Hello guys how are u all ???? Well I am back again itna Dara diya mujhe ???? ha ha okay I’ll not post 3 episodes in a week !!KHUSH ?????? well waise b mein mazak kar rahi thi ??????
Chalo àaj kuch toofani karthe hai i am not going to give episode today …
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And Sohi okay so zain is ur dream boy ??
Chalo let’s move on to episode ???
Chahiye ?????
Phele promise kàro comments doge .,.
Okay de rahi hu wait ,…
Recap : kunj and kabir plan mibir to go vizag ..
The episode starts with kunj coming back with his luggage to Kabir house n Kabir says I’ll show his room …

Kabir takes kunj to a room n they both hi-fi n recalls their plan …

K : Kabir I’ll stay with twinkle for few days so dat she may recall something

Kab ; okay it’s fine I am going to vizag too u can stay with twinkle ..

K : okay …

They smile at each other n Kabir ask him to take care of twinkle kunj nod they comes back …

T : all set to go…

Kab : yeah Jasmin n hugs her n Misha too hugs twinkle n they went to drop mibir at airport…

T : bye Bhai have a safe journey ..

K : yeah bye …

Mibir goes inside n kunj ask twinkle to come and sit in the car …

T : siddhant ???

K : hmm Jasmin …

T : will u be my friend…

Kunj looks at her n smiles n shakes hand with twinkle yeah friends …

K : so what the plan ???

T : for what ????

K : to celebrate our friendship…

T : let’s have dinner outside ..

K : okay it will be good …

They went to a hotel and sat their kunj was busy in admiring his love …

K : so what u wanna have ???

T : biryani ???

K : babaji she is the same twinkle who didn’t like briyani once (thinks)

Siddhant siddhant twinkle shakes him

K : yeah Jasmin u like biryani …

T : oye siddhant I am an hyderbadi I love biryani …

K (thinks) : hai Punjabi pathaka baate to aise KAR Rahi hai JAISE Sachi Hyderabadi ho …

T : u are again in dream world …

K : I am so sorry n he orders the food

They have their dinner enjoying and was going back home when kunj car gets stopped and they came out …
K : uff my car got punctured
T : ohoo no need to worry we can go by walk siddhant …
K : r u sure is it safe …
T : yep come nah she drags kunj and thay started walking when twinkle shivers kunj notices her …
He removes his jacket and gives you twinkle and she took it and smiles
They were walking freely …

K : jasmin u know routes here ..
T : yeah I know each n every single thing she started praising her self and kunj was lost in her (tere sang yaara plays in BG …???)
Suddenly a street dog came and twinkle hides behind kunj …

K : ahhh Jasmin nothing to worry come
T : siddhant he will bite us …

K : no come hold my hand

Twinkle holds his hand and they have a cute eye lock and they left from there ..

@ kabir house :::::

Kunj comes to hall after freshen up n twinkle too comes there …

K : u are still awake …

T : yeah I am not getting sleep ..

K : ohh let’s have some talks what say ..

T : okay it will be fine …

K : so u are RJ Jasmin …

T : yep I love to be there it’s make my day daily the people who calls n shared their stories twinkle was continuously speaking and kunj was just admiring her (dil duffer plays in the BG ……..)


T : so yeah n tell me about yourself

K : ask me what u wanna know

T : u have gf ??

K : lo Bhai wah MERI biwi mujhse pooch Rahi hai girl friend k baare mein (thinks) n says no I don’t have ….

T : why ????

K : idk why …

T : u love someone …

K : more than my life says kunj n comes back to senses … I mean yeah I love someone …

T : wow It’s good …

They talk about it n they falls asleep on sofa itself cuddling to each other …

Next morning ::::

Kunj wakes up and sees their state he admires
twinkle n was very happy bcoz after so many
days he got a peaceful sleep ….

K : I don’t want to break this moment but if twinkle wakes up it will be awkward for us he
quickly gets up with out disturbing twinkle n
lifts her n takes her to room pecks her forehead twinkle held his hand n says don’t leave me kunj smiles he removes his hand without disturbing twi sleep and left from there …

After sometime twinkle wakes up n thinks how did she land up here ..

She sees the time n left for her office

While kunj tells her dat he will drop her n twinkle too agrees .. ..

Screen freezes..
So how was the episode ????
Well do comments ….
Only 13 left for century ….
Ba byeee love u all yaar …
Take care ….
Do read keep commenting stay tuned …
Sameera ??

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  1. Sohi

    Sameera ki bachi u r too naughty ?
    I said I like zain not he is my dream boy ok
    Well the episode was too good yaar telling about biryani my mouth got watery
    And we know its in hyderabad’s air that we keep awake till 2 in night
    (in short it was a KIRAAK?? episode in our language)
    Do continue and waiting for your century

  2. hey sameera dii wahh romance kya mast tha loved it to the core and yepy only 13 left for century dii love u

  3. Episode was soo good and amazing
    Liked kunj’s thoughts on twinkles new behaviour
    Do continue

  4. Cute episode sameera I loved it yaar too adorable muuaahhh

  5. Presha

    Hey Sam acha kiya Jo tumne 3 epi wala idea drop or diya warns u know na???????? devil me hahaha just kidding well the epi wasvawesome cute loved it ohhh kunj me thought were funny
    Love u lots
    Post next soon
    take care

  6. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey sam,
    sorry for not commenting on previous parts… was really busy and had many pages left to read so was not able to comment… this epi was really really cute especially the cuddling wala part …

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  7. Wooaah samy.. Soooo lovely..!!!
    Mujhe toh diabetes ho jayegi roz roz yeh swttt wala epi padhke yarr.. It’s too awesome yarr… And samy ki bacchi tum roz daku ki tarah dhamki dete ho cmnt ke liye zalim ladki..he he.. But tum dhamki do ya na do hum to jarur cmnt karenge…
    Well post next part soon…
    Love you samy…

  8. Anshikajainn

    Yrrr sooo cuteee

  9. SidMin

    Wow I just loved it finally Twinj spending time together that’s so sweet
    And Kunj comparing his old Twinkle this new one is just so cute
    And that dialogue ….”Mere biwi mujhse puch rahe hai ke gf hai ke nahe …” was epic ??❣
    Love you post soon ❤

    1. Sohi

      Hey sidmin where are you dear
      Iam Missing you and your ff a lot
      If you don’t come back quickly then iam cutti with you ??
      Plz come back

  10. sam…
    lovely…???…loved it…???

  11. SidMin23

    Nice and my fav part was when Twinkle asked kunj that do u have gf and kunj was like see my wife asking me that I have gf ?? that cuddling part was ? I think it kind of short today expecting little longer SAMEERA

  12. Samm agla episode jaldi Deena,…. ?? PS:I am lalchii for your ff?…. It was amazing as always ….sabdh hi nahi hai tareff karne koo!!!!

  13. Chiku

    Woaaah!! It’s amazing. Just lovely. Loved it.
    Post soon??

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  15. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesomeee.. loved their talks.. n esp abt gf part??.. it was epic.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  16. Ramya

    Hey Sam it’s just awesome
    N kunj thought of mere biwi mujhse puchrahi hai gf ke baaare mai
    It’s so cute
    N u r true we Hyderabadis love biryani a lot
    Hai na ????
    Loads of love keep smiling

  17. Shalini15

    Hi my bullet train with sweetness ki dukan what an episode yaar…. it was mindblowing jhakkaas episode…. loved their cuddling n when kunj thinks baat toh aise kar rahi hai jaise sachi mein hyderabadi ho n meri biwi mujhse hi puch rahi hai ki gf hai…. too good… loved each moment… ab next part jaldi se post karna…

    Love you lots♥♥

  18. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sammu
    Cute epi… Loved each and every bit of it… Kunj’s thinking tho ???????????? especially That gf part tho??? ?????yeah 13 epis left for century yayyyy I’m so happy for you u r the first to reach century of TwiNj ffs… Sammu I request you to continue after century also plzzz… Say me whether ul continue or not… Day by day my greediness for ur ff increasing??? post next soon and try to give lenghty epi this epi is way too short…

    Love you ❤?

  19. Kruti

    Hey Sam
    The epi was just sooooo cute nd amazing..sorry I have given short comment on d last 2 epi as I was a bit busy
    But all d epi were just amazing….nd tdy’s epi waz a bit funny as well The thoughts of kunj spcly gf wala??……u know I just cant wait for d century…..I am just soooooooo excited……ya count down…… only 13 to go
    Post d nxt one asap

    Loads of Love??

  20. Aanya_pandey

    Really sorry dear for commenting this late.. n abiut this epusode it ws jst soo cute.. twinj frndshp

  21. Baby

    ohhhooooo wooohoooo diii……….. 😀
    century ke liye 13 hain bt plss iss century ke sath sath dont end it 😀
    sooooo cute wala episode hhahaa kunj or twinkle ki baatien
    punjabi hyderabadi biryani n all osm
    luving it♥♥♥
    luv u lods di♥♥♥♥♥

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