ISHQ HUA Episode -7 by manu

Episode-7(ISHQ HUA)
Guys, please do give ur views if this ff is turning boring or something..

Let’s start now!
Little did anika and shivay knew that on their way there will be a downpour..
Anika: wow look, rain.. I love rain!
Shivay: what’s there in rain to love? We suffer traffic jams, water logging problems.. how can someone love it?
Anika: yes, it’s so beautiful.. Haven’t u seen how clear the sky becomes.. the trees- their leafs, and yes the chai-pakodas and the dance.. Everything about rain is magical.. what’s not to love about it??

Anika opens the windows, stretches her arms out and tries to catch some droplets..
Shivay: close the window.. water is coming inside!
Anika: it’s a car and not titanic that water will eneter in it and it will drown and u and I will die!

Shivay: can’t u ever.. for even I single minute listen to what I say?
Anika: no.. u r not my boss that I will listen to every single nonsense u utter!
Shivay: non-sense and me? What u speak is nonsense.. I talk sense always..
Anika: really, well this is your big misunderstanding.. god.. no one in your family ever told u about this?
Shivay: no.. it’s because I make sense.. and now just shut up! I have given u lift and here u are spoiling my car’s interiors.. don’t u have manners?
Anika takes some water drops in her hand and throws it on shivay..
Shivay: stop this childish act..

This time anika takes water in both her hands and throws it on shivay.. and keeps doing this.. finally shiva loses his temper and stops the car.. he unbuckles his seat belt.. grasps anika’s both hands.. and bends towards her..
Anika: hey, don’t you try to take advantage of this situation..
Shivay: what? Which situation..
Anika: single girl, your car, heavy rain..
Listening to this shivay comes more closer to anika.. and says..
“what’s advantage?”
Anika: this is.. don’t move forward.. else I will..
Shivay: u will.. what?
Anika tries to free her hands but all her attempts went into vain!
Shivay moves forward and comes so close that there was just an inch’s gap between their noses..
Anika closes her eyes out of fear..
Suddenly a handful amount of water shook her.. she opens her eyes and sees shivay laughing at anika..

Shivay has thrown water on her.. and lso clicked her pictures 😛
Anika now unbuckles herself and picks up one of the water bottles kept in the car and empties it up at shivay..
Shivay takes another bottle and before he could throw water anika.. the gate on anika’s side opens up and anika who was sitting sticking to it was about to fall back when shiva holds her hands.. shivay pulls her forcibly in and anika’s lips touches shivay’s neck..
Anika’s eyes get bigger in shock.. while shivay’s eyes gets closed out of pleasure..
Anika in an attempt to look up at shivay unknowingly runs her lips up from shivay’s neck to shivay’s chin.. this gives chills the shivay..shivay’s heart stops beating.. he stops breathing.. he feels some sensation all over his body.. his hands get tempted to touch anika.. feel her body..
Anika tries to move back now.. but shivay’s clutch was so tight that she is pulled back again..
This time face to face with shivay..
Shivay’s eyes were still close.. anika looked at him.. anika notices that shivay was.. well.. guess what.. such a cool weather.. he was sweating that too badly..
Anika wipes off sweat from his forehead with her fingers.. this startles shivay.. he opens his eyes.. her fingers gave him a 440 volt shock.. anika was about to pull back her hand when shivay holds it.. and he keeps her hands on his forehead again.. both were lost in each other’s eyes.. none was ready to take their eyes off from other one.. both were looking at each other intensely.. desires were raising in their hearts that was visible in their eyes.. it was a passion filled eyeslock .. a takkar ka eyelock.. a desire filled eyelock.. their hearts were beating in a sync now.. Faster yet together.. their breathing was faster.. yet in sync.. the temperature was cool outside.. but their bodies

Suddenly a thunder breaks their moment.. shivay leaves anika’s hand and anika sits back on her seat.. and buckles up!
Both feel embarrassed now.. anika turns on the radio to lighten the mood..
The song was
“Pee Loon Tere Neelay Neelay Nainon Se Shabnam
Pee Loon Tere Geelay Geelay Hoto Ki Sargam
Pee Loon Hai Peenay Ka Mausam
Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai
Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai
Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai
Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai
Tere Bin Jee Nahi Lagda, Tere Bin Jee Nahi Sakda
Tujhpe Hai Haare Maine Vaare Do Jahan, Kurbaan, Meharbaan, Ke Main Toh Kurbaan”

Both look at each other.. very much embarrassed.. anika turns off the radio..

Anika: stop the car?
Shivay: why?
Anika: I said stop..
Shivay doesn’t stop the car..
Anika: now! Stop..
Shivay this time stops the car but is still confused..

