ISHQ HUA Episode -5 by manu

Episode-5 of ishq hua

Omru: yeh ho kya raha hai??
Anika&shivay stopped laughing when they saw them..
Shivay : “football ka match”
Anika :”where ball id made of mud”
They again start laughing..

Omru’s jaws dropped listening to shivay and anika…
Rudra: o see that, shivay bhaiya is laughing.. not just laughing he is covered in mud, not just mud he is sitting on floor and covered in mud, not just floor sitting with a girl, not just a girl but an employee, not just employee but an ordinary employee..also he is cracking jokes.. football ka match.. am I dreaming o.. pinch me please..
Om: no, it’s not a dream he is actually so happy.. I have never seen him laughing this terribly before.. not even with us..

Well rudy made a video of this *rare* scene..

When suddenly shivay realized what was he doing..removes anika’s hand from his shoulder..leaves her hand and he stood up.. in an serious tone speaks
“what the wack.. what is this.. anika just stand up and leave this office.. “
Looking at omru who were smiling at shivay he says
“you two, let’s just leave from here.. I will ask sweeper to clean this”
Shivay walks out of the office angrily with omru..

All the while anika was still there on the floor only..
“what just happened?? Few moments ago he was fine.. laughing like a kid.. enjoying our fight and then suddenly he was so serious like I have done some crime.. he is crazy or what?”
No she stands up.. looks at herself and giggles thinking how crazy she is..

Here, shivay reaches his car and realizes that he forgot his car keys and cell in the office.. he asks omru to go home and that he will get car keys and phone..

Omru(together): ohho, ya phir phirse mitti wala romance krne jaa rahe ho?(looks like u r going for mud romance again)
Shivay gives them an angry look so they quietly leave..
“shivay oh god! I hope she is not there in my cabin right now”

Shivay goes to his cabin and luckily there anika was not present so he picks his stuff and cleans his face and leaves..
In parking lot, anika’s champa break down.. so she decided to take an auto..
But to her bad luck, no auto was there..

Shivay sees this.. he sits in car and drives off..
But he stops at some distance and looks in the side mirror.. anika was standing at the door.. looking at her watch.. tensed.. he looks up to see black sky..
Shivay(to himself): god! Why she stays up this late.. and where the hell is her scooty, why is she taking an auto.. should I give her a lift?? But wait why will i?? she insults me.. fights with me.. no I should not.. just drive shivay u need to be at home.. dadi is waiting for u..
Shivay starts the car, but few minutes later he finds himself standing in front of anika amd asling her if he can drop her home..
Shivay(in mind): what.. wait.. no.. I asked her to drop her home?? But why?? Shivay singh oberoi weren’t u planning to go home.. what is your problem.. now just hope that she says no.!
Anika(interrupting his thought process): no.. it’s fine.. I will manage!
Shivay: please.. it’s night.. come with me!
Shivay(in mind):seriously?? Please?? What am I doing.. few mintues ago u wanted her to say no.. now when she said no.. u are pleading her.. I think I m going crazy.. what the wack?? Why am I talking to myself mentally.. what is this.. stop shivay! U are just concerned because she is a girl.. u respect girls.. yes this is the reason!”

Anika finds him lost in some other world and says “okay.. thank u”
Shivay: yaa.. that’s fine!

