Ishq Hai…Ya Kuch Aur…Episode 11

If anyone has missed previous episode…
Episode 10

Tej has talked to doctors and collegues. Everyone has given him a positive feedback about Kunj. Tej is convinced that it was an accident.
Kunj, Yuvi and Sanjay could make to the classes and job, as Tej has started to stay back most of the time with Twinkle. Kunj, Yuvi and Sanjay mostly stayed in night, though Tej has asked them that he can manage.
Few days later, at hospital
“Where is she? She started talking?” Kunj asked in an elated voice.
Sanjay could clearly make out his happiness.
Sanjay: “Relax…I know you are excited to see her…”
Kunj: Actually, I am…
Sanjay: She blinked and moved her fingers. Only that much…Doctors are examining.
Kunj: Whatever…She has started responding. I am sure she will start talking soon..
Tej: Tumhare muh me ghee shakkar, beta…
Kunj and Sanjay were stunned to hear ‘beta’ word from Tej. Though Tej is convinced about Kunj’s innocence, he didn’t talk much to Kunj. He always kept a distance from Kunj. Sanjay always made sure that they both don’t stay together in hospital to avoid clashes.
Sanjay: I tried calling you. When you didn’t pick up, I dropped a message.
Kunj: I was in college.I saw your message. I couldn’t control my anxiety. Bunked next lecture and rushed immediately.
Doctor comes back after check up. Kunj, Sanjay and Tej go to doctor.
Doctor: It’s a good sign. She is improving. I will suggest you start talking to her. Hearing loved one’s voices and incidents may work…
Doctor leaves.
Tej rushes to Twinkle.
Kunj: I think we should give them sometime.
Sanjay and Kunj sit in bench outside Twinkle’s room.
Sanjay: Muje lagta hain, tume usse zyada se zyada baat kerni chahiye… apni pyaar ki baatein…(I think you should talk to her… about your love…)
Kunj thinks. ‘Kya batau? Jab kuch hua hi nahi hain toh…’ (I haven’t met her before and you are asking me to talk about our lovey dovey moments…)
Kunj: Nahi…Uske dad ke baatein zyada important hain… ( I feel her dad’s talk can make her respond.)
Sanjay: Hmm…Tum bhi apne dil ki baatein, saath guzara waqt sab batake dekho…(Hmm…You also start talking to her about your feelings and the time you both have spent together. )
Kunj: I will.
Kunj thinks, ‘Inko dikhane ke liye, kuch bhi filmi scenario bata dunga…’ (I think I should talk some filmi sequence to convince these people.)
Sanjay: Vo tum donon ke pyaar ki baatein hamesha kerti thi…Muje toh yakeen hain ki tumhare baton pe vo respond karegi… (She used to always talk about you and your care and love for her. I am sure she is gonna respond to your talks…)
Kunj thinks. ‘Tuje bolne me kya jaa reha hai? Respond toh karegi…Thappad marke…Jhooti filmi romantic scenes sunke, kahi pakk ke muje thappad na marde’ (I am also sure, she is gonna respond to my talks…The difference is that it will be a tight slap on my face. She will be fed up of the filmi romantic scenes…)
Kunj went back to attend the lectures after meeting Twinkle. Kunj informs Yuvi about Twinkle’s improvement during break.
Kunj: I am sorry. I couldn’t inform you. I was so excited that I wanted to go and meet her immediately.
Yuvi: Tu kuch zyada excitement nahi dikha reha hai? Muje batane ka tak time nahi mila matlab…Kahin violin toh bajna shuru nahi hua dil me? (Don’t you think you are over excited? You didn’t have time to inform me? Is there something else cooking?)
Kunj: Tu hi soch..Kitne dinon se hum hospital ke chakker kaaat rehe hai..Tu khush nahi hai kya? (It’s normal yaar…We have been in the hospital for past few weeks…You are not happy that she is improving?)
Yuvi: Khush hun me…per itna nai jitna tu dikha reha hain…Aur mera aur tera Twinkle se same rishta hain…Isliye muje teri khushi khatak rehi hain… (I am definitely happy…Not as much as you. We both share same relationship with her…And your excitement speaks something else..)
Kunj: Oh…excitement toh hoga na mujhe…Vo mujse chupke se na jaane kabse pyaar ker rehi hain…Kitne saare sawaal hain usse puchne ko…Kab mila? Kabse pyaar kerti ho? Aur daddy ko kaise janti hain?Aur bohut kuch…. (She loves me, I don’t know from when…I have thousands of questions to be answered…When did she saw me? When her love started? What’s about meeting dad? Do you think my excitement is not justified?)
Yuvi: Hmm…Now I understood.
Next day
Sanjay has called Kunj to hospital.
Sanjay: I am sorry yaar…I have an urgent work to be done. So I won’t be able to stay back today night. Please be here with uncle.
Kunj: Yaar..please yaar..unke saath mat lagaya kero mujhe… (Please don’t keep me with Tej sir…You know how it is…)
Sanjay: Aaj tak tum donon ko saath aane se avoid kiya hai na maine…Aaj utna imp kaam hai, tabhi keh reha hun na tumhe… (I know…I have always kept you and Tej sir away from each other to avoid clashes..Today it is something that important…Please understand my situation…)
Kunj: Okay..I will adjust. Agar zinda bacha toh, kal milte hain… (I will meet you tomorrow.., if he left me alive…)
Sanjay (laughing): Vo badal rehe hai…vo to tume uss din beta bula rehe te… (I think he has changed…He called you beta that day…)