Anika : my home.. where are u lost?(later she realizes what she just said)(so quietly open up the door and tries to leave)
Shivay: how will u go.. it’s raining.. u’ll get drenched anika..
Anika: it’s a five minute walk from here.. what will happen in five minutes..
Anika gets up and says bye to shivay..

*********in OM**********
Shivomru were sitting near pool side.. all of them lost in some thoughts.
Suddenly rudra looks at shivay and om and speaks
“what happened?? Everyone is lost.. it’s obro moment and u both are lost”
Om: guys I have to tell u something.. I have hidden a big secret from u both.. from past 5 years I have kept this burden in my heart but I think it’s high time to share it..
Shivay: about ishana?

Om: yes!
Rudra: u love her?
Om: yes..
Shivru(their jaws drop on listening to om’s confession)
Rudra: bhabhi se milwaoge kab??(well will u take us to meet her)
Shivay: even I want to see the girl who took my om’s heart..

Om’s face turns pale.. shivru notice the wetness in his eyes.. the pain that his face was reflecting..
Rudra: o.. speak up na.. won’t u let us meet her? Where is she?
Om: I don’t know where is she..
Shivay: what does that mean? U don’t know.. call her up na..
Om: no phone number..
Rudra: address?
Om: nothing.. I don’t know where she went.. she just disappeared all of sudden..
Shivay: wait.. u told her u love her right??
Om: no… didn’t got a chance..
Shivru: what???
I met her in my art gallery.. she was a ngo worker.. her office was near my gallery only.. she used to come with kids to show them my work.. there I met her.. we even had a collaboration in which I used to teach ngo kids arts.. we became friends there..
Started meeting to discuss new plans.. new timetables.. and I couldn’t realize that with each meeting.. I was being pulled by her aura.. her heart was full of love for people whether she knew them or not..
Her dance..(when he mentions about her dance.. a slight grin appears on his face)
She was a great dancer..
Her eyes.. the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen..
Her smile was like sun.. it used to spread light in my life..
everything she did, she said was beautiful..
I knew somewhere even she was attracted towards me..

You know how was our first meeting..
***I was busy painting when out of nowhere someone collided with me and falls down..
The plate of paints I was holding fell on me and on that person too..
I was about to shout because my painting was spoiled but before I got a chance to say something..
She got up.. it was her.. my ishana..
Her cheeks were covered with red and yellow color.. but she was looking breath-taking..
The colors looked perfect on her.. I fell in love with red and yellow at the very moment..***

And that year on holi..
She was being chased by kids who wanted to apply color on her but were not able to catch her..
Well she thwacked into me and the her colorful hands touched my chest.. she was to first one to apply color on me.. even I took the nearby color plate and pour the entire plate on her..
Pink color.. on her face, on her hair, on her dress.. she looked marvelous..
Colored by me.. in pink.. color of love..

Rudra: what happened next o?
Om: on diwali.. I decided to tell her about my feelings.. there was a show organized by us to some fund.. that night I waited for her to come.. but she didn’t.. she didn’t even turned up for show..
I asked In the ngo.. her number was off.. no one knew about where she lived..
I tried searching her everywhere..
I don’t know if she is here in Mumbai or she has left this city.. I dunno anything.. never ever she called back.. no text.. nothing! My love.. my smile.. my happiness.. my sleep.. everything disappeared with her..

Shivay and rudra were in tears listening to what om was going through from past 5 years.. they knew something was wrong with him.. but never asked him because they wanted him to share everything on his om..

Rudra: o is this the reason why u started taking..
Om: drugs..? yes.. to bear this huge pain I was weak.. I needed drugs to stand.. to lessen the pain.. to fight with this heart..
(tears roll down from his cheek when he mentions this)(his hands started to shiver at the thought of drugs)
Rudra and shivay(crying): hold each of his hand and speak
“no om.. no more bearing pain all alone.. no more weakness.. no more fight.. now we three will search for ishana”
Shivay: now even if I have to go to mars to search her I will go..
Rudra: are there is no life on mars.. why will she go there.. bhaiya search on earth only.. u’ll find her here..

Om and shivay pat on rudy’s head…
Shivay(forwading his hand): “one for all”
Omru: “all for one”
Rudra: mission “o ka pyaar pyaar pyaar”
“hukka bar”

Om giggles listening to this stupid shayri of Rudra..
Shivay: this sound is lovely om.. always keeps smiling..
And from now.. finding ishana is not just your headache.. it’s mine too..
Rudra: mine too..

Trio speaks in one tone
“dil bole oberoi”.

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Thank u..
Manu 

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