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Episode 3 …..
Recap – shivika and omri meet.

In university,
(guys rumya’s meet is same like in the promo -3 I uploaded I didn’t get extra Ideas and all I am sorry for rumya’s fans and soumya is new to the college)
Rudra is shown talking with his friends and girls talking about his biceps and his handsome and all . Soumya was passing by the boys teased her Rumi saw this to showoff Rudra came and helped her everyone is looking to avoid embarrassment Rudra told hey fatso and you guys know what happened in the promo ( it will be boring to read the same what happened in promo).

In office,
Anika was presenting her presentation for deal and Shivaay was looking at her beauty he only didn’t know what he was doing it’s like he is not in his sense. When Anika turned and she saw Shivaay they had a eyelock and Anika broke the eyelock and continued the presentation and Shivaay came back into his sense. Shivaay presented his presentation and it’s time for the final decision. The person who’s company is going to work with the selected company ( I don’t know what to call that type of person I know it’s weird). The person told that he like Oberois and Ranas and it’s really hard for him to choose so I am going to choose the Rana’s I am sorry mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi and mr Tej Singh Oberoi. Anika smirked seeing this Shivaay saw her smirk.
Everyone came out of the meeting room and shivaay and tej was talking
tej: I guess we lost the deal infront of ranas bcoz of your ex – girlfriend shivaay you till now love her I saw you noticing her when she was presenting her presentation. I feel that deliberately you losed bcoz u love her.
Shivaay: what are you telling bade papa I don’t like her anymore . Tej: what can I tell Shivaay it was really a big chance to destroy the rana’s and you losed infront of them saying this tej went.
When shivaay was turning he saw Anika infront of him. Anika: oh no mr oberoi you losed you know this years ago itself that anika rana dosen’t like losing infront of others.
Shivaay : miss anika rana congratulations for winning this deal and moreover you won this deal dosen’t means that your great than me. Anika: typical shivaay singh oberoi won’t admit anything that you losed. Shivaay: no need to enjoy this small deal you till don’t know what shivaay singh oberoi is capable with his signature step he went. Anika: whatever and many people came to congratulate her .

In Rana mansion,
Anika came and hugged her mother and told I won this deal yay her mother kissed her forhead and told congratulations and her father told “ I am proud of you anu “ he hugged her.Everyone congratulated her.
In anika’s room, anika and gauri saw soumya sad
Anika : what happened soumya??? Gauri : ya what happened ??? and how was your first day of college Soumya: it was disaster bcoz of one boy he called me fatso . if I see him once again I want t o kill him like something. Anika : which idiot told my sis is fatso your such a cute little sis . Gauri: yeah the boy which is getting you is really lucky. Somu : you guys are the best sisters in the world I have got and she hugged anika and gauri. Anika : enough of this emotional talks lets have something I am so hungry. Somu : ya let’s go.

In Oberoi mansion,
Shivaay was coming to the house very angrily he went to his room and threw the vase kept on the table and said “ I can’t lose infront of her just forget about her he remembered his eyelock with her. He went to the kitchen for some peace and he saw omru making something
Om: come join us shivaay Shiv: ya so what r u cooking guys and om said “ some masala tea” and asked him “ how was the deal” shivaay said “ it was really a disaster the ranas won I just lose and opportunity to destroy the rana’s “ om asked to rudra “ how was your college” rudra said “ om I met a fat girl bcoz of her I got to shine infront of rumi “ om said “ you should not judge how people are “
Just then tia came and said “ hey shivaay baby” rudra said “ here comes ladybaba” shivaay said “hey tia” and tia said “ baby I really want to go on a date with you” shivaay said ‘’ tia not now already my mood is bad I am sorry tia not today “ tia said “ shivaay baby pls we will go on a date and it will also enlighten your mood” shivaay said “ tia I am not interested” tia said “ shivaay baby now a days your not paying attention to me and she started shedding crocodile tears” shivaay said “ fine we will go tia” tia said “ yay I will decide a place we will go to club” shivaay said “ fine as you wish I will go freshen up” and he went from kitchen tia said “ ok” and went from kitchen . rudra said to om ‘ om this ladybaba is trying to snatch bhaiyya from us “ om said “ I don’t understand why u don’t like her” . rudra said “ I don’t know I just hate her that’s it “ .

PRECAP – Anika drunk and dancing in the dance floor like something shivaay saw this and take care of anika he took anika in arms and went to rana mansion

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