Hello guys how are u all ????? Well see I am back again ?????
Well thank u sooo much for ur cute comments yaar seriously black n white mail kaam KAR gaya ??????
Thanks Radha for breaking your silence yaar
And my regular readers this episode is specifically for u all guys ….
I wish u all a very happy new year ????
Recap : twinj masti and anraj engagement preparations ….
The episode starts with kunj seeing twinkle n smiling twinkle look at him through mirror n says …
T : huh why r u smiling kunj …
K : woh me …Should I help u ???
T : yeah come nah …
K : okay ….
Kunj goes there n helps twinkle n tieing the dori n they have a cute eye lock mirror ??(bas itni si tamanna plays in BG …..)
They are constantly looking at each other when twinkle breaks the eye lock n turns at kunj ….
T : u are looking hot today Mr sarna …
K : even u are looking so pretty Mrs sarna n pecks her cheeks …
Twinkle turns red n tries to go kunj looks at her n pulls her towards himself..
T : kunj let’s go babee would be waiting for us …
K : okay we will go but u have to give me something …
T : what kunj ????
K : I too want baby twinkle …
Twinkle blushes n hides her face n kunj looks at her n smiles ….
K : so u are fulfilling my wish right wifey 
T : kunj let’s go …
K : twinkle PLZZ nah …
T : we will talk about it later let’s go 
Kunj pouts n looks at twinkle while she smiles at him n they went down …
Twinkle was wearing pink saree kunj was wearing brown suit they come hand in hand ….
Twinkle goes to Raj n hugs him and twinkle n mahi goes to bring Anaya …
Soon Anaya came n everyone smiles n Anraj exchanges their rings …

Everyone one claps for them Anita n surjeet comes there …
Y : wow mom dad when u two came back from London …
Ani : as soon as we got news of becoming grand parents …
Mahi smiles n meets them n they gave their blessings …
T : attention everyone umm I think all r getting bored right ???
All : yeah ….
T : let’s have some fun guys …
Rishte naate plays in the back ground kunj n twinkle dances n was having fun with whole family n everyone tools family photos twinkle looks at each other while taking pictures …
There were talking and having fun when twinkle was going towards kitchen n kunj pulls her …
T : I know it’s u only huh ..
K : ha no one has dare to pull my siyappa queen except me …
T : kunj don’t call me siyappa queen
K : okay but u have to fulfill my wish
T : which wish …
K : itti jaldi bhul gayi kunj was moving towards twinkle until they are stopped by wall and kunj keeps his hands on either sides….
T : kunj everyone is here leave me
K : huh lets them see Jaan …
T : kunj u have became too naughty
K : haha then pyaar kiya to darna Kya n winks at twinkle …
T : hawww kunj …
They are leaning towards each other when they heard a voice ….
B : someone go and call twinkle from kitchen ….
K : ahhh not again these nah timing is wrong he gets fake angered n twinkle laughs at him …
T : now let me go …
K : huh go he moved to a side twinkle turns n gave him pecks on his lips and goes from there winking at kunj .

Soon function ends n they all sat in the hall chit chatting ….
B : so when to keep their marriage Leela g ….
L : babee whenever u want after didi left meher and Raj are like my kids only ..
Meher n Raj hugs Leela …
T : oye I am here too …
L : come here ….
They all hug while kunj makes a pout n twinkle laughs at him …
Man : babee shall we have their wedding after 2 weeks …
B : ha monu this will be good …
L : okay then we will do their wedding after 2 weeks …
K : but we will keep the wedding here only what say guys …
T : yeah it will be nice …
Everyone agrees n twinj looks at each other ….
In Leela n rt room :::
Rt : I told u nah Leela nothing will happen this time …
L : yeah g I was little scared I had lost him n I don’t want to loose anyonw now but now I think everything will be alright we will leave from here as soon as marriage takes place …
Rt : yeah now don’t worry …
Twinkle was in garden n kunj comes  there n she looks at him ..
K : u here twinkle …
T : yeah kunj I am sooo happy today 
K : mee too twinkle …
T : we will do full on masti ..
K : yeah jaann n side hugs twinkle ..
T : but I am little scared kunj ..
K : kyun ???
T :if anything bad happens then..
K : shh twinkle nothing will happen we will always stay with each other ..
T : pakka nah kunj …
K : ha ha pakka MERI Jaan n hugs twinkle …
Screen freezes…
So how was the episode ????
Do comment guys ….
I am leaving now as I have work ..
Love u all …..
There are many shocks are on the way with the new year so stay tuned …
Sameera ????

