part 4

********THE KILLER*******
an abandond factory the girl is tied with rope on chair she is in miserable condition and a cruel person torture her

person has anger in his eyes he hates her from the core of his heart he shouts on girl.

man- i hate you beacuse of you just you i have stay away frm my family for a period of miserable life you deserve that but instead of you they have taken me i know thats not your fault but that trap was for you .they torture me beacuse of that my personality splits into two parts i cant breathe i cant love. you know i have two parts now i fall for you in my real part 4 years ago when i see you at that beach but suddenly i saw your father and i came to knowthat his enemies torture me instead of you . atthat time my other part said no you are the reason for my miserable life . to control my rage i started painting but that is of no use.

GIRL- crying miserably but that was not my fault i even dnt know about that i love you soo much plz control your self you are in miserable condition ifyou want i will go away frm you forever but please dnt destroy yourself

man- slaps her hard shut up by this plan you want to free frm me but no no you have to pay you have to cry you have to bear my torture my love i hate you i love you you have tosaty with me forever

GIRL-but you want to kill me na just kill me

man- he is in rage so he stabed the girl he dnt know he do that with his love.beacuse his split personality getting over him so he kill her

the girl is dead now there is blood every where.

did he came to know what he has done ?

scene change


now all are busy in classes shona is so bored now its 1 O CLOCK
after so many classes its time to visit hospital evry junior with a senior for visiting different wards professor announces the team yeah our shona turn
guess with whom she grouped

professor- miss swara khanna you have to go with sanskar maheshwari for visting and checking children ward

shona- 😮 😮 (in mind) ufffffff WTH why this professor grouped me with this RUDEY NOW surely he tease me again and now he also ans my argument with him plzzzzz GOD save me frm this RUDEY .plzz these two hours passes with peace.

sanky- oh shit man this professor is going to destroy me why this kiddo grouped with me i wanna stay away frm her but every time destiny came in between ahhhh i have to bear her for two hours

professor- why you both standing like statues just go is this time to imagine some thing you may go now.

sanky- yes sir

shona- again lost in his charms and sanky stops her imagination.

sanky- miss could you plz stop your imaginations and move we have to check the reports and you assist me.

shona- came into senses no am not imagining yeah lets go.

**********CHILDREN WARD******

sanky and shona entered kids are very happy to see sanky .

sanky talks with kids

sanky- hello kids how are you have you take your medicines.

avi- ya sanky bhai we take it we all are waiting for you we know today is your visit where are our choclates

sanky- hmmm ya i have your choclates but firstly i have to done your check up


sanky check all the child one by one and gave them choclates and in this process he forget about shona.

kids notice her and asked about her

kids- who is she sanky bhai is she your girlfriend she is so beautiful.

sanky shocked 😮 shona blushes ^_^

sanky introduces shona

sanky- no dear she is my assistant and your new to be doctor- swara

shona- hello kids you all are so sweeet and cute :*

rahul- hi di but you dnt look like a doctor. sanky smiles

shona-what :O

rahul – ya di you r so beautiful princess plz sanky bbhai make her your princes

sanky again shocked and shona blushes again

sanky- leave all that now you all take rest i have a work till than swara is here to take care of you am going.

kids- ok bhai love you –

scene change


rags is waiting for meeting to start but the MD is busy she again goes to reception to ask wether the meeting have to b conducted reor not

rags- excuse me am RAGINI KHANNA i have meeting with MR MAHESHWARI its been one hour am waiting here plz ask your boss if he interested in meeting or not

recep- ask on phone about meeting an tell rags sorry mam their is no meeting with you today lakshye sir is busy today.

ragini fumes in anger becoz she is waiting frm an hour and now no meeting

rags- what its been hour i have been waiting for meeting and you said no appoinment

recep- sorry mam but sir is busy

as you all know lakshye is a spoil brat he is busy in flirting with his P.A
rags- where is your MD cabin

recep- infront of you but mam sir is busy

rags- in anger stromed into the cabin

here lakshye is busy with his PA situation is very awkward

lakshye looks at her

lucky- who the hell are you and what is your problem see am busy i said just get lost

rags- throws file on his table here is the project if you are interested and free frm your work then read it and plan a meeting saying this she goes out

lakshye looks at her weridly and smiles he has aplan for her

scene change

******CHILDREN WARD******

its been 15 min sanky is not there and guys seee the shona situation

shona- lying on bed sleeping there is too much noise but she cant up poor shona

these kids are so naughty that they played a prank on shona and give her a sleeping pill
as you all know that noise is not allowed in hospitals and the ward is now become play ground too much noise

then sanky came back and shocked to see the situation also shonas condition he tried to calm the kids

sanky – hey kids calm down dnt play hy rahul sit piya come on baby go to your bed if u listen to me i have gave you all choclates

listening about choclates kids calm down and silently goeas to bed but its in vain as ward boy tells the whole situation to RP

sanky sees shona condition an d poured a jug full of water on her

shona- woke up rain rain what is it

sanky- angrily i said you take care of these kids but you were in your beauty sleep

shona- no there is mistake am not sleeping but these kids gave me something

sanky – enough just shut up i said you kiddo you are irresponsible girl dnt you have brain that paitents need peace of mind its against rule

shona- teary eyed but i said its misunderstanding plz listen to me

sanky – enough just shut up dnt utter a word

RP came there in anger

RP- is this manner to control a ward you both have to be punished

sanky- both but what did i do sir

RP- its your mistake you have to teach her how to control the charge

sanky- but I

rp – enough you both have locked in morgue till 12 am tonight i will talk to the parents ramesh lock these both idiots there

ramesh- take them both and locked them both

guys what happend next stay tuned to ISHQ JUNOON DEEWANGI

precap- punishment.some secrets out and flashback.

plz do comments and tell mistakes for improvement thanks all #haani

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