ISHQ HUA Episode -6 by manu

******in OM**********
Om’s room-
Om is sitting near window.. looking at the stars..
His face is lit by moon’s light.. but his eyes reflect wretchedness.. but his face is expressionless..
He closes his eyes as if he wants to get lost in some other world..
Even when his eyes are shut.. he can still clearly see her.. his desire.. his passion.. his love..

Not just his heart.. but even his mind does not let him forget her.. every night this has become his routine.. to sit near window looking at stars because he still remembers when she told him about her fondness for stars.. how she used to smile when there were twinkling lights in the sky.. he still remembers that she had a star tattoo on her wrist.. how her bracelet has so many stars attached to it..
He still wonders what is so special about stars that used to amuse her so much.. why was she so much attached to them..

Then suddenly he opens up his eyes.. but this time they are wet.. wet because her memories came alive again.. the face whose smile used to fill colors in his black white life.. the face that he adored the most.. the face that he wanted to see his entire life.. suddenly disappeared. She just went away like wind..
The story that never started.. lost all it’s chances to ever get started..
He couldn’t even tell her that how much he loved her.. how his heart always skip few beats when he saw her smile.. how his eyes got filled up with dreams of a beautiful future with her.. never got a chance to show her those portraits and scriptures that he made for her.. why was his gallery full of her pictures..
He wanted to tell her so much.. but could not.. and now he don’t know when will he get a chance.. or if he will ever get a chance..

The friendship that was supposed to turn into a love-story was lost.. om’s eyes that previously had dreams of a beautiful tomorrow were now filled with grief..
She was gone.. where,how,why.. these questions still eat up his heart.. om’s life has not moved an inch from the point where she left him.. four long years have passed away but Om’s heart is waiting for her..
He never dares to think what might be the reason of her sudden disappearance.. all he wants is to see her again.. even if it is for a second.. his heart craves to see her once..he searched for her everywhere but could not find her..
“where are you ishana.. ??” he keeps muttering this line.. and falls asleep.. as his eyes closes to get some sleep – the tears that were not shed but were there in his eyes now fall down..
Questions were many.. but answers were none!
Sunrays falls on om’s face.. and they highlight the paths that his tears followed..
Shivru come into his room as it was 8’o clock and om was not on breakfast table yet..
When they enter they see him sleeping near the window.. they look at each other and speack

“we were right, something is wrong with om.. we need to find out”
Shivay goes near om and looks at him.. he pours an entire glass of water on him..
Om wakes up shouting
Shivru(together): “ishana??””who is she”
“om what are you hiding??”
Om(in a shaky voice): voh..umm..voh.. will tell you guys but not today please.. I have an exhibition..
Shivru understood something major has happened but they thought to give time to om..
Shimru: okay..

Shivay: let’s go to make some breakfast..

*******in kitchen*******

The trio wears their aprons and chef hats..
Rudra: so what is on your mind bhaiya?
Shivay: I think we should make.. peri peri pasta..
Rudra: pari pari.. u mean fairy pasta?
Om: he said peri..not pari dumbbell..
Shivom start laughing and pat on rudy’s head..
Rudra: ahh.. I knew it.. I was just checking if u know what peri peri is? U’ve become smart o..

All the trio start singing
“Zindagi mil ke bitayenge
Haale dil gaa ke sunaayenge
Hum tho saat rang hai
Yeh jahan rangeen banayenge

Zindagi mil ke bitayenge
Haale dil gaa ke sunaayenge
Hum tho saat rang hai
Yeh jahan rangeen banayenge

Sargam hum se bane
Nagme hum se jawan
Ghume aasman

Hum hi tho duniya ke teen ajube hai
Hum se hai jahan
uat juat…

Zindagi mil ke bitayenge
Haale dil gaa ke sunaayenge
Hum tho saat rang hai
Yeh jahan rangeen banayenge”

*******in office*******
Anika enters the lift in which shivay and priyanka were already present..
Anika was wearing a pink anarkali suit..(like she wears in IB)

As soon as shivay sees her.. his eyes got stuck on her..
Shivay’s POV
“beautiful.. gorgeous.. wonderful… Indian dress suits her.. and pink.. well she looks gorgeous in pink..
She is indeed pretty..”
“wait what are u thinking shivay”

Well priyanka noticed shiavy staring at anika.. and she coughs loudly which brings shivay back to real world..
Anika: good morning ma’am
Priyanka: very good morning anika
Priyanka(whispers to shivay): it’s indeed a very beautiful morning..she is gorgeous na?(she winks at shivay)
Shivay: yes..very..
Priyanka: really?
Shivay(back to senses): yes.. I mean the deal that Batra’s are offering is gorgeous..

Priyanka chuckles at this.. and thinks “bhaiya ka kuch nahi ho skta”
All the while anika was quite.. and shivay was wondering why is she so silent and also why her silence was bothering him..

In priyanka’s office –
priyanka was trying to type a text message.. but everytime she types something.. erases it.. again types something.. again erases it..
Priyanka: this is so difficult.. oh god! Why is thi so dam tough.. writing just a simple text is as scary as board exams! Should I take anika’s help? No no no.. don’t ever do that.. what will she think of you.. but like this I won’t ever be initiate a conversation.. I need to talk to anika! Tomorrow! Done!

