Hello guys how are u all??? Well I am back with next one ?????????????
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Lights camera action ????
Pata hai àaj lights camera action Q bola coz àaj everything will be unravel ???
Life’s gets many hurdles if we fail in one we should not blame God for it n thinks everything is for a reason as it is destined by God …
Lets us begin …
Recap : kunj getting know about twinkle memory loss …
The episode starts with Kabir continuing from dat day she was my sister n I moved on to Hyderabad with my wife and jasmine sorry twinkle from dat day I am searching for her husband and family ….

K : how do got to know dat twinkle is married ….

Kab : her vermillion her mangalsutra shows dat she is married n moreover ..

K : what ?????

Kab : wo…h ku..N.j ..

K : kabir tell me plzz says in a trembling voice …

Kab : I am so sorry to say kunj when ur accident happen twinkle was expecting and lost her child …

K : what he gets a big shock n stood there numb he doesn’t know how to respond ….

Kab : kunj u have to be strong kunj I know ur pain he hugs kunj n kunj cries whole hearted sharing his pain which he was bearing from past few months …

K : thank u soo much Kabir for taking care of my wife ….

Kab : no need Kabir she is my sister

After sometime Kabir broke the hug when he continues doctor said not to make her remember anything of her past or she may can loose her life ..

K : okay but I wanna see her once …

Kab : yeah come I’ll make u meet her

K : okay

Kunj wears his shade n Kabir took him to the Twinkle …

Kab : hey Jasmin meet him he is my friend ku …

K : siddhant …

Kabir looks at him while twinkle shakes his hand with kunj n both felt a familiar touch ….

T : nice to meet u siddhant myself Jasmin…

K : wow nice name …

(He recalls their childhood when same incident happened n they became sidmin )

Kabir n kunj excuses them self n Kabir ask him why he said siddhant ..

K : I don’t want twinkle to stress herself dats why now I will make twinkle get her memory back in my style …

Kab : I like the confidence bro they hug n left from there …

@ Kabir house …

Twinkle n Misha comes there taking how they enjoyed wedding but Misha was confused why Kabir made kunj meet twinkle …

Mis : jasmin u go n change ..

T : okay bhabhi …

Misha went to her room n ask Kabir what happen dat he looks so happy ..

Kab : finally we found them Misha ..

Mis : who Kabir ???

Kab : twinkle family …

Mis : who is twinkle ???

Kabir makes Misha sit on her bed n tells her whole story …

Mis : ohh it’s so nice she is twinkle n dat was her husband but she gets sad n says if twinkle gets her memory then she will leave us …

Kab : yeah but we want her happiness only right n her happiness lies in kunj n her family …

They both hug each other when twinkle comes there ..

T : ops I am so sorry I came on wrong time …

Kab : Jasmin ki bachi he runs after twinkle whole Misha clicks their pics n they have a cute family moments

@ hotel …

Kunj comes to his hotel n jumps on his bed he has twinkle pic in his hand.n says I knew it my twinkle was alive babaji meri siyappa queen ko itni jaldi mujhse door karte b NAHI now I wanna make her recall everything about our past but looks dat she didn’t get stress he was happy n then he remembers about their child n gets sad if day accident didn’t happen our family will be completed till now but no worries “jo hota hai ache ke liye hi hota hai” .. I feel there was too a reason behind it he looks at twinkle pic smiling ….

At Amritsar..

Leela was in her room she cries looking at one pic of Leela and rt with a small boy of nearly 5 years and baby twinkle ….

L : I lost my both the child’s in vizag dats why I didn’t wanted to go there first I lost my son Kabir and them my princess twinkle why babaji why …

Rt comes there n consles her …

Flashback shows..

Leela was running behind little Kabir and asking him to eat something ..

Kab : no mumma I didn’t want to eat

L : Kabir eat then u have to play with twinkle too..

Kab : okay I’ll eat only for my twinki ..

Rt comes there n tells them about the wedding in vizag n get excited and went there …

Wedding took place n Leela n rt went to beach with twinkle n Kabir where same incident happened of heavy rains twinkle was crying rt went to book a car for them n Leela was consoling twinkle n left Kabir hand in the bush n rush Kabir went somewhere after they search for him but didn’t found him …

Flash back ends …

L : first I lost my prince n then my princesss too rt hugs Leela …

Screen freezes on Kabir twinkle playing kunj smiling and Leela rt hug ..
So here I am eñding ….
Well share ur views ….
Do comments guys …
Ba bye I am leaving ????
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned …

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  1. Sohi

    The episode emotional and good
    Feeling sad for twinj
    I knew it that something is their about kabir
    Waiting for the sidmin returns ?
    Do continue and post soon bye

  2. The episode was good
    Liked twinkle, kabir and misha bond
    The flashback was nice
    Do continue

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing shocking epi….

  4. SidMin23

    Wow awesome and kabir is twinkle brother new surprise love it and good to see happy kunj again and can’t wait to see how kunj will make twinkle to know about her past with kunj and sad that twinkle lost child which is simble of their love ❤️ thanks for the quick update for this ff SAMEERA

  5. Wow nice episode and story

  6. Presha

    Ey sam it was emotional just loved it amazing update post soon

  7. Oh god samy.. M shocked 1st twinkle expecting baby and 2nd kabir is twinkle
    brother only.. Ur just superbbbb yarr..
    Love it to the core….now waiting 4 kunjs
    karnama..he he..Well post next soon….
    And in the beginning of epi 1st what u wrote in line its 100% true..loved it..
    Love you….cuteiii..

  8. Ramya

    Sam u r just giving shocks
    Firstly twinkle lost her child next kunj to change his name n thirdly kabir n twinkle r sister n bro
    N next u r ending it
    But it was superb awesome
    Loads of love keep smiling

  9. Wow sameera I loved it to the core and kabir is twinkle’s brother nice twist post the next asap plz

  10. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sammu
    U rocked and I’m shocked… Twinkle was expecting during accident and she lost her child so sad… Woww kabir and Twinkle are siblings loved it… Kunj changing his name and introducing himself to Twinkle as Sidhant is interesting it seems like their love story again went to how it started like SidMin… Sammu let TwiNj be in Hyderabad till she gain her memory… Show TwiNj as SidMin love story in Hyderabad… Waiting desperately for next… Post soonest…

    Love you❤

  11. RUTU.....

    Awesome amazing fabulous episode my cutie ????

  12. hey sameera dii it was so emotional dii loved it and kabir and twinkle are really bro and sis so nice dii….love u

  13. Anshikajainn

    Woowww yrrrr I love it

  14. SidMin

    Omg loved it
    Kabir is Twinkle’s real brother I am so happy really loved it ???
    Feeling sad for Leela bechare ?
    Kunj Link is so happy ?
    Twinj lost their child ?
    Loved it post soon can’t wait for the next part ❣

  15. Angel20

    Amazing episode!

  16. Twinj’s child?? oohooo toh Kabir is twinkie’s Broo…… dekhte hai aage kya hota hai?posttt soon samm

  17. Kruti

    Amazing epi sam

  18. Aanya_pandey

    Wat an amazingly splendid update dear!!!

  19. Baby

    ohhhhhhh lord 😀
    sameera di……too cute loved it sooo mch
    not dat emotional bt srsly lovely
    m happy for kunj now n kabir n twinkle bro sis hain asli mein i thot dat
    leela dar rhi thi uska kabir se relation hai paakka bt aisa yeh nhi pta tha
    srsly osm fabulous di love u lods♥♥♥

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