***********in the car********
Both anika and shivay were sitting silently.. none was able to utter a word!
Anika as always, could not handle silence and speaks..
Anika(while looking into her bag): common, chikni where is my phone.. why do u always hide it..
Shivay: chikni?? Who is she?? Whom are u talking to?
Anika: chikni.. my bag?
Shivay: really?? U have kept name for ur bag?
Anika: not just it.. u know my slipper she is chandni.. my cooty she is champa.. and my..
Shivay cuts her.. “u are mad.. who keeps name for things”
Anika- “I do.. why mad.. I like doing so”
Shivay : “whatever”
Again there is silence for sometimes.. suddenly..
Anika: “may I switch on the radio”
Shivay: why??
Anika: because I wanted to play hockey??
Shivay: what???
Anika: where is your common sense.. radio is for listening songs.. so why will I switch it on..
Shivay: okay fine!
Anika tries to start the radio.. but she was confused looking at so many buttons.. she looks at the system.. shivay sees this and shakes his head in disbelief as how come someone be so isiot!
This time.. anika and shivay both together move their hands to start the radio and anika’s hand is over shivay’s hand both look at each other–**an intense eyelock**.. and kepp on looking at each other without blinking and their hands are still in the same position.. and song on the radio is—
“bheege hoth tere.. pyasa dil mera.. lage ab fizaa mujhe tann tera.. kabhi mere sath ek raat guzaar.. tujhe subh tak mei karu pyar.”
Suddenly car stops with a jerk!
Due this anika, anika was about to his the car front.. Anika’s eyes were closed as she thought she might get hurt.. but to her surprise shivay places his hand on that so Anika’s forehead hits shivay’s hand..
When anika open her eyes..and touches her forhead he speaks
“I am safe?? Or am I dead that there is no blood?? Oh god! I m dead that too due to this receptionist..
Shivay: have u lost it anika?? U are safe and not dead nothing bad can happen when I m here..
Anika: why?? Are u super man?
Shivay: no
Anika: batman?
Shivay: no
Anika : he man?
Shivay :no
Anika: shakti man?
Anika: to dialogue mat maro k mei hu to kuch nahi hoga.. (so don’t say that nothing will happen )
Shivay : I mean I can save u.. I m strong!

Anika: look at yourself.. u are so thin.. even a 12th standard kid can beat u up.. i guess even 11th class boys can also do that.. may 10th also.. may 9th
Shivay: will u stop now.. if u will continue like this u will say even 1st standards kids will do that..
Moreoever I just look thin.. I am very masculine from inside.. I can beat 10 goons altogether.. I do gym. I am super fit..
Anika: even though u go to gym.. my sahil can make ur juice trust me!
Shivay: it’s useless to talk to you.. let me check what happened to car.. for the first time u are sitting in my car.. and it broke down..
Anika: excuse me?? Did I asked u to plead me.. or I asked to drop me home??
Shivay was now clueless as how to defend himself.. so he just steps out of the car..
Shivay(to himself)- now see shivay! Who asked u to say please.. why did u even asked to drop her..
Anika comes out and looks at shivay who was doing nothing and just looking at engine..
Anika:what happened?
Shivay: don’t know.. I m not a mechanic .
Anika:wait.. u don’t know how to handle some minor issues related to car??
Shivay: I already told u , m not a mechanic.. and u speak like u have done PhD in mechanical engineering .
Anika: nope m not from that background but I can troubleshoot some minor engine issue..
I don’t have car but I know how to maintain it.. now just move mr. receptionist and let me do the honors..
Shivay moves in anger..
Anika: now go and start the car
Shivay goes into the car expecting that she would fail and he will taunt her, But to his surprise anika was able to solve that problem..
Anika: see that! U have a car but don’t know anything.. I simply don’t understand why people like u even buy a car..
Shivay (shouts from the car): I don’t have time for these silly jobs
Anika: u are a receptionist but have tantrums of a billionaire.
Shivay:yes I am a billionaire..i m shi..
*****goons time****
Before he could complete his name.. three goons come on bike and stop near anika..
Goon1: hello madam.. come we will drop u..
Goon2: u are so beautiful .. come on.. madam ji..
One of them holds anika’s hand.. and tries to drag her..
Anika: oye billionaire.. Won’t u save me..
Shivay: nope!
Anika: how shameless.. just help me ot!
Shivay comes out of the car..

