ishq (ishra and arshi) intro and epi 1

hi guys ..
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so here we go with the intro
arnav: an engineering student of 4th year in mit college of engineering.(age: 22).
ashok raagav and raadika raagav are parents of arnav.
diya : sister of arnav she is studying in ethiraj college.age:20.
khushi family.
khushi : an engineering student of skc college of engineering of 3rd year.(age: 21).

ishitha family:
ishitha: head of infosys company.age 24.
ishitha has no parents.
an elder brother named surya.age 26.

raman: head of wipro.age: 25.
ranjith sharma and ranya sharma are parents.
raman dont have own sister but their parents have brought a girl from orphanage in thier young age. her name is agalya.

After 3 yrs……
In goa airport.
A modern girl with blue jeans and free hair seats in the port , waiting for the is none other than our heroine khushi.she is going to hyderabad in search for engineering job.
A boy wearing coat suit and having pop corns in his hands sits next to is our hero arnav.he is also going to hyderabad in search of job.
while entering airoplane.
arnav sits near khushi in airoplane.
arnav is coming for the first time in airoplane.

arnav doesnt know to put seating belt also.
he informs to the aerosters about this.
khushi sitting next to him she puts seating belt for him instead waiting for aerosters. arnav in his mind “what the”
arnav: thank you aunty.
khushi: what me.. am i looking like aunty iam just 23.
arnav: ahh dont lie dont tell your age what was before 10 years.
khushi: hello mister, you dont need to believe..
arnav: any way thanks madam.
khushi: what is your name.

arnav: iam arnav everyone will call me bittu.ok what is your name?
khushi: iam khushi.
arnav: i actually completed engineering in madras university and now I am going in search for job in hyderabad.
khushi: really arnav, iam also going to hydrabad in search for job i also completed engineering in skc college.
thats nice right.
arnav: no, its my bad time.
khushi: why?
arnav: because iam sitting near an idiotic , ugly ,senseless girl.
khushi: hello mister, mind your words, you are not amitab bachchan to say iam not a pretty girl…I know that iam not that much pretty but atleast like sonakshi sinha..

arnav:what the , yaa its right actually you are like her fat only. ok lets stop this. iam afraid of airoplane since iam coming first time in airoplane….
khushi: in mind..”ohh he is afraid of airoplane”lets make fun of him..
khsuhi: excuse me arnav… you know one thing this is my third journeyin airoplane..but i hope this will be my last journey.
arnav: why? in afraid manner.
khushi: weather is not pleasant out side so i dont know whether the flight will land in correct destination point.
arnav: oh my god…iam afraid..

khushi: hello mister the flight is about to take off.
so, please close your eyes and pray for god.
arnav closes his eyes..he thinks of ill omens..
he suddenly opens his eyes and shouts help me help me.
evryone stands up in the airoplane.
Khushi:nothing everyone can sit.. n othing …
khushi: what happened arnav…

arnav: when i closed my eyes i got a bad thought.
the hijack scene in neerja movie.
khushi: ohh.. arnav dont yhink of that …
arnav: why?
khushi: because hijack will not take place only the flight will get crash into sea.thats all . only one time we will die..
arnav: what??? we will die..
khushi: yaa only once right its ok..
arnav: really….
khushi: ok be quite..

everyone is seeing us.
khushi calls aerosters for asking lemons.
arnav; why you want lemon.
khushi: hmm.. iam going to do lemon rice in aeroplane.’
arnav: ohh i see..
khushi; hello mister.. when i came last time in aeroplane i took vomit in my partners head so, that only before it self iam having lemon.
arnav: what the…
khushi: ok ok iam going to sleep..happy bad dreams arnav…
arnav:shut your mouth…

PRECAP: the flight lands in hyderabad.
in port arnav’s friend comes to take him to his hotel room…khushi waits for her friend but she doesnot come there…

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  1. nice story

    1. suvalakshmi gajapathy

      thank u jyoti

  2. Nice dear

    1. suvalakshmi gajapathy

      Thank you isuri

  3. Nice part about Arshi but very funny where Khushi testing Arnav mind and his scared notion during flight. Poor Arnav!!!!

    1. suvalakshmi gajapathy

      Thank u parichari….

  4. Jasminerahul

    title and the couples attracted me to this ff. khushi putting seat belt for arnav was nice.Arnav calling khushi aunty and fat though she is young and thin.ha ha.arnav’s fear and khushi trying to make him more funny.last part too was very funny

  5. suvalakshmi gajapathy

    Thank u jasminerahul

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