ISHQ HUA by manu 24 (EPISODE 2)


Guys, there are two three shayris in this couldn’t translate them.. very sorry!
So here is 3rd part 😀

***************AT ANIKA’s HOME**********************

As soon as anika enters her house she sees sahil sleeping on the sofa.. and the door was open plus tv was on..
But she didn’t wake him up.. instead picks him up and takes him to the bed.. pulls blanket over him.. kisses his forehead and gently touches his face and thinks

“Sahil I don’t spend time with you.. I m sorry my bhai.. but I work for you and ishana only.. I don’t want you to live in any deficiency, I want to make all your wishes true.. I don’t want to say that sahil please don’t ask for something cause I don’t have money.. I know you want me to play with you.. not just on Sundays but everyday.. you want me to sit with you and have dinner.. to dance with you.. take you to movies.. pick you up from school..but sahil I m sorry.. our circumstances don’t allow me to be your normal di.. I have to make ur life better.. give u everything to want.. and I promised maa that I will give you everything.. be it love, happiness or a thing.. “

Anika keeps sitting beside sahil for an hour like that only.. N asking for an apology from his brother becuase she makes him feel alone sometimes..But she promises him that once she collects enough money for ishanas operation she would spend more time with them..Then she puts her bag in the wardrobe.. Changes into night suit..And sits near window.. Talking to the one star..
“ma i know u are watching us.. You see us from there.. I miss you a lot.. I wish you were here.. Life would have been so easy na.. Your beautiful smile, The relaxation that i used to get when i would sleep in your lap, The lullabies that u used to sing.. Eating food from your hands.. Your running behind me to make me eat food..i miss everything ma.. I miss you..
Why did you leave us ma.. Why u abandoned us.. Now see i I m 25 and i have to take care of sahil as his mother.. At such a small age i became ma..tears come down automatically.. she closes her eyes wipes her tears, and speaks
“Leave all this.. You know i got job in oberoi industries.. can you believe this.. oberois?? Even I was not able to believe it.. but that’s true.. you know my salary is good.. I will work hard and save money so that i can pay for ishu’s hospital bills soon.. “
“You dont worry.maa.. I m here na.. I wont let anything happen to sahil or ishu.. But i want something from you in return of all of this.. think what I want?? Nothing much justa hug from you.. vvo bhi abhi(right now)!!!
Please ma, once just hug me.. Please just once..
Suddenly.. A silent breeze hits anika.. She smiles and a tear drops from her eyes..
She hugs the air around her and says.. Thank you ma.. I know its you..
Good night ma.. Tomorrow i have to get up early..
She goes to bed and sees sahil sitting there..
Anika:your are not sleeping?
Sahil: didi I love you.. I understand everything.. I know you love me.. didi you are bestest sister anyone can have.. you are my maa..paa..didi..bhaiya..dadi..dada..everything didi.. I know you work hard for me.. bada hone do..mei sab theek kar dunga..(let me grow up..i will sort everything).. I will never let you work.. will never let even a single tear drop come in your beautiful eyes..

He kisses anika’s hand.. and says “didi I love you”
Listening to his 7 year brother..talking like a grown up brought tears into anika’s heart.. she was happy(cause he understands her)..sad(cause their situation made a 7 year kid talk like a 27 year boy).. her heart got filled up with mixed emotions..
Sahil: chalo so jao aap..aapka kya hai 10 bje jaoge office..mujhe 5 bje uthna hai.. time mt khrab karo 😛
(lets sleep.. you have to go to office at 10 but I have school at 5..sleep)