Goons: don’t u dare move.. they show knife to shivay..
Shivay: haha! Are u nuts.. why will I save this mental?
Anika: u called me mad? I will not spare u..i will eat u raw..
Shivay: whatever..
Goons: mental? What do u mean..
Shivay takes one of them aside..
Shivay: man..look at her.. from which angle she looks normal to u??
Goon looks at anika.. her dirty cloth..
Goon: but her face is clean..
Shivay: I did that.. but she put mud on me too..
Goon: why??
Shivay: yes.. she is having a dangerous high grade itching disease and mud helps to reduce the itching..
If anyone comes near her he will get this disease too.. he might die in some weeks..
Goon: so why are u not dead?? Do I look like a fool..
Shivay: yes.. I mean’s because I take anti-itching injections.. I work in injection..i mean in hospital Last month a doctor died because he tried to come closer.. her viruses caught him! R.I.P doctor! Also, she is slightly crack! A mental patient !
Ggon: really?
Shivay: yes.. otherwise who throws mud on someone who is helping u? and when I came out she said she will not leave me she will eat me up… don’t u get it even now??? Which normal human talks like that??? look at me?? Do I look like I will be playing with mud?? She did this to me!
Goon: but she is mental asylum patient and u work in normal hospital..?? I don’t get that..
Shivay: yes! She is mad.. but her treatment is going on in my hospital.. I m just helping u guys.. if u don’t believe me go on.. take her with you.. don’t blame me later on.. I did what I could.. rest who can save someone who himself wants to go to god.. go on dude! U don’t believe me.. wait.. have u seen any normal person keeping names for sleepers and bags?
Goon: no!
Shivay: wait.. I will show u..
He turns towards anika and asks “anika whats name of your slipper and bag??”
Anika:”chandani and chikni”
Shivay(to goon): now u have proof.. now it’s your call..

Goon1 goes to other two and says leave this girl.. let’s go!
They run away..
Anika: what did u say to him that he just ran away.. and why were u asking about bag and slippers?
Shivay: nothing just like that.. I said leave her.. and he left!
Anika:really?? M I school kid.. who will believe in this stupid theory..
Shivay: yes.. now sit.. don’t ask anything now! Or I have a better plan..
Anika: what?
Shivay: go.. ask that goon.. why he let go off u.. maybe he will present a better theory..
Anika angrily sits in the car..
Anika throughout the way tried to ask what he said to them.. but shivay didn’t utter a word..
And anika determines to dig out the truth in the office only..

Shivay drops anika home.. and goes to OM.
Anika enters in the house and goes to her wardrobe to get her night dress.. when suddenly that bracelet falls on the ground..
Anika:I wonder who u are.. I wish someday I can meet you..
And then she goes back to sleep..

Here in OM, omru were waiting for shivay.. as soon as he enters the room.. om and shivay look at him as if they saw any alien..
Rudra (crying): bhaiya, why were u laughing with her.. u only laugh with us.. u are becoming paraya dhan..
Om smiles listening to this and says “right rudra.. he is now paraya dhan.. he is something else when he is with her..”
Shivay:what rubbish.. it’s nothing like that.. nothing at all.. it’s just that.. it was a funny situation.. anyone would have laughed.. so what’s so different..
Rudra: exactly, anybody would have laughed.. u are not anybody.. u are SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI..
Om: yes he forgot that he is SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI.. or many he forgets about this when he is with that girl..
Shivay: her name is anika..
Omru… oooooooo… aaaaa—niiiiiii—–kaaaaaaaaaaaa..
Shivay:shut up u both.. whats in her name that u both stretched it..
Om: nothing.., it’s just.. nice name!
Shivay:now, I am tiered let’s sleep..
Rudra: yes, tired of laughing with an employee in office cabin.. that too all alone.. btw I forgot to ask you.. why are u late..
Shivay: when I went into office.. a client called up.. so got late..that’s it!
Rudra: are u sure paraya dhan ji??
Shivay:shut up ru!
They all go to bed and omru sleep.. while shivay’s mind is in replay mode when he and anika fell.. mud fight.. him dropping her home.. that song.. her touch.. but he was still not able to get it why was he doing this.. why his mind can only think of her.. why is he not able to sleep.. why he asked to drop her home.. why he got involved in a silly mud fight.. why?? Why?? Why?? But then he takes a deep breadth looks at clock.. and could not believe it..
” from past three hours i was just thinking about her.. three damm hours.. what is wrong with me! Stop it shivay.. atleast stop it now! U have a important meeting tomorrow.. sleep..”
He closes his eyes.. but even then.. there was anika all over in his imagination.. finally he takes a sleeping pill and sleeps peacefully!

Sorry guys.. the precap I gave in the previous part was something I planned for this episode.. but could not insert into this update.. sorry for wrong precap.. so this time no precap!
Thank you for reading this.. have a nice day 

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