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**********ishq junoon dewangi ****************
%%%flashback continues%%%%

**** abandond garage********
the boy after listening the plan of his murder he has fear of losing his life he thought to escape but he is tied by ropes suddenly he found a broken glass and he started to cut the rope
finaly he succed and he try to run but he is badly injured but he gain all his strength and found out a way luckily no one is there to stop him he run and fall blood osing out from his knee from his head but he tried hard to save his life he run through the jungle and finaly reach in the city and fall down in front of police station
scene change

******* shona’s room********
shona is very excited for party she talks with piya on phone
shona- piya where are you am ready come soon yr
piya- ya shona am coming have patience i will be there in five min it seems you are dying to see your rudey ??????
shona- shut up piya thats not like that hy listen he asked me to wear blue floral gown ??????
piya- ???????? wow seems he is falling for you k leave i want to tell you that its a mask party
shona – wow thats awsome come soon piya
piya – k am on the way
after 5 min piya reached khanna villla and both the girls going for party
scene change

**** college*******
all the seniors giving last touch to the party preprations all are busy but sanky is very restless he wants to see shona asap ?????? his frnds notice his absence frm vanue
raj- guys where is sanky yr he behaves strangely
kunal- yeah guys lets find him
they all goes and found sanky at gate walking restlesssly
frnds- hy dude whats going on have any problem
sanky – nothing guys

suddenly shona entered
sanky is mesmerized to see her beauty in blue long floral gown with long hairs curled at ends with light make up with pearl necklace sanky is lost in her beauty
all frnds came to know his condition and start teasing him
frnds- oh ho wow some one find his lady love
sanky came into senses and talk with them rudely
sanky- shut up guys leave it lets go to the vanue
here shona sees him in blue suit ( matching matching guys) lost in hia charms completely piya make her to woke up
piya – hy shona come on yr we are getting late
shona – came into senses
ya piya lets go
scene change


all are welcoming juniors wearing masks and rp do welcome speech guys its boring so now come on the main point

******* the dance game *”*****

host- k guys time for some fun game this is change this time juniors have to participate keep on your masks and stood in lines in front of each other a boy in front of girl lites are off and a spot light on and roaming on couples on which light is stops have to dance on romantic song this game proceed so on and judges decide which couple is best chemistry and dance won the best couple title k we start it now and one more thing couple should remove the mask while dancing
k lets start ( guys i dnt know if there is game of this type or not )
ok firstly light stops on a couple guess who ok wait they have to go to dance floor and remove mask
yeah guys its our swasan ??????
shona is shocked to see sanky,
shona -?????? had to dancr with rudey
while sanky smiles and winks ?????? at her
music plays song is frm hero movie title song
sanky put his hand on her waist looks lovingly at her they have eyelock

ankhon k pano py

main ny likha tha soo dafa
lafzon main jo ishq tha
hua na honton say bayan
khud say naraz hn
kyn by awaz hn
meri khamoshiyan hain saza
dill hy ye sochta
phir bhi nahi pata
kis haq say khn bta
k main hn hero tera

he keeps on roling her looking deep into her eyes take her into back hug whispers in her ears
sanky – so you wear this dress for me
shona – no i wont
sanky- yes you feel for me
shona – no
song continues

rahon main b her kadam main tery sath chala
hathon main thy yeh hath magar
phir b raha fasla
seeny main hain chupy
ehsas pyar k
bin kahy tu sun ly zara
dill hy yeh sochta
phir b ni pata
kis haq say khn bta
k main hn hero tera,
he keeps eye contect with her take her close to him
teri waja say hy milin
jeeny ki sub khwahishain
pa lon tery dill main jaga
hain ye meri koshishain
main bus tera banon
bin tery na rahon
main ny tu mangi hy yeah dua
dill hy ye sochta
phir b nahi pata kis haq say kahn bta
k main hn hero tera

he lost in her beauty want her to be with him in his embrace shona is lost in his eyes suddenly he remember something and sounds of claps came then back to senses sanky jerked her and goes frm there
now game on and all couples perform now its result time –
host- all couples done best dance but the best couple goes to sanskar maheshwari and swara khanna
both goes on stage for title but sanky doesnt looks at her and goes away shona got teary eyes ????
ume haani

she looks helplessy hurt by his behavior
scene splits
precap – sanky purpose shona
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