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*******ISHQ JUNNON DIWANGI********


******** THE MORGUE********

shona is still faint and sanky panics and check her pulse omg its dropping due to sudden attack of fear so shhe is getting cold door is locked now sanky cal the reception to open the mourgue door as there is emergency

sanky- call to recep hello sis open the morgue door there is emergency

sis- but how mourgue is for dead people how can b there an emergency

sanky – just do as i says come hurry up

sis- ok am coming

then she opens the door sanky picks the shona up and goes towards emergency ward and do her treatment afte half an hour shona come into senses but still she is in fear

shona- what can someone tell me am i dead oh no am dead GOD thats not fair

sanky- shut up you dumb girl your alive and you are so fato coward

shona – pout face no am not sanky you are right the mourgue is hunted yar they try to kill me you guys plz just stay away frm that place

sanky-gets irritated with her talks oh shut up now sleep you r weak mis dumbo

shona – due tu injections goes into deep sleep in sleepy voice thanks for saving me RUDEY

sanky stunned to know what she calls him

sanky- what am rudey woah this girl is impossible

he again looks at her she smiles in sleep now again sanky lost in her beauty and remembers some thing but smile

%%%%%%%% FLASH BACK %%%%%%%

************* THE FLOWER SHOP *************

4 years back sanky goes to a flower shop to buy flowers for her mother birthday as she loves red rosess. shona and rags were also there shona is so excited to see the flower rags came to buy flowers for her frnd but shona loves flowers she also slecting them in childish way
sanky looks her doing childish selection

shona- i want lillies no no butercups oh that sunflower is awsome di plz can i get red, pink ,yellow, white roses and jasmines and tulips also

rags- shona my sweet sis comeon plz select quickly am getting late

shona- di plz na i want them all that blue one is so cute whts its name

shopkeeper- these are blue bells

rags- in hurry plz bhaiya pack all for my shona

shona- becomes sooooo happy thank you diiii love u u r the best di

rags- comeon shona lets leave

they both go and sanky smiles to see her doings an talks to himself

sanky – this girl is crazy i just love her

he also leaves frm there

*******FLASHBACK ENDS*******

sanky came out of his thoughts now in again tesion i should talk to dad about her that he informs her family he calls RP

sanky- hello dad the girl is with me she is fainted due to fear and now i shifted her in ward plz tell her parents

RP- sanky WTH is this you shouldnt play such kind of pranks

sanky- but dad how you know about that

RP- am very well know about it now shut up came back home

sanky- but dad ok i will come

rp calls shekher and talks about shonas condition shekher is so worried he takes ragini with him straight to the hospital

********IN HOSPITAL ********

shkher- to recep sis am swara khanna’s father where is she

sis- she is in room 201 DR.sanskar maheshwari is also there

rags and shekher goes there as shona is so close to him he is worried to see her in this condition

shkher- enters oh my princess what is this plz get well soon

rags- oh come on dad she is fine be positive

sanky see them but he has rage in his eyes when he saw shekher with shona
rags notice him and talks with him

rags- hi i think you are doctor sanskar am shona’s elder sister ragini

sanky- hi yes i am nice to meet you

rags- is there any serious prblm regarding shonas health

sanky – no she is absloutly fine no worries at all i have urgent work so am going bye

rags looks him strangely he goes frm there in hurry

scene splits

******* THE SECRET ROOM*******

someone is crying miserably- why GOD why my life become helll why he cant stay away frm my shona oh plz help me to control this rage i want to kill him he is the reason of my misrable life am dying day by day due to him i have to stay away frm my love

now he walks towards a painting

painter- shona i have to stay away frm u becoz of your father that incident is worst in my life

due to your father you have to pay for my miseries

guys the painter dnt know his feelings ups and downs some time he feels so much love purity for shona and suddenly that love changes into rage.anger

then he started a painting and goes into thoughts

**************PAINTER’S FLASH BACK ****************

an abandond garage a boy was hangging by celleing tied in roops the head of boy is in water tsoe times out of it this done by two cruel people they beats him continuesly the boy is in miserable conditio

persons talk with each other

ramu- why would you take this child boss will not spare us

chotu- yr he is listening all our plan to kidnap shona so we leave that gir and take him he is also a rich mans child

ramu- but why would torture him

chotu- boss says this and yes we love to do it

they are such cruel peple boy cam into senses

boy- plzzz uncle leave me what should i do i will never tell this one to any one

ramu= shut up if u dnt close your mouth we kill you your fther have to pay money then we leave you
boy gets fainted in fear they start laughing

************ FB ENDS8 ***********

PAINTER-that incident makes me to split to hide my pain duethat person but i will not spare anyone i can kill them alll he smiles evily

scene splits episode ends

precap– shonas dishcharge raglak meeting some more flash backs

guys what should painter do ? to know stay tuned to ISHQ JUNOON DEEWANGI

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