******ISHQ JUNOON DEEWANGI***********
part 7

******* The Secret Room******””
He is in his misery started another painting to control his rage and yes this time its showing fear of losing some thing
pAinter- its enough have to go out i cant breath here anymore????

He comes out frm the room but suddenly he fainted

Scene change

Next morning
****** HOSPITAL********
Shona is woke up now she is out of fear smiling in dumbness and thinks about sanskar

Shona- he is rudey ?? is he no no he is so sweet he helps me he saved me my heart goes hmmm ????????
Shekhr goes home as rags dnt want him to stay here as he panics alot so rags send him to home
Rags- woke up see shona smiling so she started tease her ??
Rags- ahm shonaa i think your smile tell me something something ??????
Shona- came into senses blushes but try to cover it up nah di am not interested in something
Rags- dnt try to cover up shona dnt tell me you feel something for your Rudey
Shona- murmurs how di came to know about it????????
Rags- watching her actions laughs haha shona see your face am just kidding ??????
Shona- haha di so funny is this time to joke ??????

Rp came there to check shona and to discharge her as her condition is due to his son
Rp- so miss swara how do you feel now
Shona- am fine sir can i go home
Rp- yeah you can go and take rest an attend college tomorrow
Shona- thanka sir come on di lets go home
Rags- yeah shona i had important meeting also

Rags and shona both go to home

Scene change
******MAHESHWARI MENSION ***********
sanskar is sleeping on floor he woke up sweating
Sanky- oh god that bad dream but why am i sleeping on the floor what happened last night ????????
Sanky- why i cant remember something after i am back frm hospital
Remebering hospital hia mind click something

Sanky- oh no hospital shit yar swara is in hospital i have to go there to see her

He quickly got ready to go to hospital without informing his mother

Scene change

*****” KHANNA VILLA *****””””
shona and rags reach home and shomi starts her lecture to swara
Shomi- i know shona you do something and see what you have been gone Through ????
Shona- chill my lovely mom nothing happend to me am just fine ??????
Shekr- to shomi dnt panic yar she s fine go shona take rest
Shona- k dad m going di best of luck for your meeting
Rags- yeah shona take care and dad am going for meeting
Shekr- ok beta take care

Scene change

***** Hoapital + college*****
Sanky reached to hospital hurriedly and goes to ward 201 but he cant find shona so he goes to reception
Sanky- where is shona i mean swara
Recep- sir she was discharged by this morning
Sanky- what who signed the paper am her doctor na
Recep- Rp sir signed the papers and discharge her

Sanky?????? ok
He sadly goes frm there thinking about shona
Sanky – how she goes without meeting me oh sanky you again going mad about her
He reached college thinking about shona

His frnds see him and tease
Kunal- hy sanky how was the punishment girl is so beautiful yr so you enjoy na????
Sanky- in anger?????? shut up dnt talk about her like that control your tounge

Kunal- sorry dude plz calm hey frnds lets talk about fresher’s party They all start talk about fresher’s party
Scene change
****** PEARL INN HOTEL***””


Lucku- so miss khanna i like the deal but i have better option for you ????

Raga- what’s that

Lucky- you have to spend a night with me

Rags- ?????? what shuy up am not that kind of girl

Lucky – choice is your mam

Rags – am not willing for deal sorry she goes frm there
Lucky- you have to came to me babes i have arranged all
Smiles evily

Scene splits

Precap- freshers party

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