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  1. Thank god sameera dii,ab kisi ne to epi post kiya…..warna kal se kisi ne kush bhi post nahi kiya tha.Btw epi was sweet and cute.

  2. sam….
    its lovely..???
    i enjoyed it alot…???

  3. SidMin23

    It was nice as always but I don’t know why it feel like twinj will separate I want to see twinj together forever don’t put twinj separate track in this story wating to know what are the twist of this track well done SAMEERA

  4. Hey Samy….. 1st of all a big happy new year to u… may god bless u and keep u always happy…………..2 din se TU close the u no m filling very restless but when i see ur post m very much happy….
    Now cmng to the epi….. This is just awesome…. Yaar kunj to want baby how cute… But yaar konsi shock and twist hay Jo tum lane wale ho…. Yaar Thinking it m scared now… OK plzz post ur next epi soon.Keep smiling…….
    Love you Samy…

  5. Chiku

    WoAh loved it????lovely shock??????
    Post next soon

  6. Sohi

    Happy new year dear. Iam soo happy after whole two days iam reading a ff
    The episode was awesome
    Who is he about whom Leela is talking
    Well waiting for the shocks
    Do continue and post soon

  7. Hello di
    I am a very very very big fan of your ff. The episode was awesome. Just loved it. So cute Kunj too want a baby. And waiting for the shocks. Can you please tell me about yourself.


    1. Sameera

      Yeah u can ask me what u wanna know about me ???

  8. awsm sameera dii…plzz complete 100 episodes and u rocked today…love u

  9. Shreya098

    Happy new year sameera
    The update was nice….enjoyed it…
    Waiting for the shocks. ..

  10. Kruti

    Sam loved d epi….just cant wait to see whats in store nxt
    Continue asap

    Loads of Love?

  11. Adya

    Amazing one…
    Jor ka jhatka hate joro we laga ….
    Omg… Loved it extremely… Extremely…
    Try posting soon…
    Love you!

  12. Presha

    Hey sam fabulous

  13. Ramya

    Amazing sameera superb
    Lovely amazing
    Love u keep smiling

  14. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey saamu
    I’m good thank you ? how are you?
    Yaar from two days no ffs n I was going mad without reading it now I’m so happy… Awwwww mere Kunj ku b ? chahiye howwww cuteeeee… Leela and it’s talks Twinkle looking at everyone while taking pictures Twinkle getting scared all these things are making me hell scared… Sammu what are u up to? R u planning of separating my babies? Ohh God one side I’m excited for the shocks and other side hell scared too… Can’t wait for next… Waise u r like 4G speed in posting compare to other writers but still I’m not satisfied I want you to post at 5,6G speed… Bas ab bahut bak bak kar liya…

    Now bye
    Love you?

  15. Hey Sam di,
    Ashiya here. Sorry for not commenting on the last few chappy. Hope u forgive me.
    This epi was ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.
    Too good . Sorry for late and short comment. Plshhhh maaf kar do . My sweet didu. PoSt the next epi soon . Love u loads di……take care ??????????
    Hope u haven’t forgotten me. *fingers crossed *
    Buhbye ??????????

  16. SidVee_Yashvee

    Happy new year 🙂 the epi was amazing as always.. loved the cute twinj n romantic kunj?? and the blushy twinkle?.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  18. Aanya_pandey

    Frst of all a very happy new year..
    N coming to episode.. it ws so cutee yrr jst loved it

  19. Shalini15

    Hayeeee Sammu, kya epi tha superb so sweet…. loved it…. n again suspence…. hayeee meri suspence queen ab kaisa shock dena hai… well let see in next epi…..

    Ba bye till next epi….

  20. SidMin

    Awesome episode 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  21. Baby

    sameera di…………… 😀
    amazing fabulous bas yeh kun lag raha hai kuch gadbad hoyegi……
    well leave leave dat bad thought
    osm fabulous di shooooo cute episode ♥♥
    love u lods♥♥

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