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*******ISHQ JUNOON DEEWANGI*************


Now sanky have shona’s number but he is in doubt wether
he called her or not first he decided not to call her but his
heart wont allow it
Sanky- should i call her or not ?? ?? ?? i think no but
At the same time he is so desprate to listen her voice so he
decided to talk with her
Scene change

******KHANNA VILLA *********
Shona is so excited for party so she started slecting dress
as he loves party
Shona- what should i wear yr it should b classy as its first
party so i had to look awsome ? ?
Suddenly her phone starts ringing again she pick up the
phone thinking that its piya want to talk about party so she
continusely start her talk

Shona- on phone hy piya my sweto ?? whats up dear yr am
so excited about party but what should i wear .hy piya you
tell me that Rudey opps sanskar is asking about me you
know i want to tell you somethhing he is so handsome but
very rude yr thats why i called him Rudey ?? ?? isn’t it cute i
dnt know yr why am so attracted towards him ?? ?? his
smile is so cute why he couldn’t smile
Hy piya are you listening me

Guys its not piya its sanky on call shocked after listening
shona talk
Sanky- shocked ?? ?? ?? ??
Sanky- hello miss swara
Shona- ?? ?? ?? ?? who’s this
Sanky – am sanskar actually i want to ask about your health
Shona – oh shit now shona your gone how idiot you are ??
?? . yeah sanky am fine k byec
Sanky – smiles hy listen w8 what you call me rudey
Shona – trying to cover it up no i won’t why i call you rudey
Sanky – dnt lie swara i know you call me rudey when you
were fainted you also call me thats not good you have to
pay for it ?? ?? ?? ?? i will locked you in mourge again to
bear black magic

Shona- oh no sanky am sorry plz dnt put me in mourge
again plzz?? ?? ??
Sanky- we will decide it in college k leave that and ya i think
you started fall for me ?? ?? ??
Shona – oh plz its your fantsy i wont
Sanky-but you call me handsome cute
Shona – no thats for someone else k bye i had many works
Sanky- hy listen tonight’s dress code is long gown for girls
and ya wear it in blue color k bye

Shona- shocked?? ?? ?? ??
Blue color he want me to wear color of his choice oh god
what he want he is so complicated god save me plzzzzz
shona is in deep thoughts
Scene change

******* Khanna Fashion House *******
Ragini is in tension try to talk with other firms she is on call
Rags- Mr Basu plz try to understand its very imo project for
me ?? ?? ??
Basu- sorry mam we can’t do anything for you its against
our policy we cant risk maheshwaries rivelry kk bye
Rags- so disappointed arghh that lakshye maheshwari is a
game planner i hate him i want to kill him ????
She receives a call frm private number
Lucky- so babes stop bashing me my love your time is over
so tell me what you have decided

Rags- arghh you idiot you just disgusting creature ????
Lucky – oh ho too muxh anger my sweet baby but what you
have decided
Rags – thinks ufff what to do its our big project if we lose it
our company is destroyed
Lucky – babes answer me
Rags- ok fine i will come ??????
Lucky- oh thats awsome this night should b besr in my life
Rags- shut up ??????
Scene change

****** College*******
Sanky feel so relaxed after talking with shona and goes to
his frnds they noticed the change
Raj- hy sanky by this morning you are so desprate now
what’s happening dude
Payal- ya i have also noticed is there somethin somthing
Sanky – guys nothing like that ok am going home
Kunal – but tell us the game dude
Sanky – you came to know about it k bye
Scene change

****Shona’s room **********
Shona is continusely thinking about her rudey and writing
Dear diary
I know thats not a good sign am thinking so much about hin
i think i fall for him what to do yr plzz ask god to help me
why he is not smiling i want to see his smile ok bye i have to
prepare for party
Scene change

**** THE SECRET ROOM*******
painter is painting and thinking about past

the little boy tied with rope on a chair in semiconcious state
the kidnapers are talking about it
Chotu- is hia father gave money
Ramu- no boss said if he wont give money by tomorrow
morning we have to kill the boy
Chotu- ya he is of no use we had to kill him
Boy is listening their talk and very scared he thought to
escape but he is injured very badly what to do now what he
do to escape
Scene split
Episode ends

Precap- fresher’s party escaping of boy

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