ISHQ HUA by manu24 (EPISODE 1 )


Girl reaches home after that scary night..

She receives a call from oberoi industries stating that she was selected for the next round of interview and must report by 1 PM…. for final round..
So she jumps in excitement.. she was just one step far from working in the most prestigious firm of India..

[She is well-educated.. ]

She got ready and left to report at the office.

Girl was eating a banana in the parking, as she couldn’t eat at home.. she tries to throw the chilka(while sitting on the scooty)in the dustbin that was few meters far… but instead of dustbin the garbage hits someone.

Man: you idiot, r u blind.. mannerless.. that’s the problem with middle class people.. they don’t know that garbage is to be thrown in dustbin.. they will throw it anywhere but dustbin..god! disgusting creatures..

she sees him..but before he cud say anything else she come and says
**garbage came to you automatically may be it thought u r dustbin isme meri kya galti**
and laughs….then picks it and throws it in dustbin n she just runs into the office building without waiting for him to speak..

Man in mind.. “ladki hai ya afat..” he turns n looks at his driver and security man who were laughing at him..
Security man even made the video.. he sends it to someone..

In office, for the final round She was given some old records and was asked to check if everything is correct or not..
Well she quickly figured out that there has been a fraud of some 50 lakh rupees..

Well, she received lots of appreciation from her interviewer.. as nobody was aware of the fraud.. it came as a shock to staff.

[this will lead to her falling into trouble but not now]

This story reached to the manager.. and the girl is called up at 10th floor as manager wants to meet her..

Well she was at 5th floor.. and the manager works at 10th floor..where boss’s cabin is present.

She reaches 10th floor..

Boss was in some meeting and was giving presentation.. Suddenly someone enters the conference hall and says why are you sitting in dark sir.. and switched on the light..

Everyone starts to look at her.. and Boss looking at the same girl who fought with him in the parking area…. gets furious at this.. comes near her and speaks in an angry tone-

“Who the hell are you.. just get out of this room.. u’ve ruined my presentation.. just leave u idiot.”

Unaware of the fact that he is his boss.. says “sorry jyada chillao mat.. itni bhi badi baat nahi hai dobara chalu kardo presentation itna kyu sadd rahe ho.. “
Though she wanted to shout but she stopped as she knew it was office meeting..she must behave..
Boss:”what kind of language you use.. anyway just leave”
Girl:”hindi.. this language is hindi.. and you live in india and don’t know hindi.. i knew it when I met u in the morning that u can’t be a normal human.. ya toh aap pagal ho ya Alien ho”
And she runs again 😛

Well She reached manager’s cabin.. and as usual without knocking she entered..

Manager: miss you should knock and then enter..
It’s office not everyone likes this kind of behavior anyway please come inside..

She enters and apologizes..

Manager: so, what’s your name??
Girl: I am anika..
[the girl is anika.. the one who was chased by goons..]

Manager: ahh! the girl who found the fraud.. On the first day itself.. impressive!!
Manager: you smart and talented so she will work on 10th floor as accountant.. but in wing b..
You may join from tomorrow..
Good luck!
Be on time shivay bhaiya hates late comers.. yo work on the same keep this in mind.
Anika: Thank you ma’am..

Manager is our prinku 😀
Yes, Boss or the Man is our SSO only.
But anika is unaware of this fact.

[[ Note: Wing A- for boss,manager, department heads.
Wing B- Accounts section.]]

Next day anika enters the lift where shivay was already present (he came from -1 floor from parking) she enters at 0th floor..

Both give each other angry wala look.. and keep quite.
When they exit from the lift.. anika slips and bumps into shivay..shivay holds her by shoulder.. and both look into each others eyes and *eyelock* both couldn’t take their eyes off..

Lift boy: ma’am are you fine..

And both gain their senses.. an awkward situation gets created..

Anika: ya fine.. and leaves.. shivay also leaves and thinks.. “what just happened.. i got lost into her eyes like it happens in movies.. what was that” It never happened to me before.. he goes into cabin and says “stop this shivay focus on work..but wait what the hell is she doing here.. job?? Who gave job to a girl like this..”

In evening.. Everyone has left but anika has some work in wing a after which she was supposed to leave.. so she goes there.. again she bumps into shivay.. and coffee which shiavy was drinking strains anika’s dress.. anika shouts on him

Anika: aap andhe ho?? Dikhta nahi hai.. dress khrab krdi meri.. ab mujhe is coffee k daag k sath ghar jana hoga.. pure 500 rupaye ki thi.. ab chalo nikalo mere 500 wrna complain kr dungi..

Shiavy just stares at her.. as if he never saw any girl.. anika shouts
“oye chipde ghoorna band kro..”
shivay comes back to his senses.. he realizes that he was staring at her .. well he gets confused as he never stared at any girl before.. n in frustration turns to leave ..

Anika shouts “my 500 bucks” Shivay turns and throws 500 note on her and leaves..

Anika places files on manager’s desk and goes to lift..

Guess what again shivay is there..
They both enter the lift..

This time shivay slips and his face comes near anika’s neck.. he could smell her fragrance.. the flowery fragrance.. he closed his eyes and inhaled her scent..anika pushes him and shouts

“what the hell.. chipko mat jyada.. door raho.. mei tum jeso ko bht acche se theek kr skti hu..liftman is not there so you thought lets take advantage.. or you want to take revenge.. job hi hai.. stay away I know karate I will break your bones”

Shivay speaks.
“ Tum jesi ladkio ko mei dekhta b nahi.. pair fisal gaya bs aur..” before he could complete his sentence anika speaks up..
“fisala kam karo.. I know everything.. fiasalne k bahane se chipkte ho ladkio se..”

Shivay : don’t waste my time.. it’s useless to talk to a girl like you..
Anika: what do you mean like me..
Shivay: like..middle class..and speak in English..
Anika: yes, I am middle class…as if you are owner of oberoi industries.. you talk like u are u even know how he looks..
Shivay: SSO??
Anika: Shivay Singh Oberoi..
Shivay: you are talking like you know you know how he looks??
Anika: yes I know him.. I know very well.. we are *langotia yaars*
Shivay: What’s that now..lango..lanlo..gotia.. what did you just say??
Anika: it’s langotia yaar..u don’t know even this.. it means childhood friends..

Shivay stands still in shock with an open mouth(shock that she is such a big liar).. but before he could ask her something else..The lift reaches 0th floor and anika storms out of the lift..

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