********THE MORGUE*****

as you all know sanky and shona locked in morgue so come on lets see what happend there

sanky- (in full anger bursted on shonaaaa) see girl just due to your carelessness we are locked in morgue in between dead bodies for i dnt know many hours now come and talk with these bodies :/

shonaaa- in fear bodies i dnt know what s a morgue i thought its just a store room. πŸ™ oh no again bad day she closed her eyes in fear

sanky- sees fear of shona so he thougt to play a prank on shona

sanky – so what you think in mourgue you got clowns or playground see those dead bodies they are here for many years =D

shona- what many years but how and is this for exhibition

guys shona is too much afraid off dead bodies she cant even see a horror film

sanky- started his prank you know this morgue is haunted and at 12oclock these all bodies gathered and do some BLACK MAGIC and they go ouut to find out a beautiful girl for sacrifice to please satan

shona- :O :O :O πŸ™ sacrifice black magic sanky plz we have to go out na plz ddo something

sanky- oh shona you r so beautiful tonight they dnt go out to finda beautiful girl they have one in this morgue RIP shonaaa πŸ™ i cant do anything see we locked in this mourge and they have powers pointing toward bodies

shona- started praying oh god plz save me i dnt wanna die in young age

sanky- (laughs in mind ) oh god she is so dumb blieves in my nonsense talk lol black magic sanky you r awsome

scene change


rags in tension waking up down thinking what to do her exhibition in two days and she urgently needs media partner for promotions.

rags- that dumb MD he waste my time now i cant contact some other firm as there is no time arghhhhhhh what should i do

she got a cal frm lakshye

lucky- hy miss khanna am interested and i want a meeting tommorrow 11 o clock so plz be on time at pearl in hotel and close the call

rags- irritated uffff he dnt have manners i think idiot no manners at allll but what to do i have to meet him plz god made this meeting sucessful

scene change
*****THE MORGUE******

sanky and shona sitting on the floor and aftr many prayers shona got sleep on sanky’s shoulder seeing herinnocence and beauty sanky gets mesmeerized

sanky- oh god this girl make me crazy for her and he goes into flash back

********FB ********
4 years ago sanky and his friends goes on a trip to goa on day they are on beach but sanky is busy in making a paiting suddenly he got splash of water on his painting . he gets irritated beacuse the person who does this dnt bother at alll he looks back and mesmrized to see the beauty in water playing with her sisso

girl- oh come on di lets enjoy

sis- oh comeon shona yr now lets go to hotel

yeah the girl is none other than shona

in that holiday sanky follows her everywhere he became mad about her without her notice he got her adress and he got to know that she is frm same city he is so happy

but destiny have some other plans

flashback ends****

sanky came out of his thougts and wake up shona to start his plan

sanky- hy swara see there is something at window

shona- wakes in fear what where where πŸ™

sanky- (plays horror sound on mobile)

shona- so much frightened she hugs him in fear oh god sanky whats these sounds

sanky- i think they start waking up omg its 12 0 clock

shona- hugs him tightly plzzz save me sanky

sanky- yo stay here i am back with solution

nowshona is alone and she started imagining that some one going to kill her cause sanky make some bodies stand during her sleep
so he wake them one by one now shona is shouting

shona- oh god sanky come soon yr they are wking up they kill me plzzz dnt kill me oh what should i do sounds are playing on sanky mobile create full haunted scene
although time of punishmentis over but ramesh is not present there
so they are locked sanky see her situation

suddenly shona fell unconcious

sanky- oh know man thats enough she is fainted oh know shona comeon get up now sanky is in tension shonaa is fainted

what sanky have do is shona come back normal to know more stay tuned to ISHQ JUNOON DEEWANGI

precap- suspense and flashbacks

plz guys do comments tell your point of view its good for improvement thanks #Haani πŸ™‚

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