ISHQ HUA EPISODE 4 by manu24

ISHQ HUA BY MANU: Here it goes-episode 4;
Very happy new year everyone!
Also tell me is anyone from Delhi??because I live in Delhi only I am new so don’t know about anyone.. please help me to know all of you better..

****at office****
Anika prepares her sorry speech in her mind..
Anika(in mind): sir,sorry..very sorry..very very sorry mene jaan kar nahi galti se aapko bezzatt kia… wait what.. bezzatt kia todhe bolegi.. nahi anika..kuch accha soch.. sso hai vo dudh wale bhaiya todhe hai jo kuch b bolegi.. shivay sir, galti ho gyai.. mujhe pata nahi tha k aap sso hai.. haan ye theek rhega..

Sso:miss anika..where are u lost?
Anika:no where sir..i m here only..but i am sorry.. very sorry.. infinity sorry.. sir..i didn’t know you are sso.. if I would have known I wouldn’t have fought with you.. sir I m very innocent..very kind..very sincere.. but my tongue it is very stupid..very idioit..very long like kanoon ka hath(law’s hand-it’s an famous dialogue of Indian cinema)..sir i..
Sso:hey,it’s okay.. let’s just forget it.. and you really love very word a lot.. he smiles at his joke.
Suddenly someone enters into the cabin..anika turns and angrily shouts..
“don’t you have manners..go and knock and then enter”
Man: who are you to tell me if should knock or not..
Sso: miss anika do you know who is he..he is shi..(he couldn’t complete his sentence and is interrupted)
Anika.. ya I know.. receptionist..
Anika:”anyway sir I am really sorry..”
Sso(confused):it’s okay.. I think you should leave..i need to talk to our receptionist first..(he stresses at receptionist)?

Anika leaves..
Sso: really.. receptionist??
He laughs again..but this time quite louder..
Shivay: look daksh, she is a mannerless girl.. she don’t know I m shivay.. and she never listens to what I have to say.. she is just a stubborn and foolish girl..
{{{’s daksh.. but guys in my ff daksh is a positive character.. I have seen many interviews of daksh and anika.. I like there off-screen chemistry so I won’t make him negative}}}
Shivay ”even now.. she didn’t bother to listen to you.. just called me receptionist ..uff.. she irritates me like hell”

Daksh: in shock.. what is happening.. dude.. u are shivay.. the shivay and she is just an employee.. and she never listens to you and rather than shouting u are complaining …are u fine.. u okay??
[he keeps his hand on shivay’s forehead to check if he has fever or not]]
“fever toh nahi hai. Phir ye hua kya tujhe”(you don’t have fever.. then what happened)
Shivay: nothing.. anyway.. tell me how are you..and how is the fashion sector going on and why was she asking for an apology?? Did she misbehaved with you too?? You want a revenge?? Join hands with me!!
Daksh: dude, first stop firing questions.. second , she met me in the parking are.. and guess what scolded me..(he laughs remembering anika).. and FYI I m not in a mood for any revenge..
Shivay: scolded but why??
Daksh: well I bumped into her.. and her file fell.. that was my mistake though I was busy watching videos on my phone..
“But dude what a girl.. she gives so many expressions during one sentence only”..(he laughs and says).. “so I m going to Oberoi Mansion.. see you there in evening..”
[[ [[daksh handles the fashion sector of oberoi’s and he is mostly out of India.. as he himself owns a little business in U.K.. so whenever he is India he shares cabin with shivay as they are best of buddies.. and this gives them plenty of time to chat and gossip]]]]
When daksh reaches lift.. He sees anika trying to lift tons of file altogether.. He goes to her..
“let me help you anika.. the weight of these files is much greater than yours”
This stupid jokes brings smile on anika’s face.. which was tensed few moments ago..
Anika:”no sir, I will do this.. .it’s my job”
Daksh: yes but little bit help doesn’t hurt..and don’t call me sir please.
Anika: okay sir.. I mean.. what should I call you then??
Daksh: call me hero.. as I look like hero.. don’t i?? but let me carry 60% of carry 40%.. a fair deal…
Anika smiles at this..
Anika: okay take 40% I will take 60%..that would be fair..
Daksh: you say..
After helping anika..he leaves with a smile..also anika smiles to see such a generous boss..
Anika(to herself):he is so rich.. but so sweet..and she smiles..
*******somewhere on the way**********

