Ishq hua yeh hua (chap 3)

Heres the chap 3 of my ff with +Proma Mondal

Ishq hua yeh hua

Recap: swasan became friends
Swara entry
Lucky’s bet

It was a week now after swasan became good friends

Sanskaar was still with his bet he was teying his best to get swara’s attention his will was soo strong

Now he decided to make swara more close after lucky broke the news saying he had only 2 months time to do this

He went to swara

Sanky: hey swara…..

Swara’s heart started beating faster : hey sank……sanskaar

Sanky: i told na u can call me sanky anyways i want a promise

Swara: what promise??

Sanky: u have to spend the whole day sith me

Swara: i can but not today

Sanky: um……ok wb sunday…?

Swara: um……ek minute……sunday na ok……kyun ki uttara di ke saath i am going out on sat

Sanky: uttara di? Tum log saath me pad te hona toh di?

Swara: woh mujhse moths bigger hein

Sanky: oh….par itna formality…….huh……anyways meet u on sunday bye he hugs her

She gets shy

Sanky : friend hi toh hoon anyways bye

Swasan meeting day

Swara will be waiting for him to pick her up from library

Sanky comes 10 mins late

Swara: itna late aap…..i mean tum ne kaha jaldi aao and u only came late

Sanky: sorry now come on

Swara: kaha

Sanky: surprise

Swara: ok

While they were going …

On the bike

Their convo

Sanky: toh miss chashmish tum contact lenses kyun nahin pehen thi aur aaj bhi yeh churidar

Swara: yes i am too sanskaari

Sanskaar: sanskaari huh?

Swara smiles

They reach

Swara sees its a beauty parlour she doesnt understand why they came here

Sanskaar: i wanna give u a make over get ready and waits in the waiting area


The beauticians give swara a beautiful makeover

Sanky sees her

Sanky: um….yeh kaafi nahin lets go to the mall

They reach

He picks few cute dresses and tells ner to wear and buys it for her

Then they go to a spects shop and he puts contacts and throws the spects away

Swara still doesnt get his intension

Then he shows her in the mirror

Swara: koun hein yeh heroine kabhi dekhi nahin

Sanky: swara

Swara: kya?

She gets happy tears and she hugs sanskaar sanskaar gets mesmerized by her hidden beauty

Sanskaar : ab se tum chashmish nahin miss world and college bhi aise hi aana ok?

Swara: ok 🙂

To be continued

Precap: swara gets popular by her beauty
All the boys r flattered by her
Sankaar gets jealous


Thank u guys hope u liked it

Comment down below how u felt about the ff

Credit: pravalika & proma

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