ISHQ HUA by manu 24 (EPISODE 3)


Thank you everyone for commenting..
Thank you so very much.. please ignore if mistakes are there..
Plus I will will try to recreate some of the beautiful moments of shivika.. I have recreated the situation(when anika asks shivay to eat almonds) of conversation between shivika in todays’s episode.. hope you guys will like it..
So lets’ start:

DAY-2(of anika’s office)

Anika enters in the office.. but she didn’t meet shivay neither in parking nor in lift.. so she was happy that she is not fighting someone early in the morning 😛

The entire day both didn’t face each other..

Entire day was very hectic for Anika.. so many files, also anika managed to make new friends.. everyone liked her jolly nature..
Anika goes to prinku’s room as she has asked for some file..

When anika was about to leave.. priyanka calls her from behind and asks her if she can go with her for some meeting as her secretary is on leave.. and shivay’s secretary cannot accompany her..
Anika’s work was done so she decides to accompany prinku..

*********The meeting was at some restaurant********

Anika nad prinku are waiting for the client..
Prinku receives a message “will be there in 5”

Anika goes to washroom..
In the mean time the client arrives..

A very handsome.. tall..bearded man..with gym body comes in..and asks

“miss priyanka singh oberoi??”
Prinku turns and her she forgets to inhale.. looking at him.. her eyes stooped blinking..
Well even he got lost into her beautiful eyes..

As soon as Anika comes back..she jumps out of excitement and runs towards him and gives a tight wala hug..

[prinku’s eyes pop out with confusion and shock and somewhat jealousy]

Prinku: you guys have met before??
Anika: haha.. met each other.. (both start laughing..)
Anika “ I met him when I was 5.. from now he is eating my brain.. he is my best se b best wala friend Karan..”
Karan:” yes I know this panda from ages”
Anika:”atleast don’t call me panda infront of her”
Prinku: panda???
Karan: anika was a very very very very very..infinity very fat.. just like a cute little panda when she was a kid..

Prinku laughs hearing this..

Anika punches him..and asks..
“you returned to India and did not inform me.. no calls.. when did you come back.. how many days.. u are so so bad..i hate you..”
Karan:well I came back an hour ago.. and after this meeting I would have come to your office to give a surprise.. but see.. we both got surprised..

They both again laugh.. but prinku didn’t like this ..

Karan: let’s finish the work then we can have a chat..

After the meeting is over.. anika asks karan to meet her at their “adda(hangout spot)” in evening..

********On their way back to office..********

Prinku: so you and mr.karan seem to be very close..
Anika:yes.. I told you childhood buddies..
Prinku:but he was in usa..u in india??
Anika:he went there 4 years get a degree..
Prinku:but his father is so rich..
Anika:yes.. they are rich.. but we are friends much before uncle’s firm was of worth 10lakhs..
Prinku: you could have worked over there..
Anika: no, I never wanted to take his’s my life.. my struggle.. uncle and karan are there to help me in most critical situations but not in silly and small problems..

Prinku: so you guys know everything about each other??
Anika:yes ma’am
Anika:love..but friends wala wala.. support wala.. but not life partner kind..

Well listening to this prinkus heart felt light.. she smiled after 2 hours.. 😛

Anika notices her curiosity and her questionnaire was clearly indicating her interest in karan..

**********Back to office***********

Anika comes to prinku’s room.. knocks and gets no response..
Peon comes and says Priyanka ma’am is at reception..

Anika goes to reception

Prinku:okay you call him and I will hadle this problem..
Plus please inform trivedi’s that there land problem will be sorted soon..

Shivay:okay I will inform them..

[shivay picks up the phone at reception and makes few calls] [anika thinks that priyanka was giing him orders and shivay is receptionist of wing A as she never saw someone sitting there.. and when she finally managed to see the receptionist it’s SHIVAY]

Prinyanka leaves from there..anika goes to shivay..

Anika: you were shouting on me like you are shivay singh oberoi.. but you are receptionist..
Wese I don’t consider any job big or small.. but still..
She chuckles at her own joke..

Shivay:what?? Excuse me? Do you know who am i??
Anika:you know who am i??
I will tell my LY and I can get you fired.. control your tongue mister who-so-ever

Shivay:LY?? And I have a name.. I m not who-so-ever..
Anika: I told you yesterday only..langotia yaar.. eat 4-5 almonds daily.. your brain will start working.. you will become intelligent like sahil..i give him 5 almonds in morning daily..

And does her logic wala symbol.. like in the pic of this ff..

Shivay:sahil??who is he now?? Another LY of SSO??
Anika: hain?? No.. my brother.. sahil is my brother..

Shivay(whispers to himself):god! She is mad..
Anika: “what did you say??”

Shivay: I said I will never do this mistake again.. please don’t get me fired
Anika:ok oka.. maaf kia(forgiven)
Shivay(in mind)—puri afat hai..pagal bhi..(she is completely mad..and a disaster) cannot believe she don’t know who shivay singh oberoi is.. she don’t know her boss.. crazy girl..uff!

Anika leaves from there..

Anika goes to priyanka’s room..
Prinku:I want you to give this file to shivay bhaiya and give him details of the fraud..
Anika:ok ma’am
Prinku:he is in his cabin only, go and meet him..

Anika leaves..
She knocks, a familiar voice calls her in..
Anika(in head): I feel as if I have heard this voice..but where..

She opens the door..
The chair’s back was facing anika..

“you are..??”
“I am anika”
“u caught the fraud..right??”
“impressive miss anika”

Suddenly the chair turns…
And anika gets stunned whe she sees the person sitting on the chair..

Anika keeps her both hands on her face and her lips form a o..(like in IB)-

Anika(in mind):lo..phail gaya raita.. no.. anika how could you.. how could you.. you fought with him.. him??? He is sso..anika..what have you done..
No.. say sorry.. yor messed up big time anika beta.. look what your tongue did to you.. shit! I m dead..
Ab ise sametegi kese.. !!

PRECAP: rudy meets soumya.. shivay laughs..dadiomru shocked to see the reason of his laughter..

By-manu 

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