************************At OM*************************************
As soon as shivay enters his room, he sees dadiomru sitting on his bed n laughing..
Shivay what happened dadi.. Looks like you all are having fun without me.
Dadi: no shivay we are having fun because of you
(shivay gives ‘what did i do’ wala look)
Rudra comes and hugs shivay
RUDRA: “jo hum kabhi na kar paaye vo kaam ajnabi ne kr dikhaya
Aiilllaa Mere itne handsome bhaiya ko dustbin bana dala”
And again dadiomru start luaghing..
Rudra:i want to meet her and say somethimg to her..
Om: what??
Rudra : yehi k “bhaiya hai angry young man..
Unpar kuda fekna is ban”
Everyone except shivay starts laughing again
Shivay( in angry tone): “what the wack how do you guys know about it.. Who told you.. Just tell me his name..i will just..
Dadi stands up and cuts him.. ”Shivay puttar don’t be angry.. I think that girl has something in her.. So much of confidence.. I toh loved her attitude.. Her style.. She was cute..”
Rudra: Bhaiya ladki to kamal thi.. Baato me b aur shakal me bhi..
Om comes and pinches rudra
OM: she is elder than you atleast leave her dumbell..
Rudra: “chhoti ho ya badi.. Hume sab chal jati hai..
Akhir itni smart ladki.. Kabhi kabhar hi nazar aati hai”

Om: yes.. You r right.. She is smart.. She dint let shivay speak and ran away.. Shivay coudn’t even show his anger.. shivay u r aright na.. I thought till now your volcano must have erupted on khanna or shyam(driver).. But no you are quite.. We are teasing you from 15 minutes but you are quite..

Shivay: because i dont want to talk about that girl and waste my time..She is mannerless.. Irritating.. You know she speaks a lot.. She is never quite.. And guys tell me who throws garbage by sitting on scooty… She was trying to target dustbin from there only.. As if she is sharp in that.. Plus she didnt ask for an apology instead insulted me and ran away..Today for the first time.. Khanna and shyam were laughing at me.. At sso beacuse of that girl..I will not spare her.. I will show her who am i.. She is not aware of sso.. I will tell her tomorrow how much her lango lanlo lanle . **ohh whatever**..cares for her..

Dadiomru cuts him in middle –“sso?? Lanle lanlo??”
Shivay: “means Shivay shivay singh oberoi.. That girl calls me sso..and i dont know the other word.. But it meant childhood frnd..”
Dadi: ohh langotia yaar.. Is that the word
Shivay: yes thats the word
Dadiomru– u r her childhood frnd??
Shivay: firstly no…. secondly its a long story will tell you guys later. I need some sleep right now..
om: look she called you sso.. So even you are calling urself sso.. cute
Shivay: what cute.. My tongue just slipped..

***And it reminded him of the moment whe he slipped and her fragrance.. Shivay went quite and his eyes closed.. He just rewinded that scene in his mind..***

Dadiomru gave him a jerk and asked “awww ..lost in her thoughts kya..”
rudra: ”har pal ab bhaiya ko tumhara khyal hai..
Tum haseen to kya.. Bhaiya hmara bhi kamal hai”

Shivomdadi:shut up rudra..
Shivay: stop this stupid and third class shayri and leave.. I have to sleep..

Om: leave na rudra.. Let our shivay think how to take revenge from her
Shivay: why would i take revenge from her.. She means nothing.. I wont waste my time thinking about her..
Om : but u said todhi der phle(few minutes ago) that u will tell her who sso is..
Shivay:no i wont may be in anger i said that
Omru: ohh.. No revenge.. U will leave her without saying anything even when she insulted you..

Shaivay: if i say i will take revenge even then u have to tease me.. When i say i wont even then u have to tease me.. **Bacche ki jaan loge kya..**
Om: okay baba sorry u sleep..
We are going to sleep..good night
Shivay: ya good night byee..

shivay sits on his bed after changing and gets lost in thoughts and after a while calls someone..

*****************at anika’s home/at OM**************
[[[[Even anika is not sleeping.. Both anika and shivay say together..]]] “”Uff ..that boy/that girl…mujhe uski shakal kal dobara na dekhni pade :P”

Both close their eyes..and drift off to sleep..

Precap—Finally.. anika meets sso..but Wait.. really?? Then who is shivay??
**A twist is waiting for you guys**
Hope you guys won’t get bored..
Thank you all who read, liked, commented on this ff.. Thank you so very much 


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