ISHQ HUA by manu24

Hello folks, I was a silent reader but suddenly one night I thought of writing an ff on my own..
Hope you all will like it.. do tell me please..
Fingers crossed 
So, here I am with my ff “ISHQ HUA”.

Character sketch-
**Shivay Singh Oberoi : Richest business tycoon in india. People think he is rude, arrogant but in reality he loves his family and friends. He is not bad in real but circumstances made him like this.. his mother loves money very much and father never gave time to them.. so he became like this.
But is kind from heart..helps poor people but no one knows this about him except his brothers and dadi loves..amazing cook .He stays away from media.. so even in office only few people know that he is Shivay Singh Oberoi.. he never visits those portions of office where lower staff works..

**Omkara Singh Oberoi: World famous scripture artist.sensitive..loves someone.. but never told anyone about her as she disappeared suddenly and he only knew her name and that she was a social worker.. He hates his father(reasons same as serial).
**Rudra SO: Is in college, loves to be surrounded by girls.. fitness freak..loves his brothers a lot.Girls who are not slim or are hot.. he never even looks at them..
Other oberoi members are same as in the serial.
Anika: middle class girl, talkative,chirpy,fun-loving,sensitive..
Has a sister named Ishana.

Also,has one brother named Sahil..who is her step brother.. but she loves him immensely as if he is his real brother..Sahil is not aware of the fact that anika is not his real sister..
Ishana: Anika’s sister.. is in coma from past 2 years..she reached in this state while saving some girls from trafficking ..
Anika, Ishana and Sahil have nana and nani but they live in jaipur.. where anika, ishana and sahil lost their parents(they have a bad past).. they love all three kids..
Karan: best friend of anika from childhood..will introduce him later.
Other characters are same as in serial.

Let’s start::
A girl is seen running on the road and is very much scared(she has tied a dupatta to her face to cover it up like girls do in summers), suddenly she falls.. her slipper breaks..she gets up n starts running barefoot.. bleeding.. she again falls..this time her leg gets injured.. a sound comes from background.. “soniyo ab toh ruk jao aao hum dawa lagade..”.
All of a sudden(and to the girl’s surprise) someone punches the goon.. girl was not able to see his face..He beats them up.. Girl’s vision gets blur.. the man holds her.. She saw his bracelet which has shomru written on it.. but his face was not clear..
Next day she wakes up at some hospital..on asking nurse tells her that a boy dropped her there and went right away and paid her medicine bills..
On way to home she saw a man giving food and shawl to a beggar and he wore the same jacket as the person one who saved her.
But before she could reach to him and talk to him he was gone. She found the bracelet with shomru written on it on the ground and she remembered the bracelet was of the man who has saved her.
She asked the beggar about him he knew nothing about him so she goes away.
She kept it with her in a hope that someday she will return it to him and thank him. She kept the bracelet into her wardrobe.

So please tell me if I should continue with this ff or not..
Should I drop it..or post next part??
Please do comments!!
A ishqbaaz fan 

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