Ishq hua yeh hua (chap 4)


Hey guys actually i and proma post our chapters alternately but as she is busy she couldn’t post and its better i wont delay

So here is an other chap of my ff with +Proma Mondal

Recap: swara makeover
Sanky is mesmerised of her

Chapter 4
Ishq hua yeh hua

Swara wakes up and goes to the mirror she was searching for her glaases and suddenly sees her self completely changed and smiles she thinks of sanky and then grabs the contact lenses and puts it on

She grabs a cute outfit and smiles as it was sanky’s fav dress she wanted to impress him but she didnt have any idea that she will impress others too

She was ready

She looked like a new girl she was stylish and she heading to her bus stop when she saw sanky he was thinking how to take their relationship to the next level

Swara smiled and waved at him calling him as she was on the other side

She crossed the road and went to him

He was soo lost in her she looked soo pretty he unexpectedly started blushing

Swara shakes him

Swara: arey sanky kaha kho gaye ho……aur tum yaha……kya kar rahe ho

Sanky: woh i was just passing and thought to pick u up

Swara: accha ok par bf gf ko pick larta hein na

Sanky: haan…..toh u r my gf

Swara will be blushing when uttara shakes her (uttara isnt shocked as she saw her on sunday so she saw her like that before therefore she identified her)

Uttara: accha…..toh meri swara love mein padgayi

Swara blushes: aisa kuch nahin di…..i mean uttara

Uttara : wow uttara awsome yaar bhai is the best kahi unnke khayalo mein…..

Swara: shut up

Uttara: shut up….huh u changed yaar i luv u

And they hug

(Swara was dreaming sanky being there )

They reach the college

Sanky was on his bike planning and thinking when he sees swara he stares at her lovingly

Rohan the coolest and most handsome boy goes to her

Rohan: takes her hand kisses it and hey beautiful new here? I will help u gorgeous and ur name

Swara was shocked and smiles: swara

Rohan: nice….swara…….theres a chashmish swara

Swara: and thats me

She pushes him

Rohan gets shocked he starts liking her

All the cute girls r jealous cause their bfs are trying to impress swara

But swara keeps walking to sanky

Sanky was fuming with anger he wanted to stab them

Swara came : hi sanskaar

Sanky: hi (trying to make her jealous) did u see naina??

Swara: naina kyun?

Sanky: arey yaar we r too close we r in third year na

Swara gets jealous and understands he is jealous

Swara: pata nahin but u know i think rohan likes me he is sooo cute i guess even i do

Laksh comes there: kya u like rohan?? Then go tell him

Sanky: noooooo stop he pulls her they have an eyelock

Lucky leaves

Sanskaar now felt he really likes swara

Swara breaks it : ok bye class ke liye der ho rahi hein

Sanky: par…..

She leaves

Sanky to himself: pagal why r u jealous of rohan being with that chashmish anyways i have to plan something isse mere taraf laana hoga and this rohan ka baccha huh dekhloongs

End of the chapter

Precap: rohan proposes to swara
Sanskaar starts liking swara and realises it

Thanks guys was short but hope u like it

Credit to: Proma&pravalika

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