Ishq hua yeh hua (chap 1)

Hey guys here is the part one of ishq hua yeh hua by me and +Proma Mondal

Ishq hua yeh hua
Chapter 1

A boy was covered in blanket his alarm was ringing but he didnt switch it off it was ringung louder and louder

Ap entered the room nd shouted: sanskaar beta utt jaao pls der ho rahi hein college ke liye

Sanskaar: no mom lemme sleep aaj bunk karoonga

Ap accha ek minute she got a mug full of cool water and splashed it on sanskaar

He git up with shock and saw ap laughing he was awake by it so got ready fast

He headed to the college luckily classes didnt start

He went to his bench and gave a hifi to his bestie

Laksh: hey bro

Sanky: hey wait nahin kiya naa agar kiya sorry

Lucky: nahin pata ta tu late aayega so wait nahin kiya

They both gossiped

They were the naughty boys of the class

They hated studies

Especially maths

So when its maths they would bunk the period

This time they bunked and went to cafeteria they saw the principal there inspecting the canteen

They ran as fast as they culd but their class teacher caught them

They were sent to principal which was common so after they came out they laughed

They both loved putting bets

So sanky gave a bet to lucky he said to get on the bench and shout i dont care in mrs. Mishras class who was very strict

Lucky did that and got suspended for a few days and when he camw back he wanted to take revenge from sanky hiving him the hardest bet

It was…..

End of the chapter

Sorry it was short and hope u guys liked it

Precap: swara entry
What bet sanky got as a revenge from lucky

Pls read out ff to know

Proma & pravalika

Thank u

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  1. Yar it’s awesom but too short plz make it long

    1. Sure and thanks

  2. Nce but its short

    1. Sorry will make it long

  3. Nice bt too short

    1. Sorry will make it long i wanted to create suspense so ya…

  4. awesome….

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