Ishq hai…ya kuch aur…Episode 5

Next day morning

Kunj, Yuvi, Alisha and Sanjay decide to go home and come back turn by turn. Yuvi and Alisha have left. Kunj and Sanjay are at hospital. Sanjay has bought tea for both of them. While drinking, Sanjay tries to strike a conversation.

Sanjay: Tum…I mean Tum donon ka kuch jagda hua tha kya? (You guys had a fight just before the accident, Right?)

Kunj: Haan..Kyu? Usne tumhe bataya ta kya? (Ya, we had a small argument. How do you know that?)

Kunj thinks.. ‘Agar maine fight nahi hua bola to, jhooth bol reha hai sochega…aur uske shak ke ghode aur tezi se daud ne lagega…Bhagwaan jaane kis baat pe ladi thi ye ladki… (If I am denying it, Sanjay will think that I am hiding something and will start suspecting me more..God knows for what reason she fought?’

Sanjya: Kuch khaas nahi…Bus fight hua aisa message kiya tha…Vo jaldi me thi…Shirdi jane ke liye nikal hi rehi thi na…Tume to pata hi hoga…(She messaged me stating you both had a fight..that’s it..She too was in a hurry..She was on the way to Shirdi..You know that…)

Kunj: Of course..Jaane se pehle mujse baat huyi  thi.. (Of course, I know…We had talked before she left.)

‘Thank god…Abb kuch bhi kahani bana sakta hun..’ (Thank god he doesn’t have much info about the fight..I will have to cook some story for the fight..)

Sanjay: Bada mann tha uska ki sabse pehle gadi leke shirdi jaaye…Aur dekho kya hogaya…( She used to always tell me that her first ride will be to Shirdi..God had other plans…)

Kunj: Hmm…Janta hun…(Ya…I know..)

Sanjay: Uncle bhi na…Birthday pe mehengi  gadi to dedi…Beti ke saath thoda time bitana zaroori nahi samajthe…(I don’t understand Uncle…He makes sure that she gets the best thing…the car she wished… But doesn’t have time to spent with her..)


Kunj thinks… ‘Acha hai..Ye khud hi sab bol reha hai…Kab se ye soch reha tha ki isse baatein kaise bulwauo.. (I was trying hard to get more details about Twinkle Thank god, he is talking things about Twinkle.)’

Sanjay: At least uske birthday ke din toh saath rehte…Kaisa insaan hai… Apni beti critical condition me hain…Aur baap ko abhi tak khabar bhi nahi…(At least he could have been with her on her birthday… His daughter is in critical condition and he is not even aware of it… )

Kunj: Hmmm

Sanjay: Chodo…Unke bare me kya baat kerna…Tum batao…Tum toh jaane wale the na uske saath shirdi? Phir ye sab kaise hua? (Leave it… You both planned to go together..How come plan got changed?)

Kunj: Issi baat pe toh jagda hua tha humara…Muje kuch kaam tha college ka…aur maine mana ker diya jaane se… (I had some college projects to be finished. So couldn’t make it.We had an argument on this too…)

Sanjay: Me samaj sakta hun ki usspe kya guzri hogi…Birthday ke din kamse kam tumhara saath chahti thi aur tumne bhi mana ker diya… (I can understand her mental condition at that time..She would have expected your company at least…and you also denied…)

Kunj ‘Abbey, ye toh mere pe bill phadne jaa reha hai..Ki maine mana ker diya aur frustration me gadi tok di…Sari mehnat pani me chala chayega…Kunj…Kuch soch…Kuch soch… (Damn…This guy is trying to portray that I was the reason behind her deeds…I denied her and out of frustration she attempted suicide…Whatever I have done till this moment was not for this..I have to do something…Think Kunj…Think)

Kunj: Haan vo naraaz thi mujse…Maine driver ko leke jaane ko kaha toh aur chid gayi…aur phone kat diya…Kaash…usne meri baat man li hoti toh aaj ye accident na hota… (I agree we had an argument..I asked her to take a driver and go…She got irritated and cut the call..I wish…She had agreed to me. Accident wouldn’t have happened.)

Sanjay: Tumhe sach me lagta hain ki vo accident tha? (You think it was an accident?)

Kunj: Matlab? (Then what?)

Sanjay: Muje lagta hai Twinkle ne suicide kerne ki koshish ki hai… (I think Twinkle attempted a suicide..)

Kunj: Kya bakwaas hai yain… Twinkle aisa kyu karegi? (What rubbish? Why would she do that?)

Sanjay: Jo ladai tum donon ke beech me hua shayad uske vajah se… (Whatever happened between you may be the reason..)