Kunj: Kuch nahi badla…dekho, abhi bhi kaisa sada hua muh banake baitha hai? Jaise maine inke paise loote ho… (It’s the same. Look, he still has that sadu look in his face…As if I have run away with all his money…)
Sanjay: Paise na sahi beti toh loota hai tumne unse… (Not money…You have taken his daughter…He will have that feeling..)
Kunj: Haan toh muje kaunsa shadi kerna hai unke beti se? (As if I am going to marry her…?)
Sanjay: Kya kaha? (What)
Kunj: Haan toh muje kaunsa aaj shadi kerna hai unke beti se…ye kaha maine… (I meant…As if I am going to marry her today?)
Sanjay: Ok. I will leave…Sasur aur jamai milke baatein kero… (Have a nice time with your father in law.)
Kunj smiles though he was a bit worried.
Kunj and Tej talked to each other only about medicines and doctor.
At 11.30 PM
Twinkle showed some uneasiness and Tej called the doctors to examine.
Doctor: Twinkle is not able to breathe. We are trying to revive her by ventilator.Let’s hope for the best.
Doctor is about to leave and turns towards Kunj.
Doctor: Kunj, I need to talk to you about the medicines. Please come.
Doctor’s cabin
Doctor: I am not sure what has happened. But to be honest, she is sinking. I don’t want to give you a false hope. I don’t think she will make it to tomorrow morning.
Kunj is shocked to hear this. Kunj gets up slowly and leaves.
Suddenly Kunj realizes that Tej is behind the door and has heard everything.
Tej was in tears and mumbling in slow voice. Kunj holds him tightly and makes him sit.
Tej: Meri beti…vo jaa rehi hai…Aise kaise…Jeena toh abhi shuru kiya hai ussne… (Twinkle…She is leaving…She..She has just started her life…)
Kunj: Uncle, she is fighter…Nothing will happen.
Tej: Ek…ek khushi ka pal nahi diya maine usse…Jab bhi mera saath chaha…maine kuch paise thama diye aur chal diye… (I…I have never spent time with her…She longed my presence, my care…That’s what she wanted… Instead I sent her money …)
Kunj could feel what he is going through..
Tej: Usse yun hospital me dekh ke apni galti samja..aur ab se har waqt uske saath rehna hai…ye soch reha tha…Aur vo doctor keh reha hai…Waqt nahi hai… (The moment I saw her in hospital, I realized my mistake..I decided to stay back and give her time from now on…And Doctor is saying we don’t have time…)
Tej breaks down…Kunj doesn’t know how to console him. Tej wipes his tears.
Tej: Waqt…Waqt nahi hai…meri beti ke paas… (I want to spent time with her…And now…She doesn’t have time left…)
Tej: Ab samaj aa reha hai…ye kyu ho reha hai… (Now I know why this is happening to me….)
Kunj felt it’s better he cries out his pain.
Tej: Puri zindagi vo mere pyaar aur saath ko taras ti rehi…Mere paas waqt nahi tha uske liye…Aur aaj muje ussi ki saza mil rehi hai…(She always longed for my care and love. I never had time for her. God is punishing me for that…)
Tej tries to compose himself and face reality.
Tej: Kunj, me kya keru? Kaise roku usse….hum kahin aur le chale usse?…kisi aur hospital? (Kunj, How can I stop her? We can take her to another hospital?)
Kunj: Uncle, Ventilator ke madad se saas le rehi hai…Isse zyada kuch ker nahi paayenge…Doctor ne kaha hain.. (She is on ventilator…Doctor said there is nothing much left to do than this.)
Tej: Hmm…Toh… ab mere beti ke liye kuch nahi hai kerne ko…Puri zindagi ki meri kamai..meri mehnat…sab bekar…me kuch nahi ker sakta apni beti ke liye… (So…There is nothing in my hands…Whatever I have earned…money, everything…is of no use…I can’t stop her leaving…)
Kunj hugs him tightly.He felt as if it’s his father talking. He didn’t feel like he didn’t know Twinkle a few weeks before.
Tej (whispers, still hugging Kunj): Jab usse zaroorat thi meri, tab toh me kabhi nahi ta…sab meri galti hai.. (It’s all my fault…She wanted my presence and care and I didn’t bother to do that…)
Tej breaks the hug as if he had something important to do.
Tej: Beta, ye bata, vo khush thi na tumhare saath…Tumne to ache se saath diya hai na uske… (Kunj, She was happy with you? You were always with her? You supported her?)
Kunj didn’t know what to say.
Tej: Tumhare saath hi sahi…meri beti ne do pal to khushi ke jiye hain…Hain na? (You took care of my daughter..right?)
Kunj: Ji…
Kunj said so just to console him.
Tej: Chalo…Kuch to leke jaa rehi hai meri beti…Tumhara pyaar…Apne dad ka na sahi …Tumhara pyaar aur saath toh naseeb hua… (I am happy at least she received your love…She was in a happy space. You gave her all the care, love and attention she deserved…Though I couldn’t do that for my Twinkle…)
Tej breaks down and Kunj holds him tightly. He makes him sleep in a room with the help of attenders. Tej is still mumbling in low voice.
At 4.00 AM
Doctors inform Kunj that Twinkle is able to breathe and may take some time but she will definitely be back to normal life. There is nothing to worry. Kunj informs Tej. Tej hug him tightly with immense pleasure.
Precap:- Kunj and Tej talking about Twinkle and why Tej didn’t spend time with her.
I will post next episode next week.

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