Hello guys see I am back again I got 10 comments till now n as I promised episode jaldi milega so here it is treat for u all ab vaada kiya to nibhana to padega well last epi post karte tab na I was little bzy islliye bak bak nai kar paayi ..
So firstly I wanna welcome u umme and aafi to our cute tu family and thanks for commenting guys ??????
And ha it’s not kabir wedding it’s his employe shravan wedding and kabir thinks his employees as his family members only …
And sohi dekh reply kar rahu well kabir and Misha role were playing by mohit seghal and sanaya aka sàmrat and gunjan of mile jab hum tum …..
Chalo let’s move on …
Recap : kunj and kabir meet …
Note : again take a tissue paper before reading this epi and next epi ???
The episode starts with mibir(misha n kabir ) along with twinkle reaches venue and went inside …

Kunj too comes there and Kabir takes him inside twinkle was with Misha …

They entered the venue n wedding was going to take place when Kabir excuses from kunj n goes towards twinkle n Misha. …

Soon the wedding starts n bride n groom was taking pheras …

Twinkle was getting flashback of their wedding when kunj is filling her vermillion they are taking pheras n all when Kabir notices her …

Kab : jasmin u are fine ????

T : yeah Bhai I am fine I don’t know what I am getting flashes of someone wedding with many people teasing them Bhai I don’t know whose wedding was dat …

Kab : jasmin don’t take stress drink this water he forwards glass of water to twinkle Misha was with her friends Kabir too left from there to attain people …

Twinj were standing in the same row kunj eyes fills with tears reacalling their wedding while twinkle too was confused about the flashes…

T : I think I should take some juice …

A employee offer kunj some drinks n he was walking with drink in his hand n he was checking his phone n twinkle was coming from same side when they both collided (bhoom)

Kunj juice falls on twinkle dress they didn’t saw each other ….

K : I am so sorry miss I haven’t seen you

T : it’s okay kunj senses voice n lifts his head to see twinkle n gets shocked …

His eyes filled with tears twinkle were looking in each other eyes …

T : hey u don’t worry n left from there passing a smile to kunj ..

K : I knew it I knew it my twinkle was alive thanks babaji she was in front of me I told everyone dat my twinkle is Alive but no one listened to me I wanna her n tell her how much I missed her I these. Few months he wipes his tears n started to search for twinkle …

Finally he found twinkle with misha n her friends …

He was moving towards twinkle recalling how they met in childhood how they got separated n met again n confessed their love them their separation then after so many hurdles their wedding n atlast their accident he was in his thoughts when he gets pulled by someone …

K : what the hell …

Kab : hey kunj it’s me Kabir …

K : Kabir u why u pulled me ..

Kab : why u were going towards Jasmin 

K : Jasmin ?? Kabir points at twinkle .. no she is my twinkle my wife …

Kab: what ur wife?

K : yeah kunj shows their wedding pic..

Kab : ohh but u can’t meet her kunj ..

K : why Kabir … I’ll meet her I am in search for her from 8 months we have separated due to an accident shouts kunj …

Kab : bcoz she lost her memory in day accident kunj …

Kunj looks at Kabir in shock n he nods 

Kab : yeah kunj she has lost her memory ..

K : but where u found twinkle …

Kab : I went to vizag as my in-laws stay they died in plane crash n I went there for their last rites n there n found twinkle on cliff …

Flashback shows …

Kabir was going from the same route where twinkle accident happen he heard someone shouting n comes out of his car n found twinkle who was lying in pool of blood it was raining heavily Kabir lifts her n took her to hospital before police comes to search for twinkle ..

Twinkle was being operated n Kabir was standing there when doc comes out n tells him dat twinkle is in coma 

Flash back ends …

Kab : she was in coma for a month n I used to go daily to check about her one day she gained consiousness ..

Flashback shows ..

Kabir comes there n goes towards twinkle ward …

T : ahhh my head Is paining I don’t remember anything she looks at Kabir n ask him who is he and herself who is she she was shouting n fainted again 

Dr : I think she has lost her memory 

Kab : what ?? I found her n she is my responsibility now …

Kabir meets twinkle n cooks up a story s
Dat she is his sister Jasmin n she had an accident n all …

Flashback ends …

Kunj eyes welled up and he looks at Kabir who was sad too …

Screen freezes
So how was the episode ???
Do comments guys ….
I need to go now ….
Well do comments as u all are my support system …
Ba byeee …
Do read keep commenting and stay tuned
Sameera ????

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  1. Presha

    Hey sam it so emotional mujhe rona aa raha hai… U just nailed the emotion yaar loved it

  2. SidMin

    Hww loved it ❤❤
    Awesome episode
    Twinkle ? Getting the flashbacks hope that helps her to recall her past ?feeling sad for Kunj bechara Kabeir is a nice guy …. he saved Twinkle took care of her
    Love you ❤
    Post soon (greedy hu ?)