Kunj: Maine kaha na tume humare beech itni badi ladai huyee bhi nai…Phir vo aisa kyu karegi? (I have told you it was a small argument…Why would she do that on such a petty issue?)

Sanjay: Me tumpe kaise bharosa kerlu? Tum shayad apne aap ko defend ker rehe ho…Kya pata kuch aur hua ho aur tum bata kuch aur rehe ho… (How can I trust you? What if you had a huge fight and you are portraying it as small just to get saved…)

Kunj realizes that Sanjay still has doubts.  Kunj is frustrated that his efforts to convince them has gone in vain.

Kunj (volume raised): Tumhara dimag kharab hain? Kuch bhi bole jaa rehe ho…Kuch bhi kahin se bhi jodke muje phasa rehe ho..Me to Twinkle ko pehli… (Are you out of your mind? You are connecting few things and making stories of your own..Why are you getting me involved in this? I saw Twinkle for…)


Kunj and Sanjay turn back hearing the sound.

Nurse: It’s a hospital…

Kunj realizes that he was going to say everything and he would have been caught…The tiredness of being awake for the whole night, all the efforts to be in ‘Twinkle’s boyfriend’ character had drained him completely…Above all, the realization that every effort which he had put in was not enough and Sanjay still is doubting him stressed more…He couldn’t handle the stress and things went out of his hand…

Kunj composes himself and starts talking.

Kunj: I am sorry..I shouldn’t have talked to you like that…Twinkle attempting a suicide…I just couldn’t take that…

Sanjay: I can understand…

Kunj: Seriously…I am extremely sorry..I shouldn’t have yelled at you…

Sanjay: It happens…leave it..

Kunj: No, you are right…Being a friend, you are 100% right…You are just being careful about your friend.

Kunj: You just want your friend to be safe and if this had happened because of someone, you don’t want to spare that person…Fair enough…I should have understood your point of view.

Sanjay: Hmm…

Kunj: I understand you don’t trust me and have a valid reason for that..We don’t know each other on personal level and the message you received from Twinkle before accident… You have all reasons to suspect me…I won’t deny that…

Sanjay: Thanks for understanding.

Kunj: But please…for Twinkle, can you hold your thoughts for a while?

Sanjay: I didn’t get you. Come to the point.

Kunj: You have doubt on me and you will call the police and inform this… I have no complaints on that…Coz I know I am not guilty and I can prove my innocence…May be it will take few weeks or months and I will have to suffer a lot in that duration..But I am ready to do that for Twinkle.

Sanjay: Stop beating around the bush…

Kunj: Let me complete please…If you are complaining now, it will take me to police custody…Along with me you are sending Twinkle too…

Sanjay: What rubbish?

Kunj: Twinkle is in ICU. But a case will be registered against her as she has attempted a suicide, which is a criminal offense. Whenever she is back to normal life, she will have to suffer for this. You can cross check with any officials if you want.

Kunj said it so confidently that Sanjay didn’t think to verify that…Moreover Sanjay had heard about this earlier somewhere.

Sanjay: You are right. But I can’t leave you, if at all you have done anything wrong to Twinkle.

Kunj: You still have doubts man…Fine..

Kunj takes a deep breath and continues.

Kunj: Few things to clarify my part…As you said, If we had a huge fight and post that she commited suicide…Do you think I am a fool to come to hospital? I should have arranged an anticipatory bail and gone underground. Secondly, If that’s the case, I would be the first person who doesn’t want Twinkle to come into senses…coz she is gonna call cops and I will be behind the bars…You don’t know me personally…But you have seen me from yesterday…I am trying to find every possible way to bring her back..Can’t you see that…?

Sanjay is in deep thoughts…. Kunj, from his expressions understood that Sanjay is slowly coming to his track.

Kunj: And about asking you to hold back the case…It is not for me..24 hours is the time given by doctors…Can’t you wait for that much…She will be back to normal life and you can know the truth from her mouth. You and Twinkle can go ahead and file a case against me after that. You want me to be in jail…That can happen after 24 hours too…If you are filing a case now, Twinkle will have to face the consequences too…

Sanjay: You have a point there..I don’t want Twinkle to face anything at this stage. I will wait for 24 hours…

Kunj: Thanks…I must say you are a true friend…Thanks for being there with Twinkle…

Sanjay: Anytime…

Sanjay leaves from there..He opens the door and realizes that he has not finished yet. He turns back.

Sanjay: Let me clear you this. It is not that I am against you or I want you to be behind the bars anyhow… You are Twinkle’s love and I respect you for that…But….If I came to know that you are the reason behind Twinkle’s condition, trust me…you are gonna pay for it…I will make sure that…

Sanjay leaves…

Precap:- Twinkle’s condition

Jisha 🙂

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