It’s heavily raining somewhere about 8PM
Dadi:rudy gadi ki speed dheere kar puttar(drive slow rudy)
Om:yes,this is not a race.. I don’t want to die at such a young age.. I haven’t even seen my bride’s face till now..
Rudra:what slow slow.. shall I drive at 20kmph now.. we are going at 60 only..i can’t drive below this speed.. and when rudy is here have no fear.. you all are save with me.. just have faith..
Omdadi:faith..that too on you.. stop joking..
Rudy makes a pupy face.. and breaks down..
Omdadi:now what??
Rudy:let me check the engine..(he goes out and says we need water..for engine)
Dadi calls OM and asks them to send a new car and tells them there location..
They see that nearby there is a house.. so they run towards the house.. and knocks..
A middle aged woman opens the door and says..
“maa aap??”(mother you)
Dadi:”puttar tu??idhar.. btaya bhi nahi.. maa ko bhool gayi na kabhi phone na kuch”(son yo??you forgot me calls nothing”
“See omru this is my daughter shraddha.. i mean daughter in law of my best friend kaushalya.. she just disappeared..”
shraddha: actually I shifted to delhi after rakesh and varun died.. that house reminded me of them,rakesh’s sufferings.. so I shifted delhi..there I live with my sister and brother in law “
dadi:”I understandlife is cruel sometimes.. but we cannot stop living ”
Dadi: so how come in Mumbai?? and where is your somu??
shraddha: well because somu wants to study here..i came to help her in settling ..i will leave tomorrow as I amd teacher so have to attend school from day after tomorrow..
“maa wait I will be back..” she leaves..
Suddenly a healthy girl comes with a tray..
Girl: Namaste dadi..
Rudra: tum?? (you)
Soumya looks up.. but does not give reaction..
Dadi:”you know each other??”
Rudra: yes
Soumya: no dadi..
Omdadi : ab hum iska kya matlb smjhe??? (what shall we conclude by this)
Rudra: arree.. we know each other.. soumya remember we met in the hospital.. you offered me the parantha.. then u gave me that sacred thread to tie to it to my bhaiya’s hand?? Then in the college when i.. {before he could say something else.. somu cuts him}
Soumya: no dadi I m meeting him for the first time.. I don’t even know his name.. never seen him before.. Maybe he met someone else and is having a illusion..
[[[[this reminds rudra of his behavior.. when he denied recognizing her in the college.. for the first time any girl has refused to recognize him.. he was shocked and angry now.. he sits on the sofa with an angry face]]]
Om: anyway, you are so cute..just like my prinku
Dadi: shraddha when we are here why will my soumya live slone here.. pack her bags your bags u are coming with me..
Shraddha:no’s fine we will manage..
Omdadi: no you are coming with us..that’s final..
Rudra(to dadiom)(whispering in their ears): no, don’t do this.. she will finish the entire food of the house.. she eats so much that even if we sell our entire property her hunger won’t vanish.. trust me.. iski bhookh hume road pr le aayegi.. hum deewaliye ho jayenge.. (her hunger will bring us to footpath.. we will loose everything)
Dadiom: just shut up rudra..
Rudra: don’t believe me now.. baad me mat kehna btaya nahi tha (just remember not to complain later)
Well shraddha packs soumya’s bag and they leave with dadiomru..
The driver with new car was back..dadi sits soumya and shraddha sit one of the cars and leaves to OM..and asks omru to goto office and pick shivay..
***at office*****
Everybody leaves ..
Anika goes to shivay’s room to collect the few files that were given to him for his signature..
As soon as she holds the handle of the door light goes.. anika panicks.. and in haste opens the door and goes inside..she hits someone and shouts “who ..who”
Shivay:who are you..
Anika: you??receptionist?? again?? What are u doing here..that too at this time…where is shivay sir..?
Shivay: u?? ohh the LY of shivay sir..
Anika: my identity is not LY..i have a name..anika..
Shivay: btw miss LY why were u asking apology from shivay like some usual staff..when u are so close to him..
Anika: it’s between us..don’t interfere.. and call him shivay sir.. pay some respect!!

Shivay walks towards window so as to open curtain..but he hits a table on which there was plant(recently watered)..
It falls down and breaks.. mud gets spread on the floor..but some mud falls on anika too who was standing near it..
Anika : “I forgave u once but not this time”
In anger picks up some mud and throws it on shivay.. and speaks
“since you spoiled my clothes so this was my revenge”
Shivay( in anger) : “what the wack?? What do you think.. I m thakur?? I too have hands and larger than yours wait..” {for those u don’t know thakur.. thakur was a famous character in a bollywood movie.. who was armless}
Even he picks up some mud and throws it on anika..
Anika picks some more mud and puts on shivay’s face and his hairs..
Shivay is very touchy when it comes to his stylish hairs.. and anika’s this moves just added fuel to the fire..
He picks up mud in both his hands , holds anika’s hand twists it..and rubs the mud on her face, her hands.. Bends.. Takes more mud and just puts it in her head.. releases her with an *victory smile* and runs and stands behind table so that anika won’t be able to catch him
Anika in an effort to catch shivay slips.. and was about to fall.. When shivay tries to hold her..
And guess what.. Both fell together.. 😀
Both: ahh..ouch..
Anika: this all happened because of you.. na tum gamle se takrate.. na vo girta.. na mitti mujhpar girti.. na ye sab hota..(if you wouldn’t have collided with that plant nothing would have happened)
Shivay: u started all this.. you could have just behaved as a normal human.. but no.. you are wild.. you had to take revenge.. you behaved as a five year old kid what was my mistake in this..
{anika was about to give him takkar ka reply but suddenly voila! Light is back..!!)

Anika and shivay look at each other.. and start laughing badly..
Anika(controlling her laugh): you look like dirty alien actually..
Shivay: what were you thinking while doing this childish thing anika madam… just look at yourself.. even u are not looking like miss India..Rather you look like a witch.. so scary..
Anika: what were you thinking when you took revenge for my revenge mister receptionist..
They again look at each other and burst into laughter…

Both look at themselves and start laughing again..looking at their condition..they didn’t realize that anika’s left hand was on shivay’s shoulder.. and shivay’s was holding her right hand..both were just laughing..

[[door opens..and omru are standing there.. looking at anika and shivay who are sitting on the ground covered in mud and laughing like two “runaway patients of mental asylum “
Omru with an open mouth (forming an o): “ye ho kya raha hai??”(what is happening here){the way they are standing in the display pic}
Anika and shivay look at them and stop laughing..

Precap: shivay thinks about anika.. makes a decision.. but later shivay shouts on anika..

Guys, please please do comment! And please ignore if mistakes are caught.. it’s tough to check errors in a 7 page word file! Sorry in advance.. 

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    Thankyou for keeping Daksh positive..
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