The entire day was so hectic that shivay was tired.. badly tired!
So he decided to head for an espresso but his coffee machine was not working.. so he goes out to use the machine which was kept near reception.. it was hardly ever used as everyone working in wing A had a cabin and each cabin had it’s own coffee machine.. the reception one was kept for emergency purpose..
Office was empty.. clock’s hour hand was on 9.. and this reminded shivay of the late night storm that meets him almost every day from past 3-4 days “anika”
Shivay places the pot in the machine and goes to attend a call..

Meanwhile, anika who was just passing by from wing A and was having severe headache saw the machine!
“oh my God, coffee, yes!” anika jumped and rushed towards the coffee maker. She looks on left-then right-then down-then up and since there was pin drop silence she thinks that there was no one in the office.. well she considers it her luck that someone just forgot about the coffee.. she takes the coffee and pours in the mug and sit on the sofa placed little far away and starts to enjoy the coffee.. her headache got little better..

Shivay comes back.. ready to leave the office after having his much needed coffee.. he places his laptop bag on the near by table and heads towards his coffee..
“what the wack” yelled shivay seeing his carafe empty.
Anika stands up instantly on the sound, or shout to be precise..looked at him.. her face initially had the *why-is-he-shouting* look but soon she realizes that it was because of the coffee.. she lloked down to see the mug which was nearly empty now and looks up at him worriedly.. they were already now on good terms and now she did something to just ignite that fire..
She was mentally slapping herself for her stupidity, how can she forget that she was n office and how can someone just leave a machine on..

“I am so sorry.. I was just passing by.. had a headache.. saw the pot full.. looked here and there no one was present so drank it all.. I am sorry.. I can make another one for you.. won’t take much time.. please sit..” anika said in one breath.
Shivay:”just shut up..”
Anika : I am talking nicely.. why are u shouting.. we all are humans right.. can’t you just behave like a normal person..
Shivay was trying to control his anger now.. he was not in a mood to fight.. but was highly pissed now!
Anika opens her mouth to speak something but shivay quickly strode away!
They both enter the lift..
Anika: may I ask u something?

Shivay: as if u will comply with my answer..
Anika : hmm.. even that’s true! So tell me what did u say to those goons?
Shivay: why do you think I will tell you?
Anika(makes puppy eyes): please…please..please..please..
Well shivay was more than angry now… but was taking deep breaths to avoid more shouting..
“so listen! I told them that u are a mad girl.. u ran away from mental asylum and that u have itching germs that might lead to death if someone comes close to you” all in one single breath.
Anika cups her mouth..
“u called me mad.. how dare you.. u.. u ..u,,ahh”
Shivay: u should be thanking me.. I saved u from them..
Anika: you could have opted for a fight and saved me..

Shivay: are u my wife?
Anika : have u lost it??
Shivay: girlfriend?
Anika: what rubbish..
Shivay: friend?
Anika: no!
Shivay: mother?
Anika: stop using my tactics!
Shivay: so why do you think I will ever fight for you??
Anika and shivay both chose silence till the elevator hits the ground!

Anika in a hurry tripped over her own feet and falls back.. but this time again she is saved by shivay(like in the dp).. anika closes her eyes tightly in horror. . shivay looks at anika.. how scared she was.. shivay’s one hand was on anika’s waist and one across her back..anika’s handboth hands on shiva’s chest.. anika slowly opens her eyes and looks at shivay.. who was already glaring at her.. their eyes meet.. anika’s breath gets heavier.. her face was close to shivay’s face.. but even then their eyeslock didn’t break..

Anika heartbeat gets faster.. like she has been to some marathon.. her hands were able to feel shivay’s heart beat..
Shivay was completely lost in her eyes.. for the first time in these 27 years shivay noticed someone’s eyes color.. they were brown.. her eyes were big.. beautiful.. full of life.. she have long lashes.. long beautiful lashes..

Suddenly lift reaches parking area.. but anika and shivay are so lost that none notices this.. and the elevator door closes again..
Few stands of anika’s hair come in front of her eyes..they were a hurdle for shivay who was lost in her eyes.. quickly he moves his fingers across her face and tucks those strands behind her ear.. this uninvited touch of his causes an odd exhilarating shiver run through her. She blinks rapidly, her eyelids matching her heart rate.. and this causes the interruption in the eyelock.. both realize that they were in an very awkward situation.. Shivay makes anika stand and helps himself to get a grip on his heart and eyes who lose control when they are near her.

Shivay gets out and anika goes back to ground floor.
Since her scooty was at garage she was waiting for an auto when shivay comes and offers to drop her.. but she refuses initially as anika was angry on him because he called her mad.. but soon watching him leave she ran behind him like a 5 year kid.. And sat in his car!

Precap: some shivika moments! Romantic !

Sorry! Don’t know if this episode was good or bad.. will try to write a better one next time..
Also please ignore if any error is there!

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