********** ISHQ JUNOON DEEWANGI**********

PART – 8

********* College*********
Sanky is so much desprate to see shona he is restless so he decided to talk to piya about shona

Sanky- hy piya am sanky your senior i want to ask about shona is she came to college????
Piya- hello no she text me that she won’t came today she want to take rest whole day

Sanky- kkk fine thanks??????
Sanky walks frm there talking to himself
Sanky- seriously she wants to take rest i mean she doesn’t bother to thanks one time to me i saved her life ??????
Then he thought oh sanky she is in trouble just due to you you are the reason of her condition
Sanky- yeah yeah k fine shut up you heart i know am the reason i want to say sorry to her ????????

Scene change

********** KHANNA FASHION HOUSE*************

RAGS in anger pacing up and down she blabers in anger ??????
Rags- that idiot maheshwari what he think of himself arrghhh i will serioualy kill him he is trying to take advantage
She calls MR Mehra
Rags- hello mr mehra i dnt want to deal with maheshwaries so plz contact with some othr firms
Mehra – mam but they are best what happened mam
Rags-???????? do as i say
Mehra- k mam i will tell you later
Scene change

******* College***********
Rp is there and talks with all the seniors about fresher’s party he gave instructions to all and he want something neww to b added in the party

Rp- so my dear students are you ready to arrange a party for fresher’s
Students- yes sir ????
Rp- so guys i want a theme and dress code for that and han add some thing new to it now start all the preprations

Students- ok sir

Rp goes frm there and all students starting plans of party sanky’s group have diff ideas
Kunal- guys i thought dress code should b gowns for girls and formal coat suits for boys
Sanky- hmmmm that’s nice idea
Pyal- can we make a mask party it would b awsome

Sanky- thats also amazing guys add it also i have an idea evry time seniors do couple dance but this time fresher’s have to do the dance with seniors through a game how is it ??????????
Frnds- awsome sanky
Sanky- kkkk guys now lets go for preprations

*********KHANNA VILLA********
OUR princess is sleeping peacefully having dreams of her prince?????? i mean RUDEY ??????????
Her sleep is disturbed by a phone call phone is ringing continuesly
Shona- in deep sleep who the hell is disturbing my sleep arrgh she pick up the call
Shona- hello who’s this
Piya- hy shona am your frnd piya
Shona- ufffff?????? piya is this time to disturb someone’s sleep
Piya- shonaaa???????? is this time to sleep
Shona- k whatever whata new in that college that you call me in my sleep
Piya- oh shona tomorrow is fresher’s party at night and you all seniors are busy in preprations
Shona- gets excited seriously piya its awsome news love u my sweeto am so excited about parties
Piya- hahaha shona you r so funny where your sleep gone now

Shona- leave that piya i want to prepare for party too much fun ??????
Piya- hy shona listen sanskar is asking about is there something happend between you both in mourge han ?????? seems like he is so desprate to see you
Shona- what ???????? rudey i mean sanskar asked about me strange
Piya- yeah shona k bye take care i have a class of anatomy now
Shona- k bye
She smiles like an idiot thinking about rudey oh he so sweet i think he pretend to b rude but that suits him oh god what is happining to mee????????
Scene change

****** khanna fashion house*******

Mehra- ragini man no firm is ready to deal with us am sorry mam we had to deal with mr maheshwari
Rags- what mr mehra how is it possible
Mehra – mam i dont know
Rags – ok i will think on that you may go now

She starts pacing up and down suddenly she recives a call frm private number
Rags – hello who’s this
Lucky – so babes how was the surprise no one wants to deal with you??????
Rags- arrrgh oh thats your plan to trap me ???????? disgusting mr maheshwari
Lucky – sorry babes i wany you to be with me so i will do that
Rags – i wont accept

Lucky- listen babes u have no choice better u accept it you have only two hours
Rags – my answer is no
Lucky – my dear love think on it again i know its your dream project ?????? bye
Rags- arrrghhhh what should i do with this idiot maheshwari ????????
Scene change
********** College**********
Here sanky missing shona very badly and want to talk to her despratly so he again goes to piya and ask about shona’s number
Sanky – sorry piya again i diaturbed you but plz can you givr me shona’ s number
Piya- ?????? but why you know if she came to know..
Sanky- i want to ask about her health and dnt worry i wont tell her about that Piya – kkkk
Sanky takes shona number and goes frm there piya thinking about them Piya- oh god i think we all have to witness a love story i think it starts blooming now Scene splits
Episode ends

Precap- not decided

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