ISHQ HUA (EPISODE-8) by manu

ISHQ HUA Episode-8
****In Oberoi Mansion****

Om and shivay come to rudra’s room to check on him because it was happening for the first time that Rudra has not asked for his protein shake..
They push his room’s door but to their surprise the door room was close. Rudra was not in habit of locking his room’s entry.. Om and shivay call out rudra’s name many a times but there was no response.. now om and shivay started to panic..
Suddenly the door open up..
Rudra steps out from the room..
He was wearing a black leather jacket.. A pair of binoculars were hanging from his neck..had map of Mumbai in one hand and a sling bag was hanging on his left shoulder plus he was holding a walkie- talkie ..
And yes not to forget goggles..

Shivay and om were confused about why was rudy dressed like this today..
Om: i always knew u were crack.. but to this level?
Shivay: what is this rudra??

Rudra: not crack u long hair creature and bhaiya.. Haven’t u ever saw a crime movie..
Shivom: what??
Rudra: in simple terms..
Meet detective rudy..

Om and shivay still don’t get why was rudy dressed up like this..

Rudra(looking at sky): god i never asked anything from you till now.. But I am begging to you to give some brain to both by brothers..
(looks at shivom)
U both must eat almonds daily in the morning.. Almonds are good for memory.. see mom gives me almonds to eat and I have such a sharp mind..
Shivay: stop talking like her..
Omru: her??? Kaun her???
Rudra: ohh.. hmm.. are u talking about that beautiful girl with whom you were having fun??
Shivay: I wasn’t having fun with her..
Om: but it did seemed like that.. u were laughing.. that too so madly..
Shivay: right now, we have to focus on Rudra and not me..
Om : I will talk to you later.. but rudy what are u up to now?
Rudra: I am going to find love..

Shivom: more love?? U already have so many lovers Rudra..

Rudra(blushing): uff.. not my love.. om’s love.. I am starting the mission ishana..

Om(with moist eyes): really? Thank you Rudra..
Rudra: don’t thank me.. just do something for me instead of saying thanks..
Om: what?
Rudra: if ishana bhabhi has any sister.. try to get her number for me..

Shivom laugh at this.. and both punch Rudra saying “nothing can happen of Rudra”
Rudra: okay bye now.. I have loads of work to do..unlike u both..

Shivay and om follow Rudra towards the dining are..

*****In office******
Priyanka: anika vo..vo.. ka..ka..
Anika: just message him saying that u want to meet him for some work.. and in evening you me and him can hangout.. he won’t mind!
Priyanka(shocked): how come u know what I wanted to say?
Anika: I just know.. and yes, no need to say thank u  something else ma’am?
Priyanka: no u may leave.. and thank you 
Anika winks at priyanka and turns to leave..

Priyanka: anika wait..
Anika: yes ma’am?
Priyanka: call me priyanka please..and.. will you become my friend? Actually I don’t have any friend..
Anika: sure,ma’am..
Priyanka glares at her..
Anika:oops I mean priyanka..
Both smile at each other and anika leaves..

As she opens the door she hits shivay.. shivay was about to fall when anika holds him( the pose in which always boy holds a falling girl)
Both again get lost into each other’s eyes..anika’s hands on shivay’s back and shivay’s one hand on the door and other on anika’s shoulder..

Prinku sees them.. and says “shivay bhaiya”
No response from shivay’s side.. she again speaks “anika”
Still no response..
She goes near them and speaks in a loud tone
“ye ho kya raha hai?”
This breaks shivay and anika’s intense eyelock.. shivay pushes anika and says
“nothing.. I just came here to ask for a file that I need to check”
Anika leaves from there.. feeling awkward..

Anika was going back to her desk looking down and was still trying to figure out what was there in that man that anika always looses herself in his arms.. why she finds his eyes so attractive and why is she thinking about him.. and suddenly..
Anika hits someone.. and was about to fall and closes her eyes in fear.. but after few seconds opens her eyes and realizes that she has been saved.. she finds daksh holding her and looking at her smilingly..
She says “sorry”
Daksh: never mind.. I don’t mind accidents if they turn out to be this beautiful..
Anika(smiles): I should have looked up.. really sorry.. was just lost in my own world..
Daksh: like I said, it’s fine.. btw this red color suits you..
Anika: thank you sir.

Both are still in the same pose.. and were talking.. shivay was passing from there.. and he looks at both of them.. his legs freeze.. like they don’t want to move..not even an inch..
Shivay closes his eyes.. and takes a deep breath and says “calm down shivay”

Daksh makes anika stand straight and says “hope you fine”
Anika was facing daksh and daksh’s back was facing shivay..
Anika :yes sir..
Daksh: hey don’t call me sir
Anika: but, I can’t take your name..

Shivay was trying to hear their conversation from far.but was not able to.. so he comes forward towards them so that can hear their conversation..

Shivay: what’s up?
Anika: wo..wo.. I was about to fall when sir saved me..
Shivay: u slip a lot.. I can see that. It seems that your legs are made up of jelly.(he said that in a taunting tone)
Anika: it’s none of your business..
Anika:sir, thank you..
Daksh: I asked to not call me sir..
Anika: but sir..
(even before anika could complete her sentence)
Shivay: why, u are her boss.. why won’t she call you sir?
Daksh: because I have a name.. and I don’t like her calling me sir..
Shivay: her? Why? She is not your mother to take your name?

Anika and daksh both look at shivay.. trying to understand what he just said..
Shivay(looking at their confused faces): I mean you are her boss, she should call you sir.
Anika: why are you so much concerned about me calling him sir or by any other name?
Shivay: I am not concerned..i don’t have time to waste on you.
Anika: so why are you standing here, go now..
Shivay: yes I am going, I am here to take him with me..
Anika: why? Does he looks like a Mc.D burger that u will take him away?
Shivay: what?

Daksh was enjoying the entire scene.. and was silently making a video of this fight.. for he has never seen someone fighting with shivay and shivay too fighting like a kid..

Shivay : you can never talk to me by love? Always show attitude..
Anika and shivay both stand quietly as both realized what shivay just spoke..

Shivay leaves from there upon realization..
But goes and hides behind a near-by pillar to hear their conversation..

Daksh: so call me daksh..from now on..
Anika:wait.. daksh?? Weren’t you shivay singh oberoi..?
Daksh: I was never sso.. I am daksh… the fashion head.. that’s it!
Anika: so.sso..?
Daksh: find out who is he.. you will get shock.. now byee I have a important meeting..
Anika: bye sir
Daksh :again?
Anika: I mean daksh..(anika in her mind thinks why is everyone asking me to take their names.. these rich people are crazy.. )
Both smile at each other..
(shivay(in mind)- she is smiling like she knows him from 1000s of years… she has no shame.. why is she smiling looking at some whom she don’t even know)

Daksh forwards his hand

Shivay(in mind)- what is he doing.. why is he wants to shake hands with her.. she won’t shake hands..obviously not…

But anika too gives her hand.. both shake their hands and say bye.. but daksh does not leave anika’s hand for few moments
(shivay(in mind)-haww how dare he touched her.. how dare she gave her hand to him.. and they are not leaving the hands.. what rubbish is this.. I should go and stop this.. this is too much.. this kind of behavior will spoil office environment.. wait.. isn’t handshake normal?? Of course it is.. Handshakes are formal and they man nothing.. but am I behaving like this.. even I shake hands with many business ladies.. what’s wrong if they did.. why am I feeling like.. like.. like no one should touch her.. )
He looks at anika..
Suddenly daksh leaves anika’s hand and both leave..

Shivay runs towards his office..
As soon as daksh enters
Shivay: where were you? You are late daksh..
daksh: yes, late by 1 minute..
shivay: where were you?
Daksh: with her..
Shivay: that accountant? You should stay away from her.. u don’t know her..
Daksh: hmm.. I will handle her.. leave.. let’s start the discussion..
Shivay: handle her?
Daksh: I said leave.. let’s start the discussion
Shivay: how will you handle? What do you mean.. ?
Daksh: why are you so much interested in her?
Shivay: urrgg.. no.. never.. why will I be interested in her.. I care for you..
Daksh: really?? U are always talking about her.. why?
Shivay: I never talk about her.. u are mistaken.. let’s work now..

Daksh looks at shivay and says “jalkukda” and smiles
Shivay: what? why are u smiling??
Daksh: nothing..

In the middle of the meeting.. shivay gets a call.. and his eyes widens..

**the screen freezes on his shocked face**

!!!!! so okay.. for mistakes sorry.. please try to ignore..!!!!
!!!!sorry for being late.. thank you safaq for reminding me..!!!!
!!!!i hope u guys will like it !!!!
!!!! and thank you !!!!

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