my prince charming,true love.
friend(diya): this girl is after true love blah blah let’s look at them
gauri nodded her head like ‘she is impossible’
on the other table a boy is seen sitting with a girl the girl said that
girl: om we are having a date finally orelse i will be busy be with social things finally i am free.
om: your so generous of helping children thats the quality i like in you Riddhima.
ridhi: i like u a lot om
riddhima is just faking her love for om she is just after him money and fame

on gauri’s table
her friend spilled juice on her by mistakely and she said
gauri: girls i am going to washroom
on om’s table a waiter by mistakely tripped and the tea fell over om’s dress
waiter: sorry sir i didn’t mean to do it.
om:ts ok
riddhi: what ok om you should tell the owner to fire him !!
om:its ok riddhima he did by mistakely ryt
riddhi:ok then as you wish
om was going to washroom gauri and om was passing by gauri’s duppata was flying in the wind and it touched om’s face but gauri didn’t see it when omkara turned he saw gauri walking he didnt see her face

guys my hand is paining tomorrow i will show rumya’s promo if possible i will upload episode 1 . i thought of giving equal importance to all the couples because the real ib is about three brothers.

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  10. Wow dear… I am waiting for the next update please post ASAP

  11. I luv these ff after seeing promo of dob i think gauri is bindass nd fun type of girl and she is big fan of salman khan i really excited to watch dob

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