  3. SidMin23

    Nice update and thanks for back to back and I feel sad for kunj he love her lots and I hope this flash back help twinkle to remember her and kunj moment and be normal soon and thankful to kabir who help twinkle and take care of her as his sister and now can’t wait for twinj meeting and conversation again.

  4. SidMinTwiNj

    Kya baat hai sammu tu toh 5/6G se b ziyada speed hai kudos girl good going keep posting like this only soon… Firstly let u congratulate you for 84th epi u r the first writer of tei to reach till here Congo darling… Sammu first I requested u to reach century now I want you to continue after century too… You r just amazing yaar… When PM u to continue till u reach century u said u lack ideas then what is this man? I PM u with TwinjSidMin account name which I deleted it hope u r not confused… I so loving this track… Felt very bad for Kunj… Waiting to see what will Kunj do to make Twinkle regain her memory… Kabir so sweet of him… Post next soonest possible…

    Love you?

  5. Kanchi

    Heya sameeraaaaa di first of all sorry for not commenting on ur previous ffs as mera tab dead ho gaya tha n mama ke mobiz se hi a sabke ffs read krti thi so mujhe plzzz maf kr dena but mai apse gussa hu apne apna ff hatred vs love khatam kr diya ??? it was sooooo much intresting I loved it ??
    Sooo coming to this episode it was soo good jasmine aka twinkle getting flashes of their weeding n kunj to know about her memory loss n in the previous part also kunj listening to the radio n thinking about twinkle voice I loved it plzzzz post soon
    Love u ??

  6. Hey samy.. U just nailed it yarr..
    Hope twinkle gain her memory soon..
    Well post soon.. Love you..

  7. Ramya

    Thankyou so much fr posting soon
    Bata nahi late ho gayi tho mera kya hota

    Awesome amazing Superb lovely fabulous episode n I hope twinj will unite soon
    Loads of love keep smiling

  8. Chiku

    Wohoo!! Thats sooo sweeet???i loved it
    Finally twinj milegaye??
    Post soon

  9. Anshikajainn

    Yaar it’s so cheered

    1. Anshikajainn

      Sorry I mean to say it was cuteeee

  10. Sohi

    Wow yaar finally twinj milgaye
    Thanks for giving me the reply meri maa ?
    Just waiting eagerly how u gonna make twinj again one
    Do continue and post soon bye

  11. Kruti

    Finally Kunj found his Twinkle
    Ab jaldi Twinkle ki bhi yadash ajaye toh it would be soooo good

    Amazing epi….so sad for kunj
    Continue asap

    Loads of Love??

  12. Thanks dear for welcoming me in tu
    The episode was emotional and good
    Feeling bad for kunj
    Do continue and post soon

  13. Thank you sameera for posting soon I’m glad that twinj met it was an emotional episode i loved it do continue soon yaar

  14. hay sameera loved and it was so emotional yrrrr.. love u

  15. hay sameera di loved and it was so emotional yrrrr.. love u

  16. hay sameera di loved and it was so emotional yrrrr……

  17. RUTU.....

    Lovely episode dear but emotional too plz post next one soon I m waiting………..

  18. Shalini15

    Oyehoye meri bullet train kuch jyada speed nahi ho gaya?… I mean yaar jitni jaldi jaldi tum apna ff post kar rahi ho utni jaldi toh main padh bhi nahi pa rahi hun… thoda sa break laga lo main thak gayi tumhare ff ke peeche bhagte bhagte (just joking)…..waise kash main bhi tumhari jaisi hoti n apna ff atleast ek baar in one week mein post karti… well leave my bak bak…

    Now coming to the epi…. sooooo…. it was amazing suuuuperb epi as always… it was too imotional… kabeer is too good n kindhearted… n I’m very happy that kunj saw his twinkle now eagrly waiting to know how he will make her remind about her past… iss baar nahi kahungi post next asap bcz I think you’ve already uploaded next….

    Babye….. love you•♥•♥•

  19. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesomeee.. finally twinj met?? loved it when they got flashbacks of their wedding.. feeling very sad for kunj.. bechara.. hope twinkle’s memory comes back soon.. love kabir n misha too.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi

  21. Wohooo toh Kabir is twinkie’s Broo…….nicee epiiii

  22. Aanya_pandey

    Superb episode.. emotional tha yrt

  23. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhh god sameera di…………….. 😀
    finally dey met bt wat dreadful incident it was
    srsly nailed it di………….
    luvd it 2 core it was amazing
    emottional n wat not……….
    love u lods